Guys It’s Mercury Retro Again…

art typewriter table of elements Heh-heh & here we go again guys!

Mercury is Retrograde from Saturday 26th (early AM Sunday for Sydney peeps) & it is Direct again on January 16.

This is actually really cool timing as many of us will be having some sort of a rest & it’s brilliant astro for re-appraising Capricornian matters – stability, tradition, endurance, your business plan et al. Saturn goes Retro in early Jan so there will be Mercury, Mars and Saturn all inward-focussed. Fantastic strategising energy…Batty love affairs flare up too but don’t expect men to pursue whilst Mars is Retrograde.

Oh and till mid-Jan is also unreal for editing, revision and taking care of business such as tooth & bone a.k.a. osteo/dental. Superb health jagging energy.

There will be a Mercury Retrograde Book Club operating over the Retro phase as well…

Image: Robert Samuel Hanson

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39 thoughts on “Guys It’s Mercury Retro Again…

  1. Yes, it’s certainly started for me already. My BBerry is stubbornly refusing to synch with my emails, and I am feeling impaired. Have noted the Vive le Saturnalia but men NOT pursuing during Mars Retro??

    Like when do they come back? MARCH???

      • I’ve never noticed any … mostly they run screaming in the other direction … it’s tough being a predator :mrgreen:
        i do wish just a few selected ones would run after me … i’m a soft-hearted predator clearly, or soft in the head.

        • long ago the libran lover pursued very hard…lots of omg till I was likewise entranced…then a good thing for a couple of years which wasn’t too bad, and then well we both wanted something different…xmas lunch good nap about to happen…hmmm nap.

  2. Right, well I’m not doing ANYTHING important re: comms from Sat onwards then. Last Merc retro I had to SIGN A HOUSE CONTRACT, and all the other palaver that goes with it – arrange white goods deliveries, tradesmen, etc, and it WAS A FUQING NIGHTMARE!!! Never again.

    • Just signed a contract on a house yesterday! I Insisted it be signed before Chrissy without explaining why , also made it a six week settlement just to make sure we are clear of retro phase hehehe. Ended up buying the house AND contents for very little more!!!! When we move in the new year, we only need our toothbrushes and toothpaste!!!!! Talk about auspicious aqua weirding, and the word serendipidous is the best description of how events unfolded. Nothing, including the house, is more than five years old. There’s about 20K of furniture alone, ( I only paid 3K )includes new wash mach, dryer, fridge, micro w ,dish w, leather lounges (2), tv, dvd player, 2 double and one single beds,glass and steel dining table w six leather chairs, bed side tables etc., all crockery, pots n pans, sheets and towels etc., the BBQ, even the bloody coathangers lol!!! There’s a 4 page inventory!!!! Didn’t have an agent…met the owner by coincidence . Property was not even on the market!! Win- win situ too!! Now can TRULY go WITH retro and RELAX! DONE DEAL!!!*Amazing*:)))

      • WOW, I am impressed, enjoy!

        And I will call you when I need to find a new house, maybe you can work your magic for me then too!

      • WOW. That is truly amazing. I’m really curious to know why the owner left all his stuff!!!
        Was he moving overseas or something?

    • Sweetness, Mercury Retrograde is not like that! Think more in terms of insanely incompetent check-in staff, lost luggage & delays…Okay? I thought you were Sagg!!! The Saggo Kickboxer flies Aeroflot with perfect aplomb, claims to like the service & is currently Christmassing on a camel drive someplace with extreme glee.

      • He is brave if he flies Aeroflot, seriously. The staff are scary but so are the passengers at times!

        Wot he doing gracing a camel? I wonder if sign ups to his gym dramatically trend down when it is sans his hotness…

      • lol TRUE! but i dont think i could handle the stress of loss of lugage!
        My AUNTY just had her baby – 12 weeks prem! – The baby is fine but apparently all these complications happened and she was in surgery for like 6 hours then into ICU and then back in the operating theatre for another 3 hours… Everything went wrong apparently…Merc retro TOTALLY!

        she and the baby are ok now – we got the all clear like half and hour ago!

      • just caught a grab on the news headlines that some airline was in chaos today due to check-in system falling over… all those poor bastards stressing out on what is probably the last day of crissy hols for most of ’em.

        • bank of qld had its eftpos terminals skip ahead 6 years.

          ‘RBOQ’s Eftpos machines skipped ahead six years when the clock ticked over to January 1 and started date stamping January 2016.

          BOQ staff have not been able find what caused the problem, but a temporary solution has been put in place to ease retailers’ frustrations.

          The glitch cost businesses untold amounts as the Eftpos terminals read customers’ cards as having expired and refused their transactions.’

  3. Has anyone else done a cap style analysis of current finances and had to do some fancy footwork? Regardless of schemes you thought you’d nailed btw.

  4. Right well after the last Merc Retro with the “girl and dog” googling fiasco which had my computer completely rooted to the point where it had to be rebuilt from scratch, I’m gonna be reaaaaaaal careful.

  5. Love that word rooted PC, Yep pulled tight back from Xmas over kill and am praying to the unvierse for work. that usually works if i’ve been a good girl that is.

  6. Thanks for the Retro-Merc heads up and I love that pic!

    Y’see, I’m a data entry operator and the keyboard often feels exactly like that… hmm, I think I just have dyslexic fingers some days, so it’s not *just* a Retro-Merc thang!

    Merry Christmas, Mystic! xox

  7. i had planned to take advantage of mercury rx and finish up some personal projects over xmas but immune system has died and have been trying to rest instead.

    but am seriously annoyed at new iphone ordered over internet a week pre- mercury retro has not yet arrived. fark that…

    • Sorry to hear you are unwell indigofish. And bummer about your phone too. A week before Merc Retro would fall into the shadow zone.

      I saw your post further up about Qantas systems going down and thought how lucky i was to walk away Merc Retro free this time around… that was until i downloaded my iphone bill for the last month. It was well over the usual amount i pay. So i thoroughly examined the items on the bill and apparently i have received 3 premium text messages at the cost of $6.00 per text – a total of $18. Why do i have to pay for someone texting me?? Most premium text messages are about 55 cents anyway, not six bloody dollars!!
      Can’t tell you how pissed off i was and especially since it’s for some celebrity news service. I don’t know if you’ve seen any of my posts – but i despise celebrities and would never subscribe to any such service. I will definitely be calling Optus tomorrow to sort it all out.

      • gadzooks! that’s a bit steep! i choke whenever i catch the fine print on the novelty mobile phone ads on tv, those subscription type things. i can’t believe that anyone would have the kind of disposable income necessary to support such an expensive habit. (not to mention the obvious question – WHY?)

        yes i am familiar with your posts… likewise i try to maintain as much ignorance of such crap as possible. but i make exceptions for mystic’s observations, even if it means i have to go find out who someone is to understand the point of the story.

        optus are the culprits in my phone saga too. turns out my attempts to bring across my existing number failed but no one thought to tell me. now if i try to start again, the purchase and delivery will both fall in the rx so must resist…

        have been poorly for a few months but ignored the warning signs at my peril. playing superwoman has caught up with me. i guess my lesson from the eclipse season has been to think about why the heck do i have all these amazing tools for healing at my disposal yet never use them. am a veritable encyclopedia of arcane crafty stuff yet fail to put it into practice. duh!

        • oh you poor thing, I would be beside myself without my phone! Bringing forward an existimg number is not a difficult thing to do at all, it’s only become so cos of Merc rx.

          Sometimes it’s hard to know we’re going in Superhuman mode until we stop or get ill. Hope you get an opportunity to get better soon. 🙂

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