This Is The Moon In Sagg Speaking

Torkil Gudnason

You know what, fuq the stupid juice diet. ACTIVITY is what’s needed and NOW. Live fast. Dream hard. Rock on. Give me liberty or give me…What’s that thing about dance like nobody’s looking? Screw the critics as well. So lame. And dude, i don’t have the attention span to hack anything too huge or that craps on for more than like a minute today…is the surf up?

Yes, the Moon is in Sagittarius and in a free-flowing trine to Mars in Leo…Just to add some selfish free-wheeling oomph to the sexy/strategic Venus-Mars square…

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41 thoughts on “This Is The Moon In Sagg Speaking

  1. Gotta mechanic has to put new spark plugs in Pegasus, but just want to say from White Mallow’s thread & your generous & special teachings, an explanation came to me of what damage my Mercury in Sagg has done in my relationship years (now past) & my far too direct arrows of truth.
    Although when Cupid surfaces with the arrows, he guides me to help others in theirs, or used to.
    My words are indicating PAST, i note.
    Can you tell i’m close to retiring? It’s been on the cards since September, when i realised
    i can do no more in my arena & want to be a full time artist, maybe writer once i learn the art of editing πŸ˜‰
    Love change.

    • I empathise with you Peg re the direct arrows/unvarnished truths and relationships. It’s actually very painful (speaking for myself here) to be this sort of communicator, despite all my best efforts and knowledge of psychology and a sensitive nature, I always seem to upset people. Even my facial expressions show the ‘blunt truth’! Wish I’d been a mine artist then it would have at least been useful!

      and i don’t even have Mercury in Sagg to blame (moon in Sagg the culprit?). Always thought it was a lot of saturn, mercury and mars stuff going on elsewhere to blame.

      • yep it’s that saggy moon … I’ve got one too and it makes one shoot from the hip, say it how it is and if ya don’t like it then fuq off … although my crabby bits give me enuff nouse and intuition to know the when’s and how’s so as not to create too much of a ruckus. Mostly.

    They make me wish i was 16, adore them.
    Am obliged to wear flats, cept when i do ‘interviewer-receptioniste’ in heels for 15 minutes πŸ™‚
    in an hour. AWAYS tok a pair of ballet flats in handbag or car for when i partied (last century).

    Have i told you how often i trip over?
    Let me count the chiro/physio visits.

  3. Surfs is “laked”, flat as Mystic… good for swimming tho πŸ™‚ bit drizzly and overcast too . Good for indoor activities today!

      • I still have my skates from my teenage years. I fancy taking them out for an evening skate tonight! Thanks for the inspiration Uber

  4. How bout some roller skating then ten pin bowling then pub for long lunch whilst sitting on the deck overlooking the sea and headland enjoying some philosophical ranting followed by some Saggitarianism then SEX !

    • oh my god, i think you just described my perfect day damons. with costume party at the end- mystic you legend!

      either that or hiking, swimming at ocean, road trip….Sex…(costume party) LOL. πŸ˜€

  5. Looks nice r.l.p. …. i ve never been down that way or Sydney for that matter . Made it to Seal Rocks on a 2 month road/surf trip once but turned around when we ran out of shiva . Due to the hype of crowds and attitude in the water, cold water, pollution etc just never been interested? Suppose its like anywhere on its “day” you got the good the bad and the ugly. We have had WEEKS of north wind which equals no surf ,crap time of year until the cyclone swells kick in , big blue bottles and sea weed , the odd coconut etc. Hence me bailing to Tahiti until early new year and come back after xmas and school hols beceause we get invaded by Brisbane crew, school kids and summer surfers and it kinda turns into a circus up here . Imagining its 100 times worse on Sydneys northern beaches . DAMN sure is some talent down there tho as in bikini babes WOW!

    • Ahhh – you’re both torturing me!
      I am positively gagging for my up coming week on the GC over christmas after my recent reminder of how cold the bloody water is down here in vic.
      Despite the crowds, bluebottles and it being the GC (grew up in FN NSW, lived in Brissy for years, being excited about GC make me feel a little bit like a traitor to my roots) the thought of the shimmering suburban sprawl of the GC is sending my wee mermaid heart all a fluttery.

      • No, SHELL, its a fate worse than death the GC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even Straddie has lost its edge. Ugh, the new pub there is VILE! In saying that however, I think I am committed to a jag over for the full moon, when is the full moon? Bugger, will I be in the Margaret River? Right then, full moon at Cape Leeuwin… I think…?
        Plus it must be time to head south to the Northern Rivers, I must admit to being one of those dratted Brisbaneites who flocks to the NR for r&r. In my defence however, Dad was born in Lismore, and my Nan still lives south of Ballina…
        A moon in Sagg, so many destinations……. tee hee hee

        • ahhh I know – that’s how cold the water is down here.
          What’s more- burleigh heads. Not kirra, or rainbow bay, sigh – at least not surfers paradise, or miami…
          I’m scheduling in a mullum trip, to recover from the glittering GC lights.

          Yes, I was pretty sad when they destroyed the straddie pub – is nothing sacred??? But have you seen what that brisbane lot have done to kingscliff? In some ways it’s a relief to be away from the destruction of that area – grew up in Mur-bah…

          • snap – am a murwillumbah girl too! (teen years only) my sister decided to live on gc but i’ve been in sydney since about a month after last day of school 15 years ago

          • shell if your initials are SZ and you went to murbah high then yeah… i think last contact was in mebbe 95-96 and you were doing graphic design and living in newcastle. correct?

          • year 12 was 94 for me so yeah was the year below you. in the crowd of hippies always hanging out in the music department ( i mean with musicals and choir and stuff, not lunch times. lunch times were at the riverbank getting up to no good) – good ol’ mrs martin.

            got the heck out of there as soon as I could… been living in Sydney ever since.

          • ohhh, the river bank hey? i was way to straight for such outrageous flaunting of the rules…. we occupied H block for years. I’m getting all sorts of funny flashbacks now.

          • gosh – H block. was that the home ec/textiles building? So you would’ve been on the lawns in front? I was down near the basketball courts or on the volley ball courts, when on school grounds. I had to escape: i had a family member on the teaching staff. A notorious english/history/drama teacher. One of the young-ish ones. Mad as a cut snake.

          • yes, the home ec building. we tried to poison the lantana bush there on many occasions. my recollections of the youngish english/drama teachers is they were all a bit mad, though yes some in a way nicer way than others. and better than the mad maths teachers.
            wow, not thought about that place in a while… and moving right along.

    • damons – yep right on re every beach has its day – good, bad & ugly….
      Bondi’s full of kooks, even when flat 1000 backpackers drop in on each other & runover swimmers, tho our many local mates give it a good go, plus dive up or down the coast. there are dipsticks in MANY locales – like The Bra Boys – whom I’ve known PRIOR to them becoming a brand / hanging off visiting R&B singers / Paris Hilton-ites….or the Brazilians in Indo!!
      but if surfs in one’s blood then & authenticity rules we’ll never go wrong!

      haha as I typed – a mate walked in to mine enroute for a paddle now!!

      another mate just back from NZ making episode 2 of – big waves with Ross Clark Jones & Tom Carroll…back to NZ this week for 30 foot swell……

      or northside is my mate Ozzie Wright – check this – 20 second barrel….& it’s him singing / his band The Goons of Doom on soundtrack

      yes Bondi’s KNOWN for abnormally shaped humans…
      here are some pix from last sat night’s party……..

      am heading to Wategos waterfront for the silly season – rock on!!

      • whoops – party pix from the cool for school crowd….shesh was fun!!

        • Ozzie would have gone back in time in that indo vortex . Time actually slows down in the barrel scientists havent figurerd that one out yet coz not many of the good ones surf…. great footage! cant open the party link googled it , link is correct but my pc s having trouble with it … i shudder to even imagine whats on it …. might be too much for my innocent eyes. Ross and Tom are like a fine wine getting better with age chasing the big stuff and taking it to another level . Wategos 4 silly season AWESUM. and yes R.I.P Straddy ……….

          • yeah Ozzie’s rules!! I have quite a few of his artworks here….. & his band are long term mates!! Amazing surfer. Agree re Ross & Tom, pity Tom’s so cranky or woulda entered that world years back……….

            enjoy your trip – geek later!!

    • aND someone had a link on one of the threads to a site whereupon I discovered “Blonde Redheads”. New music crush.

  6. Hey guys come on up to the FNC – drop in for a champers while you’re here. Sorry no surf here either but bring the mal and you may get a littln.
    Love love the pic exactly how I feel fuq the sensible approach lets party although she could be crawilng away after downing the entire contents of vodka btl that she had poured into the watermelon and then sucked it dry. try it its yummo.

    Like a tim tam suk except for adult saggo’s

  7. This pic is so me …..A Libran Caterer……who hates watermelon totally ( it is a waste of water & melon) I have been longing to put the boot into it for years….it is the only thing my Aries partner & I have in common…..we stay together so that each year we can visit our local fruit shop and say ” God, I hate watermelon’.
    You think I’m making this up don’t you?