Ayn Rand – just tres Aqua…?

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The Fountainhead vintage novel cover

This is from a N.Y. mag review of a new Ayn Rand biography but doesn’t it just SO describe heaps of Aquarians….???? Which she was, of course. Multiple Conjunct Aquarian – Sun, Saturn and Chiron.

“…Few fellow creatures have had a more intensely odd personal flavor; her temperament could have neutered an ox at 40 paces. She was proud, grouchy, vindictive, insulting, dismissive, and rash. (One former associate called her “the Evel Knievel of leaping to conclusions.”) But she was also idealistic, yearning, candid, worshipful, precise, and improbably charming….


It’s easy to chuckle at Rand, smugly, from the safe distance of intervening decades or an opposed ideology, but in person—her big black eyes flashing deep into the night, fueled by nicotine, caffeine, and amphetamines—she was apparently an irresistible force, a machine of pure reason, a free-market Spock who converted doubters left, right, and center.


Eyewitnesses say that she never lost an argument. One of her young students (soon to be her young lover) staggered out of his first all-night talk session referring to her, admiringly, as “Mrs. Logic.”

And logic, in Rand’s hands, seemed to enjoy superpowers it didn’t possess with anyone else. She claimed, for instance, that she could rationally explain every emotion she’d ever had. “Tell me what a man finds sexually attractive,” she once wrote, “and I will tell you his entire philosophy of life.”…


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17 thoughts on “Ayn Rand – just tres Aqua…?

  1. Have tried & tried to read her Atlas Shrugged & Fountainhead but but but
    had no appeal for me.
    Certainly agree about her sexuality & philosophy of life statement.

  2. Gawd, I have so many problems with Ayn Rand in so many ways. She could have made the grade for Mystic’s bad guru post. Her following is extremely cult like, and she had zero tolerance of dissenting view points, to the point of excommunicating anyone who dared challenge her.

    I’m wary of anyone who worships logic and reason to the point she does, which was severely at the expense of compassion for those less intellectually advantaged than she was. And I hate the novels–sprawling bombastic melodramas with elitist hero figures.

  3. Her chart is super interesting by the way. Apart from Aqua ideas-ville, she has Leo rising (the ego has landed), ass kicking Mars in Scorp. 3rd house N node in Virgo – a destiny to communicate articulately, Venus sitting near her MC – public prominence and charm and a no nonsense Cap moon conjunct Merc. God I could go on and on, Pluto in Gem in the 11th, transformation through society/groups…

  4. Apart from one really good dirty bit i hated the fountain head but the description above of aquarians/her being sanctimonious pricks who love argueing and fuel themselves by all sorts of crap and then insist on going on strange dietary regimens or getting colonics every day and that everyone else should do it too and being bloody bloody minded is VERY TYPICAL of Aquartians.
    I realise it did notquite say all that.

    • I know not a bit about Ayn Rand but TLS, that is funny…I often find myself holding my breath as I read your posts as there are no periods and it is all quite brisk.

      Had not heard of an Aquartian before. 🙂

      • According to our lovely host MM Leos openly (or secretly) hate Aquarians – it’s manely a hair thing (pun intended).

        I recognise my enthusiasm for whacky ideologies gets a bit far-out and avoid preaching my philosophy of better living to all and sundry. I’m not a renowned person of Logic.

        And there is no room in my temperament for any vitriol that could neuter an Ox at 40 paces… but I love the NY mag saying that!!! Good find MM.

  5. never got past the first page of the fountainhead…its seems all staccato and evading a point…

    i can argue till the cows come home too…its like a challenge of sorts…my brain kicks into “i am going to win, and i will counter every point you make and CRUSH you”…mode. Many years spent trying to dilute this personal feature. wont even get started on rash conclusions…

    i dont think i could be in the same room with her. it would be energy sapping…

  6. She sounds fuqing annoying and I reckon I could easily verbally bitch slap her back into last century if she gave me the shits. Mrs Logic my ass. She sounds like a pompous, arrogant prima donna. Logic without any other assets in the character development such as humility and compassion just equate to a bullying personality and are a big fat yaaaaaaaaaawn.

      • uggggggggggg could you tell!?? I’m just so not in the mood for other people’s merde … or at least them taking out their merde on me.

        • Merde proof chain mail a la the above post could work and a large implement for batting it away.

          I believe Saturn girl blasts it with a laser beam.

  7. BTW, to be fair to Aquas, one of my besties, the Aqua Air Mother, has an Aqua stellium and Libra rising and honest to god is the warmest, kindest, most open minded, least judgmental darling people I know. She was a drug and alcohol therapist for yonks. Absolutely nothing like Ms Rand.

  8. Something about building a society on the theory of ” Greed is good ” ? It has quite a cult-following.

  9. sheesh, what a write up in wiki! coffee and a bikkie would be migraine material with that one!

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