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The Astrology Mage

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Pre World War I astrology vintage postcard

Pre WWI French Post-Card from French-Kissed

“The Little Astrologer: Your star, which seems attached to Saturn, indicates your seeds will produce very beautiful harvests. You prefer the shade to the light and your life will pass in sweet solitude which one soul mate will come to divide.”‘

Okay – fine. YOU translate.  And no cussing, even though it is about Saturn. Actually, yes cussing. It’s not like i occupy the moral high ground when it comes to swearing.  Whoever conceived this postcard, I love the positive and poetic take on Saturn & the euphemistic “seems attached” to Saturn. Tres, tres tactful.

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14 thoughts on “The Astrology Mage

  1. The little Astrologer: Your star, which has been on a collision course for some 29 years has finally smashed into Saturn, indicates your seeds that you are actually holding will self destruct. You will be scraping the seeds off the floor to eat for nutrient’s as you prefer food that is only approved by Saturn.
    Although you do actually prefer light Saturn is now riding your star & you now prefer shade. Your social life is non-existent & thus being a reason for your sweet solitude is no one understands this behaviour & the only time you have to find a soul mate is at the gym or at home. One soul mate may come to divide & realise this is bonkers & runs off with someone who isn’t narking off about cleaning, going to the gym & eating only healthy food constantly….. leaving you to ponder if your soul mate is actually Saturn.. lol

  2. Look at that cape! That could almost be in this season (europe) .
    I am loving the v waistline pleating over corset and shoulder action.

    what a beautiful little saying. I love nostalgic cards. That is the sort of thing you keep in your treasure chest. this must have given great hope to the person who held it in dark times

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