Turquoise – Sacred To Our Sagg

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Girl in gingham shirt looking at turquoise

Turquoise is SO lucky for Sagittarians. It’s like their sacred stone – my globetrotting Saggo aunt is always dripping in it – and no wonder.

The Ancient Apache tribe thought it gave hunters, warriors and archers perfect aim. In Ancient Persia it was considered special and protective to horses. It ward off the Evil Eye by changing colour to warn you of impending jealousy. Turquoise signifies strength, protection and the powers of Sea and Sky. I think it and lapiz lazuli (linked with Aquarius) are gorgeous.

These bracelets above are antique Navaho but one old myth about the stone is that you should never wear it second hand as the energies of the previous owner become so thoroughly imprinted in the turquoise that one’s own dharma or whatever is muddied. Thoughts?

Image: Beth Hoeckel – Society 6

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27 thoughts on “Turquoise – Sacred To Our Sagg

  1. You could hope the previous owner had better energies than your own? It might come as a relief.

    Love Turquoise, especially the slightly deeper colour of the Tibetan stuff. Sagg rising.

  2. this saggo LOVES TURQUOISE!
    ive got this one necklace and its like fully sicky cool! lol
    yea ive heard of the passing of energies – ive never had another touch it!

  3. Have always loved Turquoise. I begged my mum to buy me a genuine silver Navaho turquoise bracelet for my 21st b’day. I still have it.

    Sagg moon.

    • me too … just adore the stone, the colour … the filigree. So beautiful. But I also love pearls. See?? A crab in denial … much more aligned with my ascendant and moon.

      • hehe… yes you in denial. Can’t say i’ve ever liked pearls or the Scorp birthstone – topaz – boring!

      • apparently the japanese believe that pearls also hold the ‘soul’ of the first person to wear them…..

  4. i oft drip in turquoise as well. its my favourite thing to wear above all else. i am, for instance, right this second, wearing a turquoise ring and pendant. and always makes me feel like a bit of a hippy.
    i, of course, being a sag sun, venus and neptune 🙂

  5. i have some tibetan turquoise, deep green, that i was given a long time ago & until recently had a lot of memories attached to it. a friend reminded me that the thing to do would be to do a smudging- of the turquoise, me & the space between…worked a treat, as soon as i inhaled the burning sage, i felt the cleansing work…& i now love to wear it. Saggy is my 12th house, no planets there, but Venus conjunct Jupiter in the 9th.

    Happy birthday to my 2 great loves, daughter 3 yrs old 27th Nov, hubster 28th Nov.

  6. I have NO sagg in my chart but am inspired to dig out my one piece of turquoise picked up in Albuquerque when I was on the run from a crippling heartbreak. It gave me strength then, so goodness knows what it will do now that I’m on an even keel!

  7. I love turquoise, but I would like to see it in a more modern, funky kind of setting. Something that you don’t normally see it in, dunno can’t explain…

    • Savannah do you mean maybe simpler lines, focussing on the natural beauty of the stone, rather than mad silver swirls and filigree…which seems to be the most common display method for turquoise(sadly in my opinion)?

  8. Ahh, turquoise is so very beautiful – its cool blue/green colour seems to counteract my firey nature. I have several turquoise pieces that I often wear. I didn’t know that about second hand jewellery though so now I will only buy new items.

    Me = Sagg Sun / Moon / Venus

  9. My regular psychic once told me that my turquoise ring wasn’t mine. She said it belonged to an Indian-ish looking woman who died in a landslide who had been trying to rescue her children. I bought this ring secondhand in Nepal! My psychic told me the woman was very strong and was acting as my guardian angel. When I don’t need her help the ring ‘burns’ my finger and it desn’t heal unless I stop wearing it for a while.

  10. Am I the only Sagg who has no time for or interest in turquoise?

    Amethyst, tigers eye, malachite, green stone yes… turquoise seems too much like someone’s Auntie Tricia… no offence to the Tricias out there.


    • Me too Miss B, however methinks I will go and check it out. I too prefer a modern look rather than the usual look.

  11. I had never cared or connected with turquoise (the stone or the colour) until recently.

    BUT my grandfather died this year and my dad brought two things back for me (he was not a man of ‘things’). One: a travel alarm clock and Two: two small pieces of turquoise. I’ve been thinking a lot about them as my two paternal grandparents and that I should have each of them set in silver to hang on a necklace (independent, but very similar).

    Am now completely taken with the stone.

  12. I have Saggitarius in my 5th house. Please can anyone tell me what that means. I did have a Goldman book once but my ex husband chucked it in the bin. ( that’s why he’s my ex! lol) I am a Pisces sun, and pisces in mars, Venus, Jupiter, True node , 8th house. Would love some simple wisdom here, please.
    In my twenties I made torquoise rings in jewellery class at art school. I have a belt buckle still, but the belt is a little tight now.

    • 5th house is fun, creativity, art, romance and children. Saggo would mean you go about those activities with Saggo qualities of gusto, adventure and curiousity. It’s a good place for Sagg.

  13. I do remember the taboo of wearing someone else’s gem and never wore a torquoise scarab ring that I bought in my teens. I lost it and was devastated.

  14. I love turquoise the mysticism is calming, enhancing, protective. Persian the best when it can be found. Sleeping beauty turquoise is my favorite has a a similar energy.Sleeping beauty eminates the sky and ocean and bespeaks of Royalty.
    I like to frame the stone in 22 karat gold or 18 karat gold. It seems happier when framed in gold. Also i combined the stone with pearls sky blue turq. with the white color there is a sense of elegance with power of strenght.
    In repairing old pawn turqoise jewelry there is tendancy of a negative or positive energy the is situated in and around the piece. Process will always take care of it.
    Kingman from the Kingman(Arizona) mine is mystical in that it’s darker blue is distinct in color with white matrix .Matriix sometimes is colored black with shoe polish for contrast.. I prefer ala Natural.The rarest and most unusal is Lander Blue black jack dealer finds a turquoise deposit in 1973 while picknicking at Indian Creek.Drawn to a birds nest, finds rocks with blue dots. Claimed the site as Mary Louise Lodge Mining claim. later Sold it. then it was named Lander Blue Turquiose. The find lasted a year, then ran out.
    Lander was a” hat mine ” so called because you could cover it with a hat.It is one of the classic’s rare and valuable. Turquosie is special in,my opinion because it of it’s history as a Talisman for Health and Healing. The Nahuatl name chalhihuitl (pronounced chal-che-we’-tl) a term used by the navaho and other people of the Southwest Americas until 1800s. RELATED TO :
    Quelzalli-feathers of the quetzaltototl .
    Also name is used for jade or jadite from Meixico.

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