My Fave Astrologer Had Mercury Conjunct Pluto But Never Knew

Mercury Conjunct Pluto

Paracelsus had Mercury Conjunct Pluto, but he never knew. Magician, Alchemist and Astrologer, Paracelsus was born in the 16th Century. He was a Scorpio with Mercury exact conjunct his Pluto and Midheaven. He would have loved that, but nobody discovered Pluto until the 1930s. People with such tight conjunctions to their Midheaven are remembered well after that particular lifetime. Paracelsus may not be a household name, but he made it into Harry Potter.

Below is my interpretation from the Astral DNA birth report for the Mercury-Pluto conjunction:

Mercury Conjunction Pluto

As beautifully poetic as they can be – think Jenny Holzer or Baudelaire – don’t mess with their privacy settings or any personal information. They will likely keep yours in their hypothetical vault and literally never reveal it, even if they loathe you (and Mercury-Pluto people are good haters). They assume everyone else has similar scuples and should this assumption be tested, they turn secretive and mistrusting. They’re excellent in a crisis and times of transition. They have a scary ability to laser straight through flimsy layers of pretense or irrelevance to the nub of any situation, particularly those involving sex, money and power. As they are effortlessly channelling Pluto Vibe 24-7, they can be too intense for some people to even be around. John Bradshaw, author of the influential and prototypal ‘therapy bestseller’ Healing The Shame That Binds You had Mercury Conjunct Pluto. Serena Williams has it!

“Each person is a sun and a moon, and a heaven filled with stars. “

From his Wikipedia entry:

“….His wanderings as an itinerant physician and sometime journeyman miner took him through Germany, France, Spain, Hungary, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Russia. Paracelsus did not think of himself as a magician and scorned those who did, though he was a practicing astrologer, as were most, if not all of the university-trained physicians working at this time in Europe. Astrology was a very important part of Paracelsus’ medicine. In his Archidoxes of Magic Paracelsus devoted several sections to astrological talismans for curing disease, providing talismans for various maladies as well as talismans for each sign of the Zodiac. He also invented an alphabet called the Alphabet of the Magi, for engraving angelic names upon talismans….”

Paracelsus pioneered the use of chemicals and minerals in medicine. He used the name “zink” for the element zinc in about 1526, based on the sharp pointed appearance of its crystals after smelting and the old German word “zinke” for pointed…”

He even makes it into Harry Potter. Paracelsus is my dream date but I would have to go on Supernatural Tinder.

Image: Remedios Varo

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This dude is an Uber-Alchemist…the Rosicrucians link back to him in much of their writings.


Excellent, I love that quotation 🙂 I really like all your posts about fellow mystics through the ages!


Paracelsus a doctor primarily (I have the impression he was..)

A healer above all… traveling around, like a doctor would-

taurean alchemist

my fave Paracelcus quote ” according to your system of belief, you are right “

fallen angel

So was “You are what you think” derived from that? Interesting…


Leo ex has been playing a whole heap of vid conferences getting on the topic of Issac Newton and then ancient alchemists. This man came up.

Mystic, Have you heard about the 20th nov perfumist who’s linked notes in scent to music notes and who’s father was a south american anarchist? he wrote a book I only got half way through and could never find his name again.


Where are all the cool dudes today…………… a journeyman miner, I want to meet one of them!


OMG what a cool dude! wouldve loved to go see HIM at the Mind Body Spirit festival! how does he make it to harry potter? is he one of those amazing chocolate cards? lol

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