Moon into Saggo…Yay!

beautiful girl with bow and arrowYay, the Moon is in Sagittarius!ย  And it’s whizzing toward a (helpful) sextile with Saturn & then a trine with Mars in Leo…Fab, free-flowing Fire Sign energy;ย  up itself, bodacious, ebullient and it’s going to be SO hard to sit still or pretend to listen to merde for the next 48 hours. Cue impatient Saggo-style nodding whilst gazing wistfully at the precious outdoors…cue also some rad candour & remember that this is just the BACKDROP for the brazenly pagan Venus-Mars situation…V.flirtatious & cathartic.

Image: Monica Canilao

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19 thoughts on “Moon into Saggo…Yay!

  1. I am so happy today i could skip. I just checked my chart and its my natal lunar phase at 10.36pm ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Yay! I’m a scorpio/scorpio/sagg — my moon in sagittarius lightens me up considerably. And I’ve been in a ridiculously giddy, silly way energetic mood all day.

  3. I was sitting around being all emo and such when suddenly I got the strangest urge to get up and exercise/stretch for a good hour! Perhaps this is why.

  4. Agree with you guys….

    Saggie Moon bang on my Jupiter right now 1 degree in 6th trine Aries Mercury, 10th. No wonder I’m all over the place.

    Does one get a hang over from Saggie Moon? ๐Ÿ™‚ Yee-ha! (anyhow..)

  5. Had a lovely chat with a very nice Sagg man today, he brightened my day with his cheerfulness & energy. Easy on the eye too :).

  6. completely off topic, but Mystic, do you know about
    Pretty pictures galore!
    (do something saggo moon mult-tasking about in my 5th)

  7. I love fire energy particularly when it’s the moon or mars … but any planet will do. Isn’t that weird tho’ considering I’m a watery crab? I HATE stuff in cancer ….. dark moons in cancer are the absolute worst! Yuck to all that maudlin morosity and comfort eating.

  8. I`m a Scorp… but always secretly wanted to be a Sagg…think I`ll try that vibe on for this next year and see what happens.

  9. YAY! didnt i tell you guys my luck is on its preciface on saggo moons???

    I found out i recieved 3 things during this moon (one i actually found out last thursday but STILL!) i got into VCE legal – which i rare seeing as im in yr 10 next year – ANd i have 2 confirmed work experience placements! the first one with Allen & Unwin Book publishers and the second -wait for it- VIDEO HITS IN SYDNEY! they’re flying me up and paying for everything! OMG OMG! IM WORKING WITH THE FUZZY!

    ok my great saggo outburst has subsided! Saggo moons make me relaxed – im in my element literally! matx