Let’s Just FuQing Go For it – Ace This Emo Eclipse

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Erstonian art rats mystical OKAY Fine, let’s just go with this Eclipse…I KNOW…it is relatively minor in intensity and though it’s opposing Pluto and some other stuff, we’ve had Pluto in Cap since early 2008 so no surprise but in fact, this particular Full Moon Eclipse is FAB – it’s definitely an unlocker of emo and a face-it moment for changes/issues in play for quite some time….

I am technically not blogging but i just HAD to give  you guys this pic as I think it’s apt for the moment – it’s NOT negative. Go through the link to see deets on the artist but it’s tribal.  The wisdom of the rats is interesting…Remember, my life was SAVED by a rat. I never discredit the creatures. And what is the scroll being held? Her/His accumulated knowledge?  Her/his degree? Who is the watcher in the window???

The character is definitely underground – subconscious – and there is like a negotiation taking place…

Remember this full moon eclipse is mean to be absolutely batso about you acknowledging emo you usually find too naff or or non-productive AND THEN somehow sorting it by the NEW MOON on Jan 15..there are longer time frames for this but i am on hols…For now – analyze the painting…So profound- would LOVE to know your thoughts as i think this pic SO NOW!

Image: Jüri Arrak, Panga-Rehe Jutud, 1975

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108 thoughts on “Let’s Just FuQing Go For it – Ace This Emo Eclipse

  1. Have a great new year 2010 everyone.
    Just back from the beach hols & yes took my little creature, the rat with me. She loves
    fresh caught king george whiting fish but missed her 5 story house.
    Finished ‘the lost symbol’ by dan brown & strangely knew what it was beforehand.
    This year is about care of the soul & gradually changing careers to do something
    i have never done before.
    So glad the silly stress of xmas is over.
    Wishing you all your heart’s desire, shall catch up on comments as have missed being here
    & the camaraderie we have together,
    love & luck
    oh yes, there were horses on the beach as it is 300 meters wide when low tide & thought of Myst.
    It’s also a lead free beach for dogs, wonderous to see them running free.

  2. Yaars, Scorpalicious. Understatement o rama. 🙂
    But all things considered…… the emo has ebbed quite a bit. Exhaustion and your period only last so long if you sleep through them….
    I am feeling friendlier towards random crying spells.
    And I had a lighting bolt today about money. I forgot that Pluto was sex, death and MONEY. Huh. How’s I miss that.
    You were so right about the Mars retro thing too Prowlcat. I dinno like things going backwards.
    Lol wondering if the Carney put it together right..lol…you and me both! Trust the Universe, Whatevs….
    Gonna miss blabbing on here, once I get back to work tomorra. Thank u! I will try to peep more….

    • YES to Saturn Girl and Uranus in opposition – brings electro jolts to the saturn girl determination – but I’ve been wondering if the jolts will bring a frankenstein being to life. It’s exciting but it feels like one of those weird rides that you sit on cos it’s meant to be fun but then you feel like hurling cos it’s too much fun all at once and maybe you had some bad snacks prior and that weird red drink you had isn’t helping either and it jolts you round and you find yourself wondering if the carny folk put it together right and whether your health insurance covers you for whiplash and wishing you wore knickers.

      • random clickity clack soz that comment is meant to be posted above.

        The solar eclipse is on a wacky astro day BSA – venus conjuncts it and merc goes direct that day too apparently. Am feeling as tho these eclipses are perfectly timed to help assimilate the knowledge gained from our own personal transits – you get to make some new origami creation with the piece of the other thing you just unfolded. Nice. Upcycling is SO now.

  3. Onward and upward- and it’s Saturn Guurrrl too, if you look *real * close. 🙂
    Funny you mention Gaga and Warhol in the same post. THere is some link between them I feel.
    Had a minor emo triumph. Sat down and wrote a few things, feel more steady inside…
    No big transformations, but I want the story to unfold not blow up in my face. Have done a good job of hiding out this week. Good job me.

    I like Gaga.

  4. Am trying to dodge the emo-truck (love that expression LL) by being all Warholian and “oh well there’s lots of pretty boys out there anyway”. Cap boy failed to materialize (I ignored a late night call) and has not returned my message. Will maintain dignified silence, or perhaps Warholian “don’t care” type silence. Usual efficient Scorp stalking discloses that his facebook status has been altered to indicate new seriousness, less frivolity and possibly fewer women. I’m mentally preparing myself for getting the big brush-off. Oh well, Warhol would never have let on to anyone that he cared. The secret is not actually caring and getting on with work. I do have an amazingly clutter-free living space now though, so there is room to work and get on with things!

    Think Warhol is my new life model for the new decade (or at least for the next year, or next week, or until I get bored). Shiny shiny, fame dahling, appearance is important, ubersuccess, superproductive. Or am I just channelling Lady Gaga?

    Anyway it was probably a “Bad Romance” to quote Gaga. LOL


    PS thanks MM for the reminder about Warhol a couple posts ago – tres fab & relevant yessss.

    • are you friends with Cap boy on FB? Just curious about the “efficient Scorp stalking” thingy. 🙂

      I managed to dodge the emo-truck. Feeling TOPS! There is not one corner, surface or object that hasn’t been touched by my mighty Mars in Virgo gloved hand. Even the ceiling fan was cleaned – first time ever. There’s nothing more pleasing to a Mars in Virgo/stellium planets in Virgo than a clean surface. Now waiting for all the goodness to roll in. :0

  5. Hey seuss – yes EMO soz peeps – I’ve been all WTF was THAT? I went from untouched / unphased by eclipse to plunging in at the deep end and have just emerged feeling kind of AMAZING and resolute. I don’t go the small stuff as a rule – mundane life minutia that seems to really upset others is irritating but overall manageable for me – so when I go diving it’s to the depths for pearls.

    I thought I’d share the astro of it so it’s not just some out of the blue energy sapping freak out and is actually of use to astro fiends.

    Today I realised the reason I went to THAT place was it’s the saturn returns of the times when I had to listen to that broken arsed Air Supply repeatedly – nice catalyst Prowlin LOL yes, I am really laughing cos it IS funny your flip remark sent me somewhere in my psyche I never even knew existed – and that led me to some other saturn stuff in my chart that makes total sense so it was well worth the journey – thanks xxx.

    Neptune square Neptune happens in your late 30s and early 40s. It makes you question your self and the things you’ve achieved in life so far. it’s a big deal but has ephemeral qualities – foggy and vague and dreamlike. It’s your chance to work out what you want to do when you grow up. Even if you thought you were already doing it you’ll question it. I’ve been having it for ages it’s almost over and I’m glad – so far it’s undulated curvaceously but this was like a lightening bolts jagged flash through the mist.

    Everyone here knows and is feeling transiting Saturn and Uranus are in opposition – Saturn is transiting my 4th house which is REALLY important in everyone’s chart – it’s home and security. I have natal Sun and Uranus conjunct in that house which means home and security will always be areas of my life that will face upheaval – little earthquakes, sudden change and it’s not always bad change either – sometimes there’s some awesome good luck that comes with it – someone came and weeded our garden at dawn a few weeks ago and we woke up to a much nicer outlook, we have no idea who did it -a good example of the vibe. Nothings all bad.

    But gloomy Saturn is there at the moment with Uranus opposite so it really gave that eclipse which was in Cancer – home, mother, family, traditions, history – a big electrical jolt – heightened by the fact the eclipse was in my first house – your early childhood, your willpower and awareness about yourself and others.

    Mercury (communication) is retro (returning to things from the past) in my 8th house (hidden things) at the moment – I communicated far more here than I normally would and I did it here without thinking (uranus opposite my natal uranus) and I was able to give a voice to things I’ve never acknowledged before because they’ve been hidden in the depths of the 8th house.

    The first house is one of the 4 major angles of your chart – your personality – the 4th or IC is the next (your domain and homelife), the descendant is the next and the MC or Midheaven (the face you show the public, your accomplishments) is the other.

    Eclipse was in 1st + Saturn in 4th + Uranus on MC means I had 3 of the 4 angles of my chart plugged into the mains simultaneously + Neptune square natal Neptune in the 6th – the house where you see what use you put the energies of the first house to. Eclipse in cancer in 1st = looking back at family and ancestry, Saturn + Neptune = WAKE UP, Neptune + Neptune in 6th = WTF are you DOING with your life?

    Pluto in Cap is squaring my natal Pluto in the 3rd (communication, brothers & sisters and environment) & Sun in the 4th (home) = communicate, transform, transmute, destroy, phoenix. BIG TIME.

    That’s what happened in astro terms peeps and I think it’s pretty awesome – it’s one of the most cathartic insightful things that’s ever happened to me astro wise because I experienced it consciously. Gotta process this stuff real fast cos there’s some AWESOME Uranus and Jupiter and Venus stuff on the horizon. Phoenix ahoy, onward and upward me hearties, onward and upward.

    • Did you go looking at your chart ‘cos you were all wtf I’ve been run over by the emo-truck?

      Going for understatement here whatever, but man it looks like you processed an absolute shite-load of stuff.

      I’ve had the odd insight, ala my voice is back, and am challenging a few things I’d been telling myself I couldn’t do…to see what comes about if I actually explore what I could do, if I let me…so maybe reading those words it’s a bit bigger than I’m giving myself credit for…it’s just that it does feel more the lead up to ‘ face-it moment for changes/issues in play for quite some time….’ still in a non-confronting let’s just look at this situation from all angles thingo.

      Oh and this is probably relevant, but last subject for my business degree, the one that I originally started of eons ago, when the leo ex was having his breakdown…the subject that for ages kept evoking that time, that place….and I sabotaged the shit out of myself re:all of it, well I ended up getting my best exam mark for a long time, just checked my grades 90%. I generally do really well with assignments and then exam brain fog pulls my grade down a bit.

      This, was the exam where I was flipping between finding out stuff about eris and actually studying. So I’m at the I know this is significant stage, but still not totally au fait with what this means.

      Maybe by the time I’ve gone through all the material I’ve gathered about ethical frameworks something else will shake loose.

      Again congrats re:progress whatever. Yay you.

      • OOO nice – that’s high distinction ? Good on you LL. Yeah BIG I never really think about the old stuff cos I have been able to create a remarkably happy, balanced and stable life compared to the one I was “gifted” as a child and the past doesn’t really seem relevant to the now – but parts of it are I discover : o) We live and learn.

  6. Sea salt is sparkly…… I like sparkly, too…..how about a mudbath in a bathtub with feet? I love those….
    I feel minutely better, it might be ebbing…but I also don’t really feel anything. But that’s for now.
    Can’t fight the moonlight…..

  7. Deep Post Emo Eclipse Thought For the Day: don’t blame it on the sunshine, don’t blame it on the moonlight – no to hell with it BLAME the moonlight, boogie.

  8. Aquaphobe- LOL- “sparkly, pretty” *laugh*
    We should hang out in the same room and see if my emo throws muck at your Paris Hilton……we could have a mud fight…
    Either your core will start shaking or mine will calm down- or both – we might equilibrate……

    Tati- thanks for the hugs on the other thread.

    These threads move so fast, I sometime miss how things end…

    • brilliant!!!

      …can we make the mud sea salt infused? maybe even a bit of exfoliating potion….that way we can get through the emo angst and a spa treatment in one. like a yin yang scenario….

      (yep, i’m definately paris….just with a few more syllables…)

  9. Hey, guys! Hope everyone had a good New Years’ Eve.

    Thanks for all the laughs, advice and insights over the last few months since I joined the blog. You’ve all taught me such a lot.

    It seems that many of us have had a lot of crap to deal with in our lives, but here’s to making our lives better in the new year so that by the time 2011 rolls around, we can look back and say how far we’ve all come. Thanks again guys for all your support.

  10. Whatever somewhere in this or maybe the comment stream before this, you mentioned that what you were bringing to the eclipse was a commitment to approaching people as though each new time, was um a new time…or something like that?

    I actually found this idea bouncing around in my head as the kids turned up last night. It felt like I had had so many run ins with the pouting Sagg bf that I was sort of waiting for the shoe to drop…and then realised that I was basically tainting each moment…

    I don’t know if my daughter had discussed this with him at length at some stage before they turned up…maybe it helped that they’ve been and gone within 24hours…but thankfully there was no repeat of moody sagg behaviour…and I was able to release some tension just attempting to recognise the unblemished moments…so thanks whatever…your words really helped.

  11. Hmmm Mystic, I see something different. I see moles,who see and yet are ‘blind’, underground/subconscious; higher self with wisdom /knowledge at the table. I don’t see a watcher I see pic of anscestor on wall; true self/contains element of the past/ cellular memory/ntergenerational conectivity and lessons learned/karmic. Hmmm, all the information we need available at will, to guide and sustain us on our journey.
    May the messages we need to hear find their way to us with ease.

    • OK I’m going with yours Vee invoking the ancestors and intergenerational connectivity idea works for me right now. And I like the blind seers angle. Yes, I like it a lot.

  12. i just googled looking for info on the swamp lady and its from a childrens book…those eastern europeans certainly dont worry about making everything look disney….it suddenly makes sense…but then i’m massively hung over….

    and i’m not catching any emo right now. tried doing my usual NY strop and not going anywhere but at last minute thought…i do that every time and i regret it later…so instead i broke the self pity habit, i went out, laughed so much even my face hurts, danced like a fool, drank myself to a stupor and then trundled home at 3…woke up at 7.30…made super strength coffee and feel like a woman with a mission. though havent worked out what it is yet.

    But waffling about me me me aside…. hope all the peeps here experiencing the emo flood are keeping their heads above water, hang in there!!!!
    Good bye to 2009.
    Hello 2010. May you all have a blissful, peaceful start to the year today.

  13. Thanks so much as the hugs are needed and welcomed.

    Just came back to the bedroom for ther laptop. Joni mitchell singing I could drink a case of you. Never been much for female singers, but she always gets it.
    I have no Cancer in my chart- I’ve always been a bit jeolous. you guys always have the comfiest couches, and pillows and things. My famamamily was always way more intellectual and driven- I have Cap rising, and I have read that your rising sign is the role that you fulfill in the family. My brother- who is estranged from me and a lot of the family- has all the Cancer- Sun- pisces, moon- cancer and scorp rising -he’s a water trine I guess…..
    I’m just not built for crying for no reason, or writing down stuff that doesn’t make any “sense” or require editing and handing in, or sharing grief …..lol. That’s the patriarchy in my head talking….
    But the body has decided. I am crying all day and sleeping through New years.

  14. Big blobby thoughtform in the subconscious with a blue print for the Rats to carry out.

    Waking self in other (3-d) dimension looking in going…”Crap”…


  15. Wow the energy outside is so freakin’ scary and full on! Wild wind and swirling shadows in the rain.

    Cool and clinical (but Kataka Moon) hubby was kind of shivering nervously and saying how glad he was to be home.


    • Ya’ll drive safely now when going to the hospital. Blessings to you Firetrine and your arrival to be….

      Shadows….yes, I remember a time when I ran in the shadows (quite literally at 3:00 a.m.) and it was powerful….Sounds like the shadows and the freakin’ scary powerful weather a good omen for you little ‘en and the new year….I love wind. Always about change that one….

      • Thanks Sweetpea,

        I am feeling really good with this Moon, I don’t know why. I love electrical storms, though the wind can get to me… Hospital only 5 mins away, but babe is just shadow boxing currently… as are we all…

  16. Yes- Ace? How does one ace something so blobby?

    First I apologise because I am so emo I can barely talk…..I feel like I’ve been pulled into a blobby mud swampland of the WHOLE WORLD.
    So I see the mud of the picture as like the bottom end of capricorn, the unformed earthiness,the primal, uncontolled, ungoverned form of the builder, the structurer… and darkness- underworld- pluto…..
    The person can barely move, they are so blobby…but the real parts of them, the focussed parts are their eyes, their mouth- the touch of their hand on the scroll thing- the parts for communicating with the outside world.
    The rats are messengers- blue rats of happiness…..
    The person at the window is the us of the future- looking in to see how the whole thing pans out. I like the higher self idea- but I’ve never really gotten into that.
    *Warning*- blabbing, uninvited, lonely, emo alert
    I have had all kinds of intellectual detached insights about family and people, trying to get through a Christmas that I found uber stressful in every way- emotionally, physically, financially-
    Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always dealt with stress by shutting off my emotions, cause it gets so overwhelming when I feel and think at the same time..
    but I have a feeling this emo going on right now, is my emotions reaching back out for my brain- saying- we’ve been apart for a long time, lets do this together.
    So I don’t want to waste this eclipse, but I don’t have a clue how you -Sorry MM – freakin ACE emo??- speaking as an ex overachiever brought down lowly by her excess and uncontrollable emotions and body…..

    • Hey BlackStar … I’m feelin ya. I called off NY celebrations cause I just KNEW I was gonna be super emo and I really hate being out, pretending to be sociable when really I just wanna have a big sook. So I understand as an Aries this whole astro must be hard on ya! You guys are so onwards and forwards – not at all into moping around and reflecting over the past. Hey I’m a Cancerian (In denial .. but still one) and even I’m weirded out. But your ruler is in retro mode and the whole astro territory of a lunar eclipse, blue moon hitting the south node in Cancer land is one of “reviewing” … it’s not about fab new decisions and moving on. It’s about purging the past and really really feeling it on a deep level. Whilst that makes me want to HEAVE, I’ve been advised it’s better to do a pure catharsis like purge NOW ready for all the new energy coming through next year. Basically next year is gonna be a full on energetic fresh cycle, so best to be completely free of emotional and psychological toxins NOW. Right? *hugs to you*

      • Yes, so right Dearest Prowls!

        Not NY here yet (still a.m. in L.A.), but had my melt down this a.m. as purging stuff from last year and probably even before, this is a new decade afterall when I think about it… Could feel it literally shaking out of me as cried to Mum….She being Double XXLeo, and her Mars retro, steady as my ship feeling tossed at sea but do know this is just the emo stuff, my mind and resolve is steady for the NY at the foundation. I’m going to a Buddahist (sp?) meditation tonight from 9-12:00 a.m for the NY, meanwhile, putting Xmas away…

        Deep in my bones very happy and feeling the change…Think that’s why I’m emo also…..Just so ready for new beginning and, a new world regardless the shit.

        Blessings all….Woke to the fireworks in Sydney upon the bridge…Spectacular peeps!

        Love SP

        • Yeah Sweetpea I think I peeked early, I had a wild ride of argh in the preceding 24 hours, gained some insights, more a continuation of what I’ve been learning all year though.

          In some ways would of loved to just spent last night alone. Did make sure I wasn’t out listening to bands or doing something way perverse against my energy levels…I think that was wise in retrospect.

          I knew my Sagg daughter and her Sagg bf were coming to sleep at my place, and perhaps be feed some carbs before going off to party…but they also turned up with my Aqua daughter. So I had to adapt…fast.

          There was a moment where a major meltdown was nigh, very bloody nigh. In the midst of it I remember um shouting this is ok, we can do this, we all just need to breathe and we can all just have what we want. Which was for the Aqua child to get to the store before 9pm because she wanted some food…as I’d only cooked for 3 and she wanted more than toast or to wait another 30mins for me to cook something else. For the Sagg child she wanted to leave the house with her red lippy looking just so…not like a clown as we’d all rushed her apparently…The semi-meltdown occurred when we were all in the car…and everyone stated how they felt. ARGH. lol.

          So that’s when I gave my fortissimo motivational speech. Then I drove Aqua daughter to store said take as much time as you can I’ll be back, a little after 9. Then said to Sagg daughter I don’t care how long it takes make your lips look good. Sagg bf tried to say something relevant about lipstick. Sagg daughter shot back that when he actually started wearing makeup she’d start listening to his advice.

          She got her lippy on. He had a smoke. I read the news. They got to the party. Thanked me politely for the lift. Aqua daughter got picked up…and told me about the checkout guy encounter she had. He asked her how she was and she said, ‘Starving because my little sister takes forever to get her lippy right.’ His reply was well ‘I feel for you, but that’s still better than me, as I’ve just had my chest ripped open my heart pulled out and stomped on.’ He’s a leo btw.

          Preceding this we’d all stood about looking up at the full moon with it’s very different light quality in an admiring way.

          Emo relevation so far is that I have my voice back, I have more trust in me to say what needs to be said…

      • oh gawd….i’m feeling so superficial….is it wrong that i envy your angst? i seriously have nothing shaking my core….i have paris hilton core…oooh look, shiny thing…pretty….

  17. you guys are awsome interpreters. Can’t follow in your footsteps. Too hard . Hold a mirror up is fantastic HH as I read my teen boy ‘s diary this morning (he left it out on the table) and some very depressing thoughts in there, Holds up a mirror to my parenting thats for sure. Will make it more a priority.
    Hope 2010 is a healing/discovering kind a year for you all.
    Love to you all J

    • I’m all out of love I’m so lost without you? grrrr broken arsed lady of the low lands music.

      I’m thinking America, horse with no name works right now – the soundtrack of her first divorce – in the desert they can’t remember your name and there aint no on for to give you no pain…

      But then I just had an “experience” with the dick manning the self-service aisle at Coles so maybe my lone cowboy button got pushed by the sheriff clerk.

      • Into the days of long ago vibe…we, as teenagers used to sing that song around a fire, usually at some very sloshed point in the evening, but still lots of America songs are woven into those days.

        • I love that song. America is etched into my formative years psyche. Air Supply was when I had my own musical taste and that was so not where it was at LOL. Paul Simon too is an etching on the child mind walls. Your bloody air supply comment sent me off on a reminisce and I’ve been weeping about how sad it was that my mum was too young to be married the first time and it all spiralled out of control from there. Just one big train wreck after another for nigh on 2 decades. And I was the passenger who ended up being the grown up in the relationship as a result – her trainwrecks taught me so much about relationships I’m kind of grateful to her for that but I’m not sure she’ll take that in the way it’s meant so I’ll spare her that thought and I just told her I loved her VERY very much. She fought and fought and fought when maybe she should’ve just called it quits sometimes. Tenacity is all well and good but sometimes retreat to gather strength is the go. The moon has me in its grip and I am SO loving my mum right now for teaching me so much even if it wasn’t always ideal – far from ideal most of the time in fact. Small breaks of peace and tranquility amidst states of siege and chaos. She did her best. I love that woman so much it’s hurting me right now. She’s too far away to hug. I think I might get drunk now. It’s time.

          • o god the aqua just read that over my shoulder and walked straight to the kitchen and loaded the fridge – Thanks mum learned from your experiences and I waited til I found the one for me hehehe

          • Music freakishly evokes and unlocks all sorts of stuff does it not?
            Whatever I’m not sure if it’s a highly evolved survival instinct, or just spoils of war, but the ability to recognise the hurt, yet embrace the gift of knowing and apply it and lift up from it…fine thing.


            …which makes me think your Aquaman sounds mighty fine also. Happy NY whatever.

          • yeah thanks LL he’s a good sort – he looks after my mum and fixes stuff for her and talks to her about the stuff I’m not interested in – sport etc. it’s nice she finally met a decent bloke who’s not going to steal her life savings and leave her homeless with a kid or cheat on her even if it comes vicariously via me. I just made cake and made a little one for her as well, will post it to her. Yesterday was just weird. Emo came from out of the blue and was gone just as suddenly. Was in my 1st house and hooked up via some obscure angel to my asc conjunct lilith. Am glad it’s over.

            My decree to the inner rodents was I really do have to do something for the small child whose photo I found yesterday when cleaning – she never got a chance because the adults in her world were fuck ups. There’s a whole Baby Boomer Gen X novel for the taking there and maybe even some obscure short films. That’s what the study is all about – I was so out of the family home as soon as I was old enough that I never got to study or do anything like that – I just wanted to be free of everyone else’s self indulgent crap asap and that meant I skipped a whole lot of rites of passage. Will be glad when the neptune square neptune pisses off so I can get on with it without retrospecting so much – it’s counterproductive getting maudlin.

            Hope your night was as lovely as you are LL and thanks for your kind words over the last few weeks – they’ve helped me out. xxx

  18. Rats?
    I thought they were moles.
    2 doors… 2 choices… Brown blobby (unsure/indecisive) lady has a rolled up blueprint or map?
    Maybe the rat.mole creature are telling her the map is wrong. Intellectual vs the animal, you know?
    Higher being watching through the window… or is that the physical self.

  19. She knows! She knows what she has to do. The scroll is her pact with her soul and she cant hide from it any longer, she is muddy because she has gotten down and dirty with her deep, dark emotions and thoughts. Instead of hiding from emotional crap, she is learning to accept its place and realising that being emotional in her responses to life is no longer her.

    Her friends (rats) are telling her to be clever and cunning, if she can be comfortable with her dark side she can rise to her higher self.. the blue shadow is a reminder of the polar opposites, one cant be happy withoot knowing saddness within the psyche as well,

    And what great stories people have come up with. Yes mystic very spot on for full moon eclipse in kataka opposing all the other stuff in cappy.

    My boy was having nightmares early in morning around 2am lasting for an hour he kept on waking and screaming and crying in his sleep. I thought this is odd, maybe he is quite sensitve feeling the eclipse, he has moon in kataka.

    Happy New Year everyone, it just keeps getting better!!

    • oh dear for just a second I could hear MJ singing ‘Ben’.

      That is very cohesive lovely insightful reasoning Sassy.

      Sympathy for the night terrors Sassy…poor little guy. My Sagg daughter had them and it’s heart wrenching to see them take so much fright. Even being held only worked a bit, as she seemed to need some connection but couldn’t handle being held too close, sometimes I’d just lay on the floor with my hand on her so she could sleep.

      • Thanks LL. He had them again last night. It is horrible to see them get so upset, and you can’t stop it. I try to wake him up so he knows its not happening but he just goes back to sleep and must start the dream again.

        Hope everyones NYE went off wiithout too much crap flying around… All my plans just went out the window, was having a quite one at home, ended up drinking a a bottle of gin, but still at home yes get drunk but at home, found out my friend has a crush on me and was misinterpreting my friendly overtures and invites as come ons. Quite shocked!!! Im over people!

  20. Oh Mystic, someone said this full moon eclipse business is a ‘blue moon’, as in ‘once in a blue moon’ – is that correct? Do you know anything of the history of that phrase/phenomenon?

    • When there are two full moons in the month the 2nd one is called a blue moon. Very rare! So not only is this NYE a full moon, a blue moon, the beginning of a decade but it’s a lunar eclipse as well. I’m excited!! There’s heaps of info on the blue moon if you google it. Happy blue moon!

  21. “ace” the eclipse, what does this mean? ace it—so each big event is
    an oppurtunity in some way,… I get it … I’m smart… I’m a very good driver..

  22. OK, before I begin, I will ‘fess up that this interpretation (naturally) reflects where I am at right now, and how the astro weirdness of the past few months has taken its toll on me…

    The blobby outline of the brown person indicates her sense of self beginning to fray, to become unclear – where does she end and the world begin? Is there a difference? What is her identity? Where are her boundaries? All of which has come up because she is dwelling in this dark cave, scurrying down the two dark corridors behind her, trying to get to the root of the issue. Note the stalactites – the cave is possibly underground, subconscious, unconscious, deep, deep shit. She looks tired, but she is holding the scroll – it symbolises the work she has done, the realisations she has made, and she’s hanging on to it so she won’t forget, won’t go backwards, won’t have to go through this shit again.

    The scroll in her hand is possibly a contract with herself – a pledge to be ‘better’, truer to herself than she has been in the past. It is also possibly her jottings on the insights she has had from her time in the cave.

    The blue critters… hmmm…. well, they look fairly happy, but they are also surrounding her… they could be critters (people? energy vampires?) waiting for her to fail so they can feast on her corpse/failing spirit, or they could be happy because they think she’s gonna make it, and perhaps by her lifting herself up to a higher way of being, the smaller critters will also be lifted up, so it’ll be better for everyone.

    The figure at the window is her higher self – note that it has a clear outline, not wobbly – watching over her, and hoping she gets it right, because if she gets closer to her true self, her higher self will be closer, can advise her and be better felt, rather than standing outside peering in.

    Yeah, it’s been a rough few weeks/months/years for me.

    • I love your interpretation! Indeed a new year coinciding with a full moon is really holding up the mirror to ones own True Self and forces us to see how “true” we are actually being to our “self”. May the coming new year (the Tiger) bring you great strength and inner beauty!

      • Weird I had no idea the next year was a tiger but this morning I dreamed of tigers – the wild and free type not the ones being hunted by iron weilding blondes. Twas a lovely dream.

    • Hey I hope things go up and up for you – and me and everyone else for that matter – in the new year. Pretty sure all of us have a corner of our worlds where the only way is up (sorry robot I had to say it – SING! damn you!!! rejoice in the love of YAZZ) FINGERS CROSSED

    • This picture actually reflects what is happening in my house right now. Some small rodents have taken up residence in my property, under the house to be exact. But we have reached an agreement. They agree to stay out of the house (of course I make it easy for them to do this by keeping the kitchen clean and morsel free) and they get to clean up my dog’s bones that she leaves in the backyard after she has hooked into them and before I clean them up (They don’t get all of them because I manage to clean up a significant number of her bones). Sometimes they forget our little agreement and my dog has to remind them that the house isn’t their domain, it is hers. In return for not coming into my house, woops, her house, I have agreed not to poison/kill them (I don’t really want to have the blood of small rodents on my hands). So there, you can’t always choose your neighbours, but with a bit of negotiation, you can always make the choice to live harmoniously with them. That is what I think the picture is about.

      I hope this story brings a smile to your face librabutariesontherise, and maybe it might help you even just a nanobit to see a pretty icky situation as not quite so icky.

  23. Sleep helps.

    Dark rats in renaissance art symbolised the night. Perhaps as she has no access to the internet, where she can distract herself at 3am she is instead mindmapping ways to deal with the clutching knawing deep night thoughts. She does have the eyes of an insomniac…and the motor skills re:lippy application. Also she’s dwelling in her womancave…the place we go to process stuff…red eyed, red lipped, with dark thoughts swirling at our feet.

    The blue blob on the wall may just be a jewel of thought in amongst all the dirt…and could be blue to represent throat chakra communication…that sometimes it is necessary to give voice to stuff mulled over in the deep of the night. Also this blue chakra theory could further enhance the meaningfulness of the mindmapping roll…or magic nori roll which is crack for rats.

    • I know it’s titillating that little snippet – I’m thinking hot bronzed lifeguard in rip saves mystic from drowning – born in year of rattis? Mouth to mouth ensued… ?

        • I presently doubt my recollection re:fire but it was as usual unexpected and entertaining mystic tale… I think someone mentioned rats getting bad press and Mystic had the personal rat saviour story…soz Mystic can’t remember deets now…

        • Mine was just a frivolous made up hot guy saves damsel in distress thing so don’t believe a word of that. The fire story sounds way more authentic/plausible. It’d be pleasing if she was living in a tower at the time of the fire. Yes. Some kind of still life with woodpecker scenario.

  24. O and re the eclipse – this is a tentative decree cos it’s not here yet but I’m just not feeling it. Nada. I’ve had some revelations re family and the reasons things always end up the way they do – because we have patterns and expect things to be the way they always were unless we actively and consciously defrag the emo memory bank we’re all just self-replicating fractals was the conclusion I came to. See everyone as a brand new person was my affirmation.

    But apart from that not really feeling so angsty or emo. Time will tell.

      • Yeah happy NY to you too P – there’s a time for every season maybe your season of self has passed for now? Take it easy & hope you have a charmed evening : o)

  25. Am so not needing to be analysing any more pictures right now but my thoughts are

    Rodents only hang out where humans leave crap for them to eat.
    They are in a primordial place.
    The blue window being is trying to communicate with them or waiting for something to happen.
    The one with the parchment is making an agreement with the rodents to either get lost or stick around and take care of the crap he’s leaving unattended.

    It’s a take control and make a decree or leave it to your inner rodent moment.

  26. Toell the Great aka the Brown Stodge Poppet (lol) looks like he is definitely in some Plutonic situation with some little darknesses who are asking for his sage advice…
    My impression is watcher looks like some threat, Saturn imposing order is coming to judge this extraordinary situation – Toell seems he should be captive but is instead dispensing advice?

    I reallly like this! My part Latvian heritage gets off on the old Baltic pagan elements and cabbage soup vibes of this pic…

    The painting of Toell’s decapitated grassy green head becoming a hill also somehow vibes very ‘now’ for me in a Chironic way .

  27. Brown person clearly needs to get a style makeover. She is stressed beyond belief with eclipse/men in Siberia/credit crunchy etc problems. Note the red eyes, clearly she needs to get more sleep, or lay off the booze/partying. She’s holding yet another bill/awesomely overspent credit card statement.

    Fashion-conscious rats (you can tell, ‘cos they’re dressed all in black) are remonstrating with her about her awful fashion sense, complete lack of interior decorating skills, failure to provide any food, or quite possibly the fact that she has forgotten to put any clothes on.

    Blue person behind is portrait of mommy dearest on the wall, who totally would not approve of daughter’s lack of elegance and drug-addled lifestyle.

    Alternatively, the stuff peeps have said above…

  28. very simply:
    brown person / thing is mud, stuck, earth, the material world, at this particular moment in time is stuck in set ways / glumpy. Doesn’t want to change their ways. Even when they seriously need to for their own health / wellbeing. Even when the earth itself is at stake. (Sorry, this is the effect of watching Avatar a couple of days ago).

    Rats: (nb. blue rats, so water rats, like me 1972 baby!) intuitive, quick, receptive, animal wisdom, “tuned in” to deeper currents but their great role is as persuaders, to make the slow moving animals / forces turn in their ways and pay attention. The rats want him to listen in this case. Unfortunately us rats aren’t known for long attention spans, we will jump ship to greener pastures when stuff gets crappy. However, we are pretty good at spotting “what’s coming up” and hopefully in a way that will get through to ye olde stodge poppet creature.

    Watcher at the window: God? Higher Self? Something that is above it all, a higher wisdom. Ultimately it is for stodge poppet to figure out what they are going to do. God will only get involved if called on.

    sorry for the religious stuff. that’s what it says to me. Brown Stodge Poppet also looks like a tree, an old fir or piney sort of tree in a forest when they put faces in them.

  29. First batso thought when seeing this pic is that she is made of mud…and she’s rolling a magically blue nori that is like crack to rats.

    After sleep I can probably go deeper.

    It is a thought provoking image Mystic…and thanks for reminding us of the positivity within this eclipse.

  30. This picture and the symbology of the rat/mouse made me think of Ganesh.
    “Ganesh’s form is human-like with a round protruding belly. He has the head of an elephant, his mount is the mouse, and he is commonly seen with four hands holding modhak, noose and goad. The Elephant head and human like form represent the harmony of Spirit and Nature, the infinite and the finite integrated in his divine persona. The roundness of creation is situated in the expanse of his form(round belly). The modhak is the seed of creation, as well as the individual soul. The mouse is the crafty intellect seized by his overriding wisdom. His trunk is the symbol for discrimination. The noose and goad symbolise hinderance toward unrighteous activity and encouragement toward the path of virtue and upliftment.He teaches humanity about choice, progression, and his jolly temperament reveals his love and compassion.”
    “Ganesh, as Lord of Thresholds” represents the face of change which dawns at every new situation we confront in life. He stands at the gateway of perception.” “…his immense form riding on the mouse challenges us to accept our situation, to bear the weight of our reality and transcend, otherwise we find ourselves living out a sense of burden”
    Happy New Year and New Decade to all!!! ….may it be filled with the abundance of love and the beginning of the new era to be kinder, wiser and nurturing for all living things and for our evolutionary footprint.

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