Weight Training Is The Yoga Of The West

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Chinese Health Timing Book

Right now, in Sydney, it is Small Intestine time…When we should probably all be taking a siesta. I know this from reading the Perfect Day Plan by Jost Sauer – a really cool & quickly accessible guide to living your life a la the principles of Chinese Medicine. Okay, like many a health guide, it does all boil down to Early-T0-Bed & Early-To-Rise = healthy/wealthy/wise + lay off the stodge but it’s a brill book, especially if you are interested in acupuncture, Qi et all but want something simple to read.

Some tidbits: “Toast is not chi building food.”


“The minute you feel negative emotions – whether it is anger, insecurity or paranoia – it is an indication that you are low on chi or blood or nutrients.”


“Weights are sometimes called the yoga of the west and this is absolutely true. Doing weights breaks down muscle fibre and rebuilds stronger fibres. As your emotions are stored in your muscles, this is an incredible opportunity to break down stored memories and emotions and entrenched ideas as well.”

It’s interesting that the time he says we should wake up & exercise et al is (yes) early but it’s also astrologically apt – the Sun Sign and Rising Sign being the same, obviously, means one can be astro-attuned to an unusual degree. Like a mini New Moon everyday.

His point for those who loathe to get up early: “People often tell me that they don’t want to get up early because they love their beds and their sleep. If this is the case, go to bed earlier and really enjoy it.” Why DOES the bed feel different in the morning?

The super-pysched early morning risers i’ve known – you know, up at the crack & cheery with it – have all been Arieans. And Jost DOES vibe mega-Aries to me; cocky, confident, take-all-comers. He also wrote a book called Drug Repair That Works which apparently has a cult of devotees because it is so totally original…

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58 thoughts on “Weight Training Is The Yoga Of The West

  1. I love living the chi cycle and it has helped me tremendously. I’ve received many blessings from reading Jost’s books and I appreciate his unique perspective and experience. However, I don’t think rising early has specific relevance in an astrological sense. To say that rising early is like experiencing a new moon every day is misleading. A NEW MOON occurs when the Sun and Moon are in the same astrological sign, and this occurs once every four weeks, and not every morning. The period of the New Moon is an extremely Yin time ( a time of retreat, reflection, and restoration) and this differs dramatically from the Yang/ transformational energy of the Large Intestine time (5-7 am) that occurs during sunrise. The Rising Sign is a reference point on the eastern horizon and not a planet or sign. While it’s true that each astrological sign does pass over the eastern horizon every two hours of the day, its purpose is to determine the starting point (risng sign) for an individual’s BIRTH chart- its a demarcation point that grounds the signs in specific houses and determines the individual’s ego (self-identity) and physical appearance. The sign rising with the sun is different every month, so there are 12 different signs that could be on the eastern horizon at any given sunrise. Only one of them is related to the Large Intestine/Colon (Scorpio). While being awake at 5am is great for many cosmic reasons, I don’t see how we could be attuned in an astrological sense by being awake at an early hour. Perhaps I’ve misunderstood the original point.

  2. Ok toast lovers, its not toast so much that I am talking about not having for breakfast but wheat. I have tried every kind of breakfast possible from fruity loops to cold fruit to bacon and eggs, and I believe porridge to be the best. The ’emotional support’ of properly cooked oats is beyond that offered by anything else and the next frontier in our evolution will be emotional control. If you want toast, i would suggest a nice sourdough rye toast – but thats just my opinion!

    I also want to say that I see heaps of young people, under 21who are seriously deficient and I blame sugar. I see school kids wandering around eating entire packets of timtams and drinking red bull for breakfast, and i cringe to think of their spleen and organs trying to function. I agree with the comment above that sugar is almost as bad as the recreational drugs. I’m starting to think its not terrorism or global warming thats our biggest problem its going to be sugar and junk foods.

    love the idea of the secret life between 5 and 7am, its a gift on offer to all of us so fight the bed-suck and check it out!

    • I think I love you.

      You’ve just made my nearly sugar free diet almost bearable. My spleen is rupturing with joy! :mrgreen:

      No seriously … sugar is a bloody drug!!!!!! When I tried to kick it I swear I had withdrawls that went on for weeks – physical, psychological and emotional. It’s also terrible on the metabolism, the insulin receptors and why there’s a growing obesity epidemic. Cause all the junk food is full of guess what .. sugar and fat, low quality highly processed proteins and if there does happen to be a lone vegetable lurking in there somewhere it’s lost all it’s nutritional density through excessive storage.

      Good thing I love porrige but I also love my protein breakfast shake – 1 heaped scoop of protein powder, 1 heaped tbsp fibre + 1 tbsb wheatgrass. Blend with 300ml cold water, a splash of low fat milk and 1/3 cup of blueberries. Yummy. And a good kickstart to the day.

    • I’d be happy to adhere to a sourdough rye toast breakfast regime. To be honest it would probably naturally takes top spot on my fave toast list anyway.

      Will be seeking out your book this weekend. I’ve been making my own emotional discoveries as I’ve introduced more regular weights into my life…and would agree wholeheartedly about processing and releasing memory through this.

      Happy Birthday Jost, for where ever you fall on the Scorp calendar.

  3. Im an early riser, sleeping in is a rare event. Though not to hang around at home.. go for a walk, go to the beach, if your out by 5:30, 6:00, stay out for a couple of hours, you come home, and everyone is just getting up. It’s like a mini secret life.

    • That is part of why I like to wake up early. I love how you can have a full day happen before 7am. Yes david, it is like having a mini secret life.

  4. Reading about this has soooo inspired me! I’m always up between 5-6am but refuse to wake up & try to cram another 2 hours sleep in. Today I didn’t succumb, up at 6am & went for a run.

    Racing out to buy the book today! Love this post Miss Mystic – thank you!

  5. I’m going to counter his statement: “The minute you feel negative emotions – whether it is anger, insecurity or paranoia – it is an indication that you are low on chi or blood or nutrients.”

    I bet like a lot of time that’s true, but he forgot to take into account that Qi Stagnation esp of the Liver is considered excess and not deficiency. Liver Qi Stagnation can make anyone cranky.

    • Ah, but stagnation arises from deficiency. When there isn’t enough yin or yang qi or blood, they don’t circulate properly, so stagnation results. Cases of true excess, where a person has an excess of qi or blood, are rare.

      • Oh totally it CAN arise from deficiency but deficiency isn’t always the source and esp for older people which is why i said i bet most of the time. Many people under the age of 21 who are in good health do not have deficiency. It doesn’t seem that rare in kids. His statement sounded so absolute. I guess he’s in the “tonify everything and everybody club” LOL!

    • how can you not have ‘enough’ blood? I can understand not having enough of the requisite elements IN the blood, but ‘enough blood’?

      • If your period is scanty/light, you *might* not have enough blood. If you are kinda frail and your hair is slow to grow and when it grows is not very thick, you *might* not have enough blood. If you have anemia you *might* not have enough blood. Go check with your local acupuncturist to be sure. “Blood” in this sense is not necessarily the red liquid stuff that leaks out when you are poked.

      • Blood is a type of qi. As year of the fox says, in Chinese medicine, it doesn’t literally refer to red liquid, but refers to set of functions in the body. Blood deficiency is a common Chinese medical pathology, but doesn’t refer to any change to actual blood volume. Chinese medicine is more of figurative system that developed before microscopes etc, Diagnosis was/is based on what the practitioner observes, palpates, senses of the patient to fit a qi pattern model.

        Read Jost’s book if you’d like to know more.

        • oh, thanks for clarifying that.

          Coincidentally, I was looking at Jost’s site recently and had another quick look last night. I’ll go back and read thoroughly when I have a bit more time but I loved what he said about eating red meat. Going to pass the link on to quite a few acquaintances!

          • His books are really good. I haven’t read this one, but it’s on the list. ‘Drug Repair That Works’ was really inspiring, even though I don’t touch drugs. And his book ‘Higher and Higher’ is super interesting as it tells of his personal experience with addictions, but also talks about how various drugs affect the qi of different organs. Truly original and groundbreaking stuff, and written with the compassion of someone who has lived it.

          • something fishy, where’s the bit about red meat? I had an experience yesterday that has made me seriously consider becoming a vegetarian. I was never much of a red meat eater anyway.

          • go to the link on ‘recreational drugs’ on his homepage, then ‘discussions on drugs’. Article is called ‘recreational drugs and red meat’.

            He seems to be saying that people recovering from drug use need red meat to heal. I did just have a quick look last night when tired but I think he’s saying that lots (almost all?) of us need some red meat.

            It’s been many years since I had any involvement in illegal drugs but I would put lots of legal substances into the ‘drug’ and therefore drug-induced damage category, starting with pharmaceutical meds through alcohol and cigs to sugar, preservatives etc. So I think most of us fit into this ‘healing from drugs’ category.

            That was a bit of a rant, wasn’t it?!!!

            I’d be interested to know what you think ,sr, when you’ve had a look, particularly as you’ve been tempted towards to veg-side recently.

          • Thanks for that SF, I never thought to look under ‘recreational drugs’ – those days are long gone for me too.
            Well, that was a bit of a surprise. I was expecting Jost to be anti meat. I think he’s really cool but i don’t believe in a one diet fits all policy.
            I have 3 planets (Mars, Pluto, Uranus) in Virgo in the 8th house so i have to be careful not to develop an eating disorder with all the attention i pay to my diet.
            I gave up sugar years ago but still have 2 pieces of quality dark chocolate with my cup of tea most nights. Everything in moderation i say.

            I’m hypoglycemic, so absolutely have to eat my two pieces of toast with avocado every morning or else i will faint! So, i’m sticking to my diet because it works for me.
            Gee, the lamb i had yesterday was vile though. I thought “moroccon lamb with lentil casserole” sounded quite yummy but it tasted really meaty (urrgh), had zero flavour and it took me the whole afternoon and well into the evening to digest.
            I felt really, really yuk and angry that i chose that dish considering that i had it once before and wasn’t impressed then either.
            I wish there was a pill i could pop that contained all my nutritional requirements for the day. Eating is such a chore sometimes. I definitely fall into the ‘eat to live’ category not ‘live to eat’.

            I agree with you about legal substances belonging in the ‘drug’ category – especially alcohol and ciggs. Gave those up too. 🙁 so nobody is going to deprive me of my toast! or my coffee!!

          • i may be off track here, but my understanding is that chinese medicine/health doesn’t do the anti meat thing so much, in part because meat wasn’t such a big component of the trad chinese diet as it is in current western diets?

          • hey, SR, agree with you about lamb – I find it intolerable these days; it’s really rich (I guess lots of saturated fat). I find most food prepared in restaurants has too much fat, salt etc etc. I eat only really lean red meat, fish and chicken as protein.

            Speaking of protein, it’s your mainstay if you’re hypoglycaemic (or for all of us really). It’s essential to have some good quality protein at each meal as well as good oils and carbs (best from fruit and veg) in order to keep blood sugar stable. Fibre is also really useful for this (even a teaspoon of psyllium in a glass of water if you need to eat something which will release a fair bit of sugar (such as grains – full of sugar).

            Agree with you about no one diet being right for everyone but there are some general rules that can apply for most. Depends so much on your digestive ability and activity level.

            Ah, food – my favourite topic…

  6. wow i like this guy, jost! must get the books! i know a few peeps who will be very grateful to read them.

    and i be aries and early riser. no need for alarm. actually don’t even sleep much, don’t need it, but have definitely been more sleepless with uranus in pisces… it’s going through my fourth house.

  7. Sir Jost Alot,

    Which by the way your site very inspiring….Recently we thought Matthew MConaughey a Sagg when he’s a Scorp. Now we thought you an Aries.

    What is going on?

    Is it a birthday month kind of thing that you Scorps now shape shifting on us?

  8. Hi Mystic Medusa. Thank you for the great feedback on my book 🙂 I am seriously intrigued about your statement that one can be astro-attuned to an unusual degree. Like a mini New Moon everyday. This obviously supports the idea of Large Intestine time as Transformational time, doesn’t it?
    By the way, I am actually a full blooded Scorpio…

  9. have close friend who lives by above principles. is architect / product designer of note & factors day around early rise – beach – gentle social brekkie with nearest & dearest – work – mid arvo nap – meditate – more work tho wont work past certain time *(unless international client), home – swim – meditate – sleep. always sxudes that special glow!!

  10. I would argue the point with toast…. esp with avocado, olive oil and coriander, with lemon juice drizzled over the top…. or fresh tomato salt and pepper….
    Anyway! Aries asc, has taken over from from my Scorpy adoration of rolling over and snoozing. Its up and off for me in the AM, esp in summer, here in Qld its the only time of day when activity is bearable!

  11. I get this I really do , I have a million food allergies and I can feel my body drop and jump around on whatever I put in my system, it makes sense to reflect on the diet and patterns of mood etc—but the morning thing……………………………. I adore my 3am eureka moments and drinking night time wonder, the world is so peaceful at night when I am up and people sleep. I draw, I think clearer and sometimes I even feel closer to a kind of god which I never do in the day when the world is business as usual. I know its very buddist and holistic to embrace the dawn but I prefer it when it is accompanied by the night. (plus there is something about bouncing morning types with their chai latte’s walking dogs and wearing light colours with natural highlights that makes me feel like a vamipre in a church)

  12. Wow… no wonder i feel emo after i’ve been to body pump… i thought it was just from the pain of squats… there’s actually an explanation behind it!!

  13. Tony Robbins says the way beat that “need more sleep” feeling is to get up when you wake up. It’s a lot more crazy than that when you listen to his rave about waking up super-pumped (like he practiced waking up excited over and over just during the daytime til he knew he could do it automatically the next morning).

    I prefer the method of getting up stupid early on a weekend morning (say 4am) and go for a walk to stop falling back to sleep. Then that night you will want bed early, which hopefully will start a new cycle of early to bed, early to rise.

    • A mistake I was making indigofish was coming home from work on Friday (get off at noon) and taking a nap. That really messed me up because then I was up all night and Saturday morning I slept late. I hated that as felt my day was passing me by. Good bye nappy..

      • yeah naps are tough – so nice to fall into yet so rough to come out of. and i totally agree on the not wanting to waste saturday by sleeping in sweetpea. i think it’s one of those things where the idea is better than the reality.

  14. “Toast is not chi building food” *hee hee* So very true, but funny when you see it written down like that. Must check this book out.

  15. converted night owl here! with the major life changes of ’09, my random sleep cycle was one of the first to go and I honestly don’t know what I did to fill in my 1am-3am sleep schedule. I had to meet my sun halfway though and prefer to start waking up when it is dark lol or darkishh now that it is daylight savings! but then, cancers are usually great sleepers unless in the throes of insomnia :S

  16. His articles about day planning & drug repair have appeared in Living Now &/or Nova, you know those free health food shop mags. He is a very interesting writer & has lived what he teaches….
    waking up gently at 7:30 is a major breakthrough for me- if I wake any earlier its cos I’m stressed/ nervous cos something subliminal is UP that can’t be dealt with by dreaming & I really don’t like that feeling…!

  17. so prefer early rise esp in summer…shift work takes away the routine establishing option though…and i get physically ill whenever i finish after 4am…i’m talking motion sickness ill…body knows it should be sleeping

  18. “up at the crack & cheery with it – have all been Arieans.”

    Have to say that’s true for me Mystic. Auto wake up with the sunrise. No need for an alarm unless emergency situation.

    Morning person for sure. Been nicknamed “sunshine” two different work places *blush*

    • And you are awfully nice to us Rams. Must be because when Uranus hits and is sq. Pluto at the same time, we’ll be jumping off ledges…lol

  19. regarding the feeling your bed has in the morning:
    A few years ago I ‘invented’ a trick. When lying in bed at night I would imagine that it was morning and fool my brain into thinking I was in morning bed.
    Better than counting sheep!

    Am still not a super morning person though – but when it does (randomly) happen I like it.

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