Which Sun Sign Is Most Likely To Covet The Huggable Pillow Of Light?

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Huggable Pillow of LightThis is the D-Light by Yanko

YES! What a genius idea!!! And just SO utterly perfect for a Dark Moonie weekend or for when retiring to bed amidst severe astro-weirding. It is apparently a little bit warm, very soft and squishy + the light is the sunlight (LED?) variety so one’s Seasonal Mood Disorder can be alleviated.

Which Sun Sign would covet it??  Well, I am ruling out the Fire Signs. Aries & Leo like to think that they themselves are the only source of light ever desired. Saggo has enough heat/energy to power any island continent, but tapping into it would require that the Saggo stay still long enough.

Gemini? YES! They love gadgets and are always on-trend.  Taurus? No. It would not go with their usually trad decor, though the texture might win them over. Kataka? YES!  Security, cuddliness, a night-light….What’s not to like?

Virgo? NO.  Too hard to clean. And it’s polyester.  Libra? No, like Taurus, it would probably clash with their v.clear idea of decor and harmony. Scorpio?  NO. Not sexy enough. Capricorn? No. Not utilitarian enough.

Aquarius? Yes – though they would want it to have even MORE features…Like the lights to flash in such a way that it stimulates Theta brain waves.  Pisces? Yes, once he/she has consulted their Feng Shui master.


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48 thoughts on “Which Sun Sign Is Most Likely To Covet The Huggable Pillow Of Light?

  1. Oh I was immediately revulsed… Synthetic, filled with electricity and weird radioactive vibes, I don’t even need to consult a Feng Shui master to know how wrong this pillow is… in just so many ways. I could just wrap up the microwave in faux fur and have the same feeling of horror, probably cheaper too. Leo, Aries Asc, Sagg Moon with a healthy dose of Cancer.

  2. hahah how perfect. I’m a cap, and I thought, “Oh, that’s neat, but sortof frivolous…” But then I read how it might help with SAD, and I went “oooh, maybe” because I hate the winter and desperately crave more sunlight. SO… maybe.

  3. Cap sun wants it but doesn’t like the battery thing or the cleaning issues, Pisces rising wants it ‘cos it’s wacky but would get sick of it quickly – literally, I think I would get nauseous. 🙂

  4. Live where it’s sunny three hundred and sixty five days of the year. Last thing I need is a lit pillow. And besides, as Aries and what Mystic said. Yes, light comes from within…thank you.

    • True Sweetpea, very much depends on the season. It’s been stinky hot here in Melbourne, so I wouldn’t want one now. But in winter it would be nice, esp if if it also doubled as a hot water bottle. 😉

  5. I think there should be an easier-to-clean version of this pillow for Virgo’s. I assure you that after a good Virgoan self-guilting we most certainly do need a fluffy, bright, and happy thing to hug.

    • Hehehe, Lesly, I can relate to that! 🙂 If it’s machine-washable, it’s a go. Or even better, a self-cleaning one! I usually hug the dogs, being careful not to squeeze too tight.

      As it is, my Gem sis would LOVE this pillow! She had her darling fave pillow, it was yellow and she’s had it since she was about 6 or 7, even put it in the freezer during hot days. 🙂 She took it on planes, to bed, pretty much everywhere. Alas, age took its toll and yellow pillow had to be retired since it was pretty much disintegrating and my sis was pretty much devastated.

      I think this might cheer her up and fill that pillow-hole in her heart. 🙂
      I’ll send her the link.

  6. I would buy it simply because it was a pillow, as I am a cushion freak – pat them in stores and what not. The light thing however, probably not my thing. I would probably love it more with some of the funky suggestions above, colours and changing backgrounds etc etc

  7. Libra sun, Scorpio rising, Aries moon.
    LOL. You really have our Libra number, Mystic – my first thought was, “wouldn’t go with anything – it has that pop kitsch 70s thing going on – gimmick decor. Bleh.”
    However, my next thought was, “But it’s so comforting! Maybe I could hide it in a drawer & just take it out when I needed an angel pillow… or maybe I could work it into a Goth Lolita theme… or store it in a victorian birdcage hanging in the hall so I’d always have a night light…

  8. Gemini, Virgo moon and rising here: I want to hit the pillow with a broom. My partner, Cancer cry baby, would love to hold this pillow and never let it go.

  9. Pisces here. Not only do I want this, I think I’ll start pretending that my regular pillows are glowing with light as a new meditation for falling asleep happily.

    Something in me, though — Aqua moon? Jupiter in Capricorn? — winces at the battery usage. Only lasts four hours and eats up 4 batteries? Pity it can’t be plugged into the wall and charged like a cell phone, or better yet, solar-powered (though I guess that would defeat the purpose).

  10. Oooh Leo here, i couldn’t possibly…I find great peace in blackest darkest empty night (the light within is just so bright, yah!) lol…synthetic icky moulting thingthing…

    • I’m with you startstrokes, love the darkness of night. The light on that pillow has me reeling back in horror like a vamp faced with a crucifix

    • me too!! Only the “blackest darkest empty night” for me. When i moved into my current abode the first thing i did was cover up the skylight in the bedroom. Who wants to wake up in a room flooded with light! Quelle horreur !

      • I like waking to a room filled with light and…I can see the moon from my bed and the sun rising through the seasons…I sometimes lie there in the morning and looking out at the trees and the breeze stirring them…the sun makes beautiful shadows through my railings.

        I feel very luxe in my ubercount white sheets having a little sun bath.

        And no I don’t need a cushion to do it for me…I’ll stick to the big ‘un in the sky.

  11. Oooooooh I WANT ONE! Even though there is a record breaking heat wave happening here at the moment, I love summer and warmth and light.. if it glowed pink it would be PERFECT… mmmm. As someone who suffers from the winter blues EVERY YEAR that pillow could come live at my place.

  12. I WANT ONE!

    Living in the Northern Half, it’s not even officially winter and it’s already night by 4:30pm (notice I didn’t say dark, because the would imply there was light during the day….). So I don’t care where my sunlight comes from, if it’s fake, or if it’s wrapped in polyester!!!

    Nothing ruins decor/spirit like four months of perpetual darkness – bring me a fluffy little personal Sun to light the corner of my room!
    (Bet it’s cheaper than a flight South too 🙂 )

    Lib Sun, Aqua Asc (so I like shiny geeky things!)

  13. Yes being Aqua sun, merc & venus & Kataka moon & asc. Could I please have one where I can plug my ipod into it & can I have it in a natural fibre though not from anything previously living?

    I use a regular pillow nightly with some nice essential oils lightly dabbed on it.

    • gemini no,
      I prefer to hug my black cat, she purrs, and is black, so doesn’t require sunglasses at night (so I can, so I can….).
      But I’ve venus in taurus, so prefer tactile to technology

  14. LOL! i wouldnt mind it if it had some colourful background image – like a lighted backdrop of egypt! NOW THATS A PILLOW!

      • hey matt, ME TOO!!! right on my natal mars is this leo mars extravaganza. if you find out more let me know!
        (i have a feeling its a good thing )

  15. Darling Mystic, I had barely even read the top of your post as I was thinking “I WANT THAT” so bingo, Kataka sun is dying for it.

    And predictably, my Virgo Rising immediately started to wonder how the hell I’m supposed to clean it, and if that thing is battery powered, it had better be RoHS compliant and be sans heavy metals, or flame retardants, and hopefully not cause a fire.

  16. Aww Yes I would like one, it is sweet & I love hugging! Although my pisces rising does want to consult with Feng Shui Master first before becoming too attached 😉

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