The Aries Color Is Red – Always.

Aries color

The Aries color is Red. It isΒ the color of their ruler Mars, of courage, blood, and fire. Not only is red lucky and empowering for Aries, but it also suits them. For them, it is a neutral or a basic.

Even if they are in circumstances where they cannot stand out – an espionage mission, perhaps or trying not to overshadow the bride/their board members/co-stars – the Aries can wear red underpants as a secret power talisman.

Check out these Ramzilla types above and below, powered up in their Aries color, at the top of their game and bringing it with some Mars Person attitude.

Above; Lady Gaga. Below, Emma Thompson, Kristen Stewart, Pharrell, and Elton John.


Aries color

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I’m an Aries Rising and I own red. The cool red tone. I can’t stand warm reds.
I also wear fushia. I am actually a Libran, and I hate baby pink and any other shade but that bright annoyingly blueish one.
I wear bright colours with black and leather quite a bit. And orange. Orange shirts with leather pants.
I think it’s the scorpio, and Saggitarius is the ruffian in paint splattered cut offs I wander around in. Or is that Virgo being all up in it?


I don’t understand why Aries are restricted to wear Pink?
While its my most favorite color.
I think its just only a belief that Aries should only wear red?
And i don’t believe in it.


I am aries and I really hate red. My home is neutrals and I dont like wearing bright colours at all. I dont like red lipstick either but I have to admit when i see certain reds on the people in my life they look great. – weird?


I’m a scorpio and look DAMN fine in red, if I may say so. Also, I can wear a bright red lip without looking like a clown, hooker or blow-up doll.

(I do have aries as my ascendant. But I think scorpys and sagdys look great in fire-engine reds.)


Scorp and I adore red–but darker tones usually, not so bright as those ladies up there. That’d be the Plutonic co-rule with mars I suppose.

But one of the best red-wearers I know is a proud Piscean!


Thought Ellen Barking was JK Rowling for a minute. anyone else see that?

My corporate chick friends admit to wearing RED on an ads-need-basis. When needing to feel strong when weakened on female days, or when constantly pounded by an over male culture.

Do women (any sign) wear red by necessity? or do our cycles dictate ?


Catriona – you evoked a red memory. My Aqua-Sister stamped crossly out to the porch one sunny day, wearing red jeans, red top, red shoes and rather red cheeks. We observed her for a minute as she contorted the cushions to settle, then someone remarked that perhaps she was wearing her period that day. Blushing furiously she cried, “Oh God!!!” mortified and dashed off to change… Since then I often catch myself attracted to red at cycle time, but I carefully steer clear!! (I don’t need help with aggression at that time and usually wear blue or green to counter… Read more »


I used to have the don’t fuq with me power outfits when the office machismo got too much but they were more bondage mistress than splash of colour.


yep – I can actually do a whole ‘red’ load of washing…

and I look GREAT in red – I remember the first time as an adult I wore red after extremely shy teen years wearing navy blue, brown, white and black. It was in first year art school – I still remember how fantastic I felt.

aries sun
cancer moon
taurus rising


MUM LOVES RED! i swear she was like red lipstick, dresses ect. for like the first 5 years after i was born – then she had my bro and well – 2 kids are harder to look after than ONE!


I’m struck by your awareness matthew. You’re a smart young man.


aww thanks whatever! xx


I LOVE red! It’s a huge colour for both of us. Hubby looks fab in all shades, but I have to be careful with the shade I wear and keep it to a minimum. I have splashes of it throughout the house. It is definitely a sexy and empowering colour.


Ugh, I don’t really like blonds in red, unless they’re pale, ethereal blonds in that classic blue-red. I don’t think any of those ladies look good in those colors.

I think Brunettes rock red much harder. I’m one, and I wear red fairly often. Orangey-reds suit me best, but I get the most positive feedback/male attention when I wear corals and melon colors. Flatters my skin tone like nothing else.


As a sun/moon Taurus with Virgo asc I wear red frequently and especially have a thing for very red purses and other accouterments (luggage, ipod cover, phone cover, etc.). My bedroom is also outfitted in red. Not so much on the tomato and orangey reds, preferring the burgundies and blue-reds more. Plus those tend to go with my other color obsession–dark blue (of the midnight and Egytian lapis varieties).


Nope Cancerians with no Aries in the chart can wear red … but not quite to the extent of Elle or Reese.


PS…red underwear really seems to work for some reason…actually doesn’t really show through on white….and makes black better.


My Aries husband Luvs red lingerie……too ” Christmas-y ” for my taste.

year of the fox

ROFL! I wear a lot of somber/serious colours like black as my outer wear but i go crazy nuts with color on my lingerie like hot pink lace with aqua knickers!


We’ve all tried red….I’ve done hair, nails, handbags, shoes, boots, jumpers, coats, cars……..and the reason is…because it makes men think about sex! (according to article above). That would be…makes men think about YOU and sex because of the red I guess.

Anyway…like Opium…it might be a cliche…but it’s always worked for me! πŸ™‚


I’m a textbook Aries and I love red. I wear lots of it. Red socks, red dresses, red singlets, and red undies are great for the base chakra… Actually red is the colour of the base chakra, the earthy chakra, the bum chakra… Keeps me grounded. Actually sometimes it’s a kind of discipline for me to buy another colour, like green, just as a cool complement to all the red.. Though lately I’ve started wearing white… odd at first, but now kind of liberating.. the ultimate non-colour..

year of the fox

“Bum Chakra”? I love it! I’ll call it that and freak out the yoga teacher.


Red is a scorp colour……. totally! I do have aries asc, but most scorp women have a red lippy, and can ‘do’ red like no other people I know. Interesting concept, attraction to red during menses. I’m decked out in red from head to toe, but I’ve been obsessed for ages….. hmmmmm


Scorp here—I like the darker Burgundy wine reds


yup – me too – bluish reds, blood reds – sex blood death etc, the dominatrix thing. Trouble is I’m into purple at the moment & they totally don’t go together.


own one fire engine red dress. wore it to a work function 3 years ago. people still talk about it like the dress has a life of its own….


Aqua baby.
Absolutely! I have Mars in Aries and feel best in red. I don’t think I have lots of red (always room for more) until I see other people at gatherings and realise I’m the reddest person in the room. My hair is also red. And this from a Taurus sun/Libra moon **never** caught in pink.

Aqua Baby

Why wear pink when you can wear red? πŸ™‚

Aqua Baby

I was born to wear red. I’m attracted to anything red. Not an Aries but I have Venus & Mars in Aries… A sign?

fluid feline

Love red but can only wear splashes of it or say a jacket/jumper in winter. Know an Aries gal who always wears heaps of red and white. My living room and bedroom have lots of red highlights in furnishings and paintings – am attracted to red but have to be in a special mood to wear full red (being a blonde). Leo sun/Cancer Moon/Pisces rising


Can’t do red – it’s a symbolic colour for me really. I wear it only when I am feeling real low and have to get stuff done. It suits me though. Rising Aries.
Like someone else mentioned, with too much fire in the chart I feel like I need cool colours to temper my temprament.

My best Aries gal wears red and looks fab in it too. She regards it as her signature colour.


firetrine, i knew we had similarities. i being a aries rising too.

i love cherry red, and i conciously wear it when i need a boost of feeling really spunky. i always feel very in the zone when i put it on.

watery libran

Heaps and heaps of red in my wardrobe – nary a planet in Aries anywhere in my chart – I especially loooooove red shoes, can’t get enough of them. I remember years ago reading a book by another Australian (I think) astrologer who had a theory about “taking planets for a walk” or someting along those lines. It was all about focussing on the qualities you needed to develop in yourself – my case assertiveness and self belief – and taking them for a walk, nurturing those qualites etc etc. That was probably about the time that I started with… Read more »

scorpalicious robot

nah, i agree with you! I wish Elle would get a bloody haircut! She’s had the same hair style for years – boriiiiiiiiiiing!

lib rising ramzilla

I totally agree re elle. she’s so yuck.

ΓƒΕ“ber Virgo

Yes, God forbid a woman over forty like Elle should look amazing and sexy. Totally age inappropriate, I agree. Perhaps she could borrow a girdle and some beige pumps from Laura Bush. Lawn bowls anyone?

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

or she could have elaborately ‘set’ hair do teamed with knee length frock, Mary Jane pumps & wave demurely ……
come on ppls – ageist is boring!!
good for her rolling the eternal beach chick look for decades.
am no fan. but good for her for remaining at the top of her game.
and wtf is ‘age appropriate’ ??
is there a manual?

BTW ellen looks hot. just poorly timed shot. she’s in SUCH good nick. should she be ‘age appropriate’ sport all grey locks eh?


Agreed. I am not going to look old when I am if I can help it! plus, what is really so age inappropriate about Elle’s dress here? or is it the maiden hair that is her noted style and is a trademark as much as her body? I think when people can survive that many years in fashion and turn themselves into a product almost (ie, Elle body -wtf is that Heidi Klum thing about btw) with her lingerie range, that a radical change in the public eye wouldn’t be so good for business perhaps let alone suddenly nannafying. Would… Read more »

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

lets wear utterly unsexy undies for one week in protest !!

….off to find a shawl, some sensible shoes for my ankle supports & – oh drat – its way too late to go out now….. might pop some toast in the toaster & have a cuppa in front of The Bill – early night & water the Geraniums before the sun hits them….. or something….

………or I could chill out until the Cap DJ finishes @Fashion editor’s chic soiree for in-house entertainment program to kick in?

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

no offense intended WL & UP…….. but ageism gets me goin’ ….

& am seriously no fan of elle, but good on her I reckon!!
of the 3 tho, still reckon ellen’s rockin the red the most…

year of the fox

I think Scorps can wear red but they seem to like the dark reds. I think the brighter cherry reds are favoured by Arieans. There was also a study that a sports team with red as their uniform colour tended to outperform blue and other colours.

I myself prefer blue tinted reds over orangey-reds. I’m not a pink wearer even though I am Libran.


they look so sexy in red too


Mother sun-venus Leo always wears red, any type of colour red and the furnishings in the house, red everywhere…

My Aries boy looks good in red, try not to dress him in red as it just makes him more crazy, hyper and energetic…ahhahah


I’m sure your little Arian is SO cute….!!

Just like a little Fire Engine or Train Engine….chug-chug!!


Hahah he is an absolute beauty Sweetie, pure male enegy…I try not to cage him in too much, I cancer mama “Just slow down chico”….jajaj


I don’t have any aries in my chart and I LOVE wearing red! I wear it all the time! Almost as much as I wear green or black. Usually I wear it WITH black! Even as a blonde I wore red quite often! In fact, I’m wearing red right now! I think it’s a fantastic colour. I find I feel more authorative when I wear it, and much more confident in what I say. I plan on wearing it tomorrow, actually, should go plan out my clothes exactly now. (And maybe write that essay, hm…)


HAHAHAHA you’re a mad woman


love love red!

scorpio sun
moon sagg


Aries son chooses red clothes a lot. He did have a thing for Barbie Doll pink when he was about 3, it was like a magnet to him.

Who is the last lady in red?


Ellen Barkin


my point exactly wtf happened there? or is it years since I saw a picture of her and I just got a bit of a fright?


Yes she looks really hard, but then again hasn’t she always? Or was I ‘seeing’ the future lol.


My motto has always been “when in doubt wear red”.

Can’t wear tomato red, better ruby red.

Moon in Aries.

Bullish Cassie

I should look into my mothers’ chart more closely. The only Arian thing she has going is the red: car, carpets, bedding, clothing, scrubs, phone, nails. . .


Red suits me people say, I have phases of it – a signature piece in rouge. Libra Sun

Had no idea that was ellen barkin – weird has she been on the turps?

fluid feline

That’s what I was thinking, she looks out of it.


Wait up….she closer to 60 than 50, & i regard her as having max sex appeal did you see “Sea of Love’ with Al Pacino? OMG hot as & married to a billionaire to boot. She says no facelift just a little ‘lunchtime’ uplift..and is style guru for women of a certain age. Fab legs, slim toned & defined calves. Jump the fence for her i would πŸ™‚ Absolutely no red for me but one classic wraparound in red for Chinese New Year, oh & one pair of shoes in red worn once. The women above all look stunning… Read more »


o that’s where I got it all wrong then I thought she was about 40 and I couldn’t work out how the aging happened so fast. Not the actual aging just the speed of progression. I take it you’d be wearing the red shoes as you jumped ;o )


You bet,whatever, look to the neck, she’s my vintage. Viewed all her movies (not many) & just love this kinda sexy sneer she does, looks like a Real Cowgir with an amazing walk on her, she can wear heels like she was born in them. So many woman with heels blow it with their walk as it is a practised art they don’t know about unless taught. Now about Elle’s bust line in that hippy dress that just hangs. Which one would you jump the fence for? Elle or Ellen? HeartFace doesn’t count as cannot get over her getout in… Read more »


funny question I really had to think about it – none of them – makes me think not sure my fence is for jumping anymore but if it was juliette binoche. speaking of symbols it’s weird that symbol we were talking about in the other thread I realised yesterday it’s on the world card in one of my tarot decks – never noticed it before. Crazy. Wish I still had the book that went with them so I could find out what it is. ellen’s about to go OFF pegs – she’s got 4 films in post production right now.… Read more »


“well read”

ha, good one Pegs


I have no prob with her age, just looks a little tipsy from the night before perhaps. And “The Girls” just need, well, a little something….

Still, have always wanted to stagger down the red carpet a la Keanye West and bottle of whiskey and then crash the ceremonies… πŸ™‚


Stop it!It is an unfortunate fact that ONE drink or TWO can mess with your looks I was being polite when i said closer to 60 than 50 as she is 59 or 60 now & doesn’t take a great still pix as her appeal is in face & body movements plus it’s ALL about lighting a la age certain πŸ™‚ All that effort, one would need a drink or whatever it takes to go out to the masses. And it would have been Dom Perignon not turps πŸ˜‰ or fine quality Peruvian. Feel like i’m defending myself, huh? Perhaps… Read more »

Salacious Sagg

I am a Sagg and most of my wardrobe is red. Rvery time I buy clothes my family says….let me guess? Bet you bought something in red? No Aries whatsoever in my Scope. My daughter is an Aries and as she finds me way out etc is sooooooo conservative and wears blue/grey/black mainly!


Elle, gorge, Reese, gorge..

Ellen…Should have slept it off just a ~wee~ bit more


Okay, mean I know, and I was just talking about being nice but hopefully Ellen does not hear me (~shhhhh~Please don’t tell)

Lexicon Limbo

My wardrobe is all about red & pink. Everything I wear is based on black/red or black/pink. Starting to add a dash of black/green.

Taurus btw


woulda neva picked you 2 b a toro LL glad to “meet” one I can relate 2

Lexicon Limbo

*bows* Happy to be a good toro experience xx


Scorpio. Yes, I wear red.
And I once read that men respond more to orange-reds than to blue-reds, so now I choose my reds carefully!


reds really should match your skin tones but orange red is much more flirty and blue red more serious, the the difference between emanating california 80s fast life blonde and a dominatrix


I love coral reds but I am blue based all the way. I remember when M.I.A started to bring back coral red lips and man she looked so hot.

That is what I love about red its all about sex and power , meow!


oh god and I just realized the thing I was noted for at work was red shoes. I got people give me cards with red heeled ladies on them for ages, my MC is in aries. what a literal interpretation…

lib rising ramzilla

Ms. I’m so wit ya on the right reds for yr skintone! Everyone has a right red. I’m an orange red for sure & never feel hotter than when wearing something low cut and a red! Blue red yuck yuck. I like yr characterising as flirty vs serious too… it suits.


thanks x

I am way to pale for your red but its so va va voom.


Am a “cool” color person so red suits me (Aries) as do purples, whites, black/grey.

About 20 yrs. ago, wore this goldish colored lipstick to work one day. Co-worker stoped by my office and motioned his hand “so-so”. Told me it was not my best choice. He usually called me “Snow” as in Snow White because of dark hair, fair skin, red lipstick.

year of the fox

Yeah if you have colouring like Snow white, she’s a “winter”. That means blue-reds suit you more than the orangey-reds.


Check babe πŸ˜‰


I’m a pisces, and people in my office comment if I DON’T wear red on a daily basis, or wear red lippie! Looking slightly like a dominatrix helps when you’re a female in the construction industry.


I have had a series of red woolen jumpers..they drive women crazy, red suits me a lot, though I usually wear muted tones.


re your words and avatar – loving the juxtaposition


yes, my 6 year old has become a vampire, which can be hell on the neighbours.


yes well apparently he drives women crazy when in red – cute demon


Wonder why I still see your beach avatar david?


empty your cache and the vampire will emerge


Oh thanks whatever!! I had considered that but was lazy…x


Oh, there he is…Haha! Scary/wild davidl…

Just like pops?


Oh crap, now I show as anon….better fix….

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

yeah took ages for new Av to click in here – couldnt work out all the Twighlight refs……..then bingo, Davey morphed!!


An Aries ~muted~?

wtf Daveyl πŸ™‚


Wearing red is a “thing” is in my lineage…my Aquarian grandmother gave my Saggy mother money every birthday to buy a red frock. I don’t get the cash from my mother, but I do love wearing red, & my 3 yr old Saggy daughter (named after a red -fruited tree) is totally into wearing red. I actually think Aries vibe so red that they are better balanced by wearing cool colours.


I agree totally. The Aries aura is overpowering. I like to tone down my Aries Sun with aqua, silver, and white. They still have a little pow, but not as aggressive looking. Men in red drive me nuts. Absolutely nuts. πŸ˜€ My venus and eros are both in Aries too, so that explains being turned on by it. Aries men rock red like no other. πŸ™‚ We also look good in black. I have 4 Aries in my home, and the others, have an aries dominate somewhere. And every last one of us look fantastic in it. Maybeh before Scorpio… Read more »

Leonine Librarian

I kick arse in red…sans trashy anything.

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

never undertood the Libran pink thing… am surrounded by libs & NONE have pink thing. not one.

RED is my favourite colour outside denim.
LOVE red.
had red living room. before it became gold.

xox rockstar libran publicist xox


xox rockstar libran publicist xox

LOL even my Avatar’s rockin’ it in red!!

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