Lilith, Circe, Venus & Mars

Kate Moss in moon dress by Juergen Teller

How fun!

You know the Mars-Venus trine building now and referred to below?

Well, I just realised that it is a bit more complicated & enchanted than even that.  I mean, Mars-Venus magic is quite intense as it is.

But asteroid Circe is conjunct Venus and so the Enchantress-Witch will be trining Mars too. Womanly wiles, anybody?

And Dark Moon Lilith is in Aquarius, moving into an opposition with Mars. So Venus has some powerful backing.

Ladies, you can have a good time (okay, if you are an Astro-Fiend) by comparing your Moon with your Dark Moon a.k.a. Lilith. Is there any significant link between the two?

Could they each be said to reflect different facets of your femininity? Do you have your own little Madonna-Whore complex going on? Two distinct different types of female friendships? Repressed/shadow sides of your womanhood?

Perfectly integrated “good” and “bad” you?

Image: Juergen Teller

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Aries can be girly!- think aggressively pushing a man against the wall and kissing him…..

Think fighting for your children…..! Something both an Aries and a Cancer would do like nothing….Aries in a firey instant!!

Think trying to do any kind of physical activity in a skirt and laughing your ass off…..


Thank-you Squeakmaster, for replying. It helps hearing another person sharing the same thing.. I don’t entirely “grok” this – “Aquarius is just as emotionally “there” as any other sign, but sometimes it’s in a way they aren’t entirely sure how to reconcile with their fairly firm grasp of facts (fixed sign, after all). ” But I am fairly sure it is relevant to me as in the past I have always felt my mother is very intellectual (an intellectual bully) and absent- and I am just learning in these past few years, how she was really paying attention, just in… Read more »


Me too! 🙂

I’ve got as far as Cancer moon in 12th & Aries lillith in 8th house. Circe is Aqua in 7th house which is all fine and dandy but it’s going to take some thought into working out how, what and why lol.


This is all a bit beyond my ken, so many of you with loads of knowledge here. I just worked out that my Lilith is in Aquarius and Circe in Scorpio. So, like, I guess Lilith and my Sagg moon get along pretty well? Sociable rebels ‘n’ all.

Then Scorpio Circe should be happy hanging out with my Venus in Cancer being watery sorts… I need astro for idiots


The Venus-Circe conjunction quincunxes my natal Mars at 10 Cancer, and trine my natal Sun-Venus midpoint.

I haven’t looked into Circe much. Turns out, natally, she conjuncts my Venus in Aries on the 7-8 cusp.

Hathor's Horns

My natal moon is in Aries (balsamic phase) in my 10th house. Lilith is in Cancer in my first house. What to make of it all? I do consider myself a witch and part of my identification with this occurred when Lilith entered my life in my late teens. I tattooed myself with one of her symbols when I was 21. I have many “crone” friends, am jealous of my mother and am incredibly impatient emotionally (Moon). Perhaps Lilith being in Cancer AND in my first house of Self is suggesting to me all the things I’d LIKE to be… Read more »


Love this picture…..right on my vibe frequency.


Aquarpio- you don’t sound comfortable about that….

I don’t want to feed any thoughts to you, but ask yourself a bunch of questions.


How can you find a relationship that only feed one part of you and denies all the rest! I think |I struggle with this fiercely. I’ve tried develping other parts of myself in relationships, so I know that one lover does not have to define me, because I have lots of friends, but I don’t think I’m getting anywhere… And my family friends all think I can’t commit to anything- Pisces moon (hah- I wrote pieces).The last guy I dated had such a hold over me, I think because, I thought he was the well rounded guy I wanted. I… Read more »


Just wanted to respond re: Venus in Aquarius. I think a lot of people oversimplify this to mean “uncaring” or “uncommitted”. Aquarius is just as emotionally “there” as any other sign, but sometimes it’s in a way they aren’t entirely sure how to reconcile with their fairly firm grasp of facts (fixed sign, after all).

Obviously I have Venus in Aqua, too 🙂 So does another woman I know, a mother of three grown sons who all adore her and definitely see her as a (quirky) point of consistency in their lives.


I have a libran moon, but I have lilith in aquarius conjunct saturn. So I’m always searching for someone to share my life with and pining over some person or another, but I’m terrified by the idea of being tied down to any one person. It’s so stifling! I don’t feel quite right unless I have someone to swoon over and think about while I’m trying to sleep. Fantasizing about cutesy relationship moments makes me feel better, I sound so dorky! At the same time, the thought of ACTUALLY having those moments with that person or being with that person… Read more »


Oh, just realized! I have circe conjunct my true node in saggo. Not entirely sure what that means?


Oh yes, I completely get the same way “but I’m terrified by the idea of being tied down to any one person”

The story of Lilith is facinating, apparently she was Adam’s first wife, before Eve, and unlike Eve she was “created equal”. Anywho she wouldn’t “lie underneath” Adam and he got upset, so she left him.

Liberating but sad, sort of like what you’re describing.


Yes, I know a bit of the story! Not very much, but I get the gist and all.
It is difficult to remain an individual and authentic to oneself without alienating everyone else.


My thrill is that a few months ago I dreamed that as a very special treat, Aries challenge-goddess bestie & I took our 3 yr old princess fairy ballerina tinkerbell thumbelina obsessed daughters to see “the ballet” & they LOVED it, like as in, remembered it as magical FOREVER …& we are really really for real going to see Cinderella the Ballet this weekend we are sooo bloomin’ excited & thats just us mums…
Moon in late Aquarius, zinging on mega -transits & Lilith in early Gemini…translates as -I have very interesting conversations with myself, lol


I have alot of Lilith stuff going on, it sextiles my sun and trines my moon, and does other stuff to the outer plannets. I read somewhere that the sun/moon relationship reflects the relationship to the mother/father when in refernce to lilith, it usually symbolises troublesome connection.

This is true for me anyways, I don’t live with my biological parents my grandparents raised me.

About sexuality, very black and white, either full on or nadda. Not healthy either… is this Madonna/Whore complex? Not sure….


Oh, crazy! I have Lilith in Aries along with Neptune and Chiron. Moon in Pisces. I totally see the two feminine sides! I can be really emotional and over sensitive and then the other side is super all-about-me and strong and nobody but ME. And I love that side, it does feel very Lilith. I never even realized it until I had to try to define it just now. Strangely, or not, I’ve got a weird situation with an ex (the kind of love that changes you) and we’ve become friends again lately… and just a couple hours ago he… Read more »


dang! And I just went to the link about Circe and that is TOTALLY the energy me and this guy have between us:

“Lions and mountain wolves walked peacefully with her, enchanted by her presence. They came up to the sailors, tails wagging, making friendly gestures, fawning like dogs do when their owners return home from dining out, fawning like dogs do when they hope for treats; so these wild animals acted, animals with claws and fangs, in the presence of that enchantress…”

crap! i’m freaking out in a strangely peaceful way.


Moon in Scorp, Lilith in Libra. In fact, most of my chart seems to be made up of Scorp and Libra. I find your words really encouraging, venus a go go, scorpinthesky and postmodernscorp. For years I’ve had to fend off cruel jokes about ending up a spinster from the males in my family as if that’s the worst thing that could ever happen to a woman. When in fact I know the worst thing is to be stuck in a relationship that sucks all the joy out of you and leaves your faith in men completely shattered. I refuse… Read more »


Circe is currently in between sun & venus in the 9th Sagg MC while Lilith is in Aqua with Jupiter, Neptune & Chiron in the 11th…

Natal Circe is at 2 degrees in Aries 1st house sharing Pisces asc & Lilith is at 7 degrees Libra in 7th house sharing with Pluto..


Lilith 13 degrees Virgo, moon 6 degrees cancer – no major aspect, but interestingly opposite in temprements I guess.

I’m more interested in my Circe being almost bang on my MC…. MC Cap 16 degrees, Circe Cap 15 degrees. Whats that mean?


Hey postmod you too…My Circe 5 dgrees, is conjunct my MC 3 degrees but in Pisces….I think it is very witchy and prominent for a career in tarot, astrology healing and anything you do i think you can bewitch people hahah…


I’d love a bewitching moment…… I’m with VGG – I wants me’s sparklies again!!!!!!

Ãœber Virgo

Kim Falconer has an interesting take on Circe in her book ‘Astrology & Aptitude’. I don’t have it with me, but she talks about witchy occupations — herbalism etc, but also occupations that involve the skilful mixing of things, like in cookery or art, mixing paints etc. I’ll look again when I get home.


Cool book, Uber. I asked Mystic about asteroids and she referred me to Kim Falconer’s website which has loads of links on asteroids and stuff…. Did you get it online or in book shop? witchy occupations-hmmm doing a degree in social science, I have no idea what i want to do…def not social welfare, already tried that, had a knife held to my neck, a whole array of asteroids including liltith in pisces way to idealistic for social work, me thinks…… I am learning tarot and obsessed with astro since a little girl, does anyone else have that 5% of… Read more »


wow my lilith is 14 degree’s virgo, can’t find circe though 🙁


Its 34 Ms


wow did you just do that then? can it only be a certain number of degree’s from lilith? I am astro training wheels forgive x


No circe is asteroid 34, just type that in the space on and circe will come up in your chart…..


god bless google, just figured it out sorry sassy

34 in capricorn 7th house

you’re a gem


I have Lilith in 15 degrees in Virgo. I also feel the Nun in the fishnet vibe in my Lilith Dark Moon.
I too love Patti Smith esp. that song.
My Circe is in Saggo in the 2nd House. Don’t know much about Circe yet in my charts.


I am not a huge Kate Moss fan but I LOOVE this photo and dress. So arresting for me. I have Moon in Aries and Lilith in Gemini. WTF? This might explain how ALL the women closest to me are Gemini’s though. At least my sister and all the women I was close to in my teens and 20’s. They are my shadow side maybe? I love them all, and they all have fantastic qualities that I value, but the thing they all have in common is that they act nastily when they are envious. Like will lie to you… Read more »


Oh I have friends who want me to internet date, speed date etc. I’ve stayed single for many years, due to me working on me. I’ve also met very few men who attracted, but that was fine.

I can get frustrated now I want to participate in a romantic/sexual relationship and there is no one yet who intrigues (or if they did/do are thousands of miles away), but I really dislike the push towards online or speed dating as if it will fix my ‘problem’. I doubt they would take the options they endorse, so why promote it to me?

The Empress

Agree with you there ScorpintheSky – loving the pic. That’s interesting – the envy thing – with your Gem friends. Maybe my Gem Sun & Moon is balanced by other things as I never feel envious or jealous of anyone. I’m more the opposite; happy when peeps do well and encouraging no matter what. Would be interested to know which signs do struggle with this or is it just a learned thing. Was talking to a friend yesterday about this very subject – I couldn’t understand their jealousy and focus on what other peeps are doing. As for the Lilith… Read more »


Bliss, Bliss Bliss.

`timely post

checked my chart, transit moon on natal Lilith virgo (re nun in fishnets?) cue background tunes : rock n roll nigga patti smith.

Transit Lilith looks to be opposite mars (fighting or race as foreplay? atlanta?)
Maybe I should take Leo ex up on his urge to train me in Ninjitsu sword fighting ?


I love that Patti Smith song. And all the covers.

unpredictable pisces

i think i have lilith near my Taurus Jupiter in 11th house. this trines (more or less) my moon in Cap, 7th house.

ooh that actually sounds quite nice!

I do like my female friends very strong, independent and to Not Take Any Shit. but i also cherish their vulnerability and open-heartedness – but only to people who deserve it. (hmm, lesson in there for me?)

however my Aries venus squares my moon which i think throws some more challenging scenarios in there .


Ooooooo fun fun, witchy woman…Circe, venus and sun transiting my 7th house…Man I need something!!

Tattguy asked again why didnt we get it on, as soon as mercury went into capricron he sent me a txt! Shadow zone maybe?? Last retrograde he said he wasnt up for a relationship, as i wasnt into casual sex… he is back…..see how this goes next week….Yes yes yes….


that sounds fun!

venus a-go-go

So. At the monet I don’t like my libran parts. Mainly cos there is a libran at the moment I don’t like and any similarities I spurn as I was spurn a rabid dog. My moon is in Libra. My Lilth is a few degrees from my moon. BOOM BAM! *sigh* How does lilith so close to my moon (6 degrees of seperation… hur hur) translate? When you get me… you get all of me? No holes-barred, intense andd unrelenting? (which sounds about right) My female friendship are important and constantly troublesome. I intimidate alot of women by being feminine… Read more »


Venus a go-go….seduce anything, alluring, peaceful. Funny that, i dont know bout women, but found that libran men always need a partner. You obviously get this aspect of yourself and may want time to enjoy yourself being single…
Is it that saturn in Libra maybe?? Why you are hiding?

venus a-go-go

Alluring.. Hrmmm. The libran women I know are more comfortable in being in a relationship than not. I have spent most of my life being single. I generally seem to take on lovely guys when I am unbalanced. I just want to be balanced and grounded to my relationship have a bit more of a fighting chance. Saturn in Libra makes me want to hide less (or have been noticing I have been hiding more). Why am I hiding? Partly the hours I work… partly working me out… and partly a sneakign suspision that very few friends of mine actually… Read more »


I’ve had moments of that, realising my friends and I no longer want to do the same things. It’s a weird thing to go through. I alternated between hiding out, and just doing those things anyway. Sometimes I think the ‘I’m just going to that gig by myself who cares’ was me trying to prove a point, sometimes it was just that i wanted to go much more than I cared whether I had someone to go with. I think both positions are fine. the problem is when you stop doing the things you want to do because you don’t… Read more »

year of the fox

v-a-g-g regarding feeling drab: I know what you mean. It’s like Saturn removed all of my sparklies off of me.

I’ve got Lilith in Scorp conjunct Moon in Scorp. Circe is natally in Gemini. I’m not sure what that does with Venus or Mars. hmmm.

venus a-go-go

*shakes fist*

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