Jesus…An Aries?

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Jesus Was An Aries


Yes, as someone pointed out a while back, having watched a doco + wanting to have a crack at Ariean fashion sense/sandals – many Christians consider April 6 to be the true birthday of Jesus. Whilst I’ve never gone with the Jesus-as-Capricorn theory, Aries seems a bit off. Surely, Jesus a Piscean? After all, he ushered in the Age of Pisces et al?

Possible Aries indicators; often depicted wearing red cloak – red is Aries colour, leadership abilities, show-off (walking on water, turning water to wine, claiming divine parentage)  belief in virginity of mother, courage, forthright honesty…  Oddly enough, I think i actually saw Jesus, when i was a teenager. It is a strange story…

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94 thoughts on “Jesus…An Aries?

  1. “belief in the virginity of mother” – Mystic you crack me up 🙂

    but what’s with the Lion in the clouds behind him???

      • isn’t the lion something to do with the twelve tribes of israel and he is the lion of zion?

          • well he was known as a young rebellious rabbi, not as the son of god or should I say ‘the’ son of god. Ive mentioned once before here that Josephus a contempary historian never mentioned him, until he was captured by the greeks or romans in which time he invented the character to save his scalp.

          • :o) no? to which bit – and also re something from earlier the bobbing – is that when the bobbers have celestial visions and rock backwards and forward and do they cry tears with no salt – pure tears – while they rock? just wondering

          • no to pretty much all of it…now the bobbing is an energetic thing, its like when all are bobbing (swinging back and forth) it builds up an energy in the room that makes you high, sometimes leading to a deeper understanding of the words one is studying. Think of the word ‘spelling’, Im pretty sure it comes from the idea that from the mere combination of the correct letters and the understanding of those letters, one can create magic or a rearrangement of reality. The tears thing Ive never heard but Ive seen grown men cry at the realisation that they are learning or being intimate with the building blocks of life.

        • yes the lion is symbolic of the maccabi’s at one time the ruling family. No he was never the lion of zion ? nor has it anything to do with the 12 tribes. The lamb coming back as the lion is pure christian prophesy.

          • then who is the lion of zion because the rastas have the 12 tribes thing going on and the lion of zion too – what’s their part in it all?

            I fancy a bit of the old ezekiel myself – def over sticks turning to snake and bushes burning.

          • doesn’t it all reference his birth at the time the lambs were being sacrificed hence his mythological association with sacrificial themes and it is prophesised he will return when the stars align in leo?

            I’m just shooting the breeze re the christian messiah btw, I am not aligned with any of the peeps of the books or the word.

          • that was moses by the way, he of the burning bushes and snakes etc..

          • he’s the dude with the red sea too right? and ezekiel was an astral traveller of sorts.

      • maybe one of those cork hats – the flies are out of control in the desert. I like to think he would also have the swiss army knife that has a usb memory stick – he’s the kind who wold be ready for anything right?

  2. My astrology teacher who is very big on math and accurate calculations came up with May 29 (forgot the year) for Jesus’s birth and said he was a triple Gemini: Sun, Moon & Rising. My teacher’s name is Christine Arens. Maybe you can dig around on the web and find her article. I have a copy of it but this lazy Slav doesn’t feel like going to look for it right now….

    • Gemini makes sense to me, as the ruler of hands. Jesus was a hands on, healing, making, kind of guy.

  3. becasue its says so in the bible, something along the lines it was spring time and the lambs were on the hills or something. There’s alot to suggest he was aries.

  4. I cannot believe the comments aren’t overloaded with “come on, tell us about the time you saw Jesus” requests. So let me be the one to start them off.

  5. Interestingly, there is a program on the Discovery Channel right now called “Who Was Jesus?” What’s being looked at is the archeology compared to so called historic facts.

    One thing they said was that detailed records were not kept of poor people back then, and that in the sixth century a monk made a mistake in writing down some dates. Couldn’t catch all and jot it down quick enough. If interested, someone might want to check the program out.

    • I’d agree with that Sweetpea. My mum was born in Europe in the 40’s and she doesn’t have her birth certificate. What are the chances of anyone having an exact birth date for Jesus! Someone above reckons he’s a Gemini.
      If Jesus was a Gemini he would have been a comedian. Nothing funny about walking on water.

      • Scorpbot Beauty, how funny about your Mum’s birth certificate – because my pervert Sagg Boss had the same situation. BUT I managed to actually get his birth cert and his parents’ marriage certificate from a local office through an advocacy group that helps peeps trace documents which may have been lost in the war… this one was polish though and I think your Mum is Italian?

        • Nice detective work FA!!…hehe…
          No, my mum is not italian. Somewhere in Europe. I have fair skin. I’m going to be a secretive Scorp on this one. Plus i’m not a fan of revealing my parental lineage. I find peeps bring it up every now and then to explain certain behaviour. “oh, you’re a crazy (insert nationality)….”
          No-o-o-o, maybe i’m crazy ’cause i have Psyche in Aqua or ’cause i had a shit coffee this morning. Get my drift?

          • hey seuss that must get tired – keep it all a secret sweetie – it works for you scorp types, a bit of the old mystery. I am given labels when peeps find out where I’m from and I always respond with “that says so much more about you than it does about me” that usually shuts them up – because what they said is NEVER flattering. Dicks. People have to categorise most are unable to accept random loose undefinable characters – esp in a multi-cultural society – it makes them angst if they can’t put you in a box.

      • Yes I agree not a gemini (being one myself) tho Jesus certainly liked to talk!!! And yes Mystic I think pisces much more accurate – still almost springtime birth etc as cited above – and the symbol of the fish is still used to represent Jesus!!!

    • Saw that one too Sweetpea, along with more of similar ones on History channel. Nat Geo has also done very thorough docos on that too, which I enjoyed.

  6. OMG – Jesus’ birthday is April 6. That is my birthday!!!!!!!! Well, I have certainly had a time of it. I went to Palm Sunday service yesterday (lovely) then spent the afternoon in tears after passive-aggressive moment with my Libran mother. Today, I scraped the car wheel and felt like absolute crap but then – my time on the unemployed list lifted – I start a temp job on Wed.

    My favourite saints are St Matthew (former tax collector) and St Luke (physician).

    I must be coco bananas at the moment. davidl, I appeal to you for some words of comfort …

    • Good luck on the temp job Ram tormented by Librans (your name always cracks me up… :)) I did temp. property mgmt. every time I needed a job in a pinch. It saw me through many an uncertain time…

      Speaking of Saints, one time I prayed to St. Francis of Assisi but had thought I was praying to St. Jude via a prayer I had received in the mail from an old spiritual teacher (I’m not Catholic and neither was he but no matter) .

      I had needed a place to live and was praying really hard as had to move.
      When I came upon this place where I later lived for four years, a statue of St. Francis was in the yard. Just crazy. Had gotten my Saints mixed up but it worked!

      • Sweetpea – thanks for the good luck wishes and I’m glad my blog name gives you a giggle. You see, my Libran mother gave birth to her opposite (moi) and then I gave birth to my opposite (my Libran daughter). It really is horrendous sometimes! Thank goodness I have a Sagg hubby and a Leo son – otherwise I would go completely nuts!

        How wonderful the Saints were there when you needed them, just by praying you gave yourself time out to focus your energies, even for a few minutes, on what was truly important to you – that is when magic happens!. You know that your prayers would have been listened to by all of them – so don’t ever worry about getting the name slightly wrong – as long as it’s not Beelzebub!

    • the moment i saw my mother as just another person was the day ‘I’ was born.
      Equanimity, or understanding the concept, taught me that just because someone is your birth mother or brother or whatever, gives them no more rights than any other person should have in your life. Happy birthday, ive got a feeling its all going our way very soon. xxx

      • Interesting davidl! I felt the same way but it also gave me compassion for them, and an understanding that they were probably not very much more informed than I was.

        In Asia, we venerate our elders assuming that with age comes wisdom. Is not necessarily true and I think its primary to have clarity about the person as who they are, not their age, status, position in your life.

        • I like that in Asia the elderly are venerated as I do think it is inevitable the energy lightens as people age. (Of course I know one old lady who tried to get another to commit suicide for the fun of it, made her think she had dementia etc.) My Nana seems to slide from really transcendental to a pretty damn cranky depending on the visit and her health, but I have to say she is much more enlightened than she was as a young person by all accounts.

          On the other hand, re DavidL’s comments, I like the idea that we choose to come here and that we chose our parents and need to take responsibility for that choice by accepting them and what they have taught us, wounds and all… It is freeing.
          Sorry this is off topic y’all.

  7. hmmm… i definitely think Pisces.
    no other sign can represent the embodyment of all twelve preceding signs….pisces men seem to have the ability to exist according to their own design – devoid of doubt and distraction.

      • YOU are a very funny man – meant entirely sincerely – don’t listen to him poppykettle you believe what you feel is true for you – in davidls reality it’s rubbish u don’t have to make it your own he’s come over all big wise enigmatic statue guy ;o)

    • sorry, poppykettle, your logic actually makes perfect sense, which in the case we are discussing here has no place, logic and sense that is..roobish

  8. God you guys are funny…Okay, my Jesus sighting. Was 19ish & at uni, working in a bookshop with this really over-Virgoed owner. A low-Virgo. He minced around being picky & critical, was crap to his staff, wife, kids, delivery guys – everyone. Had endless pass agg manipulations to trick one into working late sans pay. Anyway, one day this Maori guy, in gang colours came in and was gazing at this big hard-bk book of landscape pics. Very pricey. I asked if he wanted to buy it (we were not allowed to let customers browse) and he said he couldn’t afford it, that it was his ancestral land or something. So i said take the book. He didn’t believe me so i urged him…He took off with it. Then as i was guilting out behind the counter – Jesus walked in, stood in the doorway and just beamed at me. And it was classic Anglican Jesus…In sandals, some sort of baggy shorts, no shirt, long hair & a beard. And at first i just thought i seeing intensely charismatic hippy guy but then realised his feet were not on the ground and that he had a golden aura around him. And the smile was as if he knew, forgave & loved all of me. I still don’t know what precisely about my urging a bikie or whatever to shoplift prompted the Christ manifestation but am convinced that what it was.

    • Thats a beautiful story Myst, truly…though your description of him is not unlike my old ‘e’ dealer from Mullum, were his pupils a little dilated ?

    • Mystic darling, I am with you. To me, Jesus will forever be a Pisces. I mean, we had this discussion before no? But may I point out the laid back flowing white robes, the ever communicative eyes, the loaves and the fishes, the water into wine hello??

      And the 40 days and nights in the desert, come on, who hasn’t known a Piscean man who hasn’t had some enigmatic disappearance of the sort?

      But as to your Jesus story, I love it – beautiful gesture!

      I saw Jesus once or thought I did when I was a child in my crib, but it could also be that my mother had this big f-off cross with him crucified on it, literally about almost 4 ft long, looming over me. I thought I saw him get off and start coming towards me, but that could just be me being all of barely 2 ft and freaking out in the dark…

    • I was wondering why you wouldn’t serve me… I was kinda hoping I might get some free stuff too.

      Since you asked, I’m a Taurus and, umm, yes, we are great in bed.

  9. you gave him back a connection to his land when he was a long long way from home you deserve to see some kind of freakin deity lady. Baggy shorts isn’t so prada tho that’s really messed with my fantasy.

  10. Mystic – you are blessed! What an incredible experience – a vision and an absolution. The universe is surely benevolent.

  11. Love it Mystic. You performed an act of kindness on the behalf of that stingy Virgo. Very christian of you and gorgeously cool.

  12. Very cool story, I agree.

    Hey folks–don’t you know there’s an animal assigned to each of the original 12 tribes of Israel? (Where are the Jews among you?!) Anyway, the tribe of Judah ended up sort of the cheese standing alone, which is why we ended up with “Jews”. (Okay, so there was Benjamin, too…) BUT the salient point of this is that the tribe of Judah (from whom Jesus’ matrilineal line is descended –and yes, that was valuable information then) is represented by the LION. Thus, “The Lion of Judah,” as Jesus is occasionally called. (see: Aslan, from the Mars in Leo post not long ago)

  13. davidl–I’d love to know when the animals where assigned to each of the tribes. Perhaps around the time of the maccabees… Anyway. They’re represented everywhere in Judaica, so that part’s not disputable. Would love to know when they were adopted though.

  14. God. Don’t know why I sound so garbled. Damned Mars in Pisces.

    Yeah. The Jesus/Lion connection is all Christian symbolism. BUT the Messiah is (according to Jewish scripture) to come from the tribe of Judah. So one idea led to another…and bam. If Jesus is the Messiah of scripture, then what a great image of authority–Jesus is the Lion of his tribe. Roar.

    • I see the connection there WG but my understanding is that the lamb/lion thing relates to his persona as messiah. Firstly he is kind, gentle, forgiving, meek etc then returns as ferocious, strong and king like. I know that the christians have connected him to the house of Judah, which of course is their ‘proof’ that he was / is the messiah but any geneticist will tell you most people even today will have ‘lineage’ from the tribe of Judah.
      The animals thing is interesting and probably began at the deathbed speech of Jacob who used animals to describe the natures of each of his sons or most of Dan shall be a serpent by the way..Naphtali is a hind let loose

      • what, pray tell is a hind let loose? Oh what a richly textured pantheon your crew has. Fascinating (not facetious – am being serious).

  15. I’d LOVE to know when you saw Jesus……..then again I think you’re winding us up like the new Oracle 🙂

    I definitely feel an Aries like vibe with Jesus. I think one would have to be considerably ‘bolshy’ (like Buckle) to achieve voice in a time like he lived in. And to speak with utter conviction too, this is like an Aries. They know they are right and don’t mind upsetting us all with the truth of matters at hand. So iron-fist-in-iron-glove…..

  16. An hind is a young deer or a female deer…so one let loose- am sure you can let your imagination work that one out!!!

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  18. I can’t claim to have had a jesus vision but i’ve seen a few pretty good lookalikes!
    I used to work in a pub, small local type of bar with mostly regular customers, one of which we called JC, im not sure if anyone know what his real name was. He had it all bar the flowing robe, long hair, long beard gentle nature. I kept thinking he was going to open up one of his shirt buttons and show me his sacred heart! not sure if the real jesus would have had the faint scent of weed, but if he was a pisces and all, you just never know……..

  19. Jesus was a mystic who believed that he was the Son of God, and as such responsible for everyone and everything in the whole world. WHAT is not Carpricorn about that?

    love from

    A Capricorn.


  20. I saw him too Mystic. Six years ago. He is no longer the lamb being led to slaughter.

    David is right, next time it will be as the lion.

    Not sure what sign he represented when born into his earthly bod, but from what I saw in his eyes, I would suggest he represents something much higher than the basic schooling of sun signs at this point.

  21. My personal belief is that the second appearance of Jesus is the individual Inner Awakening that we ALL are Divine and not some victim ( Lamb to slaughter) of the external perceived ” reality”.

    • I never “got” the lamb/lion thingy before…so the lamb is the meek, gentle & innocent, where-as the lion is the lion-hearted…bold, brave, courageous; mmm, ain’t it so!

  22. I like that a lot spirit ….. makes complete sense with the symbolic language of our world doesn’t it?

  23. Yes it is something to consider… but i totally agree with mystic saying that he was a pisces i mean dawning and introducing an entire spiritualistic era! – Mystic, apparently some scientists a few years back studied the bible and found the birth to coincide with the usual weather had in 2000yr old March… I’ll try and find a link.

    • what do u guys think of this!
      this is an extract from a Astrologer’s interpretation on the scientists discovery…

      “According to Jacobs, Jesus was born March 1st in the year 7 BC, at 1:21 a.m. in Bethlehem. The birth chart for this moment in time contains a cluster of six planets in Pisces: the Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus. (No wonder the fish was used as a symbol for Jesus.) With all this Pisces energy, Jesus was highly spiritual, compassionate, and willing to sacrifice himself for others. A Mercury in Aquarius reveals a revolutionary mind, and Mars in Virgo indicates a tireless worker. Sagittarius rising adds the perfect personality for spreading the truth and for bringing the search for truth and meaning to others. Jacobs used this chart to follow the events which occurred in Jesus’ life, and showed what astrological transits he was experiencing each time.”Hannibal Giudice”


  24. As regards MM’s vision, how very wonderful! I always think it’s like spirit guides or some symbolic representation when I see something like that, rather than actually Jesus. Jesus represented selflessness and forgiveness, laying down life (or job in MM’s case) for your friends etc. so it was Jesus for MM maybe? (What would Kevin Costner represent I wonder?? Icks! He’s like retro Cheetah Woods according to someone I know who met him).

    Had a friend who so looked like Jesus that a little girl ran up to him in the street and embraced, crying, “Jesus! Jesus!”… of course he was Jewish and didn’t quite know how to handle being a Christian icon.

    • My ex husband when visiting Vietnam used to have hordes of small children rub his belly in the street muttering buddha, buddha. Still didn’t encourage him to lose weight.

  25. If anyone is interested, Hand-Blow discusses asteroid Chiron as being “the Heart of the Christos”, that is, we all have hearts of universal compassion that are in the process of awakening through aeons of wounding & subsequent healing. Its like the Christ energy is a hologram of crystalline energy within us that when activated reverberates through the cosmos & manifests as the peace on earth we are yearning…sort of…

    • So the point is, this is Jesus’ teaching & the lessons for humanity of the Piscean Age…

  26. Jesus was a bit of a hippy and preached against materialism – that doesn’t scream Capricorn. Not really an Aries either – Jesus seems quite a gentle soul.

    I’m a pisces so am happy to claim Jesus as one of us (considering Rupert Murdoch and Osama bin Laden are also pisceans, we need some good news) but I would have picked Jesus as an Aquarius.

    Cool story about seeing Jesus – a sign that he approved of your kindness.

  27. I’m gobsmacked that there’s so many christians who post on this blog – you’re all so much more open minded than the ones I’ve met. The ones that used to spit on the windows of the esoteric shop I worked in. They were maybe from another faction? It’s nice to encounter some less phlegmatic types.

    • Hi Whatever, to be clear, I’m totally into the true teachings of Christ- but call me a Christian? Hell, no!

      • OOOHHH that makes a bit more sense to me – a medieval astro scholar once told me the bible was an astrological text before it was corrupted to hide the esoteric knowledge so I’ve been starting to wonder if there were factions who still had the knowledge there’s been so many christianity oriented comments here recently. And yes, to be clear I have no issue with christians just as long as they allow me to practice my beliefs in peace and keep their gob to themselves, spitting is unhygienic.

  28. ABC screened a doco the other night — ‘Star of Bethlehem: Behind the Myth’, which investigates the star the Magi followed. You can watch it here:

    It offers three different theories. First is the Jupiter Saturn conjunction in 7 BC, with three possible dates for the exact conjunction, May, September or November. The doco talks about the symbolism of Jupiter Saturn conjunct — a new king deposing the old one.

    Second, is a theory I’ve seen before in the BBC doco ‘Son of God’, which gives the date April 17, 6 BC, which would give Jesus an Aries stellium (Sun, moon, Jupiter, Saturn). The star the Magi saw was thought to be Jupiter as bright morning star conjunct the moon.

    Third was the appearance of a supernova, but I don’t think they gave a date.

    As Matty says above, Pisces would fit in terms of soul symbolism, but I think the Aries theory is also plausible. Jesus had to be forthright and anti-authoritarian to make himself heard in extremely difficult political times. And Aries is very much the champion of the underdog.

  29. MMMM, personally, i think the Magdelene Mary is much more of interest & the rumour that
    she was a High Priestess of Isis.
    According to Theosophists Ethiopia means East of India but Rastas said they were from one
    of the lost tribes of Judah & like lions ‘shall be heard across the nation’.
    They also believe The Herb to be the healing of nations as in the tree of life.
    ………………’s all very intersting:-)
    I don’t like Reggae, i love it!

  30. Had a dream in Europe eons ago that lions were talking to me, then a few weeks later was staying in
    Brixton deep in the heart of rasta-land in England where they gave me 40 music albums to take back to
    Oz when the music of the time was ‘new wave’, i said ‘this is the last wave’.

  31. Well, he could be many things as he is the son of God. But really, don’t we all have a little more to show the world than our sun sign? If he had the qualities of an Arian, Pisces, and Capricorn, I wouldn’t be surprised.

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