Saturn Girl Strikes Again

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Saturn Girl vintage comicSaturn Girl strikes again!

There I was, happily working away on the Dark Moon & pondering a quick little trop up the road, past the patisserie. After all, as you know, when doing desk stye work, it’s good to get up, stretch one’s legs AND i worked out this morning so what’s the harm in a little French Snail thingie,,,Pain Au Raisin? I mean, it’s legal for fuq’s sake. So is coffee. And then I heard it.Β  Again. The Voice Of Saturn Girl:

“If you actually added up the kilojoules burned off exercising this morning and then subtracted the kilojoules from this little emotional eating episode you are planning, you would be behind…And I thought you were off white flour and sugar?…Has it occurred to you that without discipline all of your efforts and talents are pointless?…Perhaps you should consider what emotion you are actually attempting to address here?…From now on you do not put a single thing into your body that is not doing you good…”Β  And so on.

And so, this is ravingly obvious butΒ  you know how Dark Moons are, i thought I have a choice…I can choose to whiz up the road & go for some caffeine, pastry etc OR I can do Saturn Girl and keep my blood sugar (and thus moods) even, apply self-control & be VERY happy when i am poncing about the beach in January. Particularly as there is a Taurean (!) Bodybuilder lurking. ]

So WHATEVER ails you in this Dark Moon phase – too much to do, ratty peeps, stupid naff crap cravings, budget blown out to beyond the boundaries of the universe, no clothes, angst-hell re an Ex, demonic hair, the patriarchy – whatever – channel Saturn Girl. She only has your best interests at heart. And yes, I am aware that paying my tax will actually make me MORE relaxed than an addiction to massage.

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52 thoughts on “Saturn Girl Strikes Again

  1. Thanks for the reminder Mystic! I was just currently beating myself up about a path Saturn Girl originally put me on some year & a bit ago… :cry

    It is pointless to go against Saturn Girl when she has your best interests at heart!

    Can totally relate to the sugar caffeine etc. Am telling myself I am allergic to it & therefore I cannot eat it at all, it kind of works too. I am completely all processed flour.
    Although have been adding a small amount of sugar to my ONE coffee a day, it is raw & yes, yes, yes I know sugar is sugar… but still it is raw & it’s crunchy…. 😯

    • Haha^ I am completely all processed flour^ Haha…
      well that’s not true, I am completely OFF all processed flour, only whole grains for me. See this is why I need more sugar, i can’t concentrate… πŸ™‚

  2. Yep, taking good advice πŸ˜‰

    Went to bank sorting biz/finances so I can make room for new $$$ and biz plan.
    love the” pointless to go against saturn girl when she has your best interest at heart”

    Food wise I envy your discipline both of you!

  3. Saturn girl brought me a new client so I’ve done my work, drunk my vege juice and now she can clock off cos I AM going down the road for chocolate. I’ll get back to her in the morning.

  4. Seriously, i know this sounds so Saturn Girlie but i have recently realised how much of an effect food has on my mood. What i think of as MY temperament is actually really easily controlled via food. You keep things stable & the body rewards you…Plunging up and down insulin or whatever creates shitty hormonal vibe that alternates between hyper-bats-activity and lows…

    • you are completely correct and I have a million food allergies I feel every inch of it but I just need to care more about my own body again and that goes in phases I find it so hard to be consistent.

      in a parallel universe I live in a macrobiotic dreamworld where raw carrots excite me and I live in my gluten free heaven

    • yeah well something happened cos I came home w wholesome organic produce and forgot the chocolate I think the manic queue at the post office must’ve kapowed my craving. I only eat the super dark stuff tho – promise – and it’s good for your heart.

  5. Thanks for the reminder and encouragement!!
    Seriously wondered how to get through until the New Moon tonight and over all this angst re ex-love. Like, totally in my face all day, every day since the weekend! Did the chocolate muffin thing yesterday (reward for moving MOTHER out of my house after seven years…)
    I’m good now – I’ll run tonight.

  6. thank you for the timely reminder Mystic….xx I had a 2-day low-energy slump including allowing myself to chow down on lots of scotch finger biscuits (all that was in the office but strangely satisfying, I blame 4 weeks of intense 5-days/week exercise …plus not enough sleep on weekend…).
    I need saturn girl in my relationships sector. Make me get my shit together there. well got a few more years til she moves into Capricorn..

  7. I have a confession to make. So ashamed. I had to do some serious cooking for a party at another place tonight. As chef extraordinaire, I always get asked to make stuff. My friends actually tell me what to make and bring. And it’s more than ONE thing. So,….. I have been eating, tasting, and further eating all day. Now I feel sick. And I’ve got a headache, AND I am deeply ashamed for getting off track. I need a shadow to stop me when I do this. It is so not in sync with my biodynamic vegie garden and daily exercise. Worst of all,…..I won’t be able to EAT tonight!!!

    • Little Fish, hope you are feeling better today. We all do something to excess every now and then. Its OK. Its human. It doesn’t sound like you are habitually over-stuffing yourself. You can do 2 things straight away: make a plan to try to manage the situation differently next time if you want to; look at the situation from a perspective of self-love not self-hatred or shame. How does it look & feel then? Care for that person, don’t hate and berate her!

      Seabird, thank you for sharing your insights (below). I have often suspected that the emotional inner talk that goes with the food alters HOW the food is dealt with in the body. Obviously the composition of the food itself matters, but so does our attitude and inner talk. How could food and eating NOT be connected with our emotions? It just is!

  8. Thankyou Saturn Girl! Taxes done, bills paid, cheque-book balanced, niggling debts squared, 2010 budget written, Xmas staff plan finalised, festive gift-list compiled….. Looks like I’m allowed to go shopping and even get me a little somthin’ somethin’

  9. I’m not a big sweet food person, so not likely to be won over by pastry cravings, but that little story just makes me want to sit at the table and whinge with the rest of the super heros. Its a fine line between having your best interests at heart and being a spoil sport.
    If it wasn’t actually too hot to go outside I’d be down the road in a jiffy indulging the current beer/g & t craving I’m having. bugger saturn and the old moon and the crap load of work i’m not managing to get done.
    I need a beach holiday pronto.

  10. Beer can be very cleansing when combined w healthy snacks. Got an organic beer on the go. Just munched down some yummy sesame seed n honey thingies…. All hail the local convenience store~!

  11. saturn girl saved me from drinking too much at a work function….and getting myself in trouble….like that little inner voice which i usually choose to ignore suddenly got thru….”if you do xyz….you will regret it in the morning.”

  12. i just read something this morning in some newletter (Blackmores or ABC would have been) that the exercise itself makes you more inclined to indulge in some food you wouldn’t normally, actually an effect of the endorphins generate.

    sounds like shooting oneself in the foot, LOL!

    actually fits in with my theory that you can’t really lose weight when you are exercising, you’ve gotta lose weight first and then exercise to keep fit and keep the weight off. there’s no nexus between the two?

    anyone have the same experience?

    BTW: was it a very in-ya-face, drawing lines in the sand sort of day today or was it just me? (or being done to me!)

    • I’ve been resisting the hardcore food approach to health, thinking middle ground is a fine mantra…except I actually find the middle ground harder to do than just full on food nazi/exercise fiend for a bit with subsequent then middle ground/exercise routine.

      I graduate next April and I’ve been using this is as a goal on the lifetime pursuit of health continuum…but this whole middle ground thingo has me making too many excuses.

      • Food is delicious. WHo says you need to eat alot of it?

        Really, reall, really good food (and good doesn’t equate to bad for you. Tasty, good for the soul stuff) in small portions is much more enjoyable that making yourself sick and stressed over it.

        I know I am stessed out when I am freaking out about food. ‘I can’t have, I must not…’ terrible self flagulation shit. When I am unhappy, I focus on what I am eating… when happy, I give not one jot.

        Taurian… over and out.

        • I think if I only limit prepackaged food that may be a solution…by this I mean biscuits…biscuits are my downfall…because otherwise I am attracted to good food, and I can cook…and dine out when needed. Maybe that’s my middle ground.

          Quite honestly and I’m not sure if it’s my Taurus rising but good food has a different mouth feel to it, like a good wine has a good mouth feel and the not so good makes you want to spit it out and wash your mouth out…fast. Thanks venus a-go-go I don’t want to set up a feast or famine scenario…just have been trying to work out how to manage biscuit consumption. Maybe if I only have the high end stuff in small amounts as you say…that may work.

          • Maybe make your own biscuits instead LL – then you know whats in them and can swap white flour for bran, sugar for apricots or whatever.
            So easy to eat well if you don’t buy things in packets.

          • Shell in theory that is a great idea…in practice I subvert it into…just one more, they’re GOOD for you, think of all those pure ingredients and the love, they’re filled with LOVE, eat one more, just one….

          • but then you’d eat them all up in one go and have no more till you made another batch. the thrill would wear off after a while surely? particularly turning on an oven in SEQ summer?

        • yes thanks go go girl (I try to type vagg – can’t do it with reference to a person) – that’s what i wanted to say.

          eat good food (drink good booze) be happy.

          • LOL that old V word. I always think of the vagg as a sacred vessel and love the acronym – like Venus a GoGo is the keeper & protector of the sacred yoni. AND a taurean to boot – it makes even more sense now.

  13. YAY Saturn Girl at work here also – MOWED through remaining client work receiving
    1. mega thanks from all (get down!!) &
    2. promises of pre xmas payment…..
    given am in communication sector – priority to have all communique wrapped up well ahead of MERC RX shadowzone….

    totally stoked beyond belief at applied effeciency – grabbed all bits due for repair (lamps, shoes, pictures reframe, wonky sunglasses etcs) & roared off for Sushi at chic inner city locale with bestie pre delivering all repair bits – ALL are promised back to me by Friday – love it!!

    Now off to Art Auctions – yeah yeah yeah not my money….. Le Ex has eye on a Whitely, he working & I hate to admit but I kinda get off on bidding (ie successful well bought purchase / outwitting the room) = perfect end to a satisfying day.

    not before I wash the windows, dog & recylce bins – on fire or what!!

    gleefully Pheonixing all along the way xox πŸ˜‰ xox
    p.s coin flip as to tonight’s entertainment eing c/ Le Ex or the HOT Young Cap…… or may even opt for early night – who knows!!

  14. Saturn Girl’s pissed off to a parallel dimension … maybe the Hadron Collider sucked her into some black hole where she can bug to DEATH other lifeforms about how like … algae is bad for you or stop ODing on sulfuric acid yes I know it gives you a buzz but it’s JUST NOT HEALTHY!! Cause I just downed 4 beers and am cooking up my storm previously ranted about, but shall re-rant because it sounds soooooooo yummmy and it involves baked ruby red potatoes slathered in garlic butter and continental parsley and spinach, baby roma tomatoes, roasted pumpkin and fetta cheese all tossed in a basil lemon juice dressing and justa smidge of olive oil and roasted chicken with button mushrooms and red capsicum doused in a blend of oregano paste, garlic, stock and tomatoes ….. oh and creme caramel for laters. Oh and some more beer …

    Mmmmmmmmmmm food ….. sorry but exercise and no carbs make me feel like a miserable cranky bitch from hell.

  15. Re all above about food etc etc. I spent years trring to control what I ate, not because of weight but because I suffered from clinical depression from the beginning of my teens and by the end of my teens I’d figured out it was connected partly, (the biggest part) to food. So then i spent another ten years monitoring what food does what to me.

    I now know that while coffee, sugar, and especially bread and cheese have quite a bad effect on me, the biggest effect comes from what I am actually thinking about the food as I am eating it. I eat really healthily, always have. But from the comments above and many other comments I’ve read on this website, I think lots of us beat ourselves up even as we’re eating the thing that we crave. As the biggest part of our health comes from our minds, this is just madness in action! By all means, eat really well. But when you don’t, don’t tag it as a guilty pleasure and don’t feel bad about indulging it, just eat it and think about how lovely it is (mmmm, coffee!)

    I am in a particularly wonderful mood today as Saturn Girl has basically zapped all the crap from my life over the past two years and I am really going for the hardcore phoenix! It rocks. I wish I could share the feeling with anybody who needs it. Chuck oout the crap, the wrong ideas and the relationships that make you unhappy. Chuck it all out. Oh, it hurts so much to let go of the things that hurt you. Throw them out anyway. Yay!

  16. Think Saturn Girl must’ve got to me today Mystic as I changed back to my old room and MY bed that I had exchanged with my daughter a few months back (strangley that’s when things started to go horribly wrong- BUT the past is the Past). Have cleaned, vaccumed, purged anything that irked, washed sheets, added lavendar and rose maroc oil to my oil burner, lit insence in the massage room and now there is a cool soothing rain cleansing the hills…

    • bluelibra – is your bed facing in auspicious direction?
      see Mystic’s posts here a little way back – I moved my bed & LOTS changed pretty much overnight!!

      use an online Kau indicator, then look up you auspicious directions….

      soothing rain sounds nice – windy seering heat here (tho just back from beach cant complain!!) xox

      • Yes, and note the tres Saturnine-girl advice from Mireille (French Women Don’t Get Fat), to give into food-temptation now/first, and then balance out with abstemiousness tomorrow.

  17. I’m trying to detox (bad time of year – but body demands….) am on the supplements, and the toxifiers – ie wine & coffee. Detoxing really is as much about the body, as it is about moving the head space.
    Saturn girl and I need to chill out together so I can get a sense of her rhythm, cos currently I’m not getting it.
    I am thinking much of that is too do with not feeling connected currently to what I am doing work, life, house wise.

    • postmods, well you have company as I am trying to do it too :(. Actually it was after reading Mystic’s post here, that I REALLY craved some carbs! Went home and ate 2 TWO whole bloody bowls of pasta with yummy creamy muchroom bacon bits thing. Then I remembered that pigs do not have sweat glands and therefore digestion takes longer -its icky blah blah blah! Sigh! It tasted yum though! πŸ™ Had a glass of red too but stopped at one. So after all these days of being so good, remember prowln’s detox too? I bloody go and blow it! Grr!

      So…methinks you hit the nail on the head – it is detoxifying the head AND the Bod! I am all over the place – just need to get all the tendrils together.

      Has anyone head from Chesh? She has been off the radar for yonks, hope she is ok? Or maybe she is kicking up her heels so much she has no time to log on? ; >

  18. Have a question on Saturn girl, as you peeps are all so insightful…

    Is it normal to have a crushing crisis of confidence over the last few months of saturn in 1st house (solar), 6th house (natal) and first few months of her beautiness in 2nd/7th house?

    Feel like I’m just peeking out from behind my shattered tower of Babel…

    thoughts? πŸ™‚
    Thanks guys, much love…

    • Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeellll…

      This might be coming from completely the wrong direction… but the tower of Babel wasn’t _that_ fantastic. Just you know a)how to build a tower and b) what went wrong last time.
      The last tower not being around is an excellent reason to rebuild… but its doesn’t have to be in a hurry. Something that keeps on cropping up this week… ‘Don’t rush… do it right’.
      Does this help at all?

      • Yup, I think that was very much the message… work on building up slowly and soundly rather than getting ahead of yourself… πŸ™‚
        I have a bad tendancy to do that.
        Thanks VAGG.

    • Saturn can crush anyone’s confidence! Mystic’s always banging on about having a plan where Saturn transit’s concerned. You don’t wing, must have goals and plans A, B and C!!

      Saturn’s a pain but where it’s transiting eventually becomes your shiniest area.

      • Oooh, I hope so. Shiny is good. It was a crushing career confidence nose-dive, but hopefully it will make me a better practitioner (I’m a Naturopath) in the end. πŸ™‚

  19. last painting from previous life dropped off at th framers(all new work from here on in!) And suprise reality check encounter w/16yr old living away from home daughter~oh,babies r so cute an teenagers are so…i advised her not to have any as they only break yr heart!(doubt she believed me?) Seemingly at 50 something i ‘should’ have an oven!(WHO does she think she is, Saturn Girl?!) Me,i’m workin on my new life an paintin my toenails for Xmas( an i am Not cookin turkey!)

  20. My stomach sooo won’t let me have any alcohol at all right now…..And I can’t get into the festive season. Why? Why?

    • ‘cos that’s what the festive season is all about … ’tis the season to be jolly … & merry … etc