How We Are All Phoenixing…

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Phoenix and little girlHow are we all Phoenixing in the wake of that Mars-Squared Full Moon???  It was bang-on my IC (cusp of the home sector) & squared by Mars fuqing around in my 6th so I hit the roof at my now-ex-Feng-Shui Master for various good reasons & went out to get a new one. A Gemini! This, for me, is major and SUCH a good damned fit with the Astro…What I love about it is only after-the-event did i think ‘shit, that Full Moon was right on my IC and look what i did.”

So anyway, think what you realised – and with Mars squaring, there is always an element of irritation leading to this realisation, it’s NOT Zen Noire – and then see the New Moon on November 16/17 as the big new Scorpionic fresh beginning vibe. The Phoenixing. It starts now, obviously, but this is the culling stage.  And Saturn square Pluto so wants to help…Mars in Leo is kinda in v.loose and weird aspect to the pair of them so there is motivation galore.

Phoenixing Revelations micro and macro here please…

Remember also to notice how decisions or ideas make you FEEL…Excited? Hi-Qi?  Scattered? Low? Etc…

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61 thoughts on “How We Are All Phoenixing…

  1. Hmm the phoenix thing is very familiar to me as a Scorpio – too familiar, my first instinct is to run away, break all ties and tear everything down and start again when something goes wrong. The phoenix is very strong for me lol.

    It leads to me reinventing myself every few months, throwing everything out and starting again.

    I got rid of a couple of boyfriends a few days ago – they wouldn’t take no for an answer (Gemini one of them) but I’m not calling back.

  2. i dont know what happened this full moon but i found out my ex[ who did the dirty on me once again] i left him in feb this year which tore my heart up again is engaged and having a baby to the chick [ a premiscuous scorpio] no offence scops but always had trouble with you guys lol] who has tryed to steal every boyfriend iv ever had this time successfully , so got over that really quick i am also pregnant to another man i was seeing after my ex whom we are no longer seeing each other who told me that he is not coming to my birth classes with me then my whole family had a bbq and didnt invite me what a day i went to bed early and cryed, so not sure what was happening in my chart or the sky that day but hope it doesnt happen again x

    • yikes…look after yourself pisces, don’t worry about those have a perfect little friend coming into your life, enjoy….the next guy will fall in love with both of you.

      • What david said, that’s true. My daughter and granddaughter getting married to a wonderful Pisces, Moon in Leo. There will be another love, starting with your child.

        Hell, come to U.S. and I’ll drive ya down to Tex and we’ll do a Texas Barbie-Q (and catch us a cowboy too!! x)

      • What wisdom David. I felt so helpless reading pisces and sent blessings her way but had no idea what to say, so shutzen zie upped. Its so fab that all the pople on this list has a special gift to touch each one’s heart.

        Sweetpea lurved your practicality, can just imagine you lasso-ing a cowboy with your cheeky grin! I sure love Texans, that is one State in the US where I found Aussies felt so at home.

        • Yeah, too bad Texas got the hell shot out of it yesterday on the Army base.

          My nephew a Marine still in training in the Carolinas. Only 18. His choice and I don’t understand the war thing but broken heart today for all.

          Thanks for your sweetness SS. x

  3. It seems like I may have missed the angst boat. Spent the weekend blissing out with ocean, sunshine and moonshine, letting the angst roll off my back like waves, and back to my own bed in time to doze off in the full moon light then be all rested for some public holiday drinking and swanning about. No realisations, except perhaps that not buying into other peoples stuff feels good, be supportive but not take it on and all of that.
    But that is not the saturn/pluto thing that i know i need to sort. But i hope that is as angst less also….

  4. I think I wrote all this stuff in the ‘so the moon is void..’ post.
    Definitely have ashen taste in my mouth.
    I want somethings to burn… but the flames just seem to go around them… or something.

  5. I knew there had to be something…
    I lay awake last night unable to sleep thinking about how I wanted to do something else with my career… frantically frustrated would be how I’d put it. Come to work today and searched how to change career from Accounting to Teaching. Just sick of bean counting.
    Mars is square my Natal Saturn in 10th in Aries. I’m also having Uranus half return and another Saturn half return (on my IC).
    I suppose it would be a good time to study again as I have Neptune and Jupiter about to enter my 9th house.
    Feel like I’ve had way too much coffee (which I probably have) and my Gemini side is in overdrive (of course Mercury is conjunct the sun and thus square Mars) arrgghhh can’t take much more need to calm down….

  6. friday ceres on 7 scorp (my halfway mark exact between moon and chiron)
    ceres is “confrontation with shadow” That night in bed eating soup Sherlock Holmes comes on telly and there is a particularly unsavory villain Holmes takes a personal dislike of more than any other in his entire career

    Then I hear my name “Cam” spoken on the telly and it’s the villains name they keep saying my name, (first time I spit up my soup!) The villains name
    they say is C.A.M by initials charles augustus minelli and in the end Holmes
    lets a vengeful sister shoot the man down in cold blooded vengeance (apparently he approves) and this is ceres also…
    Then halloween saturday there appears a very scary hornet/wasp hitting ceiling light over and over (it was not there just an hour before, seemingly just appeared…) and then another on the floor as if an invasion
    (they are vanished the next day and no other signs of wasps as if it never happened) and then the same night I get very shocking news of legal matter that is so distressing (may be alright tho’ but at first terribly

    -Looks like I picked wrong weekend to quit smack….

    Felt like, napalm in the morning….. I swear…

    • Halloween night, I had my candles and incesne going. Warm night so window open. Then, a “boom-boom”. Asked Mom if she heard it and she said yes.

      I locked my window. Nuts in abundance.

      No hornets though.

  7. Handed in my letter of resignation today~~~!! Yay! Finish up on 31st December. I feel LIBERATED~!!!

    Green Brown n Associates P/L will soon be a reality, not a pipe dream~~~~~

  8. I feel like I am waking up into reality and it is way better than any dream. Met with a proper awesome wiccan witch a couple of weeks ago and did a spell on Full moon night. I can feel all the good things coming up like a wave.

    One thing I’ve noticed since I’ve started learning about astrology is how much Pluto affects me. When it moved into Cap things around me seemed to change, and I seemed to change also. I have tonnes of planets that square Mars so maybe once the full moon was over I was released?

    The realisation were a bit gratey. But now I feel so FREE! My decisions are making me feel so CLEAR. (ha ha I just wrote fool so clear! Maybe the cosmos is telling me things willl turn upside down again). But I do NOT want to be with someone that loves me and I WILL get a job I love if I just take little steps. Exhale!

    Bring on the New moon and my new life!

    • Yes Pluto is the “higher octave” of Mars…Will be interesting to see how you go with Saturn square Pluto in a few weeks. Um, days. Who was the awesome Wiccan witch??? You don’t want to be with someone who loves u?

      • Ooooh! Higher octave! In undergrad I briefly studied the western musical system and this really smarty pants music PhD guy explained that the western scale which composers have always gone on about being universal is actually arbitrary, and the only real universal, found in all cultural forms of music, is THE OCTAVE. The eight divisions are arbitrary but apparently the pythagoreans are right. You play a string, then fret the string half way and it is always an octave. There really is something about that structure in sound that is found everywhere.

        It must have really big implications for astrology. I will have to look that idea up about Pluto being the higher octave of Mars. Prob effects idea of dwads and the other thing yeah? I don’t understand that stuff yet.

        The awesome Wiccan Witch is Stacey DeMarco. She has a site called and was apparently Australian psychic of the year this year. What she told me to do felt really powerful when I did it so I would totally recommend her. She lives in Sydney in Northern beaches somewhere. She is on sabbatical until 10 nov.

        What I MEANT to write was I DO NOT want to be with someone who DOES NOT love me. ie I want to be with someone WHO LOVES ME. Unlike the cancer guy/heavy virgo planets/psyche in scorp that strung me along this year and broke my heart. I really liked him but fuq, I want somone who’s around. Thanks for catching that MM. I don’t want that unqualified mistake floating around in the universe!

        Hope something has come out of your new love interests MM!

  9. Just when I thought things were going to be too much, they just got better because because because I relaxed.
    Just rolling with it (though am a little nervous about Saturn having JUST moved from my sun into my ascendent).
    Gun shy in so many ways right now, but just taking it one day at a time.

  10. ok, well, phoenixy realisations…
    after a few vitriolic (but as i said before, clear, focused, non-abusive) text messages to the f*q**g toro, he wants to RECONCILE!??? WTF. This guy is all over the place.

    I held my ground and yet again expressed my extreme disappointment and anger about his utter shite behaviour. He is such a slippery bastard, whether this is because it’s in his nature or because he really wants to make it all better and hide (?!) the icky details, I don’t know. But he’s not doing himself any favours by trying to cover his tracks now.

    I told him I simply was just fucking over all the shit that i had gone through over him and did he not realise what I was dealing with??

    aargh. and the leonic aqua tradie is somewhere on the scene..purrr

    • Glad to hear that org that has used you for years reached an equitable end! I hope your boss did end up going to bat for you. What a great list of phoenixing you’ve got there!

      • Ah, well, the end is not quite in sight, but there is mutual agreement that the money question needs some careful discussion. My boss will talk to their boss 🙂

  11. My phoenixing was all work/relationship related, and deffo Hi-Qi. Firm but fair money talk with organisation that has tapped my goodwill for years – tick. Extremely stressful project renegotiated with all parties – tick. Reconnect with close colleagues as friends/support system – tick. Huge reconnect with my libido (and my lover!) – tick tick tick. It all feels fab.

  12. Mystic—By strange synchronicity, I had a phone session with MY Feng Shui dude that did not go well either…I found myself irritated the entire time….Mars ?

    • I had a really good chat with my teacher yesterday, but she rang at an inconvenient time – maybe something is going on in their bit of the universe?

  13. Embodying the Mars warrior evoking my Sun-Mercury-Uranus stellium and balancing rage with the crafty use of intelligence and finesse to focus-focus-focus on my mundane work and my higher goals. Dance like a dervish.

    Full moon and shaping the work like an alchemist and pushing it out into the world; listening to the grief and troubles of others with sympathy, yet determined not to be distracted.

    This Mars retro passage, as Mystic promised, is igniting something I’ve needed since Saturn and the nodes clipped my mane. All was to define, discipline and declutter before moving into the phoenix fire.

    It’s time.

  14. It means you have got to get used to the idea of being with ‘a catch’
    as in Brad is like a symbol of hotness and prosperity – this is like your subconscious mind showing it to you, go with it!

    • Goodness, Oh….ok…..I don’t know if I can handle hotness and prosperity but I’ll do my best….!!!! Thanks for the interpretation lovely MM x

  15. I haven’t been in a relationship for ages, and night before last I dreamed I was with Brad Pitt. I mean that we were a couple. And I don’t even think he’s that attractive….WTF? Well he was pretty hot with not much clothes on ! Is this part of my phoenixing?!

  16. I actually have a Saturn conjunct Pluto transit that kicked off last month and is vibing full on since the saturn pluto square and the full moon fraccas kicked in. As yet there have been no amazing realisations, awakenings or anything particularly useful going on … all I feel is this incredible existential anger …. it’s like a Tsunami of Hate. Not aimed at anything in particular either, except perhaps God and the state of my finances. Ok I realise that anger is always directly connected to repressed fear and there is some weirdness going down at the mo’ regarding my Identity so maybe that’s it. But I really dislike this astro … very unsettling. If the rest of November is anything like this I may just go and hibernate through it.

  17. facebook disabled my account on saturday – ciao ciao to about a thousand ole chums, hello newuns, i am now THE PEPPERCORN QUEEN as dubbed at this last weekend’s NYMAGEE A DAY IN THE DIRT festival. HELLOOOOO JAPAN!

    • Told ya!!!!!!

      Give up the Sagg dependency on a thousand shallow-not-truly-loyal-chums already babe!!!!

      I SACKED my Feng Shui Master today – HUGE DEAL – and i told two friends that i no longer wanted their ‘friendship’

      You and i are still close (?) as we are REAL!!!!

      You heard my Saturn Pluto rave that night in St Kilda and i would like to think you got it?

      • Ouch Mystic! ” Give up the Sagg dependency on a thousand shallow-not-truly-loyal-chums already babe!!!!” – hurt! Howere tis so true, I feel so bound to be loyal and faithful to not truly loyal chums, however have come to the stage where I have decided to be too busy to meet them.

        I wish I had your guts to actually tell some friends that I would rather not even breath their space!

        I need to thank all of co -bloggers and especially Mystic for her Fab Astro confidential, that warned me of my Scorp Tormentor and Neptunian substances high usage times, as it gave me the evidence needed to get rid of him. I have finally got the papers signed, as in yesterday. I felt so sad seeing him, as he looked so gorgeous – big blue eyes so sad and lonely etc. I was sooooo tempted to forgive and forget as I do but instead remained strong and bid him adieu. I am sure some of you loverlies would have personally come and strangled me if i took him back anyway!! : >

        The funny thing is my sweet daughter saw a dream last night, that I had become a cannibal and she went to have a shower in the laundry and saw me soaking organs in the sink happily!! I had looked up at her with my usual bright smile and told her, ” dont worry darling I wont eat you!” !!!!! Scary! I hate to even imagine what this means!!

        However, I am phoenixing, slowly but surely. I have horrendous money dramas due to the Scorp – he has literally blown thousands on heroin. So my daughter and I have rallied and she is working at McDonalds to help out even though we have both become semi veggos! I feel such a hypocrite to let her work there! But….it is helping with the bills.

        • Aaargh! What I meant to do was to thank all you wonderful co bloggers and Mystic for all you help, caring and wisdom as it Sooooo got me through this all and it got me thinking in ways I had not even thought of. So thanks guys for all your sensible ideas, as I put them into place and they were so practical and fab. Muchly needed as I have been so duh! xxx

          • you’re so welcome SS. Glad you didn’t fall for the big blue eyes, sad and lonely trick. You go girl!

            “soaking organs in the sink happily” – Great dream!
            They would have to be Scorp Tormentor’s organs no doubt… hehe.

  18. Oh YES – pls go down and see my Neptune Rave!
    I dreamed my ex was keeping babies from me….That I had birthed. And
    Taurean with the HMBOTs that is a good exercise:

    ___ makes me excited and energised and my worst enemy is _____


    Tamberlaine, hate me not but do go read the Saturn-Pluto stuff all over this site and in the daily scopes et al – if you had a ‘twitch’ of that grief stuff and are thinking on nov 3 or whatevs re whether or not something is going to survive, you may as well get to the bitch of it now.

  19. Yes thanks Mystic for the clarity of what has been going on. Yesterday morning woke up grief stricken, sobbing, after a hideous dream of my ex husband on the usual themes of secrecy, betrayal and abandonment. This is the midst of what I saw as my current relationship ending.
    Today, after a little gal pal company and analysis last night I realise I always feel abandoned, when that is not his intention. This was revelatory for me. And pretty important for this current relationship if it is going to survive. Thanks again Mystic, I haven’t been on the net for weeks due to techie craziness and finally got wired up last night. Ahhh….that feels better !

  20. decisions make me excited and energised and the whole world feels like bright shiny new and fun.

    my worst enemy is boredom

  21. The last few days I felt as though I was phoenixing but didn’t realize it was this, if that make sense….
    My dreams have been filled with images of pools, surfing on massive waves, watching massive waves, crossing bridges, spiders, being in a helicopter, playing golf & weddings… This is just in the past week!!
    The wedding one was freaky as I thought I was at my friends wedding when I asked her where are her parents & she shrugged & said they are like death or something. I was a bit confused by this & started looking for them through the crowd as I knew they were there. I stopped in the middle of the crowd & realised that it was my wedding & my parents weren’t there physically because they died when I was little. Oh man was a little sad this morning….

    ‘Remember also to notice how decisions or ideas make you FEEL…Excited? Hi-Qi? Scattered? Low? Etc…’ This is the best advice right now as I did something today & I felt great!!

  22. i exchanged funds on a new home yesterday, walked into it and thought, what have i done…it needs so much work done to it, proper run down. but i spent an hour there just walking around and exploring and by the time i left i was super excited. ive been really thinking of gaston bachelard and the poetics of space. such a great metaphor, the phoenix.

  23. I need to pheonix but not 100% sure how to do it. I know there needs to be a change but I need to click over my thinking to do it – but precisely the actions required aren’t clear as yet. I am Cancer sun, moon and Mercury with Sagg rising and yes I have Saturnalia, Plutonic and Martian Bats!

    BTW Mystic and anyone else interested – I am studying with one of the 5 Feng Shui Masters in Australia, check out She is wonderful, very practical and not off the planet at all.

  24. After becoming decidedly irritated with being dateless for much too long, I decided to take a leaf out of a friend’s book (a female casanova who can round up three dates a week, and how she does it still mystifies me) and “smiled” at a dozen women on a site that I am on. The result, I have several women talking to me one of whom actually would like to go for a walk with me. So there you have it.

  25. You have some excellent clarity goin’ on there MM. No phoenixes in my parts, but have upgraded the status of my chooks, now that have discovered where they are hiding their eggs…

  26. I had the most full on Phoenix dream a few years ago, when I did not know it, but my marriage was ending (Pluto Square Chiron/Venus was the transit- who says that thing ain’t a planet?!) & it was at a point where I could not imagine a world in which there would not be an Us. If you know what i mean.
    But in the dream, this voice said to me LOOK & i saw that our bedroom (in the dream) had become this stark cell with separate beds, facing different directions. And then the same voice said look out the window and there was this beautiful phoenix (same colouring as pic above, love it) sort of smiling at me. And in the dream, I argued with my now-ex because he reckoned he could not see it.
    Another time, I had a particularly strong mortality freak out for some reason & woke up and actually SAW a vision of a Phoenix in my bedroom. O.m.g I was going to go on about my incredible Bast dream in the dream thread but forgot.

    • Mystic, you have the most amazing dreams! And the actual vision of the phoenix in your bedroom – WOW!!!!!!!!!!! You lucky thing you!

  27. mmmm…letting go letting go, not sweating the small stuff & full moon in taurusing my garden…food, herbs & flowers. Am even digging digging out weeds.

  28. that art is just… wonderous. his whole site is mesmerising.

    still making sense of the dreams/decisions/revelations of the past few days. not quite sure what to make of it all. very much loved the super-surge of power to the force field but feeling it lower a little today. some brillo ideas that gave me such a sense of “at last – a solution!”.

  29. That’s cool about your Feng Shui change about Mystic!

    So love the Phoenixing. Yes, it helps! Very apt I think but Lexicon, “felled”….That’s good girl, very good… 😉 Didn’t even get it until Mystic posted!!

    This Full Moon was only three degrees of my Venus in Taurus 11th, opp. Vertex-Neptune 5th in Scorp. So something very dreamy and creative going on.

    I have adored the feelings I have had lately and actually this morning got tears when I told Mom that I feel like I got my happiness back. Yes, it’s been M.I.A for about three years now. And I mean the kind of joy, optimism that is my innate nature as an Aries.

    Think it’s been the passage of time and just entering into a new stage but as well, this is what being out in nature does for me as the time change this time of year means I wake up even earlier to see the sunrise and it is much cooler. Realize this is my most favorite time of year (northern Hem) and most productive feeling. Fall has always been magic for me.

    Really, really, really want to get back in tip top shape. So that along with continuing to write are my priorities and doable…

    Had a dream UPV that I was way up high in a helicopter type thing and just holding on to the seat belt on the edge of the seat (no enclosure).Water down below.

    I got out of the water! (Emotions) Hurray! Now seeing/feeling out this flying thing… 🙂

    • Sweetpea, there’s some safe distance outta the water there! 🙂 Good for you too as you got the gist of it. I like my Dreaming Life generally, as I get to fly, just like those superheroes. I love flying up to trees! I can thoroughly feel my muscles when I’m ascending. 🙂 I love my Pisces Moon, gives me my Dreaming Life such vividness.
      But the week leading up to this Full on Moonie has been filled with LOTS of French refs. One had an old friend with the name ‘Marcel’, which on waking up I was told to shorten it to ‘Marc’. Then a couple of days after I woke up to the radio (PBS in Melbourne) and the prog was featuring French songs…!!!
      One of dreams even had me moving to a new apt, and the name of the building that houses the apt was ‘Paris’.
      A few months before that I met this man who has a slight French-accented English, brown/light brown hair, kinda like that guy in Criminal Minds, the genius young one played by Matthew the Gube.
      Anyway, sorry to crap on Sweetpea!

      • No, not at all (about the crappin’….we all gotta “go” at times.. he,he).

        Fascinating about your French dreams. Some other life connections maybe? Maybe Marc here actually Marcel there?

        But I couldn’t “dream” of another more wonderous place than Paris!

        Groovy too that you feel your muscles as you trapse the trees. My midheaven 5 Pisces what degree/house your Pisces Moon if you don’t mind? Your Moon very geared to the netherlands indeed!

        • Thanks hun! Sweet indeed, hehehe… Yeah, my Pisces Moon is in 4th house at 9 degrees, nearly the end of 4th, but not so close that sometimes in they do the next house interp for it. And yes, my home is my cocoon. 🙂

          What’s is like having a Piscean MC? Smth to do with your career or how others see how you project? Coz your Sun is Aries if I remember correctly, just wondering how they work.

          • Have sometimes been more fond of my Pisces MC than being an Aries actually. Neptune trines from the 5th and so always veering toward a sort of creative/spiritual direction in whatever I endeavor work wise (massage therapy one of them).

            Pisces and Gemini dual of course and so when on the MC can have more than one vocation. I’d say thats been sorta true over the years whether dragging my table to two different doctor’s offices at the same time or being in one job but segwaying off in another direction.

            So your Moon conj. my MC and trine my Neptune, opp. Pluto- IC (4th) … That 4th some deep stuff for sure and yes cozy when not upended by Pluto…. 🙂

  30. Woke up this morning feeling yuck – thoughts running scattered like rampant weeds. This afternoon my partner phoned me to say he has kidney stones. Ashes sting! Holding out for revelation and insight.

    I feel so confident and excited about future thingies unfolding however.

  31. Think it’s a GOOD sign. Real phoenixing means the burning, falling in ashes, all being lost, before coming back together again. If you’re flying again too soon….you probably partially burned and limped on – didn’t have the transformation and regeneration in all it’s glory.

    Different metaphor… Having sobbed an ocean, theres a moment when you stop drowning in your sorrow…and find yourself floating on the ocean of those tears….and you know the rain has gone….the sun is shining….and it’s all going to get better no matter what.

    • yes. Been sobbing buckets over childhood melodramas long past. Decided to let go of that tainted Philosophy ( full moon was in my 9th) and develop my own fresh, new one.

  32. I don’t even know if the things I realized were realized due to the Full Moon-Mars-Pluto&Saturn combo, or if they were the Venus-Neptune hope/haze…? A hell of a lot of dreams anyway!

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