Way Dark Mooned Up

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art - girl in forest at night with birds and moonJust a few more hours to go until the New Phoenix Moon (New Moon in Scorpio) & so keep grokking the spooky yet awesome insights…And that primal throbbing is Venus in Scorpio moving to square Mars in Leo.  Of which more tomorrow…Try-try-try to rest in what remains of the Dark Moon…The Venus-Mars thing is hot.

Image: Isabelle Bryer

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37 thoughts on “Way Dark Mooned Up

  1. “Getting Free”

    its not that you’re healed or it’s gone

    because its not, and if you think it is

    you’re wrong. It happened. It’s not gone.
    It’s there (but you don’t want to look I

    know, but that’s okay and not a problem…at

    least you know that it’s there and you know

    you have
    to think about it the rest of your life-)
    that obsession, that thing… that thing

    no one could understand because if they did

    they would stop you- but that would be wrong
    too (would they understand that?)
    Even tho’ you were doomed (or were you?)

    But now it’s over and you’re not doomed…
    Somehow you’ve seen more… (the cycles of

    nature made clear by strong scorpio

    manifestations on a regular recognizable

    pattern–) You see the pattern !!! And it

    is not what you thought… or you’re

    feelings change, well, that’s nature… can

    see that much for sure…

    that’s nature and that’s spirit too but

    man don’t take it so personal and think of

    it — it is answering your obsession. And

    somehow it is freeing you (somehow)-

    completely free of the obsession at least in

    terms of it really driving you hard– don’t

    really care so much now.

    But it was a setup… like a basketball layup, one- two, starting with the scorpio
    full moon two weeks ago of course.

    That was the setup. The realization that… damn, really it doesn’t matter.
    Win or lose, it just doesn’t matter man.
    That’s it. Last word, and a healing one at that-
    That Scorpio moon they said “you get what you deserve” on this one–
    and so perfect the retro of chiron and neptune exact in my chart- sheeeeeiit…

    I knew, amazing, of course I did. And what did I do? – failed again of course…in the most insane way— because… too busy?
    too stressed by work— a total illusion!
    I could’ve got myself still… I could’ve
    been more deep..

    ( but it’s your whole life going crazy and its not easy, its not all mental abstraction it manifests thru actual life situations)

    – because the signs were there… but only a vague thin vapor of awareness…

    an actual voice or whispering that time on the stairs- that was real..
    that other thing too, (a synchronicity)
    that was real too…
    I would’ve known if I had more time to
    process that it was Scorpio and if it’s Scorpio you know you can bet your ass everyting is real- esp. with neptune going direct- that is like the tide coming in for a week beforehand … and then chiron, well that accounts for the “whispers”, also with it’s own tide (did I pay attention and can I see that tide in retrospect? The chiron?
    – the most fascinating one? hmmm)

    And there is Saturn. I recognize the features of 1983 positively…. and that is the cycle it is completing… (how can I see this stuff? – but I do! most definitely!

    It was the Saturn was the key actually..
    interestingly associated with ufo
    (we are now talking about my inner world and inner landscape which happens to be rich one)

    But I am telling it straight- no lie.
    And I am not saying I am any genius (because god knows I aint even close..)

    they said “can’t be just an accident” – and that was the sign in restrospect.

    I could say more, but this new moon in scorpio- like a warm hit of heroin or crack the pleasure of it. The pleasure of the realization I was finally free… that was the secret of this new moon that neptune tried to keep from me ! I got it I think !
    And why? How? Can I describe it? The one-
    two punch… what made this newmoon different? What? What happened?
    I understand the last full moon and understood nature— I experienced scorpio in an intense way again- it made it’s prescence known…I remember that much but there was something else…
    Like a realization, the warmth of which filled my body and soul with healing…
    I remember that too… ahh!

    more processing needed…

  2. fuqn toro’s are pretty fuqn determined and strong I know poor UP. All the cliches are true abt bulls- bull in a china shop, red rag etc etc they are reckless when they are in full charge stomping over everybody in there way.
    Bugga self control go have a good cry or blast or whatever you need UP.

  3. holy cow, had a finito conversation with the Toro last night, emotional breakdown, dammit (trying to show strength and self control but nothing this pisces does seems to outdo the fuqn toro MO)

    AND discovered YET ANOTHER *massive* lie he told me which could have had serious consequences!!!! honestly…… i am coming away from this feeling like I have been walking through the Fire Swamp (Princess Bride anyone), dodging instant spot fires, suddenly getting sucked underground, getting charged by insane wild boars, and other bizarre events that you cannot imagine until it happens? I just don’t understand. sometimes i see him as this emotionally and sexually manipulatuive freak, like a mega low scorp, and other times he is strong and earthy and gorgeous (haute toro), other times vague and untruthful like a low pisces (well, any pisces).


    so i am Getting Away to regain my bearings, i think this is truly for the best. the Oracle gave me good advice but emotions ran so high for me i just couldn’t stick with it all.

    • Oh UP, this is sounding ALL TOO FAMILIAR, darling. Specially the Mega Lo Scorp..as in megalomaniac, megasociopathic, et al.

      Look, obviously you’re not ready to make some decisions as yet, but all I can say to your conundrum as to why he appears to be such a ball of sometimes good/sometimes bad/sometimes confabulating is that peeps are simply not one dimensional. Even Le Toilet was able to keep me for so long via his affection, attention and care wonderfully and well, strategically displayed at times.

      I don’t think he didn’t feel those things or that he couldn’t be those things. More importantly, he is unable to CHOOSE to be those things. We all know what’s wrong and what’s right, what makes us is choosing.

      So yes, by all means, take your time to clarify your energy, sharpen your intuition and listen to beyond the emotions. Listen deep inside because you will know what you need to do next.

      But as long as he is around you at this moment, he’s going to jam those signals. Trust me, I was the poster child for this for a long time.

      Be well, darling UP and trust yourself.

  4. teeehhee – I went to Britney ……. with Kylie’s dancers – hilarious!

    for anyone even vaguely afflicted with depression – Britney IS the cure! you’ll laugh from start to finish.
    channels her inner trailer park from the get go. hilarious.
    then you realise she KNOWS she’s trailer park & acutally dont give a toss. dearry me – everyone from choreographers thru wardrobe must hate her. or they wouldnt let her do / wear what we witnessed for an hour & a bit…..

    what a circus!!
    needless – came home, slept soundly & woke still giggling re poor Britts.

    They even sold Brittney nickers in the merch ! ! !
    dear me……………….

  5. curious thing about dreams I learned

    they actually want to be told and shared…

    it is never not a good idea to tell your dreams… ever.
    They want to come forth somehow …

    This is a truth.

    “read it, learn it, live it, ” – (fastimes ridgemont high cafeteria scene)

    • Lol, yes william you’re right but I couldn’t possibly share this dream as I would not be able to capture the moment in words, maybe it will come forth in other ways… 🙂

    • So true William. I think that’s profound on many levels and what I needed today.

      Reminds me of Lynn Andrews in one of her many books and Agnes Whistling Elk, her teacher, saying that a story is stalking her.

      Our dreams, not just what we dream in the night but what we have in the heart. That must be told also.

      Lovely Wills.

  6. Oh woe is the melancholy that stuck me down last evening… very powerful, and yeah it probably IS the old cycle amped up by moon thing but since hysterectomy….. ovaries fluctuate and I forget why I feel so blue all of a sudden.
    So I have my explanation now, and the six drinks did all the therapy for me last night, whilst I lazed around feeling blubby and blobby and my sweet man went into a frenzy of nearby (but not too close) activity of getting the christmas lights ready to go up on the house soon.

    I awoke tired/slightly hungover but not so melancholy baby any more., the dreams were vivid and colourful, RED everywhere I went….and yeah I can feel the scorp power surge a-building.

  7. URGH! so ove rthe dark moon already! had a full on demon dream last night – NOT GOOD! very intense which goes perfectly with the scorpio realm!
    Do NOT need this ATM!

  8. first lot of dreams last night and about past people on facebook lol found my first serious boyfriend, sitting in some dumb lotus position with a 20 year old pic (wtf do some people think they are doing with social network thingies ‘anyway’) after laughing about it, spent the night with flashbacks of how ‘unlotusy’ the whole thing was.

    funny part to the story was telling taurus daughter about said dreams and demonic facebook, only to open laptop and have facebook as the opening page lol

  9. That’s me too. Before this hit, I had two AMA-zing dreams of renewal and a beach and then then got woken up – NOT by choice…..
    This weekend I am edgy and can’t sleep, which is completely unusual behavior for me. Mind racing, not unwinding at all. Totally, not me…. I wonder if it will feel better after the new moon? Hmmm.
    Also just at the same time as the dream two people who were very positive, nurturing and supportive influences in my life got in touch with me….Both Scorps, I believe….time for me to revisit my mistrust of youse guys….
    Higher and lower qualities in different amounts in different people.
    Bring on the Phoenix!!!

  10. Am feeling tension like I haven’t felt tension in ages. So totally wound up, kind of furious, and just generally on edge. Spent most of the weekend in isolation doing work and thinking (which was awesome), but am now in need of some serious energy burning.

  11. venus mars thing hot?
    oh really…
    how hot? on a scale from one to ten say…
    I am curious but yellow..
    hot as shirtless mcconaughey?

    • thats cool actually. looking on melanie rhinehearts site,
      she’s into the saturn thing, something about the
      value of a new melancholia now perhaps…
      (didn’t actually get the article but an interesting
      concept perhaps in regards saturn…)

      Looks like a member of the Addams Family out for
      a moon-tan they always liked to go out for a moon-tan.

      (yeh I need more depression in my life that’s right…)

      But you have to wonder, Saturn being so amazing as it is–
      must be some riches there in that dark cloud too…

      altho at this point I’m ready to pack in this whole astrology thing…

      scares the sh”’ out of a person… I don’t know …. such a thing as
      too deep … (or is there?)

      I get weird experiences sometimes, like weird phonecalls man….

      scare the f— out of a person really.

      But I digress…

      (they used to put phones in coffins back when people were afraid of
      being buried alive did you hear about this? – But that’s another story,
      I digress…)

      • “Looks like a member of the Addams Family out for
        a moon-tan they always liked to go out for a moon-tan.

        (yeh I need more depression in my life that’s right…)”

        Funny William!

        “I get weird experiences sometimes, like weird phonecalls man….”

        Yoko been calling the plumber again?

        • on nov 2 full moon (scorpio they say, but it was taurus, same diff

          I called my cellphone from housephone in order to find it right?
          you hear your cellphone ring, you know where it is.

          This time I reach a strange message machine.

          A sickening sweet voice (young black girl I think) Hi..some name starts with R)………. “Leave a message…. because if you don’t leave
          a message it’s just like you never called at all…” click..

          oh man that’s a weird message in any case but at that time of night with that hot moon searing my soul?

          I tried redialing what I did (punched in an extra 3 I think, misdialed of course- but could replicate experience…

          (ever see a hilarious comedy called room 1408 by stephen king?
          kind of like that on the phone..

          Leave a message…. ????? yeh stop freaking me out ! thats my message !!

          also hornets in the room that appeared only once that night only

          So I may be going away for a little while…

  12. carrying on amazingly deep, weird, fated feeling email correspondence with amazing man. how does one tell crush from falling in love? how to tell if he feels the same?

    and how to balance that 4 year boyfriend…
    who is a loverly one too

  13. i actually shed a tear …. for what ? fuqd if i know why ? yes i do ….hope its the last drip and tomorrows a brand new day. Dancing on the beach under starlight , no moon to be seen , windy as , am i going mad?

  14. Lots and lots of sleeping going on here. Feel like I have sleeping sickness.
    I even dreamt I was trying to drive to pick up daughter from pre-school, but
    was so tired and sleepy I was unable to open my eyes to drive.
    It feels like forced Zen Sloth.

    • Ha ha, I had a fever dream last night in which I was madly cycling my daughter to school- except a) I live in the Middle East, it’s cars all the way baby, b) in my dream I had actually forgotten my daughter, and c) this morning it was my neighbour’s turn to take her anyway (we car-pool our kids!). So in my dream i turned around to get her, came back to the house, left again without her, rode to somewhere I’ve never seen before, realised it was 5.30 in the morning and then freaked out because I’d left my daughter alone in our huge house and she would be just beginning to wake. Woke up AT 5.30 feeling utterly physically exhausted, like i had actually cycled all that distance. had to come home from work this arvo and sleep. What’s going on?

  15. Being so totally in-sync with the world as I am (not), my menstrual cycle runs exactly as per dark moon la la, so not only feeling dark moon weirdness but doing it with a heightened irritability and all, but this one has been really very very intense, and I have been very grateful for the advice to stay home. have been doing lots of sleeping, smudging, bathing in essences and eating gently wicked things. I have a sense that i will emerge in a couple of days feeling truly different.

    • ‘my menstrual cycle runs exactly as per dark moon la la’

      I read that our cycle should be like that as we tend to be tired and laying lowing the first few days, and seabird you really must be in sync with your body, mother earth et al…apparently ‘modern women are out of sync with moon cycles because of stress and fast living?? Hmmm maybe btw Im on full moon always…..Comments ladies? jejejejej

      • i used to be on full moons and now for a long time it’s been in-sync with the New moon. I can’t decide which is worse! Hehe
        New Moon feels more natural – that melancholy that comes during the dark of the moon. Full moon heightens the rage.

        • Mine has this month & it feels very natural. (Although I rather enjoy the spooky-powerful energy of a full-moon cycle – so creative & inspired).

  16. took your advice and ditched plans to have dinner with friends tonight – feeling very dark-moon-depressed. Are my thoughts ‘insights’ or just internal whingeing? Hopefully I’ll see something useful coming out of it tomorrow morning…

    Weirdo dreams also, including threats of major physical danger from a youthful gang. This seems to be a bit of a common thread amongst our dreamers here…the attacking theme.

    • you are right about that-i dreamt of an assassin who was in th shower,fleeing while ther was still time,taking nothhing with me, this after seeing 3 others gunned down in a dramatic cop show violence scene-one of these 3 wearing bright green trousers!ther was an orange in my shoe.,i never have attacker dreams like this!

  17. me too V-a-GG just had lavender bath to assit in releasing and letting go of old and past. Going to be in room all eve relaxing and resting, rest, resting.

  18. I well and truly listening to you on this one. Should have totally ditched my trip and stayed at home. Have DVD and just eaten a lovely dinner.

    Rest, rest, rest.

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