Lilith – The Protector

Snake jewellery

So all the fash blogs are on about this:

“…The ‘Protector Collection’ has been meticulously created with Asprey by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to benefit a charity close to their hearts. The limited collection of fine jewels and silver objects was inspired by Angelina’s reflection on the snake as an iconic guardian, a cultural symbol of family protection. All net proceeds will be donated to the Education Partnership For Children of Conflict (EPCC).


The individual pieces in The Protector Collection are limited editions, handcrafted at the Asprey London flagship store, 167 New Bond Street. Each silver piece carries the 5 quality hallmarks applied by the London Assay Office…”

I LOVE Snakes even though i don’t usually wear jewellery and I checked this out: Price On Application.  But fab cause, yes?

What I REALLY LOVE about this is the name of the collection: The Protector is like a really ancient name for Lilith, the original She-Devil and ye olde Serpent Snake-Goddess, Temptress etc. She protects Pagan knowledge that the Christians and others have tried to destroy forever. Angelina Jolie is Pluto-Moon woman par excellence and she has Venus in Cancer Rising- v.apt energy for a highly emotive & seductive aspiring global nurturer I think.

But still, the very name The Protector – regardless of the design or the greatness of the cause (clearly amazing and humbling) in conjunction with a Snake motif is cheeky…Especially in certain parts of the world (like Mesopotamia and Persia) where they banished deities such as Ishtar and her male God-lover Tammuz (think Venus and Mars for easier reference) in favour of more monolithic, patriarchal Gods.


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I was born in the year of the snake, and this is def. very cool.
Interesting that you mention Ishtar, I’ve been obsessing about her legends, etc. for the past few weeks…


Then she’s your Animal Guide-Totem (‘familiar’ in witch poo language),
Represents Transmutation, the ability to always renew, to always shed
what ‘doesn’t grow corn’ again & again.
Nice one Greer.


My Chinese rising sign is the snake. I like the necklace even though rarely wear one.


‘Price on Application’ means i cain’t afford it 🙂


The 2nd Image is the symbol of the Theosophical Society but with 2 snakes entwined head to tail. Guess what tattoo i have on my right shoulder.. my take on that symbol… 2 ghekko’s… head to tail as they were done in Moorea, meaning yellow lizard aka ghekko/gekko, because they are so prolific, chase each other all night, make ‘kiss kiss’ noises & shit on my typewriter after they had eaten a bite or 2 from the papayas & bananas in the fruit bowl, but too cute to get cross with. That is a symbol i have never seen before… Read more »


nostradamus said who will watch the watchers – same beef different gravy?


theosophical society have a few symbols, all composites of icons belonging to different systems of philosophy/religion/magic. (speaking of which – does anyone else feel a bit uncomfortable in the new Adyar bookshop? Not at all conducive for good browsing. i feel like i’m in a fish bowl and the old location was an aladdin’s cave)

this one has several freemason icons in it, plus a few layered ideas for male/female: the mars and venus sigils in opposing positions, the up triangle and the down triangle. bit rusty on all this stuff.


O didn’t see this indigo when I was wondering about the rosicrucians up above it’s chocka with all kinds of things theosophical seems to be the consensus – do they still have classes at the new shop? – yes re the uncomfortable feeling – haven’t been to old shop for more than a decade but the new one is weird and I had a mediocre tarot reading there too. it was mildly disappointing. I have worked out tho if I do the exact opposite of what the psychic said everything she said would happen does. Money well spent.

Lexicon Limbo

I agree Indigofish – I never go into browse – the old store was much better for it. I work across the road from the old location so I used to enjoy wandering around during my lunch hour losing track of time…

Whatever, am curious, if you don’t mind me asking, who did you have the tarot reading with? was it Kerry?


what’s the deal with the mercury saturn jupiter moon symbolism in that second image?


When that was drawn, only those 5 Planets plus Sun & Moon were known.


That pix also reads 27 levels when i put arrow on it.


really? it looks like so many other things yet not – it’s got a bit of everything going on it’s masonic looking but there’s the flower in the centre – i wonder if it’s rosicrucian?


fab cause, fab idea etc, but am uncomfortable with the execution. the poor snakes look a bit tightly knotted and funny proportioned. actually looks like those novelty dog poops. sorry that’s a terrible thing to say! i love my snake jewellery! i have a 70s bracelet made out of that meshy stuff and the snake bites its own tail to close it (have seen these in shops again lately…), and an awesome ring with 6 or 8 snakes all tangled up. i must just be having some virgo action going on today – was having a work lunch in a… Read more »


novelty dog poo, you are so right!


That’s exactly what I thought as soon as I saw them!!!

indigo fish

eep… that could easily be me on a bad day. I’m a full time writer which in the corporate world means I mostly edit other people’s stuff. i am guilty of issuing extensive notes… at least i have some restraint now and stopped rewriting the documents. i’m writing a style guide to start setting some standards.


Am going to have my Virgo rising, Gem Sun-Midheaven-Mars conjunct daughter edit my book and illustrate too. Cheap labor, eh? Joking. Sure she’ll do a great job but I’ll brace myself for the red pen.


you are indeed brave… thought she will do a marvy job. what’s your book about? i don’t remember you posting on it before.

Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

Yes, I loved3x it when I read about this. Thanks for providing the pics though Mystic!

Btw, AJ is Aries Moon oppose Libra Pluto, correct? Going by the widely avail birth deets for her chart.


I have already designed my ring (from previous engagement that didn’t happen) its a 3 headed snake twisting up like a celtic knot but more noveau than straight up mythical references. Finally completed 3 snake piece tattoo design as well as saturn returns present. I am all about finding new ways to interpret amulets and scared symbols for fashion art costume at the moment.


and snake rings!!!!!!! I just bought a double loop snake belt in silver! god…

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