Attention All Librans…How You Doing With Saturn?

Vintage Seventies Astrological Plastic Pink GobletDear Libra,

Has it been but a few months since Saturn got into your sign?  Hey, no! It’s five weeks today. And you’ve only got it in your sign until…oh, never mind. Anyway, how has it been? Early-Librans – that is, the September born Libs – ought to notice it first and of course they are also copping the square to their Sun from Pluto.

So, is there a feeling of evolution? Phoenixing? Are you thinking of metaphors along the lines of how diamonds are only forged via intense pressure? Saturn goes Retrograde in Mid-January so there is a feeling of pressure-off then and even more so when he scoots back into Virgo in April. But Saturn is BACK in your sign from July and until Oct 2012.

As you may know, it’s the ultimate in get thy shit together astro-passages. And, btw,  you can search this site as there is loads of Saturn material. Remember the number one Saturn Rule…When-ever and where-ever Saturn is active, you need a plan. Saturn does not respond to law of attraction or creative visualisations.

So Librans and/or intimates of Librans, please share…

I only seem to know Libran men at the moment and THEY are working like fiends, on rigid schedules to manifest success & getting up earlier. They’re off le grog and on carefully calibrated nutritional regimes to even out their blood sugar etc. So they’re doing it by the Saturn book.

Share?  Oh and  note that the stressy Saturn-Pluto square of mid-Nov comes back in late Jan and again in August. The late January square is the kicker as we have Eclipse-Eclipse-Saturn-Pluto Square…So whatever growth action you thought a good idea in November, it’s good to action it a.s.a.p. and seriously, Santa is powerless in the face of Saturn.

Can you IMAGINE a Santa-Saturn dialogue?

SANTA: Ho, ho, ho.

SATURN: I do not tolerate the denigration of women through degrading nicknames. To whom are you referring?

SANTA: No, it’s how I laugh. I’m jolly.

SATURN: What do you have to laugh about? Have you had a trainer check out your hip to waist circumference lately? Have you ever heard of visceral fat?

SANTA: Lighten up Sir, t’is the season of goodwill…

SATURN: I fear you are mis-informed. T’is the season of Saturnalia and it always has been…You are not even a valid Christian archetype, let alone resonating with any of the older themes of this season.

SANTA: Ho, ho, ho – here,  have a candy stick…

SATURN: If  you bring those disgusting, artificially coloured, factory made sugar atrocities anywhere near me, there will be consequences.

Cue Saturn disappearing from mall in flash of thunder and lightening.

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93 thoughts on “Attention All Librans…How You Doing With Saturn?

  1. well,the Season of th SanityClaus comin in at Jetpack speed is enough to deal with but i read th Forum attached to th linked article on th Hadron Particle Collider ‘unplugged’ and apparently Nostradamus prophesied that “Saturn would turn gold to iron at Geneva” and i think there was sumthin about >erk< the End of th World (it was kinda late by then,hope i got that part mixed up?) but Nostradamus even mentioned a "positive ray"…spooky! -what would Saturn Girl say about alla that? (the HC isnt a Libran by any chance?)

  2. Libra rising here, noticing some effects of Saturn, does it count for me too?
    Since winter have weend myself off coffee to one a week, gone pescatarian with a new interest in animal welfare, taken up the art of hula hoop dancing (bliss) and even dabbled in going raw.

    The last few weeks have gone back to a less concious eating, take aways and junk food. Then low and behold I contract a yeast infection in my intestines which has, until yesterday forced me to go yeast, sugar and dairy free. And… I don’t even mind, in fact I am welcoming this new health regime and feel like I almost asked for a reason to do it, subconsiouly of course. Anyway, bring on the vibing health and cleansed innards.
    I will allow myself to splurge a tad a xmas though.

  3. what the hell is that cup ! Surely no libran would ever buy that cup ! Is this image taken off that site ‘ products that fail miserably’, or have I totally been missing the point about librans ?

  4. I’m early libra and socially it’s def kicked in – invitations ahoy. I have mildly got the shits that saturn is conjunct my sun and uranus right now tho as it only briefly paused after getting off my jupiter and pluto before hooking in to the present mind the details until you feel like you’re in a straitjacket phase. And the thing is there’s also the uranus opposite on my MC that’s so fuqing obvious to me too. I want to overthrow something – with pursed saturnine lips.

    I had a plan to deal with all this – it was to do as many units as I could while it’s hanging round as it will obviously help me focus. I’m reaping the benefits. I highly recommend anyone in later libra who is about to have it happen to them to initiate some kind of study or start on some thing they’ve put off because this vibe helps. I chose subjects oriented towards revolution and change.

    I need a job to pay for studies that is the only thing that isn’t a happening thing really. I can’t commit to a big job and I’m overqualified for small ones. Fingers crossed.

    That cup’s fucking hideous I agree with the arian.

  5. As a Leo I have noticed I feel so much lighter with the Saturn exodus from Virgo, tho my words have more weight…Neptune & Jupiter buzzing about opp my Mercury are re-inforcing the bimbonic tendencies. Go figure…lol

  6. In between the huge work slog I’ve been on, I’ve quit smoking, overhauled my diet/fitness regime and am going through a massive decluttering of every room in the house, catching up on filing and finally getting around to putting artwork/photos and other gorgeous stuff around the place that has been packed away for ages. And I’ve even noticed I’ve become a stricter mum lately. So yes, I think Saturn has got me!
    PS That cup would definitely give me a headache. I’d be putting it in the bag for the op-shop as soon as whoever bought it for me (an Aquarian having a joke?) left.

  7. Hmmm. Re saturn – I have lib rising 8 degrees lib & pluto @12 degrees. So don’t think it has *HIT* yet but can defo *feel* the approach, eg strong sense of time for serious & big changes/ really assessing where i’m at in a kinda brutal/ harsh way & knowing there’s gonna be a big shift. to be honest it’s a bit painful & anticipatory rather than action at present. & feelin bad for not movin & shakin it, hot damn. Tho am workin my ass off at career work. Just haven’t moved my literal ass into the health kick that mystic promised was coming… 🙂 shit.

  8. Poor Mystic. She was probably just popping in for a quick empathy check with the Libby’s and gets a whole bunch of palaver about the crap cup in the picture. Ok the cup is crap. But I mean really. I’m loving Saturn in Libra … I thought I liked Saturn in Virgo but now it’s like I’ve come out of some really horrendous nightmare hallucination scenario and I swear to fucking god I’ll blow up the scuzzball mofo in April if it messes with me again.

    • I appreciate the Libran desire for taste and balance, for discretion. For at LEAST the peace of not being surrounded by crap, ugly, unpleasant things 24/7. As a designer I’m constantly visually hammered by revolting things like … big red starbursts, comic sans, HIDEOUS creations that someone’s 2 year old came up with after mucking around on WordPaint and they think it’s an awesome idea to turn it into a logo. But then I walk down the street and hear ringtones that make me want to beat the owner of said mobile to death with, am overwhelmed with petroleum fumes that fake the scent of vanilla and deer’s nuts cause someone thinks it’s gonna get them laid, horrendous fake tans … I’ve just had to learn that the world is fundamentally an ugly place and got on with it.

        • Not sure why but COMIC SANS is the font of choice with most primary school teachers, drives me crazy, change them, and you will be well on your way to killing the beast.

        • Have to agree Comic Sans is the work of the devil. If we somehow rise to overthrow its visual blight, just think what else could be achieved.

          My mars is in libra…

        • HAHA.. nice one Sweetpea. First laugh i’ve had all day. Saturn’s on my Venus. I’m just trying to keep my mouth shut at the moment…. not easy with Moon in Sagg.

        • Actually, had no idea this was going on with Comis Sans. Had to google the damn thing! lol…

          I’ve had progressed Saturn opp. Progressed Venus for fuqing long time.

          Shit, no wonder I’m getting my jollies from listening to Ac/Dc “Thunderstruck” this evening.

        • I like it for the most part too Odette (Aries NN Libra) but when I googled about it, apparently from what I saw on a video, it’s not reader friendly nor for some advertisements. Had no idea but it made sense when I saw the video.

          Are you already familiar with this?

        • hey maybe let it rip scorpy?? Might be good for ya. If it’s good for the Uber Cap Tiger Woods it’s good enough for you! 😉

          ps. reply is on the way – have been all over the shop the last few days.

        • Sweetpea, I didn’t know about all the objections until reading the complaints here & googling it. I’m not a designer although as a Libra, I do tend to be very sensitive to the visual.

          I like Comic Sans because it has soft edges like handwriting so it lends a friendly casualness to things, but it isn’t really hard to read like most handwriting fonts. I used to be a comic book fan, so maybe there’s also some subconscious association that makes me warm to it.

          I probably won’t use it as much now, knowing all the people who are so outraged about it – there’s enough to deal with in life w/o font controversy. (I’ll be a bit sad, though.)

        • re letting rip robotnik – it’s comic sans (grr) no-one’s going to take it personally. It’s not like you’re that guy who wrote the book and launched the crusade against helvetica. THAT was personal.

  9. Actually think a hot fudge sundae with whipped cream and a cherry on top would spruce up the Libran goblet. Goes well with pink…

    Perhaps if goblet did not look as drunk as Ellen Barkin on the Red Thread?

    Do love Mystic’s “finds” though. It’s like she rummages through some cyber antique/thrift store…

    • Are you going to do something suitably scorpionic to bait her to the brink of meltdown and make her realise she shouldn’t be taking it all so seriously? that’s how it used to work at our house. Little shit would never let me wallow. Librans like a bit of maudlin wallowing. A bit of sighing and draping of oneself over soft cushions with appropriate melancholic soundtrack. My sister would come in and secretly cue the muppet show theme.

    • At the Sagg daughters opening night to the 21st bacchanalia my 14 month old libran niece alternated between playing with a plastic cup on her head and giving us all the family death stare…which is sort of funny as she is the only one in my family that shares my dimples…so deathstare/dimples…oh this one is going to be a hoot…

      My 5 year old libran nephew however was inhaling sugar, dancing wildly with some pretty fancy moves, and hoarding little containers of bubbles in his sister’s nappy bag. He’d ask first, is it ok if I have some bubbles?… and then increase his stash.

      • awww, deathstare/dimples. How cute. 🙂

        With your mars in Libra, have you noticed any changes since Saturn went into Libra?

        • I’ve been putting ‘it’ down to leo being in mars…maybe saturn with my libra in mars has given it an extra edge lately though.

          I just feel as though I’m on a bit of a roll lately. I certainly have more energy. I’m not as hard on myself as I was when Saturn rolled through leo which is a relief. I’m feeling pretty fierce.

          I do create structure to support my goals … some days not so much as ground work, however, more as survival training.

          I’m trying to keep a certain dollar amount in my bank account so I can either move to another city, fly off somewhere to work, or use to further something I’m unaware of. The idea of having money that is not spent in the now is a new action for me…conceptually I understand it but previously have enacted zip…unless on a short time line.

          I have had a very short tolerance of ‘friends’ that time suck.

          Yeah I think things have gone up another notch.

          • that’s great to hear LL. Always good to have some $$ for a rainy day. I’ve only just managed to sort that situation out myself – thanks to jolly Jupiter transiting my Saturn in 2nd house.

            Yep, zero tolerance for time suckers/energy zappers too.

  10. I’m just going to assume the cup is for irony and leave it at that. You know…a solid, heavy, practical instead of beautiful and fragile cup. As a Libran I assume we can have the best of both worlds but for a price.

    I’m middle born Libra and work has been work. This is not the time to wing things. I def. have a lot of plans up my sleeves of how i want things to go in that arena. It’s been trying but natally I’ve got Jupiter in the 2nd and venus in the 9th and i’ve been told “at least you won’t starve to death” with those placements. A lot of stuff has been working out but still it never quite feels like victory.

    Health-wise, I’m already anal about things. Best shape of my life in the past 5 years, even better than high school. I’m already part of the cult of vitamins, qi gong, nutrition, exercise, and beauty-from-the-inside regimens.

    Family. Check! Doing ok and getting better with each passing day. Less drama than 10 years ago.

    Love life. A disaster and has been one for the past 5 years. Saturn is natally placed in my 7th. I don’t see how one can institute a plan for your love life seeing as how you can’t control love and who loves you. Seems like planning here, unless it’s trying to work on yourself, is pointless.

  11. Late libra close to the cusp, here, (w/ Libra Mercury, too.)
    Thanks for checking in – it’s been hell. I’ve been working on a move to a new city / job hunting / financial overhaul / health issues / family issues.
    I went from a sort of blissful meandering soft-focus faith that everything would work out OK to a continuous acid reflux, insomnia-ridden, hysterical conviction that only by the skin of my teeth would I survive these life changes & that I’d be lucky not to end up permanently scarred by them. Hanging on for dear life to the “diamonds are only forged via intense pressure” image.

    Thanks also for telling us all about Saturn & his ways. It has actually been really helpful to look at this as a heavenly inevitability affecting all of us instead of just a steroid-charged run of personal bad luck. The former looks like an opportunity for growth & change (& has a projected end) – the latter would just feel like God hates me.

    • Like you Odette, I am job hunting and contemplating a move to a new city (or new abode). Also intent on getting healthier and giving up smoking.

      I am early Lib with Aries rising. At times I’m doing well, getting to the gym not smoking and being positive and other times it’s all too much and motivation is hard to find.

      Lately, I spend all my time flat-out at work then come home exhausted and try to write job applications. To add to that I’ve become involved with a guy who is a bit odd (the desperation of a lonely Libran?) and now have to deal with that too.

      So yes, Myst. I am feeling this big time – thanks for asking and giving us the space to vent. It has been hell.

      That said, work will be a lot more cruisey from this week until late Jan. I’ll get another job application away this weekend – at least there are a lot of jobs going in my field. I have a decent place to live that doesn’t cost a fortune and don’t HAVE to move. I have not emotionally invested in the man who thinks life is a porn film so can take him or leave him.

      So the plan is… get back on track as soon as poss. Do not dis myself for trangressions as this IS a difficult time and keep creating my inner diamond as I go along.

      • LibDancer, that sounds like a good plan. Many, many kudos to you for working on not smoking – I know that that’s one of the most challenging addictions to overcome, so a big high-five for every day (or hour) you fight the smoke demon. (Maybe the intense Saturn energy will be helpful?)

        • p.s. do people still “high-five?” Just consider me retro girl. (Or say I’m showing my age – I don’t care.)

  12. Does Libra Moon count?
    Frustrated, frustrated, frustrated. Felling like my dipolamcy makes me into someone I am not. Seems to have stopped doing the stuff I enjoy for the sake of accqiring things… and I have friends that are telling me I am unhappy cos I don’t have the things that they have… but I don’t want them. And they don’t seem to understand that. Am REALLY emo.
    I have plan a, b and c… but none of them are happening. I am not goign to get a new job before the year is out.
    Channeling into gym, declutter, clean, work. No let up yet.

  13. This is what I have in Libra: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Pluto, Saturn.

    This is what has happened in the past 5 weeks:

    I enrolled in postgrad study in a field I’ve always been interested in.

    I went on anti-depressants after probably needing to for quite a while.

    I finally decided to do something about my job dissatisfaction, told my boss I was looking for another job and scored a new one with a substantial pay rise 2 weeks later.

    Long-anticipated 1 year anniversary with my boyfriend was a big letdown, followed by a certain truth-inducing discovery after he left his email open on my computer which caused a massive, potentially relationship-ending argument.

    It’s been intense.

    • Sounds great Librarian but as far as the open email was going to say that instead of being “thunderstruck”, you were “Tigerized” perhaps?…. If so, sorry doll. Hope it all works out.

      Meanwhile, that brought me to this…From your opposite Aries Sista….

      When need to let off steam, crank up in the car and go about a hundred miles an hour. Just watch for cops a bit and stay on the road. 😉

  14. Saturn in Libra sucks. Pretty much as soon as it happend, wham, my contract at work was terminated finishing on Christmas Eve – how’s that for great timing? Still, onwards and upwards is my reading of Saturn transits.

    I’m trying to re-frame it as the ‘rocket I had to have’ to get my arse into gear get out of a dead-end job in a sucky organisation and re-invent myself getting paid a whole lot more somewhere new for doing what I’ve been doing and being under-paid – still sucks though 🙂

  15. Ch Ch Ch Ch….changes.
    It all passes, it all changes or we do.
    Baptism by fire or death by a 1000 cuts, dark night of the soul ‘n all.

    My usual crammed packed adventurous nightdreams have turned violent on me.
    Catalysms, fleeing from disasters, bludgeoning an ex friend on the back of the head & while
    she was stunned, pretending it wasn’t me…ugh & huh? Strange thin & long wires coming
    from an intimate part of my body & trying to cut them off as pulling wouldn’t have been a great idea..
    And a 1 person car, so unable to help escapees from the eruptions. Bizarreness beyond.

    • overcoming fear is the greatest liberator in life. by showing us what we fear our sub conscious or higher self is doing us a great service.

        • Pisces and me once came home from the movies. His car was gone!
          Gosh, was so worried about my own car as I had no insurance back then….Was the only “anything” I owned.

          As I noticed how many times I’d check to see if my car was still in it’s parking space, knew I couldn’t go on in fear like that and so asked for help from my higher self.

          Had a dream that my car was stolen. Someone very angry, like a whirlwind (Tazmanien Devil like the cartoon but represented my emotions), took it and then I was on the phone reporting my stolen car. After that dream knew I did not have to play out my car being stolen in three D.

  16. Seems to translate as turgid turmoil.
    Must say in my defence the woman i bludgeoned has appeared in my dreams
    about 3 times a week for months & months, so maybe it was a subconcious way of firing her!
    As in a movie, where you kill off the person so no more episodes featuring the star of the show?

  17. sun in early Lib & like Whatevs, invitations ahoy over here – Mars in Leo aiding & abetting current string of spontaneous adventures!! In between FUN social engagements, been largely unmotivated / uninspired re Le Work, tho Eureka biz flashpoints brighten future prospects immensely. now reeled in social agendas, prioritizing health / fitness / food….. & ‘rest’ back in the schedule – still sensing there’s much more of the merry to go round……

    can’t quite grok Saturn with the rigid discipline of Mystic’s Lib mates, but no opportunity goes by ignored. and the fun & games, are fun. lots of fun. enabling think-outside-box approach to new world order. and yes that plastic goblet thing be fuckn fugly. can’t divine what’s worse, the shape, the material or the colour…. Urg!

  18. First I have to get it out of the way – that pink cup! Agree with all the comments here.

    Mid Libran here Oct 5th. Rising and Venus inLibra, Moon Cancer, Saturn and Mercury in conjunction in Virgo, Mars in Sag.

    Which all makes for a bundle of fun, eh?

    The past few weeks have been in deep editing mode with a Sag who is putting my writings into a more coherent format. Also trying, and I emphasize trying, to learn Joomla to completely redesign Content Management System website. In other words, two major learning curves for me. Ugh.

    Toss in a major holiday, answering to many, many people in my yahoo groups, Guild, students and clients, and well, I’m not sure I noticed the Saturn bit.

    If this transit is helping me in my endless quest to get organized and due it in beauty, than that’s OK.

  19. Mystic meant to mention do love your Santa-Saturn convo.

    Have you ever seen the babe in the manger set up where Santa is looking over baby Jesus in his cradle?

    Fuqing Sick…lol

    • The “voice” of Saturn in the Santa-Saturn convo reminds me of Professor Snape from Harry Potter books. heh. I heard he was a Cap so that would give him some Saturn-like qualities.

  20. I have felt like crap for about 7 weeks?? you said 5 – maybe I had build up??… I have sun, mercury & mars in Libra.
    I am super cranky and ready to spit on the human race…..apart from that no I don’t think it has effected me at all !

  21. Well, dear all Librans and Libra friends I must say the last three weeks have been – UTTERLY AWFUL! Said Gemini ‘boyfriend’ giving me the total run around including meeting a woman on line whom he his meeting for a bonk fest in Hawaii in February and wanting me to ‘be in his life while I wait and see’ then hooking up with another local woman three weeks ago and still wanting me to ‘be reasonable’ etc etc. Needless to say, after attempting to annahilate myself with alcohol and a visit to hospital, I have told Gemini to fuq off. He still had the audacity to say we could stay in contact and if ‘things didn’t work out with the woman on line etc – to which I’ve given a very very firm NO FUQING WAY.

    And I’m a late – almost cusp Libra.

    And MM says this transit is just the beginning… Oh my dear.

    • Good you got rid of him bluelibra. It’s insulting. Had something very similar one time but had to figure it out as wondered why if he loved me so much and wanted a future…. “I’ll know in a couple of months”….. he wasn’t there for me during my back surgeries. Of course there was another woman.

      Well, at least the ones we are no longer supposed to be with are weeded out and that’s a good thing.

      Hope you are doing okay.

        • I thought the same thing – good lord, the woman is pregnant on top of dealing with that s*ithead? Talk about a bad run.
          (So I guess the upside is that you aren’t?)

          Good for you for getting rid of him! So many jerk guys out there who need to be properly trained. When women let them get away with too much crap it’s bad for everyone – the women in question, the jerks, any daughters they might raise now or in the future – everyone.

    • bluelibra … you tried to annihilate yourself because of the shennanigans of a stoopid Gemini???? Oh honey now seriously that just AIN’T WORTH IT. No one’s worth it … but particularly not a Gemini slut boy. Ok I can understand getting shitfaced, ripping your dress off drunk in a crowded bar and launching yourself on the first remotely cute person that happens to pass by …. but annihilation and hospital trips?? Not good. Tell your friends to take you out and to make sure to look after you until you have worked this business out of your system. Or try it the Saturnine way and do the steely “Libran-at-the-gym-on-macriobiotic-diet-you-aren’t-gonna-fuq-with-my-head-wanker” strategy. And yeah stay the friggin hell away from him until you’ve regained your Libby balance – he sounds toxic for you.

      • oh prowln, i love your way with words : “the Saturnine way and do the steely “Libran-at-the-gym-on-macriobiotic-diet-you-aren’t-gonna-fuq-with-my-head-wanker” strategy. “

  22. I think Mystic mentioned awhile back that relationships not based on authentic, good for your overall life growth stuff … or that are just plain dead, boring and over … are going to go bung due to the Pluto Saturn square thing? Or was it Saturn Venus thing? … it’s one of them square things anyway. I say: LET EM GO BUNG. At least then you’re free to explore something more I dunno … worth the effort than holding onto a lame assed liaison that’s going nowhere? Personally the more I think about it, the more content I am being single … with maybe the occasional bonk with the Toro or something. Relationships just sound like a lot of emotional fuqing hassle if you ask me.

    • Ah yes, I know I know. And I have said to him unequivically to never ever darken my door again – no phone calls, no occassional meetings, no more babysitting his children (which, incidently, I helped enroll in my childrens school because they were so unhappy at their old school – BAD MOVE) and for him to definetly not contact me if the woman in Hawaii doesn’t work out!

      But, having said all that, I am a Libran – both high and low – and would dearly like to have someone in my life to have and to hold etc. I said to him that I trully wanted a partner in my life who was proud enough to stand next to me and say to the world ‘this is my partner’ and he just laughed at me. He then asked if I had any kebabs to eat as he was soooo increadibly pissed.

      My head has been saying for the past many months ‘This guy is not for you – he smokes (I’m allergic to ciggy smoke – he lied when we first met and said he didn’t smoke), he doesn’t smell ‘right’ (and that’s really important to me), he doesn’t believe in volunteering or community or social justice or environmental justice or gardening or politics or human rights – all of which is V IMPORTANT to me; he kept commenting on my ‘sensible clothing’ (ie, not bling enough) and yes, when I was in hospital two weeks ago with some of my girly bits literlly exploding (enough deets) he didn’t even visit because he was bonking someone else at the time in between sending me sms’s saying how worried about me he was… And that’s just the superficial bits. I could REALLY PURGE and tell you stuff that would make your synapsis curl (they did mine) but I won’t. I will just get healthy and strong. Hope springs eternal – even when Saturn is doing its thing – damn it.

      • Any partner that would just laugh at you for making a heartfelt statement and ask for kebabs is an @ss. Plus the whole lying about smoking thing. After the 2nd guy that did that to me, as i am also sensitive to cig smoke, I have now put my foot down hard about it. No mas. I now think guys that lie about smoking automatically deserve no chances. Lying is a terrible way to begin a relationship.

      • jesus babe, what a cockhead. good riddance. you must be fuming, hope you can work through all this. take care of yourself…find people who love you and let them work their magic…xxx

        • What nat said…and UP and y of f, and scorpy…I’m sure prowln had a go too…

          What a joysucker. What a waste of your time. Maintain your boundaries with metaphysical mossad trained whatever keeps this fuqer way way away from you.

          His type of head fuqing just blocks someone decent and closer to what you desire away…he should go the way of the comic sans…purge…purge…PURGE !!!

          I hope you heal as you need bluelibra…

      • for the love of god bluelibra!!! Puhleeassee, do not wear this d*ckhead and his lying, 2-timing, rude, self-absorbed, nicotine-soaked, bad-smelling, critical, garden-hating, non-civic minded WANKER in your life for one second longer!!! He sounds like a human pollutant, not partner material. I know where I would put the bloody kebab.

        Get thy self-respect & health (and BOUNDARIES!!) in order girl. Pronto. I refuse to believe that you are so desperate to “have and to hold” as you put it, that you would choose to have and hold onto some smelly garbage????!!!! No of course not. What a pr*ck. A pox on him. And some clean, healing light on you. My advice (yes, a bit more!): get on with daily life and stop looking for “love”. It will come when you are NOT looking.

        Mystic has put so many great posts up about Saturn – I searched the archives the other day and found many wonderful insights that I had forgotten. Go well bluelibra x

        • love it when you go off Nat. 😆

          Bluelibra, I would smash someone over the head if they ever had a go at me about my clothes not being ‘bling’ enough!! cos I go out of my way to avoid bling – it’s freakin’ tacky! If someone doesn’t appreciate you for who you are then fuq ’em! Can’t believe he laughed at you. Unbelievable… what a scumbag!

          Go Saturn Girl!

          • hehe…. I seethe more than i go off but when i go off it’s quite spectacular.
            Years ago i went off at a mailroom boy cos he kept gently placing his hand on my shoulder when he delivered my mail. I cannot stand overly familiar space invader peeps!
            The first incident was noted but i remained calm, 2nd time i started seething and the 3rd time i exploded “don’t fuqing touch me!!!!” I said it so loud and like a complete psycho, the whole office turned around to see what was going on. Poor guy avoided me forever after that.
            That’s the problem with seething – ya never know when ya gonna go ORF! It’s as much of a surprise to me as it is to the recipient. 3 planets in 8th house including Uranus might explain it? Or maybe natal Saturn conjunct Mars.

    • Good advice prowlncat. It IS better to be single than with a partner who cheats on you, beats you, is emotionally cruel, etc.. I am *content* but not thriving as a single. While I do not suffer the tortures of a bad relationship, I do not experience the highs of good attachments. I merely keep busy and keep moving. Librans love relationships and many of us hold on to bad and unworkable relationships for much longer than is healthy for us. :/ *sigh* I think I wouldn’t mind it so much if i was able to at least date. I haven’t been on a *REAL* date for 2 years. I really don’t count all these horrible starts and stops that seem to go somewhere but are actually dead ends.

  23. I have felt so out of sorts for about 7 weeks now… said this has been happening for 5 weeks maybe i have had a bigger build up…..sun in libra, mercury in libra & mars in libra…….cranky, nasty & apathetic – poor friends – poor family – poor me!!

  24. BIG stuff in the social world.

    I have been actively getting rid of toxic friends and investing in more healthy friendships. As a result have “lost” 2 close friends and a lingering ex but have gotten a lot closer to other friends.

    It’s almost like by spending less engery on the toxics I have made room for better/nicer people. Has been very hard though and I miss the people I am moving away from. Had a housewarming recently and got a bit teary that the people I considered my best friends 8-12 months ago are no more. Even tho it’s for the best…

    PS I have virgo rising and natal Saturn in scorp. Does this mean approx 9 years of saturn in a row?!?!

  25. Heyaall! I have five planets in libra so I feel like this: uuuuurrraaaaagghh!
    Also I am very short tempered, even for me. Diplomatic skills have fucked right off- It’s my way or the highway, beyatch!

  26. To all of the wonderful people who have responded to my postings re ‘Gemini slut boy’ (love that phase and shall now refer to him as that from now on) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I am printing off all of these comments and pasting them on my wall next to my computer!

    • You go, bluelibra! Sounds like Gemini slut boy was a passing disease in your life. The cure is painful, but the recovery assured – & being fully healed is going to be wonderful when you get there. (& now you have new antibodies against other disrespectful, unworthy, garbagey slut boys who treat you badly.)
      Many holiday blessings for a fast healing. 🙂

  27. ……and I added a comment then I couldn’t find it – it just disappeared, so I added another – then my original comment appeared……I have had so much of this recently – frustration with a capital F… it takes me sooooo long to do anything……I have run out of ‘clean’ I am usually quite tidy and love things to be ‘nice’ – flowers in vases, bit of a polish etc. but , you should see my house ……it is a total disaster zone…….I am sure I am an impostor, bring back the real me……I am over this one!

  28. My Sun is late (27 degrees) but IC is at zero degrees Libra, so Saturn has just crossed it, and Saturn is 7 degrees Aries (10th house), so it’s coming up to opposition.
    I’m actually loving it, it’s coinciding with my Uranian opposition, so I’m thinking the actions I take as part of my midlife crisis are going to be long term.
    I was suffering a career crisis (of course), after being unemployed for 7 months, getting a dream job and then beating myself up for still wanting more. I’m going back to Uni to get a Grad Dip in Teaching and changing careers. Feel calm, confident and like I can enjoy everything now.

  29. My partner and I stumbled over here from a different website and thought I may as well check things out. I like what I see so now i am following you. Look forward to exploring your web page repeatedly.

  30. I just found this on the banners on the side: now that we’re through it and it’s a bit farther removed I can discuss it without having a crying fit!
    I had Saturn on my Moon, Pluto, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and opposing my ascendant during this transit.
    I nearly died. I had a complete mental/emotional breakdown in 2010 as a result of therapy for my lifelong depression (which started in 2009 about the same time Saturn moved into Libra.)
    After putting myself back together I tried to move onwards and upwards but had to deal with another rock bottom of addiction in 2011. I’ve been sober for 2yrs now.
    Talk about Big Lessons learnt from the planet of Hard Knocks. Now that Saturn is only on my Sun/Uranus it feels like a PARTY!
    I have also gained some weight, since Saturn is no longer souring my appetite by draining my will to live, but hey! I don’t care- I made it out alive. That’s how it was for me. Anyone else?
    Hopefully my next Saturn return, if I live to see it, will not be so traumatic.

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