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woman kneeling on bare floorboards with Full Moon shining inThe Full Moon in Taurus could be Tranquility Central, an oasis of Zen Noire amidst the Scorping…You know? Taurus Moons are always good times for being Sensual & Grounded. It is the massage Moon. BUT…This one is squared Mars in Leo and opposed by Sun/Mercury in Scorpio. And, due to the Sun-Mercury conjunction after the Moon, the whole thing becomes one of those extended Full Moons…With the drama or intensity stretching out to encompass Monday AND Tuesday.  So I am declaring all Monday and all Tuesday as days of Full Moon weirding and that’s regardless of where you are on this beautiful orb of hours.

Stay as Zen Noire as poss. Don’t provoke fights. Don’t go asking for favours. Don’t indulge your own stalkery or lower instincts. Use every trick in the book to keep out of merde. Personally; I am just getting on with my tasks, trying to eat well and employing basic evasive tactics. Professionalism & being at one with your bod is always a good move with this sort of energy…If  you expect that ornery peeps will be blasting off with the usual bullshit, than you are at least prepped. Ask for what thy want and chase things up later in the week. Aim not to over-react. Think: Aura of white light all around you…

IF you can do the Zen Noire professionalism and some kind of tranquil, totally in-your-body-Taurean trip than you will be rewarded with massive awareness, solutions, creative breakthroughs and transcendental bliss.

Image: Frances Giacobetti

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59 thoughts on “Full Moon Weirding

  1. Wow, wish I’d read this before going out yesterday. After being sick at home and serenely alone all weekend, I went over to a friend’s house for bbq and all kinds of weirdness and drama ensured, egged on by drunkenness.

    I was both offended and offensive. Apologies are now needed. Wish I’d just known to get the “white aura of light” in place ahead of time and avoid conflict.

    I seem to be both easily angered and hurt right now. Gonna follow Mystic’s advice for conflict avoidance and just keep my head down for the next few days.

  2. Ughhh I just got accidentally dragged into some moron’s borderline personality disorder. Nevermind borderline. He HAS a personality disorder .. it’s called Leo Ascendant and Leo Mars. Painful character.

    But in good news I have lost 1.5kg in one week of the Grass Diet. Isn’t that excellent!?

    • its a little hard on the jaws isn’t it ? all that ruminating ? or are you smokin it ? 1.5 kgs ? one week ? I could lose that having a dump, (scuse the expression).

    • congratulations prowln. 1.5kg in one week is serious progress!! *pat on the back* just remember to be nice to yourself too. xo

    • I have put ON that amount, so i guess i got your surplus i’m so happy to say.
      Got my boobies back! Joy.
      Need 3-4 more of your kilos, Prowin,go girl, i’m here to take what you shed!

    • That’s fantastic prowln! Well done. Has it been a week already? You put me to shame. Pegasus, I have a coupla spare kg (in the bust department) that I would gladly gift to you!

      If said ‘moron’ seriously has Borderline PD, stay the fuq away. It’ll mess with your reality big style. DON’T get involved.

    • thanx guys!! I was feeling a little maudlin over the weekend due to the lack of treats but the Virgo trainer insists it’s a bad idea to make food a reward so stuck to the schedule. Was thrilled by the morning’s results. It’s all in the mind I tell ya!!

      Pegs … there is plenty more where that came from! lol

  3. this full moon is in my 1st house. only just figured that out, because i always forget my aries arising doesnt cover much of my 1st. yee gads. all makes so much sense now.

  4. I’m feeling so blah. That ole “I don’t know why I bother” feeling has come back to say hello

    If only I had yummy treats as mentioned above to sweeten my mood 🙁

  5. Psychic yesterday told me that a karma cycle was ending at the mo – maybe this is a universal thing?

    Kept throwing Justice, the Hanged Man and the Chariot over and over yesterday (and was picking cards at random out of a shuffled deck.)

    Job is out of my life; Ex/Mr CBA is out of my life; anxiety is on the way out.

    Asc and Venus in Taurus: using this full moon to stay quiet and soak up insights and stay calm in preparation for glorious new start. And poh how the inisights have been flooding in. Wow.

  6. Between the squares and the oppositions just starting to evolve, my chart looks like a War of the Worlds remake. This little sheep better start re growing horns..
    Haven’t reached for the sword yet. Note to self, have sword sharpened.

    Pluto opposition mars, saturn sq mars, sat soon opposing sun, saturn sq saturn soon, then a pluto sat conj..do I need to go further.

      • I was refraining from commenting Lexi as Daveyl born a mere 12 days after me.

        I keep seein’ all this good stuff till I read his posts. Maybe I should go back to Self Actualizing Lesson One (Seeing the World “For Reals”…lol)

      • maybe I’ll go into frozen hiatis is some expensive clinic and be woken in about 3 years, or I could suspend my belief in astro for a while, that might work…saturn, schmaturn. load of malarky.

  7. This Scorp is tired of all this opposition crapola. sigh!

    Thanks for the insight and positive ideas in dealing with it all.


  8. today walking around with costanza ‘calm blue ocean’ running through my brain…though just like his character i’m coming over all freaky and nuisance like annoying.
    containing the crazy inner being and bottled rage may prove difficult….had a psycho outburst at someone fri nite…and been pinging grudges at anyone who has slighted me in the smallest way in last 3 years…and still being hostile towards the fri nite aqua male recipient of my “fuq you, back off or i’ll kick you in the nads” vent. i’m one twitch away from steam coming out of my ears…and its all so trivial too….arghhhh.

    i’m hoping its something in my chart and not the start of a meltdown.

    • aquaphobe, i think it may be the beginning grumblings of saturn-pluto thats building towards middle of the month. from everything ive read about it, its a big deal- i was just reading something that said it was like a huge psychic- emotional detox is heading our way. and we all know what happens in a detox- all the shit comes up and out first.

      take good care of yourself and vent in le journal!! thats my strategy at the mo. and perhaps howl at the full moon tonight!

        • i am in the same boat! im feeling rage and injustice at things that happened ages ago… and resisting the urge to ring people and tell them what i think 🙂 instead i am a ‘snake in the grass’ (thank you mystic) watching and waiting as i purge my thoughts and old toxic crap in private. but i do know its all coming up so i can release it once and for all, it shows me that i was in denial if i thought i was over lots of this stuff!

          ps of course also mystic said this morning was a mercury-mars hoo ha, and to not go off the deep end in communication etc…

          so apt, as usual!

          • snake in grass snake in grass snake in grass…calm blue ocean calm blue ocean 😉
            a wooooooooooooooooooooooo

            LOL 😉

            (thank u. raising wine glass: here’s to us both containing the crazy.)

          • save a glass for me. will need one if i keep fighting this urge to systematically dismantle the people around me with venomous mental dexterity. have been flashing the “fuq me aren’t you a colossal idiot” grins at a few peeps at work today. usually i would take the bait and take on the stupid arguments but not today… i have the red hair warning sign doing my work for me so i need not say a word.

    • an oasis, mmmm, my favourite escape fantasy involves, date palms, fresh water, hot sun and miles of desert in every direction. Forget the tropical island give me a good desert oasis any day.

      • Well, that sounds like where I live Daveyl as we have date palms here, desert for miles, hot sun year round pretty much (still in the nineties today…) But a swimming pool although can take you to a canyon on an Indian Reservation that does have an Oasis. We have hot springs too. Bring the family!

        Personally don’t do tropical so well as humidity gets on my nerves ( I sweat).

    • unpredictable pisces, Mystic did say you could use these forces if you want to radically change things for good. Seems appropriate in your case.

      • yes indeed ‘bot – that is what made me think it might be a good time…i am actually really happy with the clarity of mind I finally have plus newfound ability to call him on his shite behaviour. and dare i say it, armed borders on the alert to shoot down any bullshit

    • You wouldn’t want to be where I am David. Was at the town pool today, swum backstroke watching the clouds gathering all serene & refreshing. Coolness lasted till about the time I got to the car.

  9. sorry mystic, i hav decided to use these astro forces to rip the Toro a new one… bitten my tongue long enough

  10. Moon is trine my MC & jupiter & * venus
    Not feeling so great anyways, ate some chocolate to try lift my energy levels which are on the floor. Downloading some audiobooks on woo woo stuff.
    Chocolate 3 energy levels 0…

    • ha,ha…like your score board there…

      Sounds like with that trine it’s just about relaxing maybe? Know I could not possibly exert much today although did get the basics like two loads of laundy, dishes, etc. out of the way very early. Time change here. We gained an hour. Horray!

      Currently brewing a cup of coffee so I MIGHT be able to cook. Just don’t realy wanna….wah…(and noone can make me!! So there!)

      • Haha!
        Oh crap I just remembered I have pilates on this afternoon. Scoreboard might start looking like this….
        coffee 6 chocolate 5 energy 0

        • just wondering if choc is a gem ‘kryptonite’ ? my gemini bff is so addicted that she twitches if she has less than a bar a day…i’m talking family size…thought it was just a way of centralising addictive habits…

          • Absolutely! Thankfully I can resist a family size version & very satisfied with a few pieces of good quality dark chocolate. I crave energy the more the better! 😉

          • me too Baristagem – 3 pieces of quality dark – 70 to 80% cocoa content with my cup of tea after dinner every night. It does the trick… keeps me happy.

          • Oh, have not done tea after dinner since the Persian husband/boyfriend. Was a way of life back when but like the choc idea added in.

    • A Snickers bar for me. Midgie Snickers & M&Ms for Mom (Halloween candy you see). Oh, and a cup of hot chocolate this afternoon.

      Never drink hot chocolate. It’s gotta be Taurus. Why else would I have also been disappointed I could not find the marshmallows? Don’t even have marshmallows… 🙂

          • I always get baking urges on a Taurus moon, but beat myself to it on the weekend – made an INCREDIBLE flourless orange cake. The taste was somewhat akin to a shake made from almond biscuits, marmalade and vanilla ice cream whizzed through a food processor. There are left overs to last out the full moon, thankfully.

  11. Read your Daily Scopes this afternoon when I got home from the pool Mystic (yeah, mentioning the pool again as was the crux of my day/therapy after hours at the computer yesterday typing nine pages..)…

    But Taurus Moonie (as of this evening/Sunday L.A. time) makes sense, as could not bring myself to WORK in the pool but rather float and look at the sun hiding behind a palm tree and how it illuminated white flowers, watch the bees/butterflies, hear the breeze, play with sun rays in the water. Doze and then jaccuzzi.

    Such perfection for relaxation. Think Taurus Moonie in love with my Taurus Venus.

    Now gotta go cook ahead for the next couple of days. Guess that’s kinda Taurean too?

  12. ohhh, im going to try and avoid all non-necessary communication. my interactions even at the best of times can be misrepresented as i go gang busters around the place. i am following your advice mystic of being a ‘snake in the grass’. keep my head down low and watch…

  13. Just sent off 4 invoices, 3 of which may have slight disputes, fingers crossed, promising i wont go off if questioning is unreasonable, they will pay…

    • I hear you. Self employment can be fab when the clients actually pay the invoices on time, without quibbling …. and pink pigs fly south at midnight

  14. Ooo, just drafted a mega-diplomatic email discussing remuneration with an organisation that has had a lot of professional expertise from me over the past years FOR FREE. My boss will be stepping in as Bad Cop shortly. Hope I played it Zen enough!

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