Dark Moon In Libra Activity

Grotty old retro lipsticks tarnished

Yes, Saturn is squaring Pluto and it is SO unspeakably existential but – as with any Dark Moon – some respite is to be found in primordial sifting, sorting and decluttering. Plus, because this is in Libra, think a la swooping on your beauty cabinet.

The bathroom is symbolically the domain of our Lady Venus – is yours a haven of beauty, harmony & order? Do you have a coherent skincare regime? It need not be something ludicrously o.t.t. Even just fresh new face-washers folded & awaiting your diligence can feel divine. That + you editing and discarding.

Venus – ruler of the Dark Moon – is of course in Scorpio and moving to square Mars + everything in Aquarius & probably some stray crazy asteroids just for good effect. So if a savage purge of potentially bacteria-infested mascaras, serums that on second-thought are stupid and the lipstick museum (clutter with purchase anyone?) don’t do it for you – get into some Scorped up Venusian culling of the evidence of ANY ex.

Okay, it’s tricky when you have darling children with them but I am not talking about that. You can do the old writing-them-a-letter ritual & then  you burn it. Note – i said burn, not send. You can cease hanging on to memorabilia or a symbol of hope that he/she/it may one day re-detour back into your lovely orbit. You can fix the Feng Shui, do a spell or see a Shaman to get the ‘cords’ cut. Mugwort smudged is a fantastic Dark Moonie thing to do.

Just remember: Libra is the sign of Balance & Beauty, Relationships and Tranquil Diplomacy. If you are to embody the latter, at least, use the power of the Dark Moon + Venus in Scorpio…And as it is the Dark of the Moon right before a Phoenix Moon in Scorpio – you may want to look at this Hecate post again.

Note: It is not a fantastic time for a first date nor to buy beauty products/have procedures done that are hard to change back. And that is my understatement du jour.

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48 thoughts on “Dark Moon In Libra Activity

  1. But I am unclear! Does no dates mean no talking on the phone, etc or no planning? I am fuzzy here.
    Lol Crabwoman!
    I did a purging burn of the shoebox and that felt great-I also purged the beauty museum…. and avoided an exes text for a booty call-tho that did not go as well. Don’t really feel free from his wierd gem mind.

    But I will not physically meet anybody till aft Tues. I can do that.
    I really have a hard time relating to Hecate. Does anyone have any thoughts on higher qualities, attributes? All the info I can find is all …don’t have good words here… formulaic?, sorcery and dark power based? Stereotypical with of your dark side stuff…
    I feel blind in the dark- she is supposed to be good help in the dark- I don’t get dark moons- they are dark…..
    Anyway- any original findings that I might be able to look at? I want to try to relate to her….

  2. Seriously seriously this hooved woman is attached to an emotional yo-yo these last few days – sobbing fits to euphoric connections with my beloved who is at rock bottom and torn – to go or not to go – this year has just been such a mammoth, falling domino year for our newborn relationship, am longing for the slack to be cut, we need respite, but then we’re still sweet and laughing and kind of teenage in our frustrations with each other: ‘you’re so bloody annoying, god you’re SO annoying’. Weird how sitting on the precipice with each other makes you push and tease and closer and refreshes your combined energy . . . I am a little boat with a goat afloat

  3. Nooo BSA no new dates MM has decreed. Not till new moon on Tues. I too have some “bites” on the hook as it were but keeping them dangling till Tues. It sounds conniving but just doing as the astro tells me to.
    I ‘ve followed MM timimg advice farily closely and she is spot on.

    • Yah! I agree! Follow her advice, good thinking!
      unfortunately I was late on this post and bought beauty products last night eek !! I hope they work ok but they are organic yummys so I hope that works in my favour!
      Enjoy your Tues fishing expedition Leogroover!

  4. Could we make it a fashion trend to have retro boobies?

    Just asking. Mine are fantastically retro. Alll reallll baybee….

  5. Is it a good day to be flirting back and forth with a possible new guy, possibly setting up a date? I dunno why guys always seem to show up on the new moon…..

    I am looking a a shoebox with a mixed cd, writings, cute, funny notes, movie stubs and cards- that I keep thinking needs to get thrown out. Part of me wants to cry at the hopes that got broke by that guy….and part of me just says, meh- let it sit there till the box rots out, thats how little it means anymore….

    • I met my now hubby on the waning dark moon, but in Pisces. But, I had known him for over a year before we started talking as two people poking each other with the romantic possibility stick.

      We had a fabulous two months of flirting before taking anything to the serious level but have not been apart since that dark moon period. It certainly has not hurt us whatsoever and brought us much closer together because it was all very deep and honest right from day one.

      This cycle is a LOT harsher than what was in the cosmos back then, however, as with everything else, it would depend on the intention of the whole thing. He was looking for a women to bash on the head with his club and I was looking for a man to nag – so it meshed!

      • Gosh I LIE! and need more coffee! it was the Libra FULL MOON in 2003. so sorry, disrupted sleep cycles at the moment and looking at the wrong thing!

        Mars was in Pisces, I was marveling at that fact as it had just entered the very day we started to get serious and he has that natally. My humblest and time for that second cup!

        • ugh make that ARIES full moon – totally giving up and wish these replies could be edited – sorry about the bandwidth sucking whilst I am half asleep!

          • ok to regain some credibility and why I even bothered posting about flirting during a dark moon. I wasn’t sure what the lunar phase was when I did actually get serious with the hubby but it was around this time of year and had all sorts of synchronicity going on.

            it was the dark moon phase where I met a really sexy scorp that was super duper sly and all of the negatives BUT not too foul with me, probably as I had the kiddies. Lucky escape that one and the catalyst that slapped me about to notice hubs, who then came along the following waxing lunar phase!

          • *clap* you got there in the end. 🙂

            my Gem friend who has been corresponding with some guy she met on an internet dating site had a close call yesterday. He’s cancelled on her 3 times and then yesterday sent her a text saying “what are you doing tonight?” no notice at all. So she told him to piss off and was nobody’s booty call. Just as well!

  6. Have a big old guess what I’m doing??? YES, Feng Shui check.. culling Le Toilet’s stuff (well bit by bit) check, enhancing my ACTUAL toilette and toilet check..

    What I WON’T be doing: Writing that letter. Can’t handle it yet and have a sneaking suspicion once I ink the last dot on the final sentence, it will probably spontaneously combust and set the house on fire.

    Plus the fact that to be honest, I don’t speak the Language of Sh*t which well, he does.

    • Was thinking of “Life Style Lift” that I see advertized on tv here Pegs. Says takes only an hour….Palm Springs caters to this kind of stuff but as I said above, was just a joke.

  7. “It is not a fantastic time for a first date nor to buy beauty products/have procedures done that are hard to change back.”

    Oh dear, no wonder my “lunch-time lift” said “no refunds!”

  8. I finally realize that I spend much too much time trying to be on good terms with peeps…..Libra dark Moon diplomacy be damned !

  9. Elder taurean bloke was telling me how he had a workmates 3 year consecutive playboy collection from the 80s (he got custody while his mate’s mum came to visit)…and then the mate didn’t want them back…so I suggested that he might be able to sell them on ebay…and get a nice return…he said he thought he needed to maybe buy some more and do an analysis of the differences over the decades.

    • LOL he’s right – the 80s is when the tits went bad (frightening- reckon that’s when aspirational body image issues started) and the photography got all sharp and hard looking and the 60’s was the stocking over the lens soft focus time.

      • Anon, you are right aabout the body image & all the boobies being fluffed up so as
        they still sit up to the sky when lying down. Most boobies turn to fried eggs when lying flat on
        your back.
        There were so many blondes with matching collar & cuffs THAT gave me an idea 😉

          • Yes – they did! A housemate years ago brought back a 1983 US Penthouse from a trip to Serbia or something, and you should have seen the bushes!! Very lustrous!

    • I love buying old Playboy’s from the 60/70’s – always snaffle them up at markets. I still have 2 sitting in the boot of my car that I found at Rozelle markets last year. Was a tad embarassed when the guy at the fruit shop carried a box to my car & the Playboy slid out amongst pairs of shoes…

      • am loving the juxtaposition – chivalrous old school gent carries heavy box for liberated retro porn consuming damsel. bananas cucumbers or courgettes (or is that zucchini I always forget) positioned on top? red shoes…? hmm time to go – it’s whatever btw – am not able to name myself or put a subject line in any of my emails any more because I got creative with plugins and now everythings a bit farked tabs I dunno no time to fix it right now. Hope your nonna’s feeling better and up and about again.

        • Next time I’ll make sure I carry the bananas, at least 😉

          Nonna got better, now getting not so better. I think that’s going to be the way it goes from now on…it hit me yesterday that this will probably be our last xmas….

          Hope all is good in your world Whatever. xx

          • my world is good in an irritating saturnine way as is most everyone’s there’s ups & there’s downs. Spose at least you have an awareness of the reality – she might surprise you yet tho i hear she’s a dynamo. The old birds can be plucky – god knows where that came from! Read it with a drawl I’m channeling some kind of rustic outback charm. Take it easy LexLim.

    • Leonine darling, HOW do you have the most interesting random convos with people??? I do wonder as I find them so amusing.

      All I get to do is to pull Corporate Bitchy mode as I deal with naught but vendors, gob-smacked unenvironmentally aware customers and a Sagg Boss who is optimistic that this whole “green thing” is going to go away.

      Do find your little vignettes so light and funny.

      • FA I find people or they find me, I’m not sure which…I have a really well honed sense of the absurd…I think because I’m comfortable with showing what most people would see as vulnerabilities, and I listen, people just tell me lots of stuff, I mean amazingly revealing sometimes heartwrenching stuff…oh and I’m really hard to shock. This seems to happen regardless of if I’m at work, study, play…just is what it is. I do have to find employers or work where people encourage the odd chat/relationship building mode or I get bored. Only so many invoices I can process. I find solving problems or creating systems for most people fun…

        It’s not like I don’t come across the odd person that I don’t want to engage with…it’s just that I find many more that I do.

        A for instance from years back when Sagg daughter and I were in LA…and we’d travelled from San Diego by greyhound bus…and been stopped by border patrol…they looked at us and the waspy woman a bit long and hard…and then at dusk we got off downtown and it was just bedlam. Many screaming babies, and just the feeling of a lot of people struggling in life and the terminal all stuck together…so then I tried to get a taxi out the front, and just got a weird vibe off the taxi drivers…so we asked the security guys if there was a local bus nearby…they turned out to be offduty police and gave us some good advice. We eventually ended up on the metro rail system and you know when you’re just tired all of a sudden and it just seems a bit much. +most of the platform smelt of musky wee…and then some elderly korean ladies asked me if I was ok and helped make sure I was heading in the right direction…and then I obviously must of really looked confident because this english guy asked me for advice…he turned out to be staying at the same hotel we were near the airport so we adopted him…so yeah I can met people anywhere and am happy to accept help or offer it if I have half a clue…which provides rich fodder for vignette du jour.

      • That sounds quite an adventure in San Diego, LL! I wondered if you had one of those faces, you know, calm and open, easy to trust. I always get asked directions, clarifications for rules, etc. and one of my friends once said it was the air of authoritall, haha.. not sure.

        I get the hardcore confessions too but I love that you get the odd little slice of life bits, they make me smile. I think meeting new people en route doing something or going somewhere is one of the best things ever, and I don’t quite understand it when friends tell me they would never dare speak/talk to a stranger.

        But doesn’t everyone start out as one? I think it just makes life richer…

        • WHAT? – never talk to strangers – i can’t believe anyone could say something so daft!

          Strangers are the spice of life! As Blanche from Streetcar would say “I’ve always relied on the kindness of strangers” 🙂

        • I was told once at an interview for a customer service position at a zoo, that I have the type of face that is approachable, that I just look as though if you ask for help I’ll give it or work out how someone can access it themselves if need be. I’d not considered previously that I actually look like this. I mean on the inside this is going on, but it’s strange to have it pointed out as part of your employable skill sets.

          It is funny how many people think an air of authorata translates into actually knowing what is going on.

          I agree with scorpbot, imagine only talking to people you know? I’m respectful of whether someone looks like they’re up for a chat or not, but I find talking to people not in my immediate sphere keeps life fresh. I listen to my gut, and then view strangers mostly as totally different perspectives and experiences all just walking around, untapped. It’s like a living breathing research project where you can corrupt the findings within…as I find it more fun to connect than just view from a distance…

          YES FA meeting people enroute to somewhere else is great. I’m not a big talker on planes, but I love the waiting areas. Met some guy from south africa who told me lots of things regarding his business model and how he and his wife operate, made what I learnt at uni much more interesting and vital…same trip met a lady dressed in a neat little peach leather short jacket with peplums. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen before or since and yet she worked it, and had that beautiful southern drawl. You could almost imagine gardenias and honeysuckle popping up in her wake as she walked.

          Oh and the trio of ladies from NY. They asked me if I could tell where they were from by their accent. It was so funny I just looked and went um NY city and they were all laughing that someone from halfway from around the world could tell instantly they were from NY. Imagine if I wasn’t ready to smile what I’d miss out on. Hot strangers is a whole different category all of its own. Hmmm.

          • Is that something we can put on a CV?? Surely it has to have uber $$$ value if someone’s actually pointed it out as an employable skill, love it.

            I think my looks vary at work and outside of. At work, I’ve had people stammer as I asked them a simple question, and apparently there’s been talk that I keep a whip handy, or some such thing. 🙂

            But outside, I get anything from a casino guard once trotting me up to Le Toilet in Vegas as he thought I was underage and was left unattended thus presenting me to “Dad” which pissed him off, to in one night in the Maldives having a Brazilian guy desperately trying to seduce me to the point of exposing himself (and me having to hide my amusement at why he bothered considering the er..shortfall) and a few hours later having the Canadian Bird Scientist in the next cottage bang on my door as she was convinced someone was trying to break in through the bathroom.

            I have met lovely friends through this, who of course have made up for the nutjobs. Wish there were more hot ones though, that would be so niiiiiccce right now. Sigh.

            What would the world be without all these walking untold stories yet undiscovered?? Surely too boring…

  10. Wow, I pre-empted this by FINALLY putting ugly wedding gifts from 1991 on ebay last week, on a one-week auction. The actual marriage was history by 95! I have carted them around for so long, but, they will be sold be the new moon.

    • Good for you TLE!! Must feel very liberating….Do you have any cancer in your chart?? funny before I logged on to mystic today, I opened my diary and i have been carrying around a photo of husband and I on wedding day with me for two years, it feels kind of sneaky that i am doing this, since we have been sepearted for three years!!!….and I thought today that i needed to write on the back and rip it up..yes yes yes yes

      • ANY Cancer? Just my Asc, Jupiter & Venus. And the ugly gifts are a food serving bowl & platter… from a family member. Couldn’t be more Cancerian if I tried. Good on YOU re the photo, Sassy!

        • hahaha girl, i though s!!, Im a sun +venus cancer… we know exactly how to hang on right? Time is now to let go, scary for cancerians but we are moving on up!!! Jajaja Yes, and we also dont need ugly kitchen ware hanging about out shrines (kitchens)!!! 😉

  11. Bugger the dark moon in leeeebra, Ive got a mars / neptune conj starting today for 10 months, felt it straight away, with my mars sq sat, while it squares pluto, pluto opposes my mars its all going on. Working till 3 am for the past few days, ‘producing’… funny in a way how this sat pluto sq has shaken me out of the sat uranus opp, dreaminess and confusion has been banished for getting stuff done.
    Its intense.

    • yes, i feel a bit like that also david, though I’ve got nicer aspects than you I think. a mars/saturn/pluto sextile love in, oh except that pluto/pluto square, and that saturn/pluto conjunction.
      more power to us!

  12. Good for you, leogroover and crabwoman!

    It seems with Saturn in Libra, most people are letting go of past hurts and redefining their boundaries in regards to the power they give to other people, and what they put up with for the sake of peace, love or misguided happiness.

    I really hope everyone on this site has found/ will find a relationship that nurtures and enriches their lives. You’re a great bunch of people and you all deserve to be happy!

    Ah, feel the love! Ha ha!

  13. “You can cease hanging on to memorabilia or a symbol of hope that he/she/it may one day re-detour back into your lovely orbit”

    never give up MM on this message. I need constant reminders to do this stuff – espesh us crabs.(Venus in Kataka – very unfortunate sometimes) I am struggling to get the ex TC out of head but have dithced a bunch of stuff and started a brand new journal and will burn the last one that is sooo full of my boooring stuff.
    I may do a summary though so i can look back over it in 6 months time and see how far I’ve come and how my gorgeous white lace up Saturn Grrl boots still shine and illuminate my lfe’s journey.

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