Pornography For Virgoans

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white pencils


Image: Anu Tuominen

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84 thoughts on “Pornography For Virgoans

  1. I actually went round to the Office Supply store this afternoon after being overcome with lust ( see above post )…..I have a virtual treasure-trove of goodies now !

      • *U*P*, you seem to be having a bet each way: at one with disarray AND getting the finer points of a 2B & the smell of a stationery shop. How VERY Piscean of you!

          • just the natural, all-encompassing, wisdom-of-all-the-signs type Pisces gift in action!!! I have Neptune on my ascendant & loads of water trines in my chart, so think I get a bit of the Pisces vibe, but I’d be happy to be one next time round.

          • oh i think you’d make a great haute pisces 🙂 you’re great now too so imagine the wisdom of one more lifetime added to the mix! !

        • so if the pencils be Virgo Porn am tres intrigued….

          they’re OBVIOUSLY shot in Maison Martin Margiela …. a Ram.
          fisty, fiesty, iconic, avant gard, & remains – to this day – 1000% under radar….. so who knows whom be sharpener of both ends of a grubby pencil!

          so is there a Virgo assistant we should ask?
          one whom may, or may not, have organized the variants of shabby shades in said row above?

          his cleaner?
          so if the pencils be Virgo Porn AM tres intriugued….

          they’re OBVIOUSLY shot in Maison Martin Margiela …. a ram.
          fisty, fiesy, grubby, iconic, avant gard, & remains – to this day – under the radar…..& sharpener of both ends of a grubby pencil!

          so is there a Virgo assistant we should ask?
          the one whom may, or may not, have organised the variants of shade in said row?

          his cleaner?

  2. you are all sure crazy i can’t see half that detail in the pencils. I am amzed by your astuteness. They look messy to me but pornographic. i don’t get it! Poor me

  3. Now we just need a stack of fresh notebooks. Reminds me of when I was a child, salivating in the stationery section while the other kids were in the toy aisle…

  4. hmmm obviously our virginal and virgo influenced astro fiend friends here today have not come across the concepts that “control is an illusion” and “the natural order order of things is chaos and entropy”

    *runs and hides*

    • I like to run Prowlin….I’ll hold your hand… 🙂

      FINALLY got an email from Gem Sun/Virgo Rising/Sagg Moon daughter today.

      Felt she had not emailed me yet after getting married at Fullerton City Hall, Ca cuz maybe on mini honeymoon? I never hover over my girls…can you tell?

      Wrote and said, she and hubby and my granddaughter got married and then put on sneakers & went to Disneyland..

      And, new hubby a Pisces, Leo Moon. Just like the ex I always mention here. She married what gave me the shits. And he is a sweety.

      Don’t ever call me predjudice, okay?


    • ps. Dirt IS good … how else do you think we get immunity to germs? I advise all Virgos to go roll naked in some dirt today :mrgreen:

      *runs and hides again* … you coming with me Sweetpea? lol

      nah you’re not prejudiced … maybe she’ll have better luck with the Pisces? If there is one sign renowned for doing in the collective heads of fish peeps its gemini’s … hehehe

      • prowln you’re right, entropy is a fundamental law of the universe, but all life forms by their very existence create and reproduce ordered systems out of chaos.

        i think it’s most healthy to indulge a bit of both things.

        • *laughs* right … and you say this on a thread dedicated to how uneven/clean/properly sharpened pencils are? … hmmm … 😉

  5. have to admit i do have a fetish for the white chinagraph pencil, find them very sexy, but nooo, cannot cope with this pic- its too much for my Virgo Venus…they look so…used!

  6. they are too dirty, some are facing different ways, the pointy bits aren’t lined up, they need sharpening… oh please let me FIX you…

    • Actually, now that I’ve calmed down, you’re right. It’d be better if they were new, red, polished and freshly sharpened. Then I’d need rescue remedy, a blast of Nervatona and a cold shower.

    • – The two with the little lines in the middle (which also have points at both ends) – they need to either be side-by-side or one at either end, like bookends.
      – One or two (I can’t see the photo clearly enough to tell) have erasers – those need to be accounted for as well.
      – Some of them are white-lead & some are dark-lead.
      So many factors to account for, but they definitely, absolutely NEED TO BE REARRANGED.

      (Libra sun with Venus, Uranus & Pluto in Virgo.)

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