Yves St Laurent – Are Leos Chintzy?

chintzy French bedroomThis is the master bedroom in the country residence of the late Yves St Laurent, a multiple conjunct Leo (Sun, Venus, Mercury)…Is this or is this not classic Leo? I mean, are they usually this chintzy?



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Double Leo Sun-Moon Mom said she would not like a green room for starters.

She’s into blue.


The decor is typical Leo in that it’s very OTT, but as to what kind of statement he was trying to make, I’m not sure- Granny’s On a Trip?!

I like the bed, the chair and the fireplace. I’d get rid of everything else.

Leonine Librarian

The more I see this pic the more the feeling of someone’s boney old nanna sitting on my chest persists. The key element I see a majority of leos sharing is the highly individual nature of this room. I think this is I think a room very personal to the owner that would repel a lot of other people…but then for a Leo they wouldn’t give a shit about whether their taste runs with the crowd. I remain strong in my opinion that it would be really be surprised to see a rash of chintz loving leos. Gilt mongers…yeah, mirrors… Read more »


god LL I actually saw that old lady when I read your words. She was greyscale not a colour in sight. Cobwebs. Then Marianne Faithful started singing in my head and I didn’t want to think about the nana and giving to the poor. EEEK Nice work setting the scene. Gilt mongers ? Aries Mother in Laws Hehehe. Were you up studying? Saturn’s been quite helpful with mine – I kept thinking thank god I knew this transit was going to happen and deliberately planned the load around it – the results have been astounding. I’d hate to think how… Read more »

Leonine Librarian

Even with lists whatever I’m still shuffling actions about in my head to further enhance ‘The List’. I have the Sagg daughter’s birthday do looming…and while I have a running sheet, and recipe book written for the evening…I am also finishing lots of little projects around the place. I have tradies coming around for all sorts of little projects too. My mind keeps sifting through and discarding things that are necessary (alternate reality where I DO have minions and they actually jump when I say jump ) and my plan b scenarios. This will be the first time in years… Read more »


the green seems more apropos for maybe a mother-nature Taurus or a pastel Pisces ?


Scorpio- I like the vintage-y feel, but there’s waaay too much going on. Not cool with the colour either. And it needs more books. Bedrooms without books in them just seem wrong to me.

taurean alchemist

dastardly leo exhusband loathes florals… my Sadge step mother once wallpapered my father’s house in silks and all the bedrooms had chintz everything – laura ashley matching this that and the other. Seriously overdone – big time 80’s excess. It was vile, dle went pale every time he saw the place. My father (a Leo too) detested the house and couldn’t wait to get into something minimal. He lives in that totally minimal building in Rushcutters Bay now. DLE lives in a 60’s style house with carefully placed clutter.

Ãœber Virgo

Laura Ashley was a Virgo.


does a bear shit in the woods ? yes, that too..


As a Kataka moon & asc I like the vintagey look of it. I’d piff the awful vases & put the mirror in another room, then that thingy above the bed I’d get something plain coloured and gauzy.


Gemini – keep the bed and the lollipop chair, ditch the rest, the patterns do my head in. I need air, light, high ceilings, whitewashed walls and blankness

would have thought this better for a cancer?


Busy isn’t it, quelle horreur, total overload, he sure acknowledged his idea of his
feminine side, inner nanny, but the Leo’s i know do love their beds a lot a lot &
exotic lillies but where is the Lalique goblet for the Champagne?
This was where he wore his crepe de chine chemise de nuit collection?


OMG, love the colour but geepers it’s full on. I also have multiple conjunct Leo and yes, my bedroom is my haven, sanctuary and place of peace. Nothing elaborate but I love bringing in flowers and keeping it clean and chilled out. Oh the only vaguely chintz-y thing is a silky, pistachio green bed cover similar to this one above!


well…there is that sort of crown thingy over the bed…


extremely well said


I always imagine the perfect Leo room to give the impression of Lord or Lady of the Manor … even better King or Queen. Style wise it would vary depending on what the personal vision of the Leo in question happens to be of course.

taurean with the HMBOTS

i didn’t realise you knew the HMBOTS, prowlncat! ………….LOL!


hmmm not personally … but try two Leo parents? Tends to give one an insight ….

Leonine Librarian

My Sagg daughter saw me looking intently at a hook shaped like a crown, saw ever so nicely aided and abetted my gilt fetish. I’m going to put it up next to my back door and hand my string shopping bags on it.

Leonine Librarian

This is what comes of being sleepless at 3am. Typos. I need minions. If I had minions I think I could survive the oncoming week, better, stronger harder….gah maybe I need to embrace my inner minion.

Salacious Sagg

Pure torture for a Sagg. Love the chair though to sit and remove one’s riding boots. Cute bed but not strong enough to take leaping on. I would have nightmares in this bedroom.

I am amazed a male Leo had this as a bedroom. I obviously do not know them as I thought.

unpredictable pisces

egads. all i like in that room is the tiger lilies and the cool stripey red chaise thing


Change the colour scheme to black and red….. get rid of that weird flower painting thingy on the wall, and I’d like it… oh, and get rid of the mirror, and the… ok, can’t do it! I like the bed, keep. I don’t mind the colour, but less is more… love the flowers, and the humbug chair as someone dubbed it above… but how can anyone THINK in this room????


Not a fan of the ceiling, but I could definitely snuggle up and snooze in there. I don’t like gold, I think there may be a little too much going on, but I simply cannot refuse the charm of the room.


LOL baristagem

Yes I agree, *Leo ex was just saying last night of his love of 4 poster beds and bragging about a room he once had that he decorated in style of Louis V
-he would be happiest with an endless cellar of red wine, majestic drapery in royal colours, gold gilded mirrors everywhere and flocked wallpaper

*May we note for all modern decor loving Leos that the God of bias cutting Yves was a rather camp frenchman whom grew up in the earlier part of the decade and a lot of Paris still looks like this actually…


As a Leo I LOVE the immensity of his vision!!! However this particular room does nothing for me – apart from the delicious humbug chair which I would love to just pop in my mouth. I have seen some of his other rooms in a mag that were Russian inspired and just INCREDIBLE. They aren’t things to live in so much as something you would love to visit at an Art Gallery. Incredible fusions of colour and pattern that are so rich you and divine it’s almost too much to contemplate (a la 2001 “it’s… full of stars”). Personally for… Read more »


I’m looking for the wall length window (no, not mirror!)…for air, light & a grip on reality. I’m getting claustrophobic just looking at that room, let alone being in it. Bet is smells chintzy too….eeeew!


Looks like a Granny room….a Leo Granny ?


I have Saturn in Leo and I DETEST chintz. (Except for guilded mirror frames. Which is nostolgia.) And the Leo I knew best, an ocean sports star who lived on the beach had this bizarre chintz Versailles style chaise-lounge in the middle of all his practical furniture. Although he did have a show-offy Balinese bed replete with curtain frame in the living room too.

Bizarre. I think you’re onto something Mystic.

Leonine Librarian

Maybe it reminded him of his mother?

If I had adequate funding I’d probably consider as part of my decor a flattering wall colour for my skin tone and hair. Actually as I look around my house that’s what I’ve done…chosen a good stage for me. I would love a fireplace in my bedroom. For my tastes there is just too much fabric.Also that vase is hideous. Light fitting and use of glit I could go for but just with a calmer background.

lib rising ramzilla

LL – I always get shirty that there’s no mirror in manchester shops, because of course, you need to try on your sheets!


Oh there is so much going on in that room… I mean is there any room for a

The Leo’s I know & love want everyone in their bedrooms… & come to think of it I have spent loads of hours sipping champers in their bedrooms while they are STILL getting ready or should I say grooming their mane!

The only thing to add regarding the pic above is that I thought exposed beams were bad Feng Shui???


HahA, NOT when they belonged to YSL, altho’ he died didn’t he?


i’m not… but i have six planets in virgo!!

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