Venusian Martian Bats

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Shaton Stone in leopardskin dress reclining on sofaVenus square Mars can go a little over the top you know.

But it’s FUN.Β  Especially when Saturn is well out of the picture. Not that we didn’t appreciate that last Venus-Saturn thing. Green tea, pixtering one’s teeth and spreadsheeting CAN be sexy. Sort of.

Venus is square Mars in LEO and she is moving to square the Auspicious Aqua-Weirding. So rad realisations and – for some – really fascinating manifestions of love, lust, true relationship reality et al over the next week.

When Venus is in Scorpio Squaring Mars in Leo, women do well to be inscrutable & way-hard-to-understand let alone GET.Β  In response, men will not be able to resist showing off, boasting or standing around flexing their muscles…Try this and see. This Venusian-Martian Bats interlude amidst endless Saturn-Pluto-Uranus action is SUCH a relief is it not?

Image: Jean-Baptiste Mondino

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124 thoughts on “Venusian Martian Bats

  1. Venus is on top of my MC today so squaring mars which is just coming into orb to conjunct natal Venus. Up and down like a yoyo! probably driving my husband nuts!

  2. Oh wow, this is interesting. Really fascinating manifestations of love etc are actually happening & It will be interesting to see how the week goes…

      • Oracle
        What is my most alluring relationship trait?
        It’s not so much romance- you are great in bed

        Hahahahaha & I thought it my stunning romantic traits…

      • Thanks CBA!
        I took this pic of some skywriting over sydney last month, don’t know what they were advertising but this caught my eye! πŸ˜‰

  3. this picture is exactly how I feel. Torn, conflicted, love lorn, dipsomaniac and louche.

    I went to the beach today, accompanied by new friend/crush and we had an encounter with a dolphin! it came right up to us, which is kind of terrifying – they have a lot of teeth.

    my god – felt really nervous at first, then conversation flowed so well. This venus transit is really, really strong for me. or maybe my feelings for this person are…

      • thanks Scorpalicious – ps- I have changed my name to this (from ariesartist)

        trouble is- I have a boyfriend. and his birthday is soon, feel shabby breaking up before his birthday.

        • oh i LOVE the new name! Do you have any Cap in your chart?

          hey, don’t feel bad about breaking up… no time is a good time.

          I reckon the dolphins have given you their blessing!

          Speaking of teeth – you have to see this video. you’ll be even more in awe of nature.

          “Man Meets The Nicest Leopard Seal In The Whole Entire Ocean”

          keep us posted!

          • oh that is so… not cute, but lovely? Sympathetic

            I have no cap at all in my chart. It is a reference to my chinese sign – a goat/sheep. I am an aries, but I don’t like the ram imagery, I do love goats though = sheep with brains.

            I am giving myself 1 month to figure it all out re blokes. sigh.
            This other one is born three days and 4 years after me,another aries. very confusing and I am not sure what he wants. but the questioning that our friendship has brought up is strong enough to warrant a big time questioning of my relationship with bf (which has not been the greatest for about 2 years)

            thanks SR!

  4. no fascinating manifestations for me, sigh…
    I’ve venus on my IC, mean node, and opposite my MC/jupiter (apparently bad for diets, so I can blame the vodka, toast and icecream for dinner yesterday on that?)
    Could defn feel the energy last night, amped up by melb’s 30 degree night. I had to stop myself from heading back to the pub after ‘feeling’ the air on the street (when leaving the pub), so tempted to go looking for mischief. Glad i didn’t though as today I can mainly feel the effects of the afternoon voddies in the sun and not enough sleep thanks to the heat. perhaps i’ll go sashay around the pool, see if I can stir up some muscle flexing by being inscrutably hungover.
    Can I hope venus squaring all that stuff in aqua (in my 7th) will do something useful/better than the same vaguish, unrealistic (non)relationship crap that them lot hanging out there has done?

  5. Think of this; Venus in Scorpio is “ruled” by Pluto which is in Capricorn and the mantra of Capricorn is that if you REALLY fall in love you’re probably gonna have to get your gear off at some point & how hot will those afternoon vodkas look then, huh? I just did a workout with a triple Capricorn so i think i am chanelling her quite well.

  6. GOD I hope so I am so bored!! filled with whoremoanal desire and interesting lusty flirtations but the only game going is leo ex hairflick parade who wants to show off to vanilla teenagers and the questionably wired aquarian finance forecaster in London who’s idea of sexy games seem to retard itself to twitter post innuendo and weird cryptic text messages. Of course there is always the Piscean rock whore but that’s only when no one else is paying him any attention.

    • There’s something wrong with twitter innuendo and cryptic texts as a seduction technique?! πŸ˜€

  7. Lol, did you answer my other query as to where Leo Ex is flicking his hair etc? I had a day in which i was asked “out” by one married cokehead and one schoolboy. Both v.attractive but STILL.

    • You lucky duck. I wish someone would ask me out! Venus is conjuct Mercury and Uranus for me, so maybe that’s not sexy or something.

      Oddly I am not that “whoremoanal” at the moment. (Awesome pun Ms I will continue to use that with your permission as it describes most of my normal waking hours.)

      Yo Venus! Pass some quality sexy men my way puh-lease!

    • Is Schoolboy of Legal Consent Age? If yes, I say you view this as your duty to bestow your legendary skill and mystical sexual prowess upon him, benefiting the generations of women to follow in your wake.

      Think it will be like how Ski Instructors have educated spoiled debutantes for ages…and a few years from now, some woman will be laying in bed desperately trying to remember her name and sending a prayer of thanks to you, The Gold Aphrodite who brought her this very moment of orgasmic joy.

      I am selling this hard… but I could have been a pederast in a past life, haha..

  8. Right now I would love a flirty distracting encounter….yet also feeling very lucky to be me.

    Just had lunch with cancerian friend and she’s currently going through things I was a couple of years back, surviving a car crash, losing a job a couple of days later…and scads of stuff.

    I feel a bit shallow wanting someone interesting to zip about with…

    • Also I was properly involved in listening and using all known empathy skills with friend, but still want a bit of rough muscley something to catch my fancy…even a good flirty chat…oh well the days not over yet.

      • Leonine doll, I do not see how one should exclude the other. For my money, a hunkly distraction should do even more wonders for your empathy as secretly smiling inside at your good fortune at almost having your clothes practically slide off you due to some awesome flirting should amp your desire to make the world a better place, ya?

        And by extension you would rub your Venusian sparkle off on your wilting friend…

        As for me, recently got attention from a 93 yr old Hungarian ex-aerialist who sent me a lovely message in reaction to one of my poems. He’s 60 yrs too late for me but I would like to think he was a uber hunk back in the day… sweet but an encounter with some whoremoanal (great word Ms.!) relevance would be good.

        Entertaining myself by watching this:

  9. Mystic- no sorry which page?, god I have 7 pages open, jumping between all waiting on 2 emails and the phone here (gemini asc!) hence todays mega post.

    HA! married cokehead or schoolboy? hot but wrong, ah the choices are endless…

    Leo ex is now at meeting only on set early for cameo hairflick today (which I fixed for him this morn ala tom ford tweeking) I have shoo’d him out so hopefully he is picking up my birthday present! BUt totally on the macho trip, he pulling a touch of the “you emasculate me” undertones so impressive hairflickery must be done for the young and nubile.

    How am I supposed to be impressed when I am the only one who can fix his hair so other people can stare at him? lol

    • Ms. does this Leo ex of yours have any planets in Aqua? You mentioned on another post that he doesn’t normally do relationships – that’s not very Leo. πŸ˜•

  10. hmmm, i have so much confusing love stuff happening at the mo. men men everywhere, but not a drop to drink! (or something like that :/)

    thank GOD i ordered Venusian 9 from mystic. the only hope of any perspective because my mind is tired, heart open, body-ready!)

    • Take out the confusing stuff, and you’ve summed me up – heart open, body-ready….

      And I am planning to order the venusian 9 next week as treat to self.

  11. Jupiter is exactly on top my Natal Aqua Venus today and tomorrow, and I guess kinda still there til the middle of next week. One would think this a good thing, yes?

  12. so maybe a good thing that my PT slept in this morning and missed our session… that could’ve got lewd.

    but this “When Venus is in Scorpio Squaring Mars in Leo, women do well to be inscrutable & way-hard-to-understand let alone GET. In response, men will not be able to resist showing off, boasting or standing around flexing their muscles…” totally describes an idle encounter at work about 20 mins ago. fluttering eyelashes, giggles, and all that.

    and i see one of my crushes tonight (yes, i’m piscean – we collect crushes). tis chaste but still should be interesting.

  13. Hang on…. I have natal mars in Leo…. What does that mean? Argh! Mystic Consult here I come!

    • me too pomoscorp.
      I guess if all else fails we can both confound and flex our muscles at ourselves.

      • me three… im not sure how it translates for us either! im pretty sure im vibing completely hard to understand tho, and am not remotely in a show-offery mood, so it mustnt effect this dynamic??

  14. so now a record 6 – yes SIX – chime in yest…. 2 Gen Y, 2 Gen X & 2 Babyboomer FTF????

    …… the aim last night was ditch chic function (sprained ankle excuse) & catch up with surfer no 4 – but he flaked c/hard day on water on boat, & surfer no 2 & his mate dropped by mine – resulting in sapped work ethic today, & oscillating between swanning around gabbing to friends on the blower, lazing in the breeze on the daybed & attempting to divine best plan of social attack pour c’est soir!! gonna check the spate of inner city ‘pop up’ bars with one of my gay husbands…… so now will give one more glance to In Box before workshopping outfit!!

    if nothing else, the attention be timely, none of them require me to be anything other than usual performing seal !! So whilst busy, is all rather innocent hilarity & fun!

    Oh the sultry entree to summer how I love thee…….

    Mystic – a Cokehead & a School Boy teehheeehhee…..xox LOL xox

  15. I just asked a male friend (who since getting a girlfriend has never been let off the apron strings) if he would like to go out for a drink and a catch up.
    Firstly I pointed out I had seen a cheap boxing training place that had just opened up in the area, asked how he was… which was this huge outflow above how his is doing marvellously at work (Caps… gotta love em), then I suggested he tells me, and other people in the industry, if he came out for drinks.
    Never such a quick yes was had.
    If he actually makes it is another matter… first hurdle. Leapt.

  16. Ahhhh…so many games. The ex was waiting at the gate when I jumped off a plane this morning. What can us mere mortals do but what the stars lead us to (and also: invoke Saturn Girl boundaries!)

      • RLP – Was just thinking about how you were going – out of town this w’end, but yes – aperitivo & debrief soon! xx

  17. rlp you sound so attractive the way you type or rather the way your mind works its just SO Libra like my ex … i think im only going to go out with Librans for the rest of my days and i dare say ill end up with one its like …. once youve been with a Libran woman you are screwed for life as in no one else can stimulate the male Aqua mindset as well as supply the visuals ie clothing, hairstyles, shoes etc as well as love making techniques…….and its even hot when ones Libra gf flirts like crazy! I LOVE LIBRAN WOMEN (and all others too, just not as much as Libran.)

    • Would have to be an Aquarian to follow her rants. don’t encourage her please! When do we grow up Rockstar?

      • LOL feeling a bit churlish anonymous? Where’s your mars at right now? As a libran who has an awesome thing going on with an aquarian I have to say it’s hard to get a word in edgeways and believe me we’re not the wacky ones. Carpe diem whatever your diem/nuit may bring RLP. Damons – YES librans and aquas are an amazing blend – magnetic mind melds – supernatural.

          • davl, what’s up sugar… i know probably sets off your aries nausea radar…but it’ll be ok… promise πŸ™‚ upxo

          • Have you been drinking fanta again? That shit tastes BAD since they changed the recipe. No artificial colours or flavours – what’s the point?

        • only one other and a libra at that to her defence. sad. sadder still is a desperate 40 something still trying to be 25. guess that’s why people try so hard to prove how important they are. called “substance” rs. get some….

          • Anonymous squasher of lightness…why does this bother you so much?

            RLP’s chatty breezy style has so much impact for you that you feel the need to call someone you’re unlikely to met desperate and without substance ?

            Maybe a better use of time could be to concentrate on who she represents for you in your offline life and leave the nasty comments to yourself.

          • Anon, your comments are just mean.

            RLP – I always enjoy hearing about your hijinks. You seem so full of life.

          • Turn the mirror around anon/Cyd/Snake biter/aerarse. Or are you frightened it might splinter? You’re only poisoning yourself.

            Love to you rlp xox <3

          • And while I’m here Anonymouse. How is it that you never have anything remotely warm, funny, interesting, entertaining or useful to say? Unlike 99.99999999% of contributors to this site? Do you like being the odd one out? Or just odd? I’ve told you before, there’s therapy available for your problem.

          • Anonymouse is the same person every time, the gemini stalker with the unhealthy fixation on Mystic and now rlp. Pathologically obsessed with the site and can only contribute these curious mini hissies. What a pitiful way to live. No wonder she’s jealous.

          • happens every 6 months – an Avatarless / Monikerless fun-crusher lets rip with judgement & unfounded assumptions. yawn.

            wake me up when it’s over…….. !!

          • I fear we may have made manifest the ghost of Deliah Antwerp Aars, Anonymously seeking pay back…?! Eek.
            Ubes the Exorcist. It’s a good look.
            Luv n Lite 2 u RLP.

          • Rack off Anon, not making any friends here with that filthy tone….You could never rawk as hard as RLP does & I think you know it….

            Release the hounds!!

          • Are you the one talking about pagan practice on the other page? Maybe get back to your grimoire and read up on the law of return. I don’t have the same lifestyle as RLP but I’ve never felt that gave me any right to criticise hers – or diss her as a person because of her choices. Anonymous by all means come here and argue about metaphysical ideas and theories but don’t come here and diss people or their lives personally.

            You’re coming across a bit mean spirited (yes I’m a libran and I really do talk like emily bronte’s finger puppet get over it) – is that your intention? Or are we misunderstanding you? What’s made your spirit wither so? It sounds like you need a friend. Someone to talk to. Maybe you go to newtons pharmacy in york street and get a remedy? I hope you feel better soon. Hurts to be you i bet.

          • Not evev gping to dignify Anon’s attention seeking with a response.

            RLP, You are a true superstar. Rock on, sister! xox

          • Genius observation there anon. david’s male, so yes he has balls. You made a point? What? That you’re an inarticulate sad sack with a razor blade to grind? Or that you can’t stay away although you have nothing to contribute? Or that you can’t get attention any other way? Please anon, say something witty or even half funny. I dare ya.

          • David’s got balls of steel but he’s got nothing to do with this – what was your point? You’re obviously a man cos you’re doing a shout out to the other one and I suspect you know RLP in the real world because you know her age and it all just seems a bit lame if you don’t explain yourself – not that anyone else’ll listen. But I was interested to know what soured the fruit on your vines so much that you would personally attack someone and their choice of lifestyle? Seriously – always interested in hearing the story of the stranger who rides into town wearing the black hat.

          • My Dear Poor Anonymous,

            I love freedom of speech & the Comments is your area – a free for all is great but i think this attack is a bit personal and inexplicable? And peeps of all ages, genders, orientations, lifestyles and interests hang out here – getting along!
            R.L.P. is a cool, breezy, Bondi-style, media-savvy modern woman & I am not gonna blow open her identity i.r.l. but she has shitloads of substance…And even if she – or me or anyone – was 110 and still liked to go out surfing with young bra boys of a weekend – so what?

          • well I could bang-on re taking friend 1 to Chemo on Monday & friend 2 to Radiation Therapy Wed…….. or….. what Britney is actually like i.r.l (Monday) & if Eddie Vedder still has his cool (this sunday)………

            yeah yeah yeah (great name for a band LOL) real life does have its challenges – hence ppl congretate in places for this thing called ‘fun’, usually accompanied by ‘adventure’, that causes ‘laughter’……..

            love life – live longer!!

          • already exists – the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Coolest band ever, even cooler female singer.

          • Hey Anonymouse, read this definition of ‘projection’. It’ll help your therapy.

            ‘In classical psychology, projection is always seen as a defense mechanism that occurs when a person’s own unacceptable or threatening feelings are repressed and then attributed to someone else. An example of this behavior might be blaming another for self failure.’

            It’s from wikipedia, a nice educational site where you can learn things. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a comments page where you can vent your insecurities.

          • Ubers – cant recall if twas you or Mystic that flagged ‘projection’ but a rapidfire google allowed me CLOSURE with the Le Turd….. c/ new understanding of HIS behaviour -BIG thanks to you both cos that was a near decade that was never gonna end in commitment!!

            RoboScorp – Karen O rocks the clock – they’re here Jan 8th!!

    • haha Damons laughing loud……& off she rolls into the night – ankle discretely strapped in elastobandage thingo inside ridiculously hot heels – stay tuned for next installment, cos there honks the horn of gay husband’s charriot !!

      BTW I dont reckon what ye speak of be c/particular sun sign – maybe its ‘free spirit’ you roll with?

      ……never a dull moment…….that’s for sure!

    • I had a gorgeous Libran boyfriend once. He was very good looking and well dressed, but would often disturb me by tossing lines into the conversation like, “You know, Donna Karan male g-strings are ridiculously expensive…” He also used to practice smoking in front of the mirror to master the perfect smoke/pout pose and quoted James Bond quips. Fantastic boyfriend, terrible “partner.”

  18. Is bored bored bored BORED, hungry all the time, there’s no men to flirt with and no work to get obsessive compulsive over. The gym is dull as all the men are too busy looking at themselves in the mirror and flexing their muscles. Women refuse to smile and make eye contact and instead seem to be practising some inscrutable form of pmt sufferance (including me). Due to extreme lack of interest on my behalf I hereby cancel the entire week.

    • Does that mean I get to stay at home and sleep all hours? Prowln I’ve always loved your style.. my gym now turned into a social hour after the Hot Geek Trainer prodded my sensibilities and realized I was a South Park Classic Aficionado. Training ended with moi pounding on the table almost peeing myself as he refreshed me on more recent episodes.

      Ah, toilet humor..when all else fails there is always that.

      BTW, a confession, I gave up on the wheat grass and seriously you are my Hero, I bow to you. If you can swallow that hun…

      • Oh crap – I totally forgot you were in Perth πŸ™ Just got back from a bizzo trip – should have asked you where the cool kids hang out. But yes, while some weeks are just blah, I have a funny feeling about this weekend that it’s ready to throw in a surprise or two. And when it does, you will be fit and gorgeous and well primed to take advantage of it.

    • Oh and consider this, there was a LOT of non-smiling staring blankly into a wall sort of women at my gym too! I think they’re all replicants so though they are amazing specimens, I am enjoying being the only human girl who can crack a smile there.

    • aww prowlin … reckon you need to move to Queensland ,Perth is weird . Did you know that perth is an ancient viking word that means secret or hidden ? just a bit of trivia for you …. id flirt with you if i saw you at the gym πŸ™‚ but im not keen on Cancerian woman beceause my mum is a Cancer …

  19. Saturn truly amazing, just made its prescence known…with references to
    2007 like, remember me?
    I see “Be Healthy” …then it begins to get deeper… very helpful and not
    a downer at all…”Meet me half-way “… ?? messages… weird
    the full depth of Saturn, yes, perhaps rival to our good natured friend
    Pluto (not sarcasm, He actually is rather..)

  20. Everyone: Yeah I know my leo ex is not the typical leo, hair flickery yes check but he has no aqua, pisces asc with leo sun taurus moon (mick jagger?) he’s hot in the way that hot boys don’t have to do relationships because there are a million girls around so they have lovers. He has a WAD of virgo though.

    Aqua man story continues with more tweeting. Nothing wrong with that except his follow through is sketchy and we are now other sides of planet which makes me hot as ever for him I am sure. He is aqua with lots of sag as well, but a sweet little pisces moon as well. Still parties at cargo 36, I envy sagg mars for its energy.

    Re vampires its my birthday today and I am going for a long lunch to a place that has been described to me as by a dark underground place where the staff emerge out of the shadows like vampires πŸ˜€

    • H a p p y B i r t h d a y Ms !!!. Hope you have an awesome time. Dark underground place most fitting for a Scorp. πŸ™‚

      Your Leo ex with pisces rising and WAD of Virgo DOES sound very hot!!!

    • MS happy bday!!

      give us story re the Vampire place & have an great day!!!

  21. Just caught up with this site again, and wow, Mystic, I’ll say it again, you’re the bomb! There’s this old friend, from way back in Germany, and he really wants to meet up somewhere in SE Asia, either Bangkok or Bali (convenient, my Mom lives there). We haven’t seen each other for 15 years but have kept in touch regularly. Thing is, he’s going through what he called a ‘weird period’ with his gf, his first longtime gf. This isn’t the first WP he’s had with her. Looking at the astro, if it’s flimsy or faux it’s gonna go dead, yes?, but I can’t tell him that, coz he needs to make the decision on his own.
    On the other hand, I feel bad that I want him to be over with her already by the time I will most likely meet him early next year….. I hadn’t even read Mystic’s description of the current Mars-Venus playoff, but I *did* tell him I couldn’t promise I’d be able to meet him, which was the truth, as I’m not sure I can take time off work, which is newish.
    I miss him, he misses me, but I totally sense there’s smth in btw, like this fear of if one of us tells the other about how each feels…so…anyway… :/

    • Ooooh…I say play it by ear UPV, loads can happen between now and then. Hopefully the Saturn-Pluto-Uranus Schmangle would help pass the law to prohibit “weird periods” in relationships and deliver more clarity for all concerned.

      You’re smart not to say a word and let him the meantime, I’d say just keep the Mercury Channels flowing and see how he’s coming across. I’m sure you will glean more as time goes by…

      Old Friend is what sign?

      • Thanks FA, that helped me feel better. πŸ™‚ You gawgeous thang you!
        Old friend is Cancer, with moon in Cap if I did his chart correctly.
        (Funny thing, with Cancer Sun & Cap Moon, he does work in a bank!)
        We nearly caught up back in ’99 but I was with someone then and he didn’t wanna come down to Melbourne to meet me then, his reason back then was that I should go to Sydney to meet up with him and the other friends.
        Have always had this feeling that even though we ____ each other, this lifetime isn’t the time to be together…? Do I sound completely off the planet? I usually am already! His Pisces Eros is on my Moon.

        You know, if I may, I’m gonna rework the Saturn-Pluto-Uranus into Pluto-Uranus-Saturn aka PUS. πŸ™‚ Not that I hate them or anything, it’s just more amusing, I hope they won’t mind.

        • ‘His Pisces Eros is on my Moon’…sounds sort of hot. My mind is totally guttering.

          • πŸ˜† Funny thing was, what I’d originally typed (can’t remember it now) sounded gutter-level! My imagination is going now…

  22. Oh Thank you! xxx, twas was a bit cheeky of me to mention my own birthday but hell. no exciting whoremonal loving today I am afraid FA I’ve had to knock back some painkillers for cramps. Vampire eatery was amazing !! not as spooky as I had hoped but very low level lighting other worldliness about it. Fab food and impressive service too, I love that. WAY too many martini’s last night so I went easy tonight πŸ˜‰ (and looked a little like watermelon girl shot this morning..) xoxoxox

    • MS is astro site – ALL about birthdays!! – hope festivities flow on thru the wknd xox

  23. has anyone seen this its waaaaay Fuqd up like totally ok ?

    It’s kinda venus mars in that people are being killed to supply cosmetics companies with HUMAN FAT? I’m not even sure if I believe it i mean jus cos i read it doesn mean its real aye? – for a minute I thought it was some kind of fight club soap mocku-news but it IS crazy enough to be real.

      • and this is my favourite quote

        “It doesn’t make any sense at all, because in most countries we can get fat so readily and in such amounts from people who are willing and ready to donate that I don’t see why there would ever be a black market for fat, of all tissues.”

        WE CAN GET FAT SO READILY???? this implies they DO use human fat in cosmetics but they don’t see any reason to go murdering people for it. WHO DONATES FAT? Where do they go to do this? Maybe I could pay for some study with my fat? I’d be happy to overeat for a few weeks if it meant I could get my money back. It’d be like an investment. hahaha it brings new meaning to don’t crack a fat.

        • ‘hahaha it brings new meaning to don’t crack a fat’…hah

          On reading this this morning I immediately emailed a crime fiction author friend as this stuff…boggles.the.mind.