Surrealist Angel

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Salvador Dali Surrealist Angel Metal SculptureSurrealist Angel – Salvador Dali

“The Angel is that which unceasingly passes through the envelope or containers, goes from one side to the other, reworking every deadline, changing every decision, thwarting all repetition…” Luce Irigaray Angels Of Anarchy, Women & Surrealism

Sometimes I think that the Chiron-Neptune Conjunction – exact in Feb – flirted with at the moment via Jupiter connecting Chiron and then Neptune – could be just all about the intellectual acceptance of the Feminine Divine.

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48 thoughts on “Surrealist Angel

    Somebody please tell me I can find some sort of miniature replica of this sculpture! I’m astounded! I’m awed! Quite frankly, I think I’ve had a bit of artgasm (hee!). That is seriously one GORGEOUS piece of metal.

  2. I back that thought too. About time that the feminie divine becomes accepted and respected as equal to on all levels, as the masculine.

  3. Wow, I also just paid a huge bill I considered putting off for holiday decadence. I wondered what had gotten into me and now I know!

  4. Isn’t naming divinity as male or female the same bollocks. Surely divinity has no sexual orientation ? Im sorry but feminism is lost in this paradox, has been for years, its just the other side of the same dodgy coin.

    • I think that feminism is different to the spirituality of the Divine Feminine, in my eyes anyway…to me DF is about acknowledging & honouring that all life is born through the womb, & if we give reverence & consciousness to that, then our connection to the sacred mystery of life is affirmed & we all know where we are at….all my artwork embodies it in some way or another & even I forget my foundations sometimes, so its not simplistic by any means…

      • I understand that people identify divinity with the tools they have. One of those tools is to separate feminine from masculine. Surely one of the things that distinguishes the divine from us is ‘wholeness’ , identifying the divine attributes as masculine or feminine just diverts us from the path to wholeness.
        Even the concept of divinity as ‘human’ is hard enough to escape, so attributing masc or feminine traits is hardly moving forward to greater understanding. So give me a few attributes of the divine that are feminine and not masculine.

        • I would say that there is a divine spark in all life, human & otherwise…its not about anthropomorphism, its about recognising that there is the life of the divine masculine & the life of the divine feminine in us…maybe the intuitive understanding that the life of the divine feminine is all too easily dismissed is one of her attributes…& that the divine masculine is all too easily dismissed as well I reckon. I see it more as being about embodying the higher self…which is what greater understanding of the human condition is about?

        • my understanding of the divine masculine and feminine are that
          a) they have nothing to do with the political movement known as feminism, so can we put that to one side
          b) that these concepts of mascluine and feminine have *nothing* to do with our biological sexes, so no, the womb is not part of it, per se. but the highest forms of ‘the feminine’ (intuition, empathy, power to create) are part of the divine feminine.
          c) that the notion of divine has been divided and polarised by humans, so that with most major religions we ended up worshipping the masculine (though it was hardly divine).
          d) healing for all has been about bringing into balance the divine versions of masculine and feminine, and re-integrating them. this doesn’t privilege the feminine over the masculine, nor is is concretely associated with human biological females. it is something that we all have, and need to get in touch with.
          e) in fact, although we’ve privileged the masculine for many many years, we are just as out of touch with the divine form of the masculine.

          the world is slowly waking up to the destructiveness that is wreaked when these two are out of balance. that doesnt mean we start putting women before men, or anything like that, because its not about biological sex. it means time for people to integrate the aspects of the feminine (and women reject them just as much as some men), so that we ca be Whole.

          i blame the void moon in cap for my alphabetizing list and very pragmatic approach here, by the way. xx

          • as you can see from the D & M Ive been having with SS, I will keep it brief and pleasant πŸ™‚ are you saying that intuition, empathy, power to create are feminine and not masculine ? how so ?
            Im putting 3 kids to bed now, so excuse me if I don’t get back to you till anon, have a great night saggigal and ss, wouldn’t it be nice if we had the divine attribute of being in many places at the same time, then I could be bedding children while sipping coffee and eating chockies with you guys on some beautiful moonlit mountain discussing these and many other subjects. Oh well, maybe in my dreams tonight.

          • hey david,

            ahh, to be sitting at a moonlit mountain…would soothe so many of my pre-eclipse rumblings.

            ok, and this is not from just ‘my opinion’ but from the various spiritual traditions (not religious) ive been interested in. yes, the divine feminine is about intuition et al, not the masculine BUT this does not mean that *men* dont have this, because obviously everyone has the masculine and feminine within them.

            the same as true logic and wisdom being associated with the divine masculine, certainly does not mean that females dont have it! it means we must call on, and integrate both within ourselves. these are archetypes, not literal manifestations of the biology of men and women, or the human manifestations of ‘being feminine’ or ‘being masculine’ which are all culturally relative etc etc.

            can i give a personal example, so youll know im not just spouting rhetoric? πŸ™‚

            i have actually, for a long time, been completely out of touch with the divine Fem, as many of my girlfriends have too. we have lived in our heads, very ambitious, creative and fun but hard hearted. we lacked empathy (mostly for our own selves). and though we played up some parts of ‘being female’ i have not been connected to the inner feminine.

            the divine feminine is the one who creates, yes, and can destroy, has deep intuition and empathy. by over associating with the masculine, one can be too mired in logic and rationale, to the expense of connection. again, this is not about men, its about a cultural over identification with the mas.
            is this making any sense??

            its a really present issue in my life right now. to integrate both.

            ps im really bloody tired, so i may be rambling. just started a new job πŸ™‚

          • SS, i totally get where you’re coming from.

            “we have lived in our heads, very ambitious, creative and fun but hard hearted”

            Even had a psychic tell me i have to tone down my masculine side – too strong. Working in the male dominated industry that i do one had to develop a thick skin to cope with it all. I’m only now just starting to get in touch with my feminine side and i’m in my early 40’s!

            I hear ya sister πŸ™‚

          • So true Saggigal. By priveliging male power and denigrating female power (eg. misrepresentations of Circe, Lilith et al) both masculine and feminine divinity has become devalued and distorted.

            The archetypes, when studied with sensitivity, help to us to find balance within ourselves.

    • David, I’ve come in late, but I don’t think there’s any harm in differentiating masculine and feminine divinity. As Jung pointed out, we all possess animus and anima.

      Differentiating parts of the whole doesn’t detract from the whole, it helps us to know the whole better. Just as the Tao is differentiated into yin and yang, differentiation helps us understand our parts in order to balance and integrate the whole.

      This is essential whenever there is an imbalance that needs healing. Symbolically such imbalances occur in the macro politico-cultural sphere, but also within individual psyches.

      • This is a great post!

        Firstly I think there is a lot of confusion in general between feminism and female divinity, not all feminists hold spiritual belief -but dogma + politics can drown any sense of divinity which I think was David’s point?

        Secondly a lot of culutres, like our indigenous australians, separate the masculine and feminine social roles and spiritual but ultimately it all comes back to one spirit so its more an issue of poly or monotheism sometimes.

        The roles are broken yes and we all need to heal. I totally agree with Uber that to break down the differences can make greater understanding of the whole. It’s all working toward the same thing but with different properties. Also the work within your own psyche and the outer world. so well said.

        On a personal level I have always had a very strong pull to the divine female power, and often the more severe ones, but have lately just realized the pull I have with others in masculine sexuality as I age. Had this conversation with Leo ex yesterday. Get lots of dream visits from aspects of the horned god giving me guidance or just making a cameo. I think that although the feminine divine is a much suppressed and bastardized aspect of worship that there is a real broken masculinity out there with those who are totally lost since the lack of initiations, warrior and manhood rites and lack of female sovereignty that many leaders once abided by. I think it is important to acknowledge that the return of female divinity is about rebalancing men and women.

        Back onto divine feminine return and Mystic, interesting you have taken on the surrealists to illustrate your point, Dali’s Archangel in particular.

        Awesome post peeps.

        • Pre Abraham, the goddess ruled in most societies, particularly in the middle east. One of the key stories of Abraham and the beginning of male monotheism was the male god telling him not to sacrifice his firstborn to him and to sacrifice a ram instead. previous to this firstborn males were sacrificied to the goddess, and human sacrifice to the goddess was also big. Abrahams new way had no child or human sacrifice and became dominant over the next few centuries, probably because of this difference. So although we have had a male dominated system for a while, we had a female dominated system prior for many thousands of years and as in Vedic culture the female dieties were extremely blood thirsty. The other sides grass always seems greener.

          • this is true but I was was referring to my own personal experiences in the part of the post you are referring too where I stated my own thing about what I am experiencing within the masculine feminine spirituality here. This is why I stated on a personal level as I did not wish to have my own experiences detract from the other points I was making. I see I have failed. I am all for balance of people but this has been my history, I am not in for greener grass.

          • O no MS, I thought your first and second points were well made & concise and I particularly appreciated the effort you put into sharing your personal experience of divinity. For what it’s worth I don’t think you’ve missed your mark.

            I agree with you about the loss of initiation etc for men and the detrimental effect it has had on our culture at large – I have long suspected it may be the reason young men suddenly leave their homes and families to join fundamentalist groups in far off lands as opposed to any kind of devout new found faith in a belief system that is ultimately diametrically opposed to the one they’ve been born into. I often wonder if it’s just a misplaced need for tribe and a desire for a more potent role within it.

            I think the tribal links and mana associated with the divine masculine has been diminished by modern life just as much as the role of the divine feminine. We’ve lost the trail of breadcrumbs through the forest. Although most can’t individually make change at a global level an effort to make it in our own lives and tribes is at least a start on the road to integration of the spiritual and primal energies that are short-circuiting in the macro.

          • re jung, I always thought his divisions of type into masculine and feminine, rational/irrational etc went hand in hand with the belief that they were present within all of us should we wish to avail ourselves of those qualities. That he believed it was a soul splintering problem humanity had been conditioned by the duality of religion to choose good over evil as opposed to integrating and balancing all the qualities inherent within our psyches?

  5. O My effing Gawd! Is it just the joint I just smoked or it that the most A~MAY~ZING blog~post I’ve read all year???

    • No, it’s not the joint. This is an amazing post, and so bloody apt.
      I feel a lot of this energy at the moment, and much of what has been said above is ringing so true. I think many people are realising that a perverted paradigm of energy (such as the current take on Western capitalism and western democracy) can be a force that is directed in and for the wrong reasons, and a perverted paradigm of energy comes into being when we fail to acknowledge that we fit into a whole, and that that whole is formed of equally the masculine and the feminine – the two fit together, they are not judgements or in competition, they just are, and they both deserve to be honoured.
      I wonder whether a new understanding of this energy might begin to acknowledge the importance of creativity of all sorts, including the creativity of love and children….

      …and the universal law that when you don’t share, you also somehow don’t end up with what you want…

      …and to reach an understanding that money is only a part of the equation

      Because at least for me, these are the issues, and I do see them in terms of a bigger picture that is about embracing these things that we/I seem to have forgotten.

      Is that too trippy?

  6. Yes Starstrokes, am with you.
    It’s not about the stereotypical idea of feminism and butch, macho-esque women standing up for their rights. Certainly there’s nothing wrong with that but the DF (to me personally) is an internal knowing, sensing and accepting. As I become more comfortable with it, I am more gentle, nurturing, kind with myself and others, without compromising on my inner strength. I look more girly than I have before and more feminine, I can still stand up for my rights but dont’ have to pretend to be a man to do so.
    And then it’s about balance because I also welcome the masculine in me too, realising that it plays a pivitol part in the female make up.
    So for all of us, isn’t it about accepting both parts, male and female and welcoming the balance betweent he two, not one being more dominant than the other, to make us feel whole?

  7. Anon I’ve been on a silmilar path transiting form motherhood to indepoendent single women now the kids are less demanding of the femine nurturing of me ( teens say no more I’m the jsut taxi driver/atm/coook/cleaner) however this has feed me up to rediscover myself and find I’m till a teen trapped in an agieing body but Ok with this.

    have met a lovely man who feels the same we re playmates we are leo a cancer/aqua combination which has a lot of ying and yang about it and lots of freedome to.
    Balance is everyhting I think in all aspects of our lives some can handle the up snd downs better than others .

    Love this contemplative post. Its similar to a pic put up by MM ages ago with a naked womwn slinked around a man in a red suit (thisnk it was an aries man post). The pic has got a lot of balance to it a plus power/ego/erotic/gender issues too. tres interesting talk over a champers or 2.

  8. AAAAH Davidl – thank you for being the constant embodiment of the martian energy in this realm via both your gender and sign.

    I like to honour the divine feminine by engaging in moon based rituals with my mate whom I consider to be the physical embodiment in my reality of the divine masculine, aka the horned god. We each allow the other opportunities to lead and follow and also acknowledge the need to walk the path beside each other – as one. We are both competitive spirits but for some reason there is so much love in our coupling that it doesn’t manifest often and has never caused a rift between us. We let each other be. Sometimes he is the nurturer and I the warrior and vice versa.

    I believe love is the one true divinity and only when humankind comes together, putting aside the need to compete and compare, becomes more accepting of minorities in whatever form they take and acknowledges our unique abilities as well as our combined power will we be able to harness our true potential as a species.

  9. who me ? Im all peace and mung beans , really, twully, I like the idea that love is the one true divinity, no need to give it dualistic attributes and all.

    • love – divinity?? Come on! Love is all about holding the mirror and projections of inner self – never thought you to be naive. Sure there is great comfort but love is the greatest change-maker too.

    • Speaking of projections I never mentioned it was that comfortable lol it’s about compromise – accepting (or not), adapting, forgiving, growing and changing – a work in progress. Knowing I found the one I want to do that with is the most divine thing I’ve ever experienced. I’m not sure anyone is in a position to judge another’s experience of love, it will only ever be coloured by their own experience of it.

      Re the duality “the one” could have been a man or a woman I was open to either possibility and frankly never considered what I have was possible until I found it. I guess if I’d settled for one of the ones who wasn’t THE one I wouldn’t feel the way I do about love. THAT would leave me feeling naieve, maybe even cheated and certainly not in the least bit divine.

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  12. Wow, all this came out on a post while I was busy looking into the upcoming transit of saturn over Australia’s natal Neptune… I got nothin sofar from history except that aboriginal women were used in 1982 as guinea pigs for a contraception drug and also something was going on with mining regulation and radiation exposure…

    I daren’t read too much previous in this post, MM warned us about psycho-bats communicae today.

    Mystic, you would love the Surrealist exhibition in Brisbane ATM.

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