Astro-Decor: The All White Interior

All White InteriorHow I love the idea of an all white interior.  It appeals to my Moon in Libra like MAD.  But then Mars in Virgo (opposite Saturn!) envisages several hours a day gliding around, tight-lipped and eagle-eyed,  my neurotic hands gripping the spray and wipe as i wipe off MARKS OF GRUB.  Or worse GRIME.

Oddly enough the only person i know to actually DO an all white interior decor is the Sagg Fascinator and this is in spite of grown-up musician children, grandchildren, cats, dogs and an insane, chain-smoking (cigars), right-wing, Scorpio, hunter boyfriend.  She has NO Earth element in her chart whatsoever so I can only imagine that practical aspects did not concern her.

Come on, which sign could hack it?  In real life?  Maybe whichever sign would be an expert painter and able to repaint every few months. That would work. It wouldn’t be Cancerians because they would have too much stuff. They’d have “knick knacks” and sentimental tickets to things they remembered all over that mantlepiece. Pisces would scribble some inspirational slogan in lipstick on the mirror or put a rainbow sticker in the corner. It would remind Aries of a hospital room so no way. Leo – not enough bling. Scorps need red/purple. Sagg – LOL!

I am thinking an Aquarius who is really into Reiki and just sort of needs a SPACE into which to propel his/her thoughtforms between astral travels might like it. But they would have to drink their wheatgrass in the kitchen. A control-freaky Capricorn would do it – just to show that they could. Thoughts?

Image: Vogue Paris

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Aqua total white? Too chilly for me.. Way to chilly. But definetly the majority walls. Aquas as dirty…i used to think they were because im not. Till i found my 3 planet virgo second house. Probably where i get my organizational skills/ outta place as kryptonite.


Aqua Sun / Piscean Moon / Libra rising – you got me ! I’m an all whit’er XD I DO LOVE all colors, an insane degree of styls and cobos, but we allways come back to square one – the all white’r is what put’s my soul at ease . . . .


White is very special I think, it can have such a variety of shades and all so different… I don’t have much earth (Mars in Virgo) and I feel l NEED colour to balance me out. But I think a home can express something your clothes needn’t and vice versa. Like the business man who wears his grey suit armour all day, then goes home to a house of red and fuschia! Given I wear my colour a couple rooms I could do, but not the whole place. I don’t wear my patterns and I need some somewhere! When I… Read more »

Leonine Librarian

I keep having a grr response to chintz. I’d be ok with a mostly white room if I could also have lauren Sutherland Herringbone – Charcoal or a reasonable copy though…oh and one oversize black framed over the top mirror….but I guess that sort of throws the all whiteness out.


For the white aficionado maybe the Herringbone would be considered…chintzy!! Lol. I don’t like chintz at all in the way I guess most people mean, but I do love wild mixing of oriental patterns and colours – I guess I just define chintz as ‘eclectic over-the-top patterns’. I was being a bit tongue in cheek… purrrr no grrrr.

The Empress

My first thought runs to Aquarius too. Was researching decor by the stars a while back and I remember reading something about about white on white for Aquarians. My enquiries were related to north node karmic influences and the like which was fascinating to me as I have Aquarius there. I totally love white on white as well as anything clear – lucite chairs are like heaven to me. Shabby chic would probably fall into this category too as there are just hints of colour.


Nice idea in theory but it would be like living in an art gallery or photography studio and they repaint those every few weeks or days, so unless you like getting high on paint fumes, I’ll stick with my black, grey and purple. I once saw in a gallery a floor to ceiling wall of irridescent dark green feathers – was truly the most gorgeous thing I’d ever seen. The mirror and fireplace in that picture are nicely baroque but should be black, silver or purple, and the lamp really doesn’t match. But then you probably shouldn’t ask a Scorpio… Read more »

fire-breathing fish

I also have no Earth elements and my apartment is white-on-white (including high gloss white wood floors). In fact, I even painted my drawer organizers high gloss white. There are a few pops of color (turquoise Kleinreid vases, glossy orange bowl etc). I even removed the dust jackets on ALL my hardcover books (much to my Virgo partners horror) so that the matte looking spines would nice contrast with the high gloss bookcases.


A Libra could do it – but there would be multiple shades of white (not all chilly) & s/he’d know the names of all of them & spend hours matching them up & moving things around to enjoy the different combinations of white on white and the way they changed as the daylight changed. There would also be a lot of attention to textures.


I worked in Surgery for a few years. The thoughts of having that sterile, stark look in my own home never occurred to me…hideous.

spaced out pisces

Well an Aquarian mate of mine when I bought my house took it upon himself as a house warming gift to strip all the wallpaper from the entire house and paint it bright white. I kind of liked it for a while it was very loud in its blandness, almost shockingly peaceful. It was a great banishing too. Since then I have painted various rooms to my taste.
I discovered later that its a Metal colour in Feng Shui, we are both Metal Dogs.


I’m a Gemini, Venus in Taurus & Mars in Cancer, & white walls freak me the fuck out. I once moved into a room where everything was white and within a week the walls were green (a lovely mint-apple shade), I hated it that much. Then I moved out two months later & had to paint ’em back to white!


If your going to use a lot of white paint, buy the eco stuff. We get ours in Newtown. It has totally no off gassing, dries to a perfect matte white, you just slosh it on nice and thick and it blends in perfectly. When things get a little grey or yellow, just slosh a bit on. its a bit more expensive but well worth it.

unpredictable pisces

can I just add, the fake mantelpiece in that pic is really irritating me. use a sideboard or something! a wall table! anything! a mantelpiece is for a fireplace! no fireplace – NO MANTELPIECE!!!!!!!!! gah fake fake fake *mutter*


sheesh,couldn’t it be a real one just closed off ?


wouldn’t it be great to just go and think in though..

unpredictable pisces


Ãœber Virgo

My cranium would implode.

little fish

I only ever have crisp white sheets, and I love white flowers. BUT I do not like white food. i.e. cream, white bread, potato, milk, etc.
I used to experiment with shabby chic white outdoor furniture. I still love white cane furniture. Also buying only white clothes for this summer. Fave colours are vermilion, and greens.
White walls look clean but too bright for relaxing.

Leonine Librarian

I like white sheets, and bed linens, towels et al…I go for differing textures though…and these merge as pools of visual calm, light oasis amidst a whole slew of other colour.

Just white seems a little chilly.


I have a Virgo friend who would love it… but UGH…an “all white” anything is my worst nightmare!!!

Sagg sun / moon / venus


Only if it was self cleaning.

Scorp Scorp

Well, obviously, sorry for the typo.

Scorp Scorp

I’m a Scorp and I live all-white – except for the book covers on my bokkshelf. 😉


“matthew how the hell did u manage to get footprints on the ROOF!”
dont think it suits this saggo!


Who could hack it? Definitely not this scorp!

I could not imagine anything worse. Except perhaps the whole thing in canary yellow. Yuck.

My deep purple and blue themed room is much more my style – as you would hope I guess… being the mistress of my own destiny and interior design and all that (^_~)

unpredictable pisces

i would need a vase of hot pink dahlias, or big scented floppy yellow roses, or black tulips or something to entertain the eyesight 🙂

unpredictable pisces

ps. i only use lipliner or eyeliner to write on mirrors. be warned, if you are ever tempted to do the same, write only a couple of words or if you must write all your affirmations (affirmations = waste of time, i prefer psychotherapy and hardcore exercise these days!) on clean it off the same day or spend 3 hours scrubbing… all that dense pigment and grease dries out to one bastard substance that is impossible to remove


No-one mentioned Maggie Tabbara & her all white house.

My Libra Moon likes it but not the thought of painting over antique
furniture, sacriledge, but modern stuff, white leather lounges & chairs, walls & lamps etc.

My Mars in Virgo would be with a constant spray cleaner, all red wine & coffee
would be banned, certainly wouldn’t encourage guests would it?
Terrifying for them!
Wear much white in summer (& mostly black in winter, spring & autumn are b/w) but
jeez the fruit & grass stains.


Have always loved the Zen look with lots of white but this white for me would need a housekeeper. Aries (me) would do it then.

Funny though that you bring this white thing up Mystic as since I live where it’s about 100f half of the year, was thinking that next spring on I’m only going to wear white. We’ll see how long it lasts.


I love the Victorian vintage look with the mirror and the mantlepiece, but definitely needs some colour.


no thank you – Libra sun Scorp moon & venus


“Scorps need red/purple. “….. except for the celebate Scorps…the ones going pure… they are passionate about whatever they believe 😀

Ãœber Virgo

Two words: snow blind.

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

you know what’s that’s slang for……..?
also title of book Tarantino’s moulding to script ATM….

Ãœber Virgo

Now rockstar, you know I’ve had a sheltered life. You’re not trying to corrupt me are you?

Cripes, I hate white box interiors though, and worse with brown cube furniture. WTF do people have against colour these days? Give me a rococo palace or a cave or a tent or a dungeon, but not this glaring white death.

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

Ubers as a writer I pushing the envelope for the style I coined as “maximalism”………. and unless editorially directed, won’t assess any part of white box syndrome. Maison Martin Margiela merges styles, objects, textures – painted all over white – it works. even paint peeling off walls (of former grande saloon – so of course its fab!!). snow blind / snow droppers – coke refs…… no wonder Tarantino’s exploring – he’s up there with Bono / Bono’s wife (!!!!!!!) for MOST Snow Blinding vision to date!! BTW – am NOT participator in above activity…. NOW what about current obsession for… Read more »

Leonine Librarian

While I’m no fan of stained teeth, fluro teeth are creepy…that ultra white, white, WHITE…like someone has used OMO as mouthwash.

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

…peroxide ‘ring of confidence’………….?

Ãœber Virgo

Bono’s wife???? Five or however many kids and a coke habit? I HAVE led a sheltered life. I found it weird she made Vanity Fair’s best dressed list too.

Viva Maximalism!

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

SHE’s THE WORST………… nuf said – boring – next!!

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

PS VIVA MAXIMALISM – is yet to be explored – watch it!!

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

Maison Martin Margiela (he’s Taurus) in Milan is all white…… & it works. Really. Have posted links here prevoiusly – there’s something democratic about a boutique on via della Spiga that features white painted over all existing finished (including the Persian Rugs), the staff wear traditional white lab coats over their normal clothes. Nothing upity about that space. In fact it inspires……… the only all white domestic interior I know – is a the Virgo Former Supermodel. the same one who in a zen moment ditched every image published of her, along with her modelling portfolio. she now runs a… Read more »

Libra twins

I visited a house like this once, appreciated it from an asthetic point of view but absolutely couldn’t live there. The people who lived with it were a Libran (she who decided) and a Virgo (he who cleaned). So that’s probably why it worked.

Oh and no kids or pets, that would help too.

Lauren Riots

My grandmother is a Taurus and she has ALWAYS had everything white, walls, carpet, furniture etc. I remember as a child and we went to stay with her she would say things like “no hands on the walls” while we were taking off our shoes. She keeps things pristine, all the time and has a weekly cleaner.


PS..> Reminds me of hilarious episode of ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ where they hire an interior designer to remodel the kitchen (again) and she throws everything out of it, including the stairs to get down into said kitchen, she’s completely neurotic and obsessed with the ‘white box’.. (see at 4:51 mark for ‘Bettina and Max’

Ãœber Virgo

God I love that show and the fridge full of Veuve.


I’m super getting into white-on-white because I moved into a new house recently that was already freshly painted white and I really liked the peaceful feel of it. However, I like white-on-white as a blank canvas for little bursts of colour here and there, not sure I could do all-white all over the whole house. Maybe just in the meditation room or the the dining room. But whole house would seem a bit nutso..


Oh thanks. Now that makes more sense. Crabwoman vs Ladycrab. I still like you too! Maybe an avatar would help? I need to get one too. Can’t find an image I want to represent myself.


noooo and I am going to have to change my name! My son calls me this so I brought it here but it is ladycrab that you enjoy ScorpintheSky


Well I LOVE it. I love wearing all white too. My venus in Libra maybe? I have an aqua rising too Crabwoman. Is it a water sign thing?

PS With your indulgence Mystic. Crabwoman, I went to your page link from your other handle (the saggo rising one, thats you right?). I really enjoyed your music. I’ve been singing your “you still want what I’ve got” song for days, without frustration. And from me that is the highest compliment. Its lovely.

virgo cat

Interesting..was going to do a colour on the wall and then have all white furniture, bedding, trim, blinds, etc. All white is a bit crazy, but would prefer most in the bedroom.

Or the bathroom. All white bathrooms are fantastic.

venus a-go-go

All. White. Bathroom.
Impossible. To. Keep. Clean

I am not sure that this toro, with libra moon could live in a space like that.
Interesting to look at. Impossible to live.

And your home needs to live, you know?

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

I LOVE my all white bathroom…….LOVE!!

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

p.s is no diff to keep clean than any other……. my all BLACK floors of living rooms are harder BTW……


whoops sorry, only me, had to clean cache yesterday


I am hoping to test this theory next year with a bedroom makeover. Already selected the furniture and it is all white! Painting some time in the new year in prep! Aqua rise and not typically Cancerian regards keepsakes, so no clutter and the simplicity of the white is appealing to me. Plus easy to keep a handle on the cleanliness factor when it is one room and our private one at that. But breaking out with super bright bedding, which I have already started stashing.


Yes Aqua for sure they would love this… but would they actually clean it?…. no.

I on the other hand could not live in white, It could drive me nuts so no way man!

Mars, jupiter & saturn in Virgo


do aquas ever clean anything? they don’t do domestic details… too busy living in their heads to notice or care about stuff like that. there’s always someone else to tend to domestic duties, if they’re smart enough to hire or marry help.


You both totally got it. As an Aquarius I have always wanted to have a lovely perfectly clean and tidy home and I DO clean but apparently not regularly enough and when I do get into the habit of doing it regularly (and this means I am forcing myself and it’s HARD) something will still be neglected as I can’t possibly do it ALL, all the time. So, no. For practical reasons I already know I will never have an all white anything. Also, while I have seen some decor photos in white on white (I love that phrase) that… Read more »


I have lived with an Aqua for 3 years & have aqua friends…. I feel I know these beautiful creatures quite well… Yes it is true they barely clean..EVER. I don’t think it is a personal thing just that they are much too busy doing other important things. The thing that ASTOUNDS me is when they do….. they do a much better job than I do!! I think they fluke it! Grr Yet they want white leather lounges (with cats lurking around that claw furniture), uncluttered surfaces (even though they have 10 billion books) & want to wear white jackets/pants… Read more »

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