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The Moon is in Libra, nearing Saturn and squaring Pluto…So it’s Libra with a Saturnine edge – scented aplomb (aplomb actually means balanced) & restraint – and Plutonic undercurrents; endings, beginnings, alchemy, clandestine lusts…Don’t let on or out until the New Moon in Sagittarius/Mars-Venus exact trine next week. Smell GORGEOUS. Manners matter. Your secret diary is a sight to behold. And hands up whose dreams are lucid AND lurid. Did I tell you that i had one the other night in which i was giving birth…to myself.

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25 thoughts on “La Luna in La Libra

  1. OMG birth to self! Birth itself is a very symbolic image but to be born to ones self is just intepretation crazy! – the snake swallowing its tail = a begining with no end, maybe mystic your ready for the next phase of life OR like the never ending snake and Medusa (your previous embodiment) U LIVE FOR ALL ETERNITY! (yet poor medusa ended up getting her head chopped off!)

    I had a dream where my best friends boyfriend cheated on her with her Best friend (and he is in fact best friends with her friends bf!) IT WAS SOOO WEIRD!

    New moon in saggo sounds sooooo cool! Im ready for this new begining in magic! LOL

  2. No the Medusa myth got warped by the patriarchy. She was actually fine. The name Medusa means sovereign female wisdom. She was originally a Libyan snake goddess. Read Helene Cixous on here as well.

    • cool, thanks. Some people believe that Medusa is a shadow aspect of Athena but this may be part of patriarchic warping. Hmmm, still giving birth to yourself is pretty powerful omen.

  3. Giving birth to yourself in a dream? That sounds like an amazing transformation is taking place. πŸ™‚ Maybe? I had a horrible/maybe awesome dream that I stepped on an invisible salamander’s toes. They were cut off and the nerves came to find me to exact revenge. Very weird.

  4. Figured it must be Moon in Libra today as someone with BO walked past me at work this morning & I just about vomitted (tempted to yell at them for not doing more about their personal hygiene but did not thankfully!). Must work a little more on the manners angle as Mystic suggested…

    Yes, great dreams. Casts of 1000s last night and an interesting conversation with someone about releationships being like bodies but sometimes missing an important part eg. a relationship with no feet (not grounded), a relationship with no head etc.

    • That sounds like a conversation I’d love to have with many of my N&D. Brilliant concept – I’d love to bring in the TCM aspects too……

    • nat I did not realise Moon in Libra makes us more sensitive. I had a person at work who ponged to the max all the time. It must be the naughty Sagg in me, that I went to her and told her that I find I need lots of deodrant in Summer as I pong a lot then. I asked her if she is the same!?! πŸ™‚ She did not get it! I am sure it is that yukky man made nylon type fabric that makes people stink too, as this poor lady lived in the stuff. You could smell her coming down the corridors and then it would liner – well malinger….even after she left! gross!

      • Pop an oil burner on your desk SS, then ask her if there are any essential oil scents she prefers..?

      • There are a variety of things that can cause extreme sweat odour. Most of them are illness associated or the result of overactive glands – in itself classed as an illness – some people have operations to control it. She might have been on antidepressants or other medication I went to school with a woman who had crazy sweat smell and it was because of her meds. She’s probably 100% aware of it and can do nothing about it. Stress is another contributing factor – stress meds make your sweat smell too so if it is stress that causes her to smell her medication’ll be making it worse. Having her attention drawn to it in an abstract way would also exacerbate the stress associated – it’s a vicious circle. Deoderant doesn’t do anything for extreme sweat. She will have tried them all. Taking her aside and actually talking with her about it would be the kindest thing to do. There’s a colloidal silver spray that is double strength and can be used externally that totally neutralises body odour maybe you could tell her you’ve just discovered it and tell her where you got it from. Health food stores sell it. Lovage tea is good for it too.

  5. endings & beginnings hmm? …tonight I am ending my relationship. To begin my relationship with myself. My whole adult life has been in relationships. So while I am pained & sad, I am also excited.
    & giving birth to yourself? – beautiful.

    • Good Luck white mallow, sounds like you have a good plan to get to know yourself. That is always a good thing! πŸ˜‰

    • Best of luck white mallow. Its wonderful to really get to know your adult self (incl a frank look at the not so nice bits!). Can be easier said than done sometimes, so allow plenty of time.

    • Hey good luck white mallow – tis a brave and hard thing to do. I wish you a happy and growing journey in discovering you.

  6. That is amazing Mystic! Sounds like a second chance at something?? Although it must be quite a strange feeling to look down & see yourself staring back at you…

    My dreams have been so fascinating lately & just recently my parents have returned to my dreams, which I am loving!! I had a dream the other night my dad walked down a floating staircase into the kitchen & was talking to me about a celebration.
    I am just so enjoying their presence even if it is in my dreams! πŸ™‚

  7. Baristagem, I am having the same thing and it is just fabulous. I am a migrant and don’t get to see my family of origin very often – but lately I have had quite a few dreams that involve my mum and i wake up feeling like i have spent some good time with her. it’s fabulous. also my dad sometimes. he died 9 years ago and we always had a very torturous kind of relationship but the dreams are loving and healing. fabulous stuff.

  8. I dreamt I was a character in a book I read a month ago. She/me went out to work as a callgirl lol, we lived in a lovely old house in Melbourne where the book was based. The Withered Tree by Pat Traynor written in the late 60’s.

    This morning dreamt I was fishing out beautiful vintage pieces of crockery out of murky water I was using my hands to feel for the objects I couldn’t see.