Astro-Decor: Padma Lakshmi & A Portrait Of YOU Above Your Bed?

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Padma Lakshmi at home in her bedoom Harpers Bazaar Australian Fashion

I  have been like this since I was about nine and I doubt now that it’s ever going to change. I go bats for the Boho beauties & want to know all about them.

So I saw an article on the Padma Lakshmi Indian born M.T.A ex-wife of Salman Rushdie-turned cooking show hostess, jewellery designer and currently mother-to-be-only-she-refusing-to-name-the-father and i LOVED HER. The last thing I read about her was something by her ex-hubby (and yes i am anti-fatwa/pro Salman & freedom of speech etc) bitching about HER & I thought YICK…about him. But she’s now determined to have this baby on her own, design jewels, continue a tv career & employ women.

I have an automatic adoration of woman who are bold, beautiful and outrageously going-for-it no matter what. All that. She is a Virgo – Sun, Moon, Mercury and Pluto…Plenty smart.  Her Mars in Leo squares Saturn & sextiles Venus in Libra (early marriage to an older/established man ends in pain but it is socially advantageous, to go with an old-school interp-her Dad may not have been exactly supportive, putting it mildly.)

BUT with the portrait of herself above her bed…that is FULL ON… There was nothing in the article about this – that i noticed. And weirdly, it is NOT so flattering! Please – freud me here. Do peeps USUALLY have pics above their bed???  Of themselves?  And if so, how weird is it when the person looks better in real life? And is a multiple conjunct Virgo?

I am SO going to save up my Mars-Saturn thoughts on Bad-Dads and Older Husbands at an Early Age for a Later Post…

Would you put a picture of yourself hugely above your bed?

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50 thoughts on “Astro-Decor: Padma Lakshmi & A Portrait Of YOU Above Your Bed?

  1. It is like her alter ego maybe? Virgo Beyonce aka Sascha Fierce? Im sure she has a few paintings or photos of herself or sascha fierce around the bedroom…

    I would do it, but not in such large proportion….
    Shows you have a healthy ego..jajajajaj

  2. Oooooh, I’d find it so tacky and egocentric… not at all a turn on if you were to sleep with a guy and whoa, dude, there’s you on the wall. A mirror, groovy, but a dead-eyed portrait on a canvas?? Eerie.

    BUT having said that, I have my own self-portrait story. Okay, so as an actor, we get asked to do strange things and I felt terribly flattered to be chosen as a post-christmas sale model for a jewellery chain store photo campaign. Upon seeing the store taking said photo down after the sale, I was unusually bold and walked in, told them it was me and they gave me the 80cm x 80cm cardboard pic of my smiling (albeit Photoshopped) face to take home. A strange walk back to the car through the mall, let me tell you.

    Anyhoo, it now sits atop a cupboard that greets ppl as they exit the loo. It feels so wrong and yet I feel I SHOULD be able to be proud of getting such a campaign (as a non-model type) but is it forcing ppl to make adoring comments? As a Cap, I’m torn between modesty and evidence of an achievement… But it IS near the loo, so I feel I’m not being too egotistical.

    I do have a huge painted canvas of myself (done as my final art project in grade 12 – me as a Pre-Raphaelite goddess… sort of…) that hangs in Mum’s house. I’d be MORTIFIED to have it hang in my own domain, esp the bedroom. “Look at me! I’m so glorious! Flatter away if you will…” Ick.

    • Hehe… that is a tricky one – torn between modesty and evidence of an achievement. I’m inclined to veer towards the latter, it being a campaign et al.

  3. wrong wrong wrong.
    can’t BELIEVE she’s a virgo.
    The painting is hideous and even if it was half decent no self respecting virgo would sleep under their own portrait! The only explanation is that the artist is a dear friend who she couldn’t bare to upset so had to put the thing up somewhere. At least guests wont be bowled over by it when they come into the lounge room, and you can’t see it when you’re in bed (unless you’re doing something bendy and tantric I guess)

  4. And you wonder why she is single? Our environment is a reflection of us and just looking at this would tend you invoke the feeling of her begin all about her and ultimately it takes two to make a marriage / relationship work. Placing pictures of you as a happy couple would work best……unless of course you enjoy begin on your own.

    • Liz I so get u but Padma is stunning – WHY have a pic of you that is so less hot?
      She was married to a high profile way older hubby so maybe this her way of saying it’s all ME-ME-ME and that is how i like it for the moment? Wot u think of Cher’s Dining Room below?

      • Maybe the naive portrait is an attempt at irony. It’s not implausible she prefers to be single. Rushdie’s ego is gigantic and she might be attempting to one-up him by sticking her enlarged self above the bed. Mars in Leo would be into that.

        Her parents split when she was one.

      • Funny actually – I just automatically assumed she had this when she was married whereas it could have well been placed after she became single and it is a power tool. However not sure about the legs up in the air!

        • Yes, I think it is like a picture/vestige of a less powerful HER!

          Just a vibe.

          Wot you think of Cher’s Taurus dining room below? I flipped at all the wood and heaviness

          • I’d love to know about that ceiling espec…because while I like the carving in theory, in practice it makes me feel like it could drop on me at any moment.

      • BTW, her Mars in Leo is conjunct Lilith. She likes to be on top.

        And yes, I find the legs in the air a little too ironic.

  5. or maybe the whole thing was staged for the shoot. She does look “posed’ . However she may love the pic and the artist who is very anti Rushdie just to piss him off. Do Virgo’s think like that? as a leo it comes au naturale

  6. This seems an angry and awkward self-portrait. It’s like she is using it to ward off something, maybe like Liz refers to, it is to do with her single status currently and her anger at men.

    The colour is reminiscent of the sacral sexy chakra and is very powerful and I think she is located in the more masculine aggressive side of the pic.
    The face is mask-like, she can look like that, but it is surprising it would appeal to see herself this way? Then the legs! Thrown up like she has fallen, or been tipped over, yet passive aggressive somehow to me…

    She’s a cool customer, that she is wearing the snake armlet seems a call to the dark aspect of feminine power to me. I can’t believe someone that interested in jewellery and the visual world would miss a trick here.

    So this pic at the end of her bed is not so much about ego for me, this is a statement no one is going to fire-truck with her.

    This is NOT a laid back chick imo!

    Given all that I wouldn’t have a self portrait like this above my bed, however a pic of hubby and me would strike me as twee unless it was artistic rather than portrait-like.

  7. Interesting … maybe it is a reaction to the ex-marriage … he wrote a whole novel thinly disguised about her, as a goddess-like figure, the epitome of men’s desires and the most beautiful woman in a really mystical way. The novel is “The Enchantress of Florence” and it’s a good read as are all his books.

    I think from an article I read soon after the breakup (in which he wasn’t bitching, just wistful) he was saying that it was hard to be married to someone so beautiful, kind of like it was intimidating. Of course, that’s running down his talent, but that’s probably how he saw it from his point of view. I can’t remember where I saw the link.

    But what I wondered from seeing this pic was whether he laid it on thick about her being so beautiful, and she felt on a pedestal not an equal partner, and this is her reaction to being pedestal-ized, to have a less than flattering portrait.

    In feng shui terms, maybe she wants to be alone/single for a bit? Not everyone wants to always be available to attract a man/relationship into their lives.

    As far as having a portrait of yourself, if it’s done by an important artist, either a “name” or a friend, then the fact that it’s of you is irrelevant, it’s about honouring the artist not about you.

      • I totally agree with tati’s analysis too. Espesh since I did the same thing after being pedestal-ised a couple of years ago: cut off most of my hair, got into the pastries, basically just uglied up for a bit. AND, it so happens, that I have my Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn all in Virgo and a framed photograph of moi, albeit looking quite fine imho, above my bed. Conspiracy, non?

  8. I think it’s very staged and maybe the stylist for the shoot is trying to make a statement for her. As a virgo sun I can’t imagine a multiple virgo would keep a portrait of herself above her bed, but then she is a very very beautiful woman and has naturally been idolised because of it all her life. Maybe she bought the hype ?

  9. As an artist who specializes in portraits, I have discovered the only person I can’t seem to capture on canvas in myself. I think she painted this herself and is some kind of reminder to her not to take herself or her beauty too seriously; a quirky reality check…..Almost all beautiful women never see themselves the way the rest of us see them…

    • Ooh, that’s a goody, VR. It’s not about ego, it’s about keeping a healthy perspective of oneself in the midst of everyone else’s opinions. Paint a quirky self-portrait. What a great therapy tool for women with varying “issues.”

  10. I see it as the final step of the total Virgo. Ultimately, they only have room for themselves, in the nicest poss way.

    I wanted to love Padma but watching her on Top Chef somewhat put me off.

    • Think I should’ve qualified that, I have 2 good Virgo friends and know many more. Both of those 2 have their homes absolutely junked up with huge photos, portraits and even sculptures of themselves…to the point where they jokingly refer to it when you go over…

  11. that painting is just plain ugly irrespective of what her intention or status is / was. and she be TOTALLY divine.

    motivated by activity on this site, moved sleeping position (for instantly improved feng shui) to an auspicious direction – coinciding with visit to Art Sydney, which became Art My House…. resulting in a wall shuffle – net result being what now hangs above the bed head… massive femme nude by Le Ex – actually well placed.
    as long as it doesnt fall…….
    all over red rover for the sleepers!! lol xox

  12. um…yeah…Feng Shui wouldn`t like this ….a picture of SELF above a double bed ?…my husband once had an Artist paint an abstract nude of me ….but I can tell you it is most definitely NOT above our bed.

  13. I THINK THE PIC IS PLAYFul, in a sort of ‘naive’ style (but not nec representing her as naive) and if it was me doing it, it would be because I was all about ME for a while. Maybe she is quite a selfless / giving person so needs that Leonic reminder to focus on Herself, etc..?.

    btw i just love the two guys virgo/pisces having a huge pic of Pamela Anderson in their place…it works for me on so many levels 🙂

    • Also the painting might be a gift or have some personal meaning for her so it doesn;t matter if she looks less hot, it is still her in the artist’s interpretation and PS the painting is a tad sexy (ie her boobs look great) so less need to focus on glamour / details of appearance…..? again pisces interpretation…

  14. My multiple conjunct Sun, Moon & Mercury in Virgo brother is very talented in fashion sketching & has pictures of himself up in his room that he has drawn. Yes I have found it rather odd & I would be embarrassed by it if it were me, but I think it mixes in with his ego somehow & he feels good about it. They do rarely look like him as they are rather harsh looking, which he is not, still strange as is with Padma.
    She is so beautiful & that picture is not so but then again knowing it is of her makes it more beautiful than it really is.

  15. Mystic did you notice what looks like a gold snake braclet on her arm in the pic?

    I do think that this pic placement and style of said pic is taking the piss somewhat at herself…as in a sort of knees up Mother Brown style, show us your tits brazenly…take that other people’s perceptions type way.

  16. Funny, I just read an article on her from Vanity Fair 2007, in which she mentioned this portrait. She said it was done by quite a famous artist and when she broke up with Rushdie, this was one of the few things that she wanted from their joint possessions.

    I WANTED to like her, she’s gorgeous, she comes from a really interesting background – single mother who moved from India with a young baby (Padma) to escape the stigma of being divorced. But in the article, she just comes across as a bit ingenious and dumb and quite aware of her charms and determined to sell herself. She is not cool at all, she seems quite shallow. I think Rushdie, like many older men, just fell for her with pure lust, and idolised her beauty because, apart from ambition, I don’t think she possesses much in the way of intellect. maybe, secretly, she realises this. I’ve had these kind of relationships too, only I was in my teens. She’s in her mid-thirties.

  17. Whoa. Yes, perhaps this was one of those talismans of honoring the former self before the shit storm. But to the essential question, would I want to shag in this bedroom?


    Would I have restful sleep in it knowing a version of myself with a dead stare and staring tits hovered above me?


    As far as bedrooms are concerned, I pretty much sod a postured style, the only statement it needs to make IMO is that it deliver sound sleep and sound sex. Not necessarily in that order. So I would be more concerned with thread count, light blocking, pillow bouyancy, room fragrance and last but not the least, LIGHTING. I like to say My Bed is My Stage. Or my Venus in Leo does at least.

    I do think she’s a beauty but all I ever wonder when I see her is how she never gains weight in that cooking show.

    • Maybe there is another even more unexplanable portrait tucked far away from the camera?

  18. hello there Padma is NOT a Virgo sun….she is Scorpio sun. Very dissapointing that someone would not check their facts. Poor journalism.

  19. So.. I completely agree with the ‘painted herself’ idea – and perhaps she painted this portrait of herself trying to depict what she WANTS to be? Not in a physical sense but in an emotional/spiritual one.. so she sees something in that painting that she someday wants to emulate naturally and by putting it above her bed it’s in such a personal place and so meaningful to her that everytime she sees it, handpainted, it’s like a little reminder to be more like the woman in it – her, but, improved somehow.

    Yes? Maybe?

  20. I don’t feel there is anything wrong with her hanging a portrait of herself in her home, perhaps it’s a way for her to express her new found independence and self-reliance. It appears to be a very personal piece of artwork.
    People that find pictures and paintings of people in their own homes as egocentric just come across as insecure and judgmental, to each her own, and if she wants to celebrate who she is, cheers to that!
    It shows someone who is enjoying their life, and proud of their achievements, inner spirit, and expressing their creativity, etc. I also don’t care what her sign is, that is irrelevant to the situation.

  21. Absolutely not – I’d be way too embarrassed to seem that egotistical. (Egotism is so boring after age 29.) I might have a (much smaller) picture in some discrete place in the apartment, surrounded by pictures of other people.

    On the other hand, people do all kinds of crazy things when recovering from the breakup of a serious relationship, so I say – whatever gets you going in the morning, go with it.

  22. I have a poster sized picture of a dead bird over my bed. *shrug* i love the picture and my husband doesn’t mind.

  23. PL’s portrait was done by a famous artist and is a good rep of his style
    Guessing that PL cherishes this piece. She said this about him when describing a hot sauce recipe:
    “This hot sauce is named after my very dear friend, Francesco. I always joke that Francesco is really an Indian man trapped in an Italian body, and he tells me I am an Italian trapped in an Indian body. He and his beautiful and elegant wife lived in Madras when I was very young. He is now so addicted to this sauce that I feel like a drug dealer when he calls to say he’s finished his stash.With four children, he is forced to hide it deep in the back of the fridge. I love the tastes of hot and sweet in the same bite, as you may have figured out by now. And I love the tear-inducing fieriness of pickled chipotle peppers. My favorite brand, La Morena, comes in a bright orange can. This condiment will keep nicely in the fridge for a couple of months.”

    My Virgo stellium wants me to post the recipe because, if I didn’t, someone would wish I had:

    10 fresh or dried dates, pitted, cut into chunks
    4 plum tomatoes, seeded, with the juice squeezed from them
    13 ounces pickled chipotle peppers in adobo sauce
    2 cloves garlic
    1/3 cup honey
    1 teaspoon coarse sea salt
    In a blender or processor, combine all the ingredients and blend until they make a thick paste. Pour into a deep saucepan, and cook over medium-low heat for about 5 to 6 minutes, adding 1/4 cup of water halfway though and stirring. Cool and then store in an airtight glass jar.

    Makes about 3 1/2 to 4 cups