Tiger & The Astrology Of Infidelity

cute tiger licking paw

There seem to be two main reactions to the news of TIger Woods apparently relatively rampant infidelity.

(1) Appalled. How could he?! The pretty blonde wife, the kids, another male idol proven to be just a degenerate sleazebucket and this is so sad.

(2) Sporting. These things happen, will she stay or will she go and how much will it cost him? How many more cocktail waitresses are set to come forward?

It’s the same when other high-profile, wealthy men are in similar situations. The women? I’m not sure. Examples?

I actually get annoyed at the moral outrage directed toward peeps like Tiger when there are truly evil characters stalking our world, whose depraved actions on innocents we can read about on a sadly daily basis.

At least Tiger’s exploits were with consenting adults, infuriating & humiliating as it would obviously be for his wife. They’re both Capricorns. She has apparently already requested a seven figure sum to be transferred into her private bank account. If there is a divorce from all this, the figures would be astronomical. Legions of lawyers, journalists and fast-turnaround “biography” writers are already lining up.

Tiger’s astro is interesting.  He has the classic astro-signifier of the world-class sportsman – Mars on his Midheaven. Mars being fighting, sports, martial arts, men and Midheaven being the most important career point of the chart. So people who actually make a spectacular living via their sporting talent and incredible drive tend to  have prominent Mars & Saturn.

His Saturn is square Uranus in Scorpio – any squares to Uranus need an outlet. Think about it – this makes total sense. He’s Saturn-Man, Saturn-Man, Saturn Man. He has Virgo Rising with Saturn all over it. He is a Capricorn. Married to a Capricorn. He trains. He trains some more. He talks with his biz people. He has a lot of media and charity obligations. He trains some more. He eats clean. He is a role model. He trains again. He talks to one of his umpteen coaches about improving  his swing or whatever. He does some more media. He is a husband, a father, a businessman and a professional athlete. He trains some more.

So he is Saturn-Man. And every now and then Uranus in Scorpio comes along and says “look at you bra! You’re hot, you’re wealthy,  you’re cool – bust out a bit man.” Yes, he could maybe do it within his marriage if it were a certain sort of marriage but i am thinking that he gets these sudden urges to go Off-Programme.

Recently,  he’s had Saturn over his Virgo Rising and squaring his Midheaven – not the time to be playing around in secret. He’s also got Pluto churning toward his Sun so maybe subliminally, he has set this all up to bust out of a situation that’s not-so-him anymore. Neptune/Chiron are squaring his Venus at the moment – he’s yearning for something more…Pluto is squaring his Lilith – the Bitch-Goddess and original bad girl of astrology. I reckon there is another lover still to emerge. A Lilith type…Someone that will have peeps who care oh-my-godding for sure.

And Tiger has Uranus about to be on his Dsc – the cusp of his House of Love – sudden changes in relationships, more freedom than before. Uranus won’t get there until April but note how this all stirred up with Uranus Direct.

Image: Joel Sartore – National Geographic

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113 thoughts on “Tiger & The Astrology Of Infidelity

      • OMG my dad had one of those – throughout the revelations I was more fascinated by his ability to keep the secret for so long than anything else – virility was important to him. His lilith, like mine was conjunct his ascendant.

          • quite a burden for you. i get people spilling horrid secrets to me far too often – its the piscean thing apparently. i worked with a much older piscean woman who had an amazing way of innocently enquiring as to a person’s wellbeing and inadvertantly digging out the most outrageous stories that had never seen the light of day. it’s why i tend to not ask about other peole much.

            didn’t mean to treat it as gossip, i was just shocked to hear of it happening to someone. and you’re absolutely right – the effects are far reaching. i have a friend who was adopted after birth but his birth mother later married a man who has recently been sprung with another family in another state. conceptually it just throws me for 6.

            hope things are healed/healing now.

  1. WHAT A LOSER! i mean keep it in the pants man! ur wife is drop dead gorgeous and u go round snazzing up every semi-hot cocktail waitress with low self-esteem?

    • Yes happy birthday Matt – have an awesome day. Am I able to swear without feeling I’m tainting your innocence with my cussin yet?

      • It just occurred to me I’m not sure why I think a certain age means you no longer need to be shielded from sailors mouth – what difference does a day make? An it’s not like I bust out the big C.

    • you getting feisty in yr old age MatMin?!
      Happy Solar Return – sweet sixteen yes? Have a GREAT one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

    • good for you Matt! if you want to dabble with many, which there is nothing wrong with, don’t get married and don’t have kids!

      • i agree….its the strange juxtapose of ‘perfect’ man with ‘sleeze’ wherever he can get it that irks me.

        why have kids and play happy families when you know you wont keep to your vows…its not a one off he’s done….its several….

        ultimately just find it sad for everyone involved.

        • exactly!! hence I respect the playboys and their ways, at least they’re up front and not ripping anyone off with their ‘fake for the rest of world’ BS

          • is anyone else sick of sports stars and their long line of bimbo’s? they’re nothing I’d like my teens to admire these days. glad my teens are more like that intel commercial with their idols – now a days you can screw what you want, lie how you want, bash anyone in arms reach and still bring home a 6 figure pay packet

          • What’s sad too is that in the middle east, women get blamed for men’s indiscretions. They are ~killed~ for men’s inability to control themselves (like for example in rape even). Women cover themselves because not only do men need to treat them like a piece of propety, but because men have no self discipline and because men think women are too stupid to behave…No wonder Lilith is pissed off….

            Women have the burden it seems of holding the higher standard when it comes to these things because they have something men want and so women should exercise their power in a responsible way as well and like the Nancy Regan drug slogan “Just Say No”.

            If all the women out there would tell a married man “no” she would be doing a big favor for everyone but unfortuneately women are self serving as well. By not letting a man have it on the side he’s stuck to look at himself and his marriage and make a conscious effort to either work it out or leave.

            If one wants to have an open marriage, fine, but hopefully all parties are on the same page.

            My Dad left my Mom for someone he was already seeing but unfortuneately, my Mom caught him coming out of her apt.
            And he wonders why we kids were pissed and didn’t talk to him for years. He ran tail between his legs to Montana and acted a cry baby because “we should have never gotten married and you did not walk in my shoes”. True, but he lived a lie and was not honorable, and he wasn’t there to pick up the pieces of my Mom’s shattered world. I was and pregnant at that. No wonder my Cancerian child used to chew her nails and couldn’t stand loud noises. I was an emotional basket case.

    • Before i read all, HAPPY B-DAY, Matty. Wished you that on eve of 3rd for today.
      15 yo huh, the big 1 5. So sophisticated you are & quite adorable.
      Wish you every success for your future, may yours dreams come true & when they do:

      Do you remember how excited you were when Myst replied to you?
      Me too!
      You are blessed, we love you xxxx

    • Matty! Happy Birthday astro apprentice! I’d love to come to your horror party — I wouldn’t need a costume. Who are you going as? I had a dream last night my wisdom teeth were vampire fangs. Have a TOP one!

      THE PARTY WAS AWESOME! I HAD A BLAST! AND THE WEATHER WAS PERFECT! — i suspect a white witch/warlock in our midst! The place looked like a scene outta hocus pocus! AMAZING!
      lol peg, Uber and Davidl – OMG SOOOO FUNNY! THANKYOU ALL!
      The pics are on my facebook! – i think u’d be able to see them via Mystics FB!

  2. I hate the media scrutiny of the minutia of people’s lives. Who cares – compassion to the people who’ve been hurt but this is human stuff. We’re all human. From what I’ve seen of it infidelity is usually caused by either A) I got a bit drunk/otherwise inebriated and got lost in the moment – a totally opportunistic pagan/animal event. or B) what we’ve got isn’t working for me any more and I need to find what I need elsewhere/where ever I can. or C) I am a sleaze but you knew that before we hooked up so what do you expect? None of them are ideal if you’re the one who was cheated on. Some of them aren’t “right” in terms of cultural norms but all of them are human. He is not the devil and neither are the mistresses. I think it’s kinda lilithy and vengeful the one who released the info tho. It doesn’t seem so smart – what was she hoping to gain? Or maybe she’s not a thinker… Also wonder what’s up with his 12th house right now.

  3. Ahh, as someone who has recently suffered at the hands of a Gemini infidelity I can relate. I’m sorry but I just can. I wouldn’t mind so much if said male was initially upfront with me and said, ‘hey I fancy this chick and wouldn’t mind getting my leg over etc etc…’ Its not the physical infidelity that counts to me, more the deception – even though I know Geminis thrive on deception.

    HE asked me what I wanted last night. I said I wanted a man proud enough to announce to the world, ‘She’s my partner.’ And he just laughed.

    I died.

    • Un-die blue and find yourself someone that will cherish you with all their heart… someone YOU can be proud enough to say ……”This is MY partner.”

      • Ouch, I am sorry, I mean I empathise having been through this situation more or less. Ditto Lea Kennedy, but also, you are RIGHT to want this, it can and will happen, don’t let this fool tread on your dreams…

        Stay strong bluelibra. Deception really hurts and you don’t deserve to be treated that way. I always think – we all carry a mobile phone these days – just ring and say, ‘listen this is what I am about to do’, makes life much more transparent and honest.

        For the record my very faithful husband is a multiple Gemini (moon in Kataka tho) and he baked two cakes last night with dinner and then railed at some bloke on tv who left his family to climb Mt. Everest and nearly died, “Where do his priorities lie? He’s too old to climb it, he has responsibilities and think of the sherpas endangering themselves for his selfish ass”. Good Gemini boys do exist!

    • that totally sucks it’s cruel and insensitive – low gemini. He’s not showing you any respect and that’s one of the basic foundations love is built on. permission to speak freely? wanker. One good thing – at least you have a choice about whether the rest of the world knows about it. I always feel kind of sickened when the innocent bystanders in the celeb scenarios have their private stuff aired. It makes something already totally fuqd and makes it a whole new dimension of fuqd. Imagine how that’d feel? Surreal. And but hey OMG GOOD ON YOU for saying what you said – that’s such a powerful affirmation even if the person you said it to didn’t get you. That’s strong and if you know what you want in a relationship then chances are you’re gong to find it. Maybe not with him hon? He doesn’t seem emotionally equipped for someone of your calibre. I hope you find what you’re looking for. x

    • What a good communicator he is huh just laughed, no words?
      Feel exactly the same, so glad you actually SAID it:
      I want a man that is proud enough to announce to the world ‘she’s by partner’.
      The happiest couples show that, & it’s beautiful to witness.
      Don’t settle for less FireWoman!

  4. So… Why I am drawing attention to this I don’t know, but… I have quite similar astro to the Tiger. Also Virgo Rising with Capricorn Sun-conj-Mercury (tho mine’s a closer conjunction and in 5th house). He’s a few years older than I, but we have similar Uranus, Neptune and Pluto placements.

    Mystic, your Saturn-Man empathy is, well, quite moving. I’m so glad people can forgive the ocassional need for Saturn Man to bust out Uranian style – it’s what makes us so appealing, really.

    Admit it – we all thought he was as dull as dishwater until this news broke…

    • Absolutley Lexi, the fact he has some dirt on him makes him slightly more interesting as a person! Lets face it golf is hardly extreme sport & but it is now with the golf club wielding wife chasing him down…. omg how scary would that be to see in your rear view mirror, no wonder he hit a tree, a fire hydrant & some hedges..

      • And I love that, rather than just admit to a rage-fest, the two capricorns, after fighting, sit down and hatch a scheme to save face for them both… “So you had passed out from the accident right, you had accidentally set the central locking to lock, and I had to grab one of your golf clubs to smash the back window and free you from what was clearly a dangerous bruising scenario… yeah, yeah, that’ll work…”

        • Lol…
          Police: ‘oh & excuse me Mrs. Woods you say you raced back inside to GET the golf club & then smashed the back window & carried HIM safely from the wreckage????

          Come on Tigress admit it, you wanted BLOOD!!!

    • Yeah I agree Lexi – he was too much of a cardboard cutout type guy – there had to be a shadow side lurking somewhere. Gaawd, I would hate to be a public figure – it would be the worst type of punishment.

  5. Yes, the moral outrage….my partner & I (monogamous, lol) both laughed, as would befit our Moons in Aquarius who find it entirely understandable for Tiger to transgress & supremely pathetic that his actions provoke the kind of judgemental crap that the media & the masses thrives on.

  6. I agree with Mystic… Tiger is a complex man with complex circumstances that most of us can’t imagine. It makes it seem almost like a necessity to keep the computer defragged or something. Not something I myself would want to deal with but I think I understand it a little. I don’t think badly of him because of it at all though.

    Just my op

    • I agree with you Lea, this man was raised a ‘winner’ in very certain terms in a very certain environment. This behaviour is the result of years of attention the like of which most of us can’t imagine.

      It in no way makes it ‘right’ but that it is his business. He will have to deal with the fall out with his wife and the effect that has on his child, no one else.

      Like some dude on the radio said the other day, ‘There is no known, sure way to restore trust’. And it’s a very precious thing.

  7. Matty Johns debacle. Ms Woods will not leave and he wont either, they will move on graciously…I dont think I know any caps who have been the first to leave relationships?

    • I left my marriage too…Cappy Moon. Ex hub a Cancerian with Virgo Moon.

      Ended up walking away from the Pisces as well. Enough was enough and they say Aries aren’t patient….Big fat lie but more than likely, was my Cappy Moon that hung in there….

  8. I LOVE Tiger’s statement:

    “Personal sins should not require press releases and problems within a family shouldn’t have to mean public confessions.”

    So bascially – “fuq off everyone!” . This is none of anyone’s business. Yeah, he cheated, blah blah. Stupid dick. But even stupider was to sleep with utter low-lifes who are willing to release private voicemail messages and details to the highest bidder. Soooooo ick. What the fuq is with ppl like this????

    As a Cap sun, merc, venus, I’d be utterly humiliated if anyone leaked details of mine to the press. Any detail, especially those designed to destroy one’s reputation. It’s so cruel and let’s face it, this isn’t a murder investigation. The poor guy just ruined his marriage (IDIOT! She’s gorgeous and your child is beautiful!) but that’s none of our business and it doesn’t concern anyone but the family. I really hate this schadenfreude attitude of the media. Icky ick! Even ickier is that I’m talking about it too! And I sound so pious! Icccckkkk!!!

    I think wifey, as a fellow Cap, should have a nice, private divorce take place, leave with dignity intact, take the kid, settle on only a tasteful amount of the fortune (one doesn’t wish to look tacky or needy) then hook up with some insanely hot artist/ filmmaker type. Take that 9 iron to the crotch, Hubby!

      • yes pegs chances are he does – interesting to observe consensus is the only option is for it to be over. Sometimes marriages survive infidelity and grow stronger as a result. Sometimes affairs bring about the change that was needed as a by-product. The media attention will not be helping if that is a possibility in this case.

      • Is it possible to really love someone AND screw a few other people? I’d be saying, well YOU can explain it to our daughter.
        Or maybe, she is pissed off BECAUSE it was made public, wrecking a deal of ” do what thou wilst, but keep it private.” Most Caps I know are EXTREMLY private.

      • I agree Peg, men and women have been involved in affairs of this sort for probably a million years. It doesn’t mean the guy doesn’t adore, cherish, support, love his wife. The average male consciously or unconsciously imagines sex with most women they meet. Its hard wired into us. There is also a constant stream of women who are prepared to sleep with married men, rich and famous all the better. So why now, after a million years of experience in dealing with these issues do we act all shocked horrified, angry ?

        • people had little choice in who they married for centuries, but life has evolved as has choice. you can lust after whatever you want, you don’t have to marry it

          marriage is a choice to ‘settle down’ it is not an essential, you can breed without marriage – it has gone from being a major life passage to being a promise of trust – a choice

          so any reasoning behind it in these times it just a lame arsed excuse, if he loved, cherished, adored her – everything would have stayed in his pants and it was more than just one accidental slip up when he tripped over and landed in a naked woman, yes?

          personally. I don’t care who sleeps with who but when someone is earning mass amounts and is some form of public role model who youth admire – they have to be better than my neighbour and yes, whilst I will educate my children on the right’s and wrongs, it is a tough enough battle with radio, TV, friends and what not, than something which is meant to be healthy, such as sports, full of drunken dickheads doing drugs, raping woman, bashing their girlfriends and now even mr squeaky clean is a lying, cheating scumbag, worse than my neighbour

          • ..and why would being good at golf and having lots of money because of it, have to do with any part of his nature or personality..maybe your the one getting a little confused, thinking that he ‘should’ be better than the next guy, but thats just media guff. He never said he was better than the next guy. By the way Im sure your children will be fine, just put your hand across their eyes any time a sports guy comes on the tv. and yes, a guy can have sex with another woman and be totally in love, cherish blah blah his wife.

            Anyway statistics are telling us now that more women have affairs while married than men in western countries. They are just better at hiding it.

          • actually, I asked my sons what they thought about it – they don’t care but then, they’re not interested in sports either

            but for those that are into the whole sports scene – what message IS this behaviour sending out?

            since I am so confused and you are the wise one

          • so the women throw themselves at someone famous and rich? when does that become something you mistakenly slip into? lol

            seriously, why do we even justify shitty behaviour when someone is rich and famous? media hype? who cares, we all know it is media dribble but, we still make more excuses for someone famous than we do for joe blow

  9. Tiger’s chart with the venus in detriment and uranus in exaltation seems a bit made for this kind of revelation. Lilith is transiting his 5th right now as well as that pluto square his natal lilith. AND that pluto you’re talking about going for his sun is in the 4th house. This is so a time for the foundations of his familial connections to be rocked. I’ve gotta say Mystic I’ve learned so much in the time I’ve visited this site – I can look at charts now and there’s stuff I can just see in them. The ways the stuff manifests can be altered by us exercising free will but shit’s just going to happen isn’t it?

    • Venus in detriment: very secretive Scorpio. Mars in flighty and dualistic Gemini, supercharged by Jupiter. Moon in wandering Sagg. Forget the Cap/Virgo stuff, I think it will be very hard for him to walk the straight and narrow. He could use an astrologer to help him understand himself.

      • YES! I just don’t understand why more people don’t. I wonder if he’s self-sabotaging. The follow the rules guy was looking for a feeling he wasn’t getting in his marriage – which is another institution – so he tried to feel something elsewhere – somewhere with an element of intrigue and danger. I’d be wondering this whoever he was btw – I’m interested in the astro not who he is, the public nature of his situation just means his details are conveniently available. I hope they can do this in a way that doesn’t mess up the child/ren.

        • Well, yes. These little ones were just brought into the world. Actually, they’re all (Tiger, Elin) very young. Blindsided.

  10. Serves him right. Cheating isn’t cool.

    Also, I think he’s a smug egotistical prick. He has that whole “I’m the best in the world” says he with a false modest straight face but really actually creams his pants when he thinks about it. In fact, I think he has these women on the side just because he’s Tiger Woods so therefore he can. I hope he takes this as a dose of humble pie.

    But I think the reality of it is that he’ll “overcome” all this and write a story about it and make a few million out of it and “show the world that he’s a better man”. He makes me want to vom.

  11. go tiges, onya mate, high five, ooow your a sly one..hehe.. poor bastard, married an ice queen and found out he needed some chili on his burger. This was his dirty little secret, don’t we all have one, maybe not the same one. Im sure that he will come out of this happier , poorer, wiser, in the mean time he is just about to get the return serve.

  12. Sort of a Saturn girl myself with Sun and Merc sq. Cap Saturn in 7th and Cappy Moon.

    Sort of like Tigs as well and the Descendant, Uranus was in my 7th conjunct Saturn when I knew after 16 years I needed to break free, just didn’t take me 31 months of sleeping with other people to realize it.

    Find it funny as hell to imagine him speeding away, barefoot on the accelerator with her running behind hoisting a golf club in the air. Besides everything else I would be furious about, like being lied straight to my face for how long and not having known my husband was a hypocrite, I’d wonder how many times he had or had not used protection and exposed me to germs/STD’s. Hopefully if he is a Saturn Boy he DID consider that because as a Saturn Girl it means alot to me…

    Not saying he has no right to be human but each and every time he lied to someone, put on a false front, etc., he made a choice and we all know how Saturn holds us responsible for our choices.

    • Yes, SweetPea, the photo’s published of the car, can just see the scenario…lol.
      Personally, being embarrassed is the worst of it feeling of it.. loss of face.

      How humiliating, THAT’S his punishment…wife running down the drive with golf club &
      crashing thro’ the window.
      Peeps should do their maritial bliss stuff INSIDE the house 😉

      • Think as well, that we should be our OWN role model..I’m so sick of the role model bull…Teach your kids to be individuals with a conscious for how others feel. That alone should go far.

        Hey, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MASTER MINERVA…Tear Em up Kid… 😉 xo

  13. Myst,you explained him by Astro.
    By 2pm these high flyers need a head job or a Valium. It is not cheating in my eyes as
    his WIFE should be aware of that. They are supposed to make private agreements between themselves.
    Sorry to those who think otherwise, i KNOW what works in these type of relationships ie: unusual.
    Special Treats are often arranged by the Personal Assistant, it’s part of the MO.
    This is where Escort Agencies should be used (silly blonde who dobbed in Charlie Sheen was coked
    to the gills) for their usual confidentiality clause.

    Men are men get over it. More important issue is SAFE SEX….’girlfriends’ don’t use them & men don’t
    (still) want to, whereas Professional Personal Liasions do as obliged.

    His wife wants 300.000.000 million, haven’t we come a long way since Sammy Davis married Mae Britt not.
    That was sensational news for Tabloids then.

    Now Murdoch’s have taken it to a level beyond.
    Forget about feeding us cake, fed sludge. The girlies are not that attractive. His crime is getting caught.

    Priscilla wasn’t happy ’bout Elvis & his women but she liked the lifestyle, she loved him & understood her man & his ‘quirks’ for white schoolgirl knickers.
    Says a lot for couples having their Astro Charts done before marriage, like in India & other countries.

    So isn’t this a moneyspinner for the masses? Either he’s a little thick or he wanted to be caught.
    I agree with all you said, Myst.

    • I don`t like the double-standards that are often applied to the situation…He can do it ( wink, wink) and everyone shrugs …. but if she would do it, she`d be called a slutt and vilified as a terrible mother.

      • don’t ignore the classic ‘ it’s her fault as she was icy cold in bed and wouldn’t put out, who can blame the poor fella for straying’

        • Re the icy cold in bed thing. Maybe it’s a mistake to make affairs and the reason for them purely about sex. Sex is obviously what happened as a result but the catalyst wasn’t necessarily that it wasn’t available in the marital bed. there are other kinds of nurturing that being in a committed relationship provides – it’s not all about sex. If you come home from work and the person you love and wanted to share your life with is not there to share the day to day with you you don’t feel nurtured because there is no possibility of sharing for example. No debrief. That’s not about one person being cold in bed it’s about one person needing something and the other person not hearing them and subsequently adapting or making a compromise.

      • it’s true spirit women are meant to be a certain way and sportspeople are meant to be a certain way and it’s all a crock. Our culture is made up of a whole lot of myths that simply aren’t reality. A lot of them are from the Victorian era. I don’t think either side should ever be vilified in these situations. I think we should try and understand them and learn from them.

        The mistresses seem vengeful though – I’m kinda interested in where their heads are at. I was accidentally a mistress once and as soon as I found out it was OVER but I never entertained any idea of destroying his relationship afterwards to punish him. Never crossed my mind. I was horrified for the poor woman he was living with. I wonder what’s motivating them (and they would’ve known he was married to start with) – other than $ which the collective perpetuates the paying of by buying the magazines. Someone’s buying it.

  14. I blame the Hardon Collider.

    Is the tiggy in the pic above laughing or yawning?

    But, hell, how are you supposed to stay moral, grounded etc when you’re a demigod with more millions than you can count, people making dicks of themselves to have their photo taken within a hundred metres of you and aspiring gold diggers hurling their fragrant airbrushed bodies at you?

    And apart from the Uranus square how about the Saggo moon on the IC, yearning for adventure. As a lover, Mars on the MC would need mirrors, though, no?

    Also, it’s bloody hard to steer your RV at 4 am with a five iron sticking out of your head and a spurned Capricorn in pursuit.

  15. Important things out of the way first…HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT xx :).

    I’m with crabwoman why commit so deeply with children when your going to betray them all. It’s not like they are in their teens and they’re sick of looking at each other after too many years of hanging on. The youngest is 9 MONTHS old FFS!

    • go to astro.com and put your deets into their form and then go to the charts page and select whichever chart you want – there’s heaps of em – down at the bottom there’s a list of asteroids juno ceres etc you can click on lilith there and she’ll appear in whichever chart you chose. Hers is the little moon symbol with the cross hanging off the bottom. There’s muchos info about her here if you do a search and also googling the word lilith with the sign or house yours is in should find you more detailed info.

  16. interesting discussion here gang…

    can i throw in my two cents.

    i cant STAND the line ‘men are men’ or ‘this is just what men do’ blah blah. puh-lease, its a behaviour, not some genetic inevitability. and to say anything less just makes an excuse for sleazebag behaviour. i dont think its gender specific to have an ego and give in to temptation, nor do i think consensual sex is in any way wrong- quite the contrary. i think people should be MORE open sexually. i think the whole marriage thing traps certain people into making comitments that they know they cant or wont fulfil. i have a uranus square in my natal 7th house too so i totally get the ‘needing the outlet’ mystic mentions.

    but then the point is to KNOW yourself enough to live with transparency. no, i dont think we ‘all’ have ‘dirty little secrets’. what kind of a life is that? better to just be who you be, and live it. if he wanted stuff that the life he’d created wasnt giving him, then dont give him the cop out ‘ohh, he married an ice quenn…’ Ok, then divorce the ice queen, if thats what she is, and life your life. dont go fuqing around and actng with no integrity.

    i think the reason these dalliances get so much attention (and to be honest i actually didnt even know about this whole so-called ‘saga’ til today) is not the sex, or the infidelity, but because these guys/gals in the sporting arena get paid the big marketing bucks to sell an image of Integrity. Truth. That kind of thing. And so when they expose themselves as frauds, then they get hammered for it.

    i couldnt care less about tiger woods personal life, but i do care about neanderthal attitudes about ‘boys will be boys’. Require a little more of people!

    • Saggi I totally agree abut the marriage as mind trap thing – it does weird things to people’s thought processes. If ever there was a scenario where I felt I needed to cheat I’d got talk to the first guy in my world before I actually made a decision. I have always (and this is obviously based on learning from the life situations I’ve experienced) felt cheating is more often about a flaw with what you have rather than an amazing benefit with what you could have. Cheating just seems like the easy way out to me. I could never taint the love I have with that. I don’t really understand why the sports stars are supposed to be role models – I never once aspired to be like one growing up. It all seems a bit roman sculpture, olympian/heroic man and outmoded to me.

    • saggigal, please dont take this the wrong way, but sometimes your posts remind me of a set of cliches..like your trying to convince yourself that the text book exists for ‘rightness’. It just doesn’t…you do have to be who you are, but there is one proviso, accept others as they are.
      If you judge others by the ‘rightness’ book, no one passes, not even you.

      • sometimes I feel a bit sad that you’re one of the few men here david – or the only one who’ll brave the deep end in these scenarios and give it nudge. so to speak. I’d love to know what other men think about this.

        • me too. thought my presence would encourage more males but what are you going to do. Just remember that sometimes Im going to take a ‘male’ approach to threads as opposed to a ‘David’ one, just to keep you guys honest. Sexism works both ways.

      • i know, i know. i have alot of trouble with this. not because im sitting back judging- im really not- but because it genuinely disturbs me that people are allowed to get away with crappy behaviour just because ‘boyz will be boyz’ or some other completely over-generalised gender assumption. cause i think most men are actually better than that!

        i am soo well aware that i don’t always pass the rightness book 🙂
        these statements about integrity are so prominent for me because it is what i focus on most about myself too. being true, being transparent. owning my shadow stuff *before* it bursts out unconsciously and wrecks havoc.

        i dont mean to sound like a set of cliches… i hope there’s a kernel of individuality in their somewhere, davidl??

        i appreciate the feedback…

        • Fair enough comments. I’m a bit short of time, but would have liked to start a discussion about the question Mystic posed in the post. How are wealthy, high powered women caught out in such a situation regarded? I’d probably say with no less condemnation than tiger attracted. Examples? Can’t think of many, but Madonna, Princess Diana…?

          • I don’t give much attention to the ridiculous goings on of celebrities, so perhaps not that equipped to comment on this – but I’m racking my brains to come up with celeb women who’s infidelities get so much chatter – yes Diana, but in some ways didn’t she get a bit of ‘escaping from terrible marriage’ sympathy? People like Britney Spears/Paris Hilton come to mind, although seems to me they are not taken seriously anyway, thus able to be written off as white trash/dumb blondes etc.
            the madonna or a whore thing?
            Perhaps part of it is that male sports stars get lifted (and paid) a lot higher in the first place?

          • Things seem to be skewed to vilifying men more – Owen Wilsons wife – was it kate hudson? He tried to kill himself. Awful. That died down quickly. I think maybe audrey hepburn was a cheater. That other royal the redhead. Catherine the great… did the horses care? Fidelity in marriage was not the norm amongst the upper classes of the past. Maybe stories aren’t skewed maybe it’s just the consumers of the magazines who publish the stories don’t care if women cheat – the market is there for the male stories. Interesting. Wonder if anyone would’ve found out if Tiger had slept with someone at the same level in the social hierarchy. Someone who didn’t need to sell a story for $.

        • so your saying that chocolate is not your only vice, mmm, 🙂 . You remind me of my sister saggi, sag to the bone. Her original impulses from childhood still remain, her virtuosity is astounding. I love her a lot. Sorry if I was reflecting family stuff on to you.

          • i am a sagg to the bone too, it is true 🙂

            its easy to make associations based on who you know, hence my opinions re: tiger woods, who i dont give a fig about, but whose behaviour reminds me of guys i have known.

            and no, chocolate is most definitely not my only vice! 😉 though you would be suprised to know what is!!! ha.

  17. What a gorgeous creature the Tiger is. I mean WHO came up with that design? I’ve always thought the feline is about the most attractive design structure of all the animals. Ok bunnies are cute. But cats are so utterly gorg and Tigers are the most gorg of all.

    Oh sorry Tiger Woods having shags with bits on the side. Eh who fucking cares. If he was joe blogs the plumber from down the road nobody would give a shit. It’s nobody’s goddam business except him and his missus.

    • When you guard your privacy so jealousy and even have a yacht called “Privacy” and yet lie, you get what you deserve.

      Lessons come hard and like Mystic said, with Saturn crossing his Asc., this is not the time to be inauthentic….but he didn’t know that….poor slob. lol

      And truly, I don’t give a flyin’ but he took an image on. Do agree with whatever’s post further above, and that sometimes it takes things like this to open one’s eyes. Tiger talks about this not being what his values are and perhaps thats true as I didn’t have a clear cut pix of what my values were after becoming single until I’d experienced life a bit more as I’d been sheltered. Had gone straight from parent’s home to being married. What was I to do then when single with my Venus sq. Uranus?

      Was posed with situations that I sought to be open minded but in the end was not really me or my values. Perhaps that’s because Venus is in Taurus (and Cap Moon) which does best in a stable situation focused one on one.

      All if for learning/becoming/evolving My Pretty….(says the Wicked Witch of the West looking into the Crystal Ball….)

      • Synastry wise they have a Mars-Mars square.

        Her Saturn is in Virgo on his Ascendant as it is so he’s been gettin’ double whammied with the Saturn transt there as well. And her Saturn Square his Moon in Sag is not exactly excitment inspiring.

        Tiger has Moon-Neptune in Sag with Venus in Scorpio…

        She’s got Mars in Gemini and Venus in Aqua. Think their Moons in oppostion helps and the Suns conjunct, but hard to see where she gets his Venus in Scorpio.

        I have Draconic Venus in Scorpio. Tigs should come talk to me 😉

        • Guh-Opps…

          He has Mars in Gem. She has Mars in Virgo but it’s still sq. his Mars.

          I don’t know, but I empathize with his Mars in Gem, 😉

          Have earth but her earth sort of scares me. I’m afraid she’d declutter me one too many times…lol (joking Mars in Virgo Mystic x)

  18. From the ‘news’ today

    TIGER Woods is reportedly throwing money at the women in his life in a desperate bid to keep his public image intact.

    The billionaire golfer has reportedly paid $US5 million ($A5.4 million) to his wife Elin Nordegren to keep her from walking out and another six figure-sum to one of his alleged mistresses to keep her from spilling details of their six-month affair.

    These women are all class , eh!

    • you have money, you expect money grabbers – still no excuse for getting naked! he didn’t lose brain cells just because he became wealthy! temptation happens to poor folk too, relationships hit lulls – all part of COMMITMENT and RESPONSIBILITY – don’t take it on if you can’t hack it OR get out before you get tacky

      sooooooo simple and free too!

      • Darlin’ the stars live in a different orbit where rules don’t apply.
        Way back before the sexual revolt, couples danced together & swapped partners
        for a twirl & flirt around the dance floor. It totally satisfied the man’s desire for other
        women, was legit & accepted in full view.

        Not defending him. It should never have happened. The wife’s a showpiece. How white can you get?

    • NOT!
      If wifey walks out she gets 300 mill divorce settlement it was alleged.
      Money or the Man?
      He has such an innocent face. What will stop the slides- on- the side from taking the money
      THEN spilling anyway despite clauses.
      Where were his highly paid advisers-minders in all this, certainly not taking care of him
      discretion wise.
      Personally i don’t find him attractive, too boyish looking & my star fucker days are waay over 😉

  19. Okay well i was feeling a bit sorry for Tiges but this really is ridiculous, the porn star, the cocktail waitresses and now this…

    “Little is known about Woods’ ninth alleged mistress, but British reports say she is a sex-addicted cougar.”

    I am losing track. Poor wife…! He’s like the town bike. Who knew?!

    • I’m thinking maybe tiger falls into my category c: Yeah I’m a sleaze but you knew that before you met me so what did you expect? Sleazes need a “good girl – or boy” in their lives to assuage their guilt. Maybe she’s (the wife) it. Sad – the pretty ornament. I wish they’d all shut up tho so she can get on with her life. People on buses are talking about it for god’s sake – I’m going to start wearing the headphones.

    • Right.

      Guess that sent mother in law over the edge as “breaking news today” said she transported to the hospital with stomach problems. Hard to digest the “Waitressess Across America” as have heard it called.

      Elin bought a home in Sweden. As a Cap, won’t be surprised if she dumps his ass. I would.

      Like someone said, he humpin’ across America because “he could”. lol

  20. “I am deeply aware of the disappointment and hurt that my infidelity has caused to so many people, most of all my wife and children,” Woods said. “I want to say again to everyone that I am profoundly sorry and that I ask forgiveness. It may not be possible to repair the damage I’ve done, but I want to do my best to try.”

    Said like a true champ. I wish him luck. Poor Tigs. Had his head turned around….

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