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So, how are well doing with the Saturn-Pluto Square?  I am a bit bitched up & ruthless but the emo insights are fantastic, no?  I was about to wonder if this is how Saturn-Pluto style peeps feel ALL the time when i realised i have (natally) Saturn opposite Pluto. I mean, i knew that but wasn’t really thinking about it. So here is an idea – check out your natal relationship between Saturn and Pluto.  For a good time if you are an Astro-Fiend.

You get the gist? Even if the current Saturn-Pluto Square is not aspecting your natal Saturn/Pluto, it will still stir up that dynamic if you have it going on anyway. Mid-60s, 1973/1974, 82/83, 93/94 born peeps could find this thing muck-raking a whole lifetime of personal power issues. Re-read my Saturn-Pluto rant below…Please. Short version – Saturn needs a strategy and Pluto has to transform the energy…

Hands up who is grokking the tougher (okay, resilient) vibe of Pluto in Cap, now that Saturn is so helpfully accentuating the energy?

What have you learned/realised strongly in the last fortnight?  What resolution has come out of it? How are you stronger? Lets have an online encounter group and hold virtual hands – yes?

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131 thoughts on “Checking In With Saturn-Pluto

  1. Just reading this for the first time today. Oh my, how so much changes & stays the same! It has not been the Mercury on Mercury-Uranus moment that I expected, but I expected that much 😉

    Nov 2009… So much has changed since then. So much has changed since just yesterday. And everything is the same as it ever was in all the right ways. Saturn-Pluto bliss.

  2. Awesome to see how that’s working for you Truly nice to see a success story (slowly=saturn) in the making – it may be because your saturn and pluto are being conjuncted and squared at the same time by transiting saturn and pluto respectively. Makes sense?

    No? – Go to – mystic has a link to it on the side bar and put your info into it and check out your forecast – Your saturn and pluto will also be being triggered in some way by uranus (sudden changes, electric vibes, coyote shenanigans – see also mystics link to the trickster on the side bar) being in pisces at the moment and possibly conjunct your sun. Hook up with and take a look at the free stuff they have.

    If you’re an 83 babe you’re also about to enter your saturn returns phase next yearish – I discovered saturn returns just before I had my first one and immediately went to an astrologer to see wtf I was meant to work out and it was crazy helpful so maybe if you’ve got some $$ (or it could be an XMAS request?) it would be a good investment to have a consult with Mystic – she can be really helpful with letting you know the overriding themes and it’s more personal than the blog – it’s all about YOU in a consult.

  3. OMG so the epiphany of the day for me is to check re the BIG life goals what it was that motivated me to initiate them in the first place. If the catalyst no longer motivates you maybe ditch the goal. It’s the working out what the catalyst was that’s the thing. Career goals especially – if your childhood left you shell-shocked did you choose a high pressure career that replicates the siege mentality so you’re in your comfort zone ad infinitum even though it’s not that comfortable? This crazy nothing is quite right time is fuqing awesome if it really is when you can fix it or fuq it. I don’t mind delaying gratification if it means some of the BIG things can change forever. Just don’t go tooo slow Saturn.

  4. ah, so, with a bottle ish of wine and a fancy dinner under my belt (jealous prowln and sweet pea?) I’m ready to extoll on this topic.
    I attempted to weigh in this arvo, but the (saturn) voices sent me off to deal with more important things, food, work etc. Saturn end 2nd, pluto end 5th, (and nicely, suns sign based saturn into 5th, pluto into 8th, where uranus according to ascendent is currently dwelling)
    Because I’m pinoted up, and have an tendency to waffle, I’m going to attempt to emanate rockstar’s point form (so not me).
    – not feeling the angst, (well not much)
    – mystics saturn/pluto advice/challenges are so completely spot on – i read them then forgot, then joyfully realised. I’m amazed at how i can see the sun sign saturn/pluto house/sign shifts combining with the ascendent based saturn/pluto sign shifts only. Maybe it’s all placebo but its making sense/helping
    – the challenge isn’t a ‘challenge’; more a something to aim for, that will be achieved one way or the other, and i’m not worried about it. it’ll happen, because its right.
    – i’m enlisting the help of others – so not me, thanks saturn in libra i guess
    – i’m remembering that other people are going through crap too, and trying for enlightened/compassionate/forgiving stance rather than defensive/shedding of relationships – particularly when said peoples share many of my personality traits….
    – i’m a big face-to-face interaction person, bit a bit of virtual hand holding is lovely!!!


    • I want to make a list like RLP but Saturn says get in the shower and go to work.

      I am relishing the thought of a weekend sans social engagements and a lovely long list of decluttering tasks to keep me on track.

      and giving away the booze and cigs about 3 weeks ago (with no looking back) has me phoenixing like a demon! I am ROCKING these transits! (but yes, peeps are being very difficult this week – my team keep looking around to each other and saying ‘what’s going on?!’).

        • thanks! yes, but easier when you do both and don’t have to uncouple one from the other. I did have a hella headache for about a week but now I am pure(ish) of body, if not of mind. yet.

  5. “What have you learned/realised strongly in the last fortnight? What resolution has come out of it? How are you stronger? Lets have an online encounter group and hold virtual hands – yes?”

    * trend-heads have used by dates that shrink as one gets older
    * conversely – solid blokes don’t!!
    * wearing high boots for 1-2 days on end (exact hour count omitted) CAN cause foot RSI – carry thongs
    * sleep more (& still have as much fun)
    * fixing one’s Feng’s as simple as moving a bed
    * week of friends-in-need shows how friends indeedy are G.O.L.D – be there, be available, be present…..
    * how exciting family coming to ME for xmas is……. (for once!!)
    * switching Gen Y & Baby Boomer speak on Crackbook ongoing for an hour or 2 is – well – an art………..
    * summer totally ROCKS ! ! !

    • OMG *light bulb of life flashes*

      ***** learned when my Ex turns up to surf contest on the beach HE grew up on & I didn’t – 3 hours late for his (missed) heat – & not dressed for surfing = that I AM correct – a ‘waterboy out of the water is NOT on track’ – AND he stood in the shadows – & my life continued unbothered – proving am completely SO over him. YAY!!

  6. Is very weird as I had all kinds of premonitions of doom with this Saturn – Pluto square.

    I have Saturn – Pluto square natally, and not only that but a Grand Cross (Saturn, Pluto, Venus, Persephone) at 0 degrees of the Cardinal signs (or very last half a degree of the sign before). So this Saturn in Libra is square my Saturn at 29.5 Gemini, and this Pluto in Cap is square my Pluto at 0 Libra.

    Read Kim Falconer on the “Aries Point” (0 degrees in cardinal signs) and got all kinds of delusions of grandeur for what this means for me, also more premonitions of doom as a square at so significant a point (cardinal 0 degrees points) must surely mean terrible catastrophic things, non?

    But I’m feeling absolutely fine. Very strange. Was expecting quite bizarre things to happen around now. Maybe have been “letting things go” to a point where they are just sliding away of their own accord and don’t need to confront me in my life by banging me over the head painfully. I think a lot of old belief systems that I don’t need any more are disappearing, finally, also hopefully some health issues I’ve been working on for a long time.

    Bang on the 14th though, is my 20 year school reunion…. so surely that shall bring up some things.

    I HAD a couple of days of feeling quite stuck – not terribly awful, just a bit in a rut, 2 weeks ago. Am currently totally inspired by all tales of BIG travel (not little travel) and seem to be surrounded by people going to Europe for a few months. am just starting the savings towards that goal but can’t help thinking, I don’t want a “holiday”, I want something bigger and more transformative.

  7. natal Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Libra – 1982.

    they are also conjunct Mercury, all in the 7th House – opposing my Aries Rising (6 degrees orb)…

    It is a tough one sometimes, especially in relationships, of course.
    But during the last year I somehow activated the strength that those bodies conjoint potentially have (this is how I feel). I have become a true warrior (in a good sense) and since about half a year now I am using the word “strategic” more often than ever before. I mean in thoughts, making plans, visualising goals and then consciously start to work. work really hard to achieve, to transform, to morphe into a state of being a better person and living a better life in a non-cheesy, down to earth, humanistic kind of way.
    I thought it might be part of growing up, but now I realise that this is the Square that was building up – as since the transit is happening I am starting to do the phoenixing in a very real way. through work, through my approach to others (friends, family and foreigners.) and life in general, through my philosophy. it might also be saturn crossing moon, venus, sun during the last 4 or so years and Pluto squaring my sun for ages till 2008 or so, but this new or more distinct version of myself feels very comfortable. i can smell a lot of work, maybe some hardship and a period of time things will have to take in order to blossom sustainably. and i like it. I am quite calm. there is work to be done…

    “Hands up who is grokking the tougher (okay, resilient) vibe of Pluto in Cap, now that Saturn is so helpfully accentuating the energy?”

    my hands are up. the square hits my nodal axis, Lillith, Psyche.

    “Lets have an online encounter group and hold virtual hands – yes?”



  8. Dearest Mystic, I so could use some of your insight right now. I too, have Saturn square Pluto natally, yet I am not sure if I am working this transit as gracefuly as you are. This time ’96 was huge for me…definately rising from the ashes for sure, but it almost killed me – literally – so for one, the way forward seemed much clearer…and even if today I WAS sure exactly WHAT to change I don’t know if I could endure another passage like ’96.

  9. Tonnes of stuff, too personal to blab about here. The rotting floor boards & shedding skin analogy Mystic you have been using SOOO fit so I’ve been doing that. Plans that I’d laid before, well parts fell to bits spectacularly & others had good foundation. I’ve made some wiser more informed decisions that are turning out waaaay better than I had going on before. I’ve been ruthless with myself in my own habits, beliefs, thoughts, etc. It’s been could because the false & pitiful is gone.

    Oh yeah just an bloody exercising the hell out of myself, lol, I never knew I had it in me.

  10. For me it’s been about realising that I tell myself lots of bullshit about who I really am. I’m seeing myself a little clearer and the clarity frightens me. Having said that, I can see that it’s all good. If I can’t see where I’m deluding myself, then how can I work with it and learn from it? So, Saturn/Pluto hurts, it’s raising lots of issues that cause me heaps of shame, but ultimately none of this is going to kill me. And I’ve come to a realisation that I’m never going to be sorted, and that’s ok.

  11. So yeah opposing forces doing their thing natally…and continuing to have added insights…but it’s sort of culminating not mindblowing…maybe I’ve been surfing the wave of change so long now I’m maintaining my balance a little better.

    One realisation that I’ve revisited is just how much I scare the crap out of my Virgo Dad…and that he almost can’t help himself trying to contain me…as that just seems the most safe action for him at any given moment.

    Also I’ve realised that he comes out with his zingers when I feel we are sitting comfortably…just enjoying some rapport and then bam, squishing, deflating, attempting to make me fit his safety hat regime. I think now I’ve just admitted to myself that he will continue to do that, as well it’s right for him…but I need to give it the appropriate attention…which is usually a quick is there value in what he said, or is that him trying to suppress me into a safer package and then just keep on keeping on.

    I think the biggest stuff I’ve been dealing with lately is balancing out my dreams and maintaining good family relationships at the same time. So far so good.

    • check the position of his lilith and the new one I’ve discovered is interesting in a familial sense his damocles and how that works synastry wise – a possible total mindfuq awaits you re his timing.

  12. Hi Guys,
    Am new to all of this and I must say am so impressed! My mum was my astrologer all my life, and best friend, I lost her this year and I guess am still grieving and coming to terms with so much without her here. Anyway… usually when all of this planet stuff is all going on, and me being soooooo sensitive to it all and also a Libran, mum always had the explanation for it and it made me feel calm and relaxed. I was wondering why I’ve had all these, what I thought anyway, close friendships start to fade away and then I read about Saturn in Libra, and now also Saturn/Pluto, and it all simply made sense to me again. So thank you Mystic for giving me moments where I don’t feel so lost…..

    • Sorry for your loss karma, I lost my Mum in December last year so I feel your pain.. isn’t this blog a wonderful place to be?

  13. I must admit that I’ve been a bit off the astro lately, as in not following as precisely as I usually do, but I definitely am feeling a number of things and totally have all kinds of Saturn crap happening in my life -serious and unexpectedly broken car, no money to pay for said car, usual power trips from evil bitch boss, etc. But the upside is that I am feeling very Zen-ruthless, am doing *awesome* with keeping my boundaries strong AND not panicking. I’m very impressed with me lately. Also seem to be making some kind of progress in my relationship with an inescapable Libra ex… hmmm? Is truly bizarre and really kind of cool. Things are kind of falling apart except it almost feels like they’re just falling into place.

  14. nice damons – i rule i eternally is my take on that – and single just means you’re closer to an adventure cos there’s no-one to check with before you leave x

  15. Oh such wonderful stuff is being written here ! I’m sorry I can’t comment on it all but Plaqua I totally get your groove. It’s mine too. Realising after 24 YEARS that I haven’t forgiven him for abandoning me and our child, and also that it had only imprisoned me…So huge.
    And Alchemist, I would always encourage you to reach out and not tough it out. I have found that people love that you are real, can crack, because it affirms their vulnerabilities too. It is an odd thing that in being seen as weak you really become strong.

    • totally right – I’m astounded by the fact you can have a yarn with someone and they’ll just do something about it for you – so used to fixing stuff myself – being self-sufficient and motivated can be a barrier to things I have learned in the last few weeks.

  16. I’ve been hit with a sudden Fall cleaning bug. I’ve been throwing out crap that’s burdened me for years and feng shui-ing the crap out of everything. I’m not sure why since Saturn isn’t in the 4th house for me. Oh well, I’m just going with it.

      • oh goody. I was hoping there would be an explanation for it. 🙁 The new moon is supposed to be in my 12th house, which in the past few years has been a rather annoying experience. It would be awesome if it didn’t suck this year.

  17. I have learnt that im FREE! that im SO damn BLESSED and my life is SO WONDERFUL ! and everything is as it should BE… My biggest dilemma at the mo is , do i go to Tahiti and hang out for a couple of months or do i stay here and chill at my beach house and watch the world go by with a full belly and a lovely roof over my head with friends and family who love me nearby. Sure im single but SO GRATEFUL that ive had the most AMAZING tho short lived experience with a very special woman who at times tested my sanity and has a couple of issues to work thru ( but i love her for that )….. WHO knows whats around the corner? Psychics , astrologers, spiritual gurus, we are all in the same boat , we are all human and there can be NO MAGIC TRICKS in life , no one is immune . Movie stars , pro sportsmen/women, billionaires , Prime ministers , surfers , poets , artists, beggars. FORGIVE everyone who ever slighted me and thank them for making me the person i am today. Lets all hold hands and ASK your self the question? WHO AM I ? The answer is …… I AM WHO .

  18. oh, ps. I have a Yod to Saturn at 0 Taurus in the 11th, with Pluto/Jupiter/Uranus sextiling Neptune and both inconjunct Saturn… this feels like I’m too serious, and set myself apart from others for fear of, dunno, being too serious?

    • That Pluto/Jupiter/Uranus …How the hell do you synthasize Pluto and Uranus for example? I can perhaps do Neptune/Ur as worked that out with my Moon…

      Where is your Moon in all of this as if has to do with feelings, what is going on there? Does your progressed chart hold a clue?

      Pluto and Uranus..Okay, to get to the outer planet, Pluto,transformation, something perhaps needs to go on with Uranus first.

      Think Uranus characterisitics, Then, Pluto characterisitics..Jupiter just amplifies them all?

      And Saturn, structure….Something there needs to be broken down, but when it has, new structures built out of Plutonian and Uraniun energies which then you can literally wield in your life as a foundation…

      You really signed up for the long hall, didn’t ya doll?

      Just some thoughts that maybe nudge something?

    • babe, hang out with capricorns or find an earnest water sign, maybe another taurus, there’s a time and place for everything including seriousness . so glad to hear you have made wonderful if not bittersweet personal breakthroughs.
      mwa we love you.

  19. I blogged this yesterday, for anyone interested… everything feels slightly unsatisfactory and I’m realising how much I’ve been prepared to settled for less all this time – that my unconscious choices have got me to where I am today… now I just don’t feel I can accept what is offered. My shrink keeps telling me I haven’t allowed myself to wish… I was confronted and spent a week crying on and off (grieving) when I was asked imagine what it feels like to be in the kind of relationship I REALLY want. I couldn’t imagine what it feels like! I’ve never had a loving, supportive partner – this is HUGE.

    Also, I’ve done myself a disservice by never expressing my feelings – I hide them so that others think I can ‘hack’ anything dished out. I’ve made it a New Era resolution to talk about my feelings so that peeps know I am not made of removable parts.


    • Oh TA,

      Vulnerability is the key I think. Those walls will have to fall down. Only saying this because I know as thought I could handle certain things only to find out I had feelings under there! And they say Cappy Moon is cold. Far from it but do so like to be strong…. But! key to my healing has been vulnerabilty.

      You’re on the right track hon…Yes, by all means let them know….Dammit! xo

    • TA congrats on your break through. What a big one. To get what you want I think you really have to admit it to yourself right so speed towards that beautiful loving, supportive partner/relationship. Of course you can have it, and deserve it.

      I’m like you. I’ve had to learn to let my poker face down and be vulnerable like Sweetpea says. I don’t know what the astro stuff means but maybe it is of interest/encouragement for you to know that people always reacted more surprisingly and favourably than I imagined. They were never thinking what I thought they were thinking. Always something more positive.

    • Oh TA darling, everything you’ve written is SOOOO resonating with me. My dear little Alchemist, I shall keep you company on this boat because like you, even the “wishing” bit had been a challenge.

      For me, a lot of family history, early exposure to mass infidelity, having the double standard ground into me, my dad actually having a first wife in China, the first boy who ever cared for me ALREADY had a GF and had lied to me a la Scorp, on and get the picture, all this has played a hand in blunting that ability to say, “I want more”.

      Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like my parents said “You CAN’T have more” but the messages were all the more powerful and subconscious as they had lived it in front of me, and I had unconsciously imbibed it. I have rolled these things around my head for years like a piece of coal I’d been hoping to turn into a diamond but didn’t know how.

      But my point is, it is only under the intense pressure of the pain and consequences of our so called unconscious choices, the “wrong” man/job/relationship/turn/color/time of day/what have you – it is only that act of recovery, of self retrieval I feel that we organically create the crucible we need to transform these things.

      Incidentally, even my flight from Le Scorp wasn’t done with the force of an “I deserve more” roar, I will even admit that. Instead, it was the feeling of being soaked in dishonor, of visions of blood tainting on the love I had felt, and a very real recognition that it is just as much needed to know when to let things die as it is to fight so courageously for things to live. It was time.

      And truth be told, I did it thinking, “Even if I NEVER loved again, I cannot be with you anymore”.. it was a shattering thought, and it still is, but I really feel that way.

      You are absolutely right about vulnerability, be weak and we will all be here for you. Cry and I will give you a pretty name for each tear. It is ok, and you are NOT being too serious.

      Also..if you cannot envision that “ideal relationship”, don’t force will come in pieces, vignettes. Being similarly wounded myself, having someone ask me if I would “want a man to settle down with, have kids, marry etc.” the usual idea of perfect I had been raised on, makes me skittish as a spooked horse. Why? Because I’ve seen the dark underbelly of that dream and after all this time I REFUSE to torment myself for not purchasing it lock, stock and barrel.

      I have had to accept that defining that “what I really want” will be piece by fragile piece, and it will only ever look and feel good to me. I feel that question is like asking me to describe a country I had never been to, and only ever heard rumors of. I accept that there is a blindness for me there, and a hunger as well. But now it doesn’t have to rule me.

      Please please please be gentle with yourself, and remember that love is love is love. You know how to love, one DOES love not merely feel it, and for that alone, I truly believe you will find what you are looking for. Even if you don’t quite know what it looks like. Yet.

      You are so brave and I admire you for it. xxx

      • FA, I’ve been reading your posts re le scorp since you came back, as it were, and not commented. But just wanted to let you know that you seriously vibe as a well sorted out woman with a bucket load of compassion to offer.
        You are clearly well above that man.
        You go girl!

        • You mean AFTER he nearly drove me Insane into Pluto, right? haha… You know the problem is even if I KNOW I’m above him, I’m not in complete control of how quickly I can get OVER him. Sigh..

          The Aversion Therapy is good though. Poignant, heart-rending, but necessary. Thanks, Shell, I would have never made it without my amazing astro fiends on this blog so part of my sanity I truly have to credit to you all. 🙂

          • yes, well, recognising emotions and then being able to do something about them feels like lifetimes apart sometimes. Making the step from one to the other is the challenge I guess.
            I’m struggling to send a simple text saying I can’t be arsed with what feels like disrespect from you to someone who I really don’t want to have to let go. but probably should. bugger.

          • Thanks sweetpea.
            Decided to chuck a big bucket of non-committal water on it and go for a swim. I don’t need to challenge his behaviour to challenge my response to it. He can wait.

  20. I have learned the power of forgiveness. I have learned that he/she who anger you, owns you. I have learned that I don’t have to like someone to forgive them. I have learned that without forgiveness I will live in the past. I have learned that without forgiveness for others, there will be no merciful moving on for me. I have learned that every prisoner needs a jailer.

  21. My natal saturn pluto and neptune are semi sextile which means in life you have to make a conscious effort to have a positive outlook. Ever since I was aware of consciousness that is what I was naturally inclined to do so I think that is helping with this square. Nothings really working how you would expect at the moment – the transiting saturn is conjunct my natal uranus and sun in the 4th house and the squared pluto is transiting my 7th house – have made sudden changes to contractual situations with work (natal saturn in the 10th) and immediately felt better although because those people weren’t doing anything nothing’s really changed. Have been voicing things more than I normally would to my family and close friends – normally I’d rather just fix things and get on with it than talk about it so this is a new thing and all of them have responded in intuitively helpful ways. Very supportive crew are stepping in without being asked. Having an insane dreamscape. Neptune is also sextiling saturn so altho stuffs not right I feel realistic about it and the possibilities for growth and change for the better.

  22. “Saturn trine Pluto one of the most profound of aspects”

    “The Astrologer’s Handbook”, Sakoian and Acker

    Best if the chart shows “occult leanings” as native can have a vast comprehension of the nature of life and of the universe”

    When you have that Daveyl (as I do too), nothing can touch ya babe…

    On a more realistic note just a tad, not feeling a big deal with current square. The last couple of years have been quite enough thank you. Mojo been back full force since Mars went into Leo, I think.

  23. I must say I have had a terrifying year of facing all of my fears & I have made some tremendous progress at the same time. I know I could never have done it without the fear, great motivator! Lol.
    I think my Saturn is ‘inconjunction’ with Pluto as I am not too sure of the name of the symbol.
    Saturn resides in my 6th house of Virgo & Pluto in my 7th/8th house of Libra & DC. What has been most interesting about the last few weeks is the calm I have felt during my fear facing. I have spent all year trudging through this stuff & I know I have great resilience, it is my speciality. Yet I haven’t had any huge breakthroughs & usually I would worry about when will it happen, it’s stuck etc etc….. Over the last few weeks I haven’t thought about it as much. I am now thinking it will happen when it happens.

    • Same here Baristagem… moving along at a fine pace. The last year of facing fears has lowered my reaction level to ALL things. I’m just coasting at this point, feeling like the hardest work has been accomplished. Actually, I’m finding that life seems to have a rhythm all it’s own, that I have somehow missed out on observing and enjoying by being wrapped up in fear.

      Just another day here at Transformation Central.

    • i reckon maybe that might help as you are already familiar with how the planets work together in more supportive/productive ways? less ongoing battles?

  24. Ahhh! Everyone seems to be having break-thru moments (yay for youse!) but I’m just hitting brick walls with horrid PMS-like mood swings and restless, violent energy that I can’t exercise out because I’m just too tired, oddly enough.

    I always make a Xmas tree (well, a weird decorative thing that I interpret to be an Xmas tree that the pressies go under) out of found objects. It’s my end of year art project. Love the challenge, love the spontaneous randomness of it all (me, a Cap being random and spontaneous – how liberating!) but last night as I was putting the finishing touches on my stick/ wire/ bauble/ native flower sculpture, I just cracked. I screamed at it, punched the thing, pushed it over and smashed it up. I totally ran out of patience, tolerance, I don’t know – self-control? Weird. Sagg boyfriend even look slightly scared.

    Now I’m just in a grande shyte mood – and I’m not gaining insights. All I have in my head is destructive – like the transformative power of Pluto is making me physically violent and intolerant. Me, peaceful little Libra rising.

    Natal Cap Sun opp Cancer Saturn, both square Libra Pluto. What fun 🙁 Some insights, oh great universe, whenever you’re ready? And some happy moods/ creative flashes/ loving vibes my way, please?

    Off to re-read everything you’ve written lately, Lovely Mystic. xx

  25. NATAL SATURN: Thanks. It’s making me a little nervous all the 4th house stuff, I want to build a home but my gypsy sagg moon and ceres in aries 9th house conjunct MC makes the motion of moving feel more like home than a home itself.

    Thats great news on the dream job!!! esp after such a run.

    • Thank you for your kind response Ms.

      Whatever the manifestation is for you, it is my layperson’s understanding, with Saturn going over the IC it’s a good time to focus on whatever “home” is for you but from my experience of this transit, you ain’t going anywhere, gypsy moon. You’ll be staying put during that transit, I believe.

  26. I am questioning a lot of things…feeling much less willing to respond to what others want from me, much more “this is me…deal with it”. Some of it involves working relationships, which may turn out to be a blessing, or a curse, depending on how the cards fall in the end.

  27. I just let my Insurance agent have it….. and hard! He stepped over the line, but clearly wasn’t expecting me to be standing there when he did.
    My days of allowing people to manipulate me are done!

    I feel like I’m taking “Transformation” finals this week…
    and I intend on passing with flying colors.

  28. ps mystic can i just reiterate that i cant WAIT for your new charts options page?? i so seriously am looking for your take on the latest devs.

  29. My Sun Trines Saturn and Squares Pluto (and they semi-sextile eachother… cute little threeway they’ve got going).
    I love this Saturn-Pluto energy. It is so completely what I need at the moment. A kick in the bum, a get fuqing focused and a STICK TO YOUR GUNS vibe. It’s just bliss for moi.
    And yes, there have been some MAJOR culls in the last few months, but in particular, they have been revisited in the last week and I couldn’t feel better about where I am at now with these people and things.

    Hey Mystic, I hope your sniffle has subsided, I’ve got one too!! The number of tissues I’ve used is disgraceful, I feel like the walking essence of deforestation! Perhaps I should slow down on the chili / ginger / garlic foods, but certainly clearing it… Sending sniff-free-zone vibes your way…

  30. I was just pondering the natal dynamic, so thanks Mystic for the topic…I feel like I have toughened up exponentially in the last few weeks…that could be the Pluto influence as it draws closer to my Asc I guess…tho what I was curious about was that I’m of the Pluto/Uranus in Virgo conjunct generation & so changing up is something I totally enjoy. Sure, I’ve been working really hard on what is important to me & maybe thats part of the breakthrough- I haven’t always felt so deserving. There is a definite “frisson” in all communications these days…everyone seems so sparky/ ready to roar!
    I have a yod with Saturn in 5th & Moon in 3rd pointing to Uranus/Pluto in 10th.

  31. PS Saturn in Leo Semi-squares my Pluto in Libra. Mean anything?

    And right now Pluto is trining my saturn, and Saturn is doing nothing to my Pluto.

  32. In the past few weeks I have not REALISED I am a more socially powerful being, I just AM more powerful.

    Pluto always feels really kind to me, passive attracts things like Jupiter is supposed to. I have it in Libra conjuct Venus and True Node so maybe that’s why?

    For example. I have been LONGING for this man all year. He dismissed me after six months of on-again-off-again with “There’s just something missing for me”. And I have been feeling him around and as of yesterday saw him driveby my house for the second time in the past few weeks, and those are just the times I happen to have been walking to my car! And I feel totally calm. There are things I still like about him, but if he comes around properly (I have no interest in approaching him) and doesn’t want to give me what I want then see ya mate! And this is a man I wanted more than anyone ever. ALL YEAR! Is there a Pluto girl? Can we invent one?

    To give credit where credit’s due I did go to see a witch who gave me a really powerful spell two weeks ago. And a lot of this I can feel is coming from that. But it also feels like a confluence of things too. Venus in my sign. Eros back in pisces. Now for the job….Need some Saturn girl channeling for that one.

    • wow, i like your story scorpinthesky.
      can you share the spell????

      my pluto is conjunct my north node too, its a powerful one for me as well. x

      • I think the witch tailor made the spell for me so it prob wouldn’t do any good but her name is Stacey Demarco and is easily locatable on internet. I hope thats OK Mystic to put her name here.

        • careful witchy poos , casting ‘spells’ is as easy as saying the words, spellin it out…..anyone charging for one is a touch questionable, there are always consequences, in the wavespell energy always comes back.

        • hmm, dunno about Stacey Demarco. I saw her on that “Australia’s search for the best psychic” or something and there was something about her that was really off putting… a bit contrived perhaps.

          I don’t believe in love spells either. Why would you want someone that doesn’t come to you of their own free will?

          So you’re going to dismiss HIM if he doesn’t give you what you want. Don’t you think that’s a bit selfish.

          If he dismissed you, then he’s not that into you. Just face it. Sorry to sound so harsh but you can’t go demanding that someone comes back onto your life just because you’ve been longing for him. If it’s meant to be it will be. Simple as that. 🙂

          • yah, i more was just more very curious as to what kind of spell could do so much? i dont dabble myself (free will and all that) and believe that you manifest constantly through how you live your life.

            “this or something better for the highest good for all concerned’ is a good way to go, esp. with would-be lovers.

          • Scorpalicious, reading your comment placed the funniest visual in my head..i.e. longing for someone et al.

            In my case, Le it is now approaching the 3rd week of parting, I am being thoroughly besieged by memories a la demonic flogging, in a few days I should be speaking in tongues. So had a picture in my head suddenly of seeing him waiting on the door step as I come up the stairs, his piercing blue eyes glossy with barely cinched tears, his familiar face, those hands, that voice, all that emotion..

            And me, going…FUUUUUUQQQ, dropping my things, turning round and RUNNING for my dear little life, paper flying behind me as I whip through the neighborhood…

            Truly, I am feeling the loneliness right now, but I think the only way I could even look at him right now is if he came fresh from a soul lobotomy…

            So for moi, Pluto has obviously given the last legs of that relationship a swift and mighty kick, and I am in the Saturn phase of seeing myself through the parting…

            And evolving and evolving and evolving…

          • ScorpintheSky, it’s all crystal clear to me now – completely different to my first impressions of your comment.
            That is so awesome that you feel empowered and have the inner strength to deal with whatever arises. And of course it’s not selfish to know what you want – it means you know your boundaries. It’s only been a few years now that i’ve discovered my own and i patrol them like Fort Knox!
            Go get ’em tiger!

            FA, i’ve done my fair share of longing. I wasted 4 years of my life longing and wishing and hoping that my Virgo ex would come back to me. And when i finally emerged from my longing i was pissed off with myself for wasting away so many years of my life (it was 10 years ago). I also realised that if i could get over him i could get over anyone.

            I guess in your situation you’d be red raw and full of mixed feelings (the longing and the loathing?). My Virgo wasn’t ready for a commitment but he never did anything horrible like your Scorp (or should i say Le Toilet)… hehe. That loneliness you feel right now is the worst part. I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to process what your going through but i KNOW you’ll get through it.

          • Aaaaw, that means a LOT coming from you Scorpalicious as I know your vote of confidence ain’t given lightly!

            Thanks for that and for sharing about your Virgo Ex, I think the times of pining we have for people is actually a covert investment, a sort of payment as we barter back our self valuing. I don’t want to say it’s about self esteem because I truly don’t think it is, one can feel well fine enough about one’s self and still fall in love with a very bad man. To me that whole self-esteem argument is a whole other boatload of crap I don’t need.

            But I DO think that for women, because we’re raised to be so other-oriented, to extend ourselves as well as instinctively use the power of our love to reach, heal, grow and sustain all around us, we have to actually LEARN to care for ourselves in a way that we MEAN it. We have to identify the unique acts that convey the meaning of value to us as individuals.

            I think having to pay that price with that time, the pining, the hoping, raises our passions to realize that self-caring is about weaving that and exercising our personal magic. Not just going through the motions of eating/exercise/filling our lives up/making things look right and proper.

            I feel this is where the gap is, not so much that we don’t believe in ourselves but that we’ve been impaired from actually being able to ACT freely, guiltlessly and more importantly, authentically.

            Most days I have pockets of just pure unadulterated shell shock, I sit there and I feel like I’m running a marathon that just won’t end. I feel most challenged by the fact that my emotions translate very quickly to my physical condition, so I have been both deathly tired yet unable to sleep, wanting to escape yet unable to look away from the truth, etc.

            The one thing I do appreciate about this loneliness is that feels pure. With everything Le Toilet did, and IS DOING (such as flying over to MY country with the Hooker he used in Hong Kong when he couldn’t be bothered to even meet my Mum before grrrr) – no matter how icy, and deafeningly quiet this loneliness is, it reminds me I brought beauty into that relationship. And truth.

            I will still have that, no matter how badly he has soiled me. Thanks for believing in the best of and for me. 🙂

        • Dudes! Dudes! Dudes! Sorry I didn’t explain myself properly. I will try to explain myself a little more clearly.

          I have tried spells before on my own and I found Stacey Demarcos free advice on her website and tried her guidelines a few times. I liked them so I thought I would benefit from meeting her in person. She’s really clear that she only helps people performs spells for themselves. Like you both scorp robot and saggigal she is really anti-performing them to interfere with someone else’s freewill. She told me those kinds of spells come back 4-fold in a negatived way.

          I understand how you feel David about payment. I grew up in a church where not only was it cultural practice that the priesthood performed their spiritual services for free, on top of their regular jobs, but it was revealed theology. And all our tithing went to buildings and poverty relief. I felt very pissed about paying for spiritual services for many years, but have over time gotten more relaxed about it. I am totally happy to pay Mystic for her advice for example. She has invested years into her the study of her discipline and I find when she shares that it is helpful, and at the very least fun, so I am happy to repay her. Same with Stacey.

          I saw a bit of her on “The One” on youtube after I had made the appointment to see her. I had a good experience with her in person. She was professional and thorough, and honed in on what I needed quickly.

          I didn’t mean that I put a spell “on” the guy, or that the guy had suddenly come back because of the spell. Rather the opposite. The spell, plus perhaps the Pluto-Saturn square I was conjecturing, has made me feel really surprisingly empowered. Where before I felt much less empowered. And I was musing that after all this time of feeling such longing for this guy and feeling so powerless, like he had all the power to come and go as he pleased and I just had to wait. After this experience, I struggled to find a sense of self and then in the last few weeks I haven’t had to try, it has become easy.

          And as the paradox would have it, NOW he’s coming back around. I don’t feel empowered because I MAY dismiss him. I feel empowered because I suddenly have a stronger inner equilibrium to deal with whatever arises. My fate now feels far more in my hands than it is in his.

          I agree with you scorp robot that he was not that into me. But I was really into him. Which is why I let him come and go ad nausem. My point above was that I can feel him coming around again but this time I am clearer about what I want from him. And if he wants something different or thinks I am asking too much, then I am in a much stronger place to say no to what he is offering. I don’t think that’s selfish. Self-protective maybe, but in his interest as well as mine.

          Spells seem to work for me. Some people call them personal rituals. I think part of their power is that they help me specifically figure what I want then ask outward for help with getting those things. So in my life this has been a great episode, and it seemed to be in concert with what the starts are doing so I was wondering about the overlap of all these things here.

          • Wow, that is clearer. So it’s like you clarified YOURSELF rather than casting a sticky net over the guy, which is impossible anyway.

            I DO completely relate to that buggery feeling of having to waft about, waiting for a man to make up his mind (or find his balls) to ask you out/decide how he feels/etc.. I feel both men and women suffer from the socialization that men must approach and women must be patient enough to let them – that yes, even someone purportedly enlightened enough to not be in that paradigm is still strangely governed by it sub consciously.

            As evidenced by the effectiveness of “treat ’em mean, keep ’em keen”. But I think what people (regardless of gender) really respond to isn’t the ability to be the last hold out, cooler cat in the game etc. – and I include myself in this, what people respond to is true balanced and calm self-possession and self-power (no, not the crazy kind). Sometimes that LOOKS like “treat ’em mean” but it’s not the same thing.

            It’s really being okay with yourself. Which is probably why this guy is suddenly sniffing round again…in any case, can you even really be bothered while you work on your glow? haha…

            I don’t know and have not heard of Stephanie DeMarco myself, but I honor the inspiration I find in the strangest places…glad you found yours.

          • Darlin FA THANK YOU.

            I’m glad I clarified. Yeah I think you’re right about the attraction that self confidence creates for other people. And I have always known this intellectually. So hard to do when you’re lonely and have a broken heart though, like you are saying. It’s a tough walk sister and I have been reading your posts in other places and feeling for you. I’m just another light at the end of your tunnel. I promise I feel better than in July. And thank you for supporting me in where I found some spiritual solace and guidance. I really agree. Everyone has there path, and some of ours look pretty curly!! Gotta run. Talk to you later sister!

  33. I have Satan trine Pluto natally and am a cardinal crabacious person so the Saturn Pluto square hit me like a tonne of freakin bricks. The energy was sooooo like … woah in yer face. Does anyone else experience the astro as an energy? Like … I can feel it, even before I read about it on the blog or anywhere else for that matter. Weird.

    “Lets have an online encounter group and hold virtual hands – yes?” LOL YES LET’S!!! I love our little online encounter groups here .. they are so cool.

    Anyhoo last fortnight has been all about strength. Inner resilience. Learning to be content without “comforts” … food in my case. At this stage I am woefully bad at it, which I only realised when removing the offending comforter and having to feel … stuff. Blehhhh. BUT as my fitness has improved, strangely taking pleasure from the ability to jog just that few minutes more or stampede up that really big hill. And experiencing a peculiar kind of stoic enjoyment, much like what I assume the Amish feel, through self discipline when, for example, being able to say NO to a big bowl of fettucine carbonara with lashings of parmesan and cream and bacon and bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese and mascarpone stuffed figs in rich almond syrup and CAKE.

  34. Ooh, I am still new to all this and can’t read my chart yet, but I have to say that I have been learning about dealing with family also these last weeks (sorry to crabwoman, sounds bloody challenging). While in this, I read some quote apparently by the Dalai Lama, “In disagreements with loved ones deal only with the current situation. Don’t bring up the past”.

    I have been finding a Cancerian sibling and Scorpio/Pisces parents quite blerrchhh but take responsibility for not focusing on the bigger picture of what family is about. So I have pulled my horns in and been trying to be in the NOW Lama stylin’ it!! The upshot is that my Cancerian sis’ has realised in some way that she has been bloody awful and is trying to patch things up a bit, it’s awkward and awful as I have disconnected emotionally already as I had reached the toxic relationship level I could handle…

    But I took on board the comment you made Mystic about not ‘phoning it in’ the other day and made a concerted effort in regards to these matters (shut gob, be gracous, ignore irritants and be generous where not dangerous!) and had some success. Now for Christmas… Tell me the planets are aligning in some easy-going fashion for Yuletide peace!

    • Funny you should ask FireTrine, I was looking at this yesterday. Christmas Day looks to be a bit of a corker. A Sun-Pluto conjunction squares Saturn (sounds like it could be emotionally intense but perhaps productive / honest / forgiving… would expect family secrets to get a bit of an airing ‘tho, wouldn’t you??) BUT at the same time, Jupiter conjoins Neptune over in Aquarius (so maybe deep and meaningful will be the order of the day, and have a positive, if not philosophical outcome…). But I’d say ‘easy-going’ light and breezy is not really the astro-of-the-day…

      • Fascinating Lexicorn! This sounds just like the Christmas we ‘had to have’. Well, I shall keep it quiet regardless, I am due to have a baby Jan 15th and don’t fancy controversy currently. The Cancerian is at the out-laws, so that should calm the watery depths somewhat… INTERESTING that water seems strongly to feature in the blog!

  35. what i am realising is that as my philosophies on life open up and evolve like never before (thank you eckart tolle, etc etc etc….) i simply MUST live a different way than i always have. not so much a huge external shift but internal. which of course links in to travel (this is all pluto in 9th)…and to do this i have to take utter responsibility for the way i work and how i look after myself (saturn in 6th). and MAN have i been facing every wound/pain/hurt/anger i think ive ever carried as i start looking at myself differently. i have had a part of me addicted to suffering, so attached to ‘poor me, ill neverf get to live my dreams because of x, y z…’ So of course it was too simplistic to say ‘i want to travel!’ i needed to look at all my beliefs around why i stay stuck and sad.

    this has been a LIFE CHANGING week. i am exhausted. 🙂

    • CONGRATULATIONS re the decision not to let your past hold you back saggigal. So much easier to stay stuck in it and wallow – most peeps do it without ever realising and then it can become so much harder because the peeps around you will also hold your facade up with you – they need you to be that person so their stuff can be held in place too. Societal and cultural traditions whilst being supportive and well placed to start with can sometimes cossett the “poor” person for far longer than it’s useful for their personal evolution and growth. Bon Voyage fellow traveller.

    • AMEN Saggigal…I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck, and it keeps on coming back for more.

      S’right though, it must be the “ground and pound” bit I’m going through… 🙂

  36. Yes, can confirm this is how Saturn people, at least, feel all the time. Ruthless. but then the other influences kick in to be tolerant of others. If we dropped every person that didn’t honour their own word we’d have no friends.

  37. Just belatedly read Nov for Sagg in Astro Scape 09.
    Such synchronicity.
    Have been culling all paperwork sans shredder all from 96-now. Thousands of pages.
    So it’s my life coming up to meet me thro the pages of notes that are being skimmed.
    Noticing the same topics & threads throughout, who & what has been fleeting & that
    that has stayed a constant.

    Untited we stand. What you have developed & what has transpired from your site, Mystic,
    are some supberb personages.
    I personally would be honored to meet with anyone on this site.
    Combined energies here could move mountains.
    Saturn’s edging me to ensure i shall have an income til i die, & the confidence to KNOW that.
    The 3 T’s….transform transmute & transcend.

  38. My saturn returns just kicked in last month in which I moved back to australia after battling it out in london. I have my saturn charging to make a conjunction with my IC and then conjunct pluto. I am living with my ex the lovliest leo male ever who is kindly hosting my homeless arse in exchange for me supercharing his biz and wardrobe ID.

    I am grokking but I cracked last night and cried too.

    • What a wonderful manifestation of your IC being fired up – the fourth house in the chart concerned with home/hearth.

  39. I’ve just scored a dream job after a very shitty year – it all hit the fan with that longest eclipse in the 21st century in July plus having Neptune square my MC.

    My current boss (who’s nasty) announced my leaving before all the paperwork has been finalised (so pleased to get rid of me I think. All that discussion re Sagg honesty on this site yesterday rang true for me). So I don’t know if/when I’m coming or going..literally and I don’t like hurrying up the HR dept of my new job just because my boss is trying to expedite my exit. So tomorrow is farewell drinks but I don’t know if I’m really going.

    I just think the antidote for Saturn is just to do everything by the book, play by the rules, no short cuts and then Saturn will reward you. That’s how I’m trying to cope with this transtion plus hoping for resolution via the new Moon on Tuesday!

    • Awesome Saturn. I need a new job too so I appreciate the happy ending stories. Your boss sounds a little heartless. I hope you make it through well. I’m glad you reminded me of the no shortcuts bit. It does FEEL like the best thing to do.

      • Thank you so much Scorp and Crabwoman for your supportive comments. Much appreciated. How kind.

        I love this website…..

  40. Currently, Saturn is conjunct my natal Pluto (in the 10th house). I’m not exactly sure what that means, but I’ve been dealing with a lot of stress!

  41. * should add, would love to blame it all on him, but have to take some of it on board. super sensitive at the moment and prone to crying at the drop of a hat lol she has NO water in her chart so thinks I am quite alien-like. hopefully being a sook is a forgiveable sin! I did not cry as much when I had vices!!!!!!!

    • Crab woman, I think your daughter is really courageous and also so hard that you have to cop the fall out from her journey. She’s allowed to have her feelings and so are you! There’s nothing wrong with being a sook! She shouldn’t expect you to have the same emotional journey as her. It sounds like you’re being hard on yourself.

      • agreed but it is just wading through it to find the balance. her brothers have also had the same journey and handled it differently, so hitting cyclone daughter has been more than a surprise and I have been at a loss as to how to handle it! but toughening up. I have not had to be the disciplinarian much at all to be honest and relished that lol I dont do confrontation well at all and she seems to LOVE it, little minx!

        • Is she manifesting your unconscious Pluto projection and you’re trying to be Saturnian? Is that too simplistic/unfair an analysis?

        • hmmm not sure? I am just trying to be a responsible parent and she wants to be 18! and when she hits the wall of responsibility, she bucks up and it goes from there. Just not used to it as the boys have been a breeze and communication has never been an issue! but everyone says that teenage girls are difficult, (which I think is sexist) just wish she would talk more, or help us try and get to the root of why she is upset at times.

    • CB, i also have no water in my chart, has always figured emotions were my lesson to learn,
      that or it explains my water fetish. HAVE to be by water to feel my best.

      Could never understand my mother’s water sign moods & emotions as well…mmmm.

      • fascinating pegasus! do you watch people’s emotions? I feel her at times, watching me like I am a freak when I get emotional about things, and she will ask people why they act as they do. it is like that part of humanity fascinates her! and she loves water, physical water too!

  42. These two don’t connect in my natal, but as I have mentioned before, I have Pluto presently oppose my Sun, exact at the moment, as is Saturn square Sun. The Pluto opposition has been harsh and it is difficult to ride. It is coming out via the connection with my Taurus daughter, which works, as placidus has my Sun just in the 5th! We work at it, her and I, good days and bad. I would LOVE to blame it all on the scorp father, who has not seen them in three years. It was her decision, at 10, to tell him to shove it. She has more balls in one hand than I will ever gather in a lifetime. BUT, the guilt has hit her and last week, when I was all hated and scummy, she attempted to contact him. Well of course that was met with a NO, so there is more baggage piling up there. It is difficult being the punching bag BUT what else can you do! THAT is my main drive with all of this. Getting these three through the shit in one piece and keep everything SANE!

    Personal levels pffft have changed a lot re: no more smoking or drinking. Drinking was the biggest surprise of Saturn through Virgo as I never imagined being a tea-totaller but here I am. I did not realise how much I was drinking or how much I was reliant on it to relax and laugh. So now I am re-discovering the depths of ‘angst’ without any substances at all, which has been AWESOME on the creativity. Bringing back everything I used to get through my childhood.

    other than that, I simply will not complain. I have a wonderful husband, who I panic about anything happening to him now as life has been diffifcult, so being a bit smothery lol but even he has been a bit clingier lately too! the kids are all healthy and hanging in and we have enough to get by.

    it always could be worse!

    • Hey dude I feel you re the drinking thing. I gave it up a few years back now for the same reasons – discovered it was increasingly becoming a crutch to relax, destress etc (tho it did coincide with Satan in Virgo so maybe that was it). It amazed me how much I grew emotionally just from removing this one thing … being forced to look for alternative, healthy coping mechanisms or go completely bonkers. It’s totally changed my life and my intuitive/creative abilities have markedly improved. Now I am going through the same process with suger … arghhh. But I know in the end it will be worth it. These little socially acceptable addictions actually make us weaker and more passive, stultify natural maturation processes and lead to big holes in the authentic self … well that’s been my experience anyway. Well done though on your commitment! V. impressive.

      ps. I haven’t managed to ditch the smoking yet. That will be MAJOR. I may actually have to commit myself to the psych ward to do it. heh

      • hee hee I hear you on all of that and was actually wondering with hubby last night when the booze will become less socially acceptable. It is just too easy to have those glasses creep up on you!

        Kudos on the sugar (dont know if I could do that :O lol)

        the smoking was the toughest UGH and with hubs still smoking, I don’t know how I did it lol just wanted to for the last two years and planned it out and gritted my teeth.

        Few tips that I discovered – change the routine that you smoke, I did that for a few months before hand
        PATCHES – totally helped and my body told me when to stop using them too so I only used them for about a month
        But the routine change ‘really’ helped. I ended up doing it over the school holidays and spent most of it working through a computer game with my virgo son (best cheer squad eva, a virgo) and got there

        so hard though 🙁 and I still miss it as they were my smelly buds 🙁

      • prowlincat maybe all the brown sprout/wheatgerm/spirulina drinks will make you go off the cigs too (I jest)… if I can do it hun, anyone can – I did it with meditation and Allan Carr’s the Easy Way to Stop Smoking. xx

        • Prowlin, I found that after going pure vegan and having a thorough course of vibrational remedies that a sneaky social ciggie had me throwing up for a couple of days. My body was saying NO to nicotine pretty strongly…so I think there actually is some validity to the joked comment their by TA…um and I’ve fallen off the vegan wagon, but have not desired a ciggie since my adversion therapy…so to speak.

      • prowlers – 26 years of Peter Styvo & he & I broke up.
        cold turkey.
        no going back.
        mind over matter.
        BEST thing I did……! ! !

        due time to address booze given all else is in check……

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