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pop surrealist art

Mia is a 23 year old pop-surrealist based in L.A.  I love her work so was not at all surprised to find she’s being avidly collected and is considered majorly cool.

MYSTIC:  Your work resonated with me instantly as it has all these astonishing themes that I love, such as astrology, alchemy, myth, surrealism and so on – yet it is also so beautiful and evocative to look at. How did you hit upon such a unique style?

MIA:  It’s a mystery even to me! I’ve recently gotten into tarot and in turn astrology, alchemy, and hermeticism, so I’ve come to learn a bit about myself as someone who tends to mythologize everything and wants to infuse everything with magic. I have an intense love for all of these things and for history, oftentimes feeling that I belong in a different era. I’m also surprised about how aquatic all of my work tends to be, whether there are water themes in it or not.

MYSTIC:  You are a quadruple Cancerian and Cancer (I prefer to call it Kataka which is the Ancient Sanskrit name for the sign, it means Scarab) is the sign most linked with artists. An unusual number of renowned artists are born under your sign. You have Sun, Moon, the Vertex and Psyche in this sign. Did you feel you were an artist from a v.early age?

MIA: I’ve been drawing ever since I could hold a crayon, and as soon as I learned to read and write, I became interested in writing. So my answer to the ‘what do you want to be when you grow up’ question was always ‘an artist.’ I still want to be one when I grow up. 😉

MYSTIC: Saturn is just finishing up a tour of duty in your career sector – it began back in late Sept 2007- would  you say the time between then and now has coincided with a phase of intense hard work but recognition and growth as well?

MIA: Yes, absolutely. Sept. 2007 is around the time that I began working on my first 2 featured shows that led to wider opportunities, and in turn my current bout of relative success and recognition.

MYSTIC: You have Sappho and Neptune in your $$$ sector, so apt for someone who makes her living via art but Mars is there too, in Capricorn. So that is like a fierce businesswoman vibe – would you agree? Also, Sappho is writing and Neptune is art, so clearly you are also a gifted writer…They say she is the Tenth Muse…

MIA:  I’m really big on self-promotion and getting my work out there. I’m also deeply interested in learning as much as I can about business, probably because I’m so bad at it. I’m equally interested in writing and art. Even though I don’t write professionally, I tend to fill more journals than sketchbooks, so it balances out in importance. I hope to someday make a living off of both, preferably together (as in children’s books, or illustrated fantastical stories for older audiences).

MYSTIC:  How do you prefer to work? Is it spontaneous, sort of channeled or do you plan your artworks carefully? And do you do much research into the symbols that you use? Do you paint in great big binges or short bursts?

MIA: I need to do a detailed drawing before I paint, but the drawing is created purely spontaneously, aided with photo reference. I paint in long stretches, and I surface-research my symbols, because of time constraints, so most of my symbols make their way into a piece via spontaneity.

MYSTIC:  You’ve got Jupiter in the home sector, lucky in real estate and domestic matters…How do you live? What is your domestic style?

MIA: I live with my parents and sister– I’m extremely lucky to have a loving family that is willing to support me financially, because I’m a bit of a hermit, and prefer to stay at home rather than go out. My studio is also at home and I love it.

MYSTIC: Your works seem supernaturally sagacious for someone so young – 23-and it is clearly selling heaps so you’re commercially successful too… I was quite surprised when you told me your birthdate…are you conscious of that at all?

MIA: I’m not usually conscious of that, even though you’re not the first person to tell me…probably because I’m my worst critic and am very self-demanding. I feel that I know so little in comparison to all that’s out there, and that I’ve got a lot to learn. But I guess that’s what most people feel like when they’re at the start of a career. 🙂

pop surrealist art

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30 thoughts on “My Interview With The Fabulous Mia

  1. Sweetpea, I can sense what you feel , as my Scorp used to bring me tea or red wine and cheese and bickies, start dinner etc too. I am missing him HUGELy and it is an awful time to be on your own. However I am keeping myself busy decluttering. He is sms’ing and sending me loving texts which makes me cry softly at times. I am soaking up beautiful music and reading sci fi and decluttering my space and mind!:) Oh yes money wise he is making loads and blowing it, whilst every cent counts for me. I just wish he would quit the drug scene and build a healthy life! Sigh! Tres tres sad.

    Have met an Acquarian and after Mystic’s and others nightmare times with Acqua boys, I am a bit wary. Am not chasing or doing anything. They have to find me this time round and they would have to be bloody fantastic for me to dance the dance!

    • Think maybe why I’m in the midst of a relaspe and heading to the casino for a smoke…

      Draconic Moon in Cancer in the 8th. Can you blame me?

      Will give this serious consideration. Quater to two a em…

    • Hey william – never actually thought about what it’s like to be a cancer before, only now cause I’m into one, and I think their inner landscape is very possibly beautifully surreal. Doesn’t surprise me that many of them are artistes. I’m floating on being in the orbit of one very divine Kataka – pure bliss, like a drug he is.

      • is he your “own personal brand of heroin”?
        Lol u suggested i read twilight and i did so – im now 3/4 way through new moon and i have to admit – once you get past the whole “lovey dovey imma damsel in love with the villan” the writting is very well presented! LOL Have fun Ms Feline (lol even ur name is a reference to one of the characters!)
        Matt xx 😉

        • lol Matt! I had my name BEFORE I read Twilight series thankyou very much.

          And yes, am having withdrawals right now. Haven’t seen him since yesterday and I have the kids with me on holidays until Friday so will only see him Tues night this week. But then kids with their father for 3 1/2 weeks so get to see way more of him. Kids have met him and like him but I’m not really comfortable with the atmosphere as just want to get his clothes off – not a good tension with kids around.

          • lol Before? u sure? LOL – as long as you dont have flying red hair and your real name is Victoria – i am convinced! LOL
            good luck and have fun 😉
            matt xx

      • your own personal jesus FF? hehe … haven’t you got a cancerian moon? In which case you would both enjoy the cosy empathy. Cancerians are very attentive and loving … for awhile. Just keep track of the moon phases. We are cyclical by nature but it depends on what degree of Cancer he’s at, the other planets as to how intense that is. I’m heavily afflicted by the moon – 0 Venus plus Sun in Cancer. Moody lil’ shit.

          • And they are very psychic too. My ex knew when my eldest lost her virginity. He just knew something was up between me and my daughter because when she said she had a bladder infection I guessed and she spilled the tearfull beans. She was at my place at the time and so he hadn’t even known we were having the conversation.

            Anyhow, he guessed too without knowing about the bladder infection and when confirmed he was so upset, as he followed us to the emergency room to get her checked out, he drove off the road. Then the police came and pulled up behind him. Sheer Keystone Cops I tell ya.

            One psychic told him that something had frightened him in another life and he put his gifts away. Think he witnessed the mis-use of extreme power that we can’t even imagine now a days and was pulled in a tug of war about using his powers as well. Anyway, she told me that he earned my love and on a spiritual level I know he certainly did as he has a great amount of integrity. I’ve often said this or that about him being Iranian but he’s much more than that and I would have never married him if he that huge of an idiot. He used to bring me my tea while I was in the bath, start dinner, bath the kids, etc.

            He now makes over six figures, drives his Mercedes Benz, just bought a house and I’m happy for him if that makes him happy. I had a different path and certainly would not be having to work so hard had I stayed married but then it wasn’t meant to be.

            He also could see auras at times as my daughter does and in our family we would play a game of each of us trying to see who could see what.

        • Prowlin he has Sun at 14 deg Kataka conjunct Jupiter. Also Eros and Lilith in Kataka. His Moon is 0 deg Leo – so we are opp Sun/Moon combo – think I read somewhere that that is a good thing. He has a heap of planets in the 7th house which takes in both Leo and Virgo including Venus conj Saturn in Leo (does that mean he likes mature women?? ) Can’t wait for Mystic’s take on our astro.

          I have Venus at 29.59 Gem and it’s conjunct North Node/Vertex/Mars in Kataka in the 5th house with my Moon – I can do moody too.

          • being on each other’s moon is a powerful thing – there is a strong empathy … plus it sounds like your Venus’ are compatible too. Have you checked out astrodienst yet? Their synastry freebie is not too bad .. shows up all the major aspects.

      • My Leo Psychic said she thinks Cancer Men are the most fab. Should know, I married one…Good luck and ~happy holidays~ff!

  2. her work is amazing! Im sure she will be pick up by some billonare soon!
    Sappho = writing! I love the fact that she could be “the tenth muse” she’d fit right in –
    Sappho trine Sun? what does that mean mystic?

    • Thanks for mentioning that Matt as read what Mystic said but got sidetracked.

      How close is the trine degree wise? Asteroids work best if conjunct or opposite within 2.5 degrees as there are so many asteroieds one must narrow it down to the most exact.

      Not saying a trine can’t work as one must put on the shoe to see if it fits, but the closer (partile) the aspect, the better.

      My Sappho conj. Mercury. Poetry was a love when younger. Wrote better when angst ridden. No angst at this point…lol

      • Sappho Trine Sun : -3°16a
        but then again – she aint the only “writer” astroid out there – like Ganesa – patron Hindu god of writers – (2415) and that conjuncts my moon and sextiles my mercury

        • I’ll try that asteroid now Matt…Ganesha…like that…And thanks for including the asteroid numerial as makes access easier.

          Yes, sounds like Ganesha vibin’ closer for you for sure.

          • Ganesha 23 Libra for me in 5th. Wide conjunct Juno and Pallas at 19 and they wide conjunct Libra NN at 13.


            What I do in this case is check the declinations. If parallel or contra parallel could add some vaROOMM… fuqing lol..

            Are my elles straight in parallel?…Spell check such a bother…I’m winging the english language cuz god knows this is Cali and border ain’t too far…..

            Did I ever tell you about the time I was in WalMart and this British Lady came up to me in the children’s dept. and said….

            “Excuse me, do you speak English?”


  3. It’s never too late Prowlncat.
    I teach art and anyone can be creative. Motivate yoyrself and lose yourself in your work. You don’t have to show the world…yet!!
    Give it a go. The more original you are the more satisfying it is.
    Most good/clever/ artists do not draw photographic representations. Look at Chagall and Giocometti. Most postmodernist work is anything but photocopycat stuff. Feel and sing while you work. good luck xx

    • little fish, weren’t you looking to publish a book? Hows that going? And where do you live that you teach art. In the the US, art teachers have been a bit outted by the budgets. Are you in Oz?

      • I’m in Oz. working ona book but don’t remember mentioning it.
        I speak a few languages and love it all.
        Have just won a contract working with an established artist.
        Thanks for asking Sweetpea.

  4. Oh my god I’m now utterly and INSANELY jealous. Not only is this young woman’s work incredibly mature and evolved – she has mastered her craft certainly – but so compellingly beautiful that I could just sit and look at it for EVA. Ok at least a few hours at a time. In her own unique way she reminds me of the whimsy and magical realism of Marc Chagall (also Cancerian). And to have all that self possession and self awareness at the tender age of 23 makes me want to WEEP. I always wanted to be an artist too – and I picked up my first pencils and started drawing around age one. Everyone said I would be an artist. I went to art school. But it never happened. I lacked the vision and the the self confidence to pursue it. *sigh*

    • Well Prowls,

      I think you have plenty of gifts. That Aries Point I told you about is about being able to project something that others identify with.

      As it is, Mia is a twin. (She had help!! Two visions are better than one and the feedback is awesome. Like being part of the Borg… 😉 )

      With all respect to Mia that is an over simplification of course as do think all artisits whether be words, pix, music are hard on themselves.

      I mean really. Think of God Goddess right now and looking at this race of beings we are. I’d have self esteem issues also.

  5. What an amazing young talent! I never guessed she was so young either. And wouldn’t it be awesome if she painted a tarot deck. (Huge amount of work though)

    Thanks Mystic for introducing us to these wonderful artists.

  6. Like the top pic of the woman on the ground being tucked into a sky of stars.

    Also liked what she said in the interview on Juxtapoz with Andrew Ford….That she has to “hate a work before she loves it”. That makes me feel a little better as far as writing is concerned. Do suppose being only 23 it’s normal to be hard on oneself as well. My 23 yr. old Kataka daughter doesn’t do art but Gem Sun, Kataka Mercury and Venus daughter does.

    Kataka Mercury and Venus, 10th, sq. Libra Saturn and Jupiter in 1st.

    Her Moon in Sagg is sextile Jupiter-Saturn as is Scorp Uranus.

    Just realized today that her Uranus and Moon is conjunct my Ceres-Jupiter.

    Thinks this means her Mom is bats.

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