Are Aries Men The Most Macho Of All???

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Red Pick Up Truck Desert

This red “frictionator’ truck is apparently powered by an actual rocket. It is probably illegal in the parking lots of malls and the like but comes in v.handy for off-road desert truck racing and freaking out your neighbours so that they think twice before chucking a snail over the fence. It is also an Ariesmobile – yes?

Ages ago, i read in an astrology book (one of the first i ever read) that Aries men were the most masculine and Piscean women the most feminine. This is trad gender roles – yes – but it’s kind of interesting.

Aries is ruled by Mars and Aries men are very singular. They’re blunt, brave, up themselves to an insane degree and fantastic leaders. A bit low on empathy, some might say. Are these male traits? Are Aries men the most macho of all? Would all Aries men secretly love a rocket powered truck like the one above? And so where does this leave Pisces men? Girls? Or hairdressers?

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85 thoughts on “Are Aries Men The Most Macho Of All???

  1. am an absolute sucker for Aries men………. their chutzpa, need for speed, get up & go, & raw power are just the beginning of what appeals……

  2. The other fire signs run a close second in my book, but Dad an Aries and oh, hell yes.

    Rock-a-Billy Babe, as ruled by Venus, boy meets girl, eh?

    • Had read that too Mystic about Piscean women and Aries Men. Seems to fit the scenario for me.

      But think a Pisces would have to have fire signatures like the one I knew…Fire Mars Moon, Ascendant at the Aries point (28 Pisces). Playing the drums as he did and seeing that saunter, cannot tell me he was not Aries influenced!

      And Mars and Venus in opposition.

      Idiot was to attractive for his own good…

      • Remember I’d read that in Linda Goodman’s “Sun Signs”. And saw that with a manager I worked with and her Aries boyfriend.

        Mystic, are you seeing an Aries now? πŸ™‚

        • Mystic seeing an aries…..
          oh yeah I read that somewhere on here a while ago… hang on is that Mystic in the backseat of Frictionator????

          • I’ve known about her ex Aries but since I’ve been here she used to talk about Aquas alot as trans. Uranus conj.her Venus.

            Sorry Mystic, don’t mean to talk about you like you’re not here, but then maybe you’re not!

            And, if Aqua rising that means Aries in 3rd house?

            Oh, he’d have to be terribly brilliant to keep her amused.

    • SP natally I have both Venus & Mars in the 5th – what does that mean??

      • Mars is about exertion and Venus about attraction.The 5th is about pleasureable things like romance, creativity, children, sports. So you both attract and exert yourself in these areas.

        Your surfing seems to fit in to one way you exert yourself physically. Sex is form of self expressin in the 5th also. 5th house is the house of amusement and self expression. Discipline can be lacking sometimes however and momentary gratification give sway.

        The conjunction of Mars/Venus can incline toward passionate involvements of all types, not just sex ( but ha! No wonder Aries at that πŸ˜‰ ) Guess you know Aries is your opposite polarity and so the attraction can be very strong?

        Generous, impulsive, emotionally warm, creative, charming. These are some of the Mars/Venus conjunction traits.

        Then I’d look to what sign they’re in as this colors their manifestation and what are the aspects to the conjunction and/or one or the other planet as that will tell which can be stronger… The attraction principal or the aggressive principle and in what area.

        Hope this helps give a clue.

        • thanks SP – venus is 15 deg LEO & Mars 5 deg Leo……

          the rest of what you say is spot on.
          LMAO re sex as a form of expression….not earlier in life, but thank christ for late blooming eh? making up for lost time & all teehhhee!!

          um impulsive & occasional lapse in discipline – tick
          but can act like Aries when making up lost ground – watch out!

          xox πŸ˜‰ xox

          • So ten degree orb between Mars and Venus. Thats still conjunct considered by most and in my personal book.

            And, you have Leo in the 5th which is it’s natural placement. Cool Rock a billy, you MUST be living the high life in many ways πŸ˜‰

            Aries then Asc? This is also an indicator of why Aries send you for a loop! AND then your Sun in 7th? So your 7th ruled by Libra and Venus?

            Watch those Venus transits and transits to your Venus. And, ask guys of interest what their birthdate (discreetly of course) to see if long term vibe/material , if that’s what you’re interested in!

            Oh, good luck girl!!

          • SP you rock!! – yes my motto is ‘bne foot in the posh pit, the other in the mosh pit’.

            keeps a balance of both high & low lives……

            is so damn hot here must go throw self & dog in ocean!!
            have a good one x

  3. love them! I have only met one intimately and have never looked at another man since πŸ˜‰ bugger your male scorps for sex appeal lol aries wins hands down for me. My husband is ALL man in such that he is no qualms about his masculinity and would go to the shops in a pink dressing gown if he wanted to and is happy to cook whenever and whatever. Empathetic? lol no way but is appalled if he is insensitive! Big heart for all and any but complete disdain for tossers. Just adorable and admirable in every way.

    • My Aries is just like yours, Crabwoman: and wonderfully understanding of my Eric-fetish πŸ˜›

      • hehehe bless his little ram socks. I must admit mine does tend to inhale the belly and flex the biceps a little more when he knows I have been watching the vampies lol

      • he better! I am main cook after all and DO have a good knowledge of herbs *insert evil laugh* πŸ˜‰

  4. the only monster truck types i know are a pisces and a leo….but aries seem to be very self assured…always confident even when flying blind…does bogan = macho?

    • I have to agree that the only ‘fast and big cars’ type that I have met was also a Pisces, and another was right into speedboats

  5. Not that Pisces is not masculine. Didn’t really answer that part…

    But that he is just not masculine in the same way.

    Sensitivy could do a human good sometimes. Pisces have that. A balanced mix of macho would be ideal…

    ~Sigh~ Shittin’ Sigh…

    • Who can fly an airplane with one hand, fix a car with a wrench in another whilst lifting barbells at the gym?


  6. The frictionator…lol

    I don’t know any aries men so cannot comment on that however my dad was a pisces & I always felt he was ‘feminine’. My dad raised by brother & I after my mum left when we were very little. He was never with another woman again & never drank or did anything like the other dads did.
    He would even come to the school when I was in kindergarten & bring lunch for us to eat under the big tree. My brother was embarrassed plus it was a small school & everyone knew my dad..hehe.
    The funny thing is he was a cowboy & bull rider plus played football somewhere in there. πŸ™‚

    • Awww, that was so sweet of your dad to bring you lunch under the big tree. You almost had me in tears.

    • I loved it when my dad brought us special lunch at school. It meant so much to me but that’s because he was often away for work in traveling for months at a time. Of course my dad was a Cancer and not Pisces. :/

      • Ex Cancerian hubby ~excellent~ Dad. Add being Iranian to that and it hovers on dysfunctional as Cancerian daughter has been known to Instant Message on line and say”Mom, Dad is driving me nuts”…

        But I’m grateful for him.

  7. In My experience Aries men CANNOT be single. yes they can do hardcore experimental open relationships etc (and decry the very existence of jealousy etc), or just have a zillion women on speed-dial, but they cannot be unattached – as in no sexual prospects in sight. I find this confronting and off-putting in the ones i know, and at odds with the otherwise individualistic persona that i can respect. Is it about the need for a witness in order to feel alive? a common human dilemma i suppose…….

    anyhow – this seems to be the case of the aries men i know and i find it wholly needy and ‘unmanly’ , whateva that might be construed to be.

    pisces men? drunks and poets non?

    • I’ve seen that in many men though Plutonic. My brother worked on himself /issues (Libra/ Sagg Moon) ~through~ his reationships….FOUR marriages. But perhaps as a Libra that has been appropriate for him.

      Pisces gave me a line of bull keeping me hanging on whilst seeing someone else. Many, many men like to have a “lady in waiting” so to speak but do admitt when Aries Dad was cheating on Mom and left her, he had someone else. It’s takes a strong soul to wing it and many ladies here are doing it.

      Priestesses we are by gosh. State of the world I’m afraid as females are waking up before men. Except our exceptional ones here like Davidl and Lexicorn, Matty, bless his young soul. William…another Aries πŸ™‚

  8. And where does this leave women?

    If you mean Aries women Mystic , I only cuss here, not in person as it is not ladylike to my Cappy Moon in 8th even though 8th house knows all about it. But here, because of Mystic, brings out my inner kick ass chick.

    And Venus Taurus, Gemini Mars Asc.?

    Believe me, if you are a man, like Marilyn Monroe asked:

    “Do you want to see HER?”

    A few privilaged have πŸ˜‰

    Up myself? Sometimes. Cappy Moon wouldn’t hear of it though 24/7.

    The bigger you are the harder you fall and so I duck sometimes…

  9. No, the frictionator would only say ” my package is far too small”. It is funny though how scared other males are of us. They pick up the male vibe and you can smell the fear, for no reason usually.
    Aries male, Example1, a customer bounced a very large cheque on me at a really bad time. I rang and tried to sort it out. He was like, hey, man, Im in QLd your in Sydney what the fuq are you going to do about it. I hung up, went to the airport, bought a ticket and arrived at his office just as they were getting ready to close up shop. The look on his face was priceless. I calmly explained that his actions were effecting my family , so if he would like to accompany me to the bank, maybe I wont sue his arse and maybe he might go home without a broken left thumb. (I was very specific). He complied. Now that might sound over the top, but dickheads like that need sorting or they just continue to behave badly.

    • And who said Aries don’t finish what they start?

      Sorting Davey. Yes, always sorting… πŸ™‚

    • “(I was very specific)….”

      I liked that part…

      As in there were various other physical parts/appendages you did not include pertinent to recovery of said funds a la Godfather meets invoice slacker?

      ha,ha! Have managed to polish off some of thanksgiving day wine. Oh dear. Means a wine run in the morning…

      Trans. Moon in Pisces… Natal Neptune trine Pisces MC.

      This could be dangerous and just as outrageous as Saggie Moon Bro and Sis in Law’s attendance…

    • Ooooh yah! davidl ah sure like your style. Hmmm I can see I have to keep an eye out for Aries males in future! : >

    • David, I would also do this, what an excellent day for you. I have broken a ruler over someone’s head because they were rude to my sister. I don’t like violence, but I do like FIXING WRONGS.

      The Frictionator is NOT an aries car. A red MG or Porsche maybe… or even a Jeep. Aries are very PURE. And that thing is not pure,it does not burn with a hard gem-like flame, it sucks!

      I know quite a few very shy Aries men, all have personal integrity though. And a tenaciousness. Often very intelligent and often great sense of humour. I of course like people who are straight down the line, and don’t get offended by straight talking.

      Aries Sun
      Cancer Moon
      Taurus Rising.

      I have changed my name David, from Ariesartist to balancingformountaingoats – what says everyone?

      • An inspired name change, definitely. And besides, I’m not game to disagree with an Aries after david’s story above.

      • love the new name, and I agree its def. not about aggression or violence its about fixing wrongs , good one.

        • I’ve found with the Aries in my life there is a focus, an integrity and a diamond hard precision.I think aries often personify purposeful action. No waste, no time fussing…just getting the job done.

          Thumbs up to balancingformountaingoats too.

  10. not so sure that piscean women are the most feminine… but we are pure emotions at times, and that is equated with feminine stuff. and the indecision – a woman’s perogative (and a piscean’s imperative) to change her mind… so, maybe.

    • I love watery women, they just do it for me, and the piscean women Ive had anything to do with were dreamy and gorgeous.

      • Kind of interesting davidl that we both Aries and have Cancer intercepted in 1st.

        Know your wife a Cancer. My ex husband a Cancer too.

        First love a Pisces. Love after hubby a Pisces. Pisces MC.

        Damn water folk…lol…

    • Guess that is a good question indigofish as is a woman only a woman if emo? Or is strength feminine also? Pretty obvious I think that we are complex beings and think this is where we get into the male/female…yin/yang….anima/animus inner self stuff and I’ve got turkey preparations to be doing…lol.

      Always thought of Turkeys as female for obvious reasons… Perhaps that I’m stuffin’ the cavity and got my hand up middle?..


      • it’s been on my mind all day. i like your take on it sweetpea – the complexity of femininity/masculinity. I have always thought of myself as a bit of a tom boy: no makeup, little care for how i look, few female friends… but this i think might be just as girly as what i initially had in mind when thinking of “feminine”, just in a brigitte bardot kind of a way. wild hair, bare feet. all that good stuff.

        never thought about turkeys as females, but oddly all cats are girls and all dogs are boys…

  11. YES YES YES!
    dad is an aries man and omg! Macho this Macho that!
    They are the most competitive and like my dad seem to love coaching roles!
    Piscean women = most feminine… i guess so – some of my best friends are Piscean and the women especially are VERY feminine. I think its not the whole girly girly persona its the stereotypical “mood”.

  12. I like it.

    I do think there is something over the top macho about that truck that would appeal to Aries man….I always differentiate between early Aries and late….as my 2 BF;s are early and I can’t even stay in the same room as late Aries women. I’m a 0 degrees aries, so thats right on the Pisces cusp…I’m not attracted to the truck.

    • Yeah the truck not my gig at all. Ever…..

      Don’t need the “look at me how tough, bitchen I am”. A man knows he’s a man and only exerts it in the most precise and effectual way.

      “Ah, grasshoppah, you come far”……

      • I only meant that kind of truck in pix. Trucks in general ok!

        “Frictionator”…In his dreams. Go rub up yerself kink-o-matic big fat “L” on the forehead..

        I only say mean stuff cuz I like the way it sounds…Never meant it really.. πŸ˜‰

  13. LOL my uber aries friend left his DJ party every girl on speedial lifestyle (whom could never be single- combining all post theory to real life) for a massive pickup truck, a dog called rex ,and the open road. The only 2 straight male hairdressers I know are piscean. So much for gender stereotypes..

    Rockstar librian publicist: I am totally not surprised you like aries men. There is something about hot active librians that hold a weak spot for them as I have seen.

    • Ms – Le Turd AKA Aries Ex has LOTS OF BIG TRUCKS (some work, some play) & a VERY BIG DOG……

      Aries / Lib is great balance.
      lively dialogue. never a dull moment.

      another Aries is circling at the mo – whom I actually really really like. action man, on the case, action man (oh did I already say that!), surfs, snowboards & this weekend wants to take me wakeboarding……cos there’s no surf……!!

      • Hmmm RLP I can see you are going to have a faaab weekend ; > a double Thanksgiving?

  14. First guy that ever made a move to kiss me was an Aries. At the time I was so in awe of him I ducked under his arm and danced away. Gawd I was so young.

    • Aw, how sweet! Yeah, leave those Aries wanting by gosh.

      I remember a serious boyfriend in 8th grade. “Jimmy”. At lunchtime I wouldn’t eat in front of him. I was so self conscious! And he kissed horribly. Didn’t know what a French kiss was at that time but even though that wasn’t being thrust on me, still horrible…lol

  15. Aries son’s eyes are gonna pop when he’s that pic, he’ll want one instantly or know when we can go and see it.

    I know a Pisces he has a rural block filled with trucks, bobcats, utes and the like but none rocket powered.

  16. hahah awesome- big trucks and big dogs, I love that you note his attention and courting style as “circling” πŸ˜‰

  17. The only man brave enough to ask me to marry him was an Aries, ovethetop energy, so bailed
    out just beforehand.
    They do have a different & stronger vibe than most men i’ve noticed. What i really like is that you
    KNOW when they are attracted to you, ‘Ramzilla’ is right!

    Have just been visually turned on by Jason Stretham from Transporter movies.
    Leaves Daniel Craig waaay behind in the face body & accent department.

  18. The Director of the Institute of Tantra – The Jade Lotus Method – is a Pisces
    & so my coffee shop Owner, beaucoup empathy & emotion in flow.

  19. I am the worst for unconscious competition. The WORST!

    Oddly enough Mountain Goat Artist… I have

    Aries Sun
    Pisces Moon
    Capricorn rising

    Watery moon, earthy rising in combo with the Ramzilla sun….boo-ya!

  20. I don’t know I’m an aries and kinda faggy
    altho I like to write and maybe I’m
    ernest hemingway or something
    I do love the motors also..

  21. Birthdate: 3/27/1973
    Time: 6:22 PM EST
    Location: Jackson, MI

    Sun 7 Deg 09 Min Aries / 7th House
    Moon 17 Deg 58 Min Capricorn / 4th House
    Ascendant 1 Deg 03 Min Libra / 1st House
    Midheaven 1 Deg 14 Min Cancer / 10th House
    Mercury 15 Deg 02 Min Pisces / 6th House
    Venus 3 Deg 52 Min Aries / 7th House
    Mars 0 Deg 47 Min Aquarius / 4th/5th House Cusp
    Jupiter 6 Deg 16 Min Aquarius / 5th House
    Saturn 15 Deg 16 Min Gemini / 9th House
    Uranus(retrograde) 21 Deg 38 Min Libra / 1st House
    Neptune(retrograde) 7 Deg 21 Min Sagittarius / 3rd House
    Pluto(retrograde) 2 Deg 58 Min Libra / 1st House
    North Node 12 Deg 48 Min Capricorn / 4th House
    Vertex 2 Deg 28 Min Aries / 7th House
    Part of Fortune 11 Deg 50 Min Cancer / 10th House

    Never interested in sports or monster trucks. Do like a good action movie or TV show every so often(Die Hard, “24”, etc.). Prefer sophisitcated science fiction(2001, Blade Runner, Star Trek, The X-Files, FRINGE etc.).

    More into studying the occult, astrology, metaphysics(Law of Attraction) and technologically academic subjects(electronics, quantum physics). Score off the charts on Asperger’s Syndrome tests.

    Never was the “alpha male” growing up. Got beat up a lot, picked on and shunned by schoolmates most of the time I attended school. I seem to be evolving into the Alpha Male as I get older; deeper voice, more patience, more muscular, etc.

  22. I just met a blunt brave macho manly guy (could be up himself) and thought to myself…Aries. Thing is, he’s a hairdresser πŸ™‚