Your Mother, Yourself and Transits To The Moon

Mother with child vintage artI was having a minor freak-out before re something to do with my Mother and then even more of a freak  out when i thought something along the lines of ‘shit! Saturn is not going to be on my Libran Moon until 2012!  W.t.f. is this coming  up for NOW?’  I did not like to think of a planet like Saturn having such a wide orb.  I mean, my Moon is at 26 Libra. And Saturn has yet to hit Zero Libra.

The last time Saturn was within coo-ee of my Moon, it was a square. My tread felt heavy upon the earth & my usually Up flow of emo failed me. Outside issues helpfully manifested to reflect the inner Saturn-Moon reality. BUT Saturn always does something helpful and it was SO infuriating feeling like i was putting on a wet swimsuit/blanket every morning that i went and got a therapist….Thank you Saturn Girl. Still, i would like to think of Saturn ON my Moon as being a way off.

Thus i was totally relieved to realise that URANUS is quincunxing it at the moment. Uranus transits to anything are often easier. They tend to come in flash-realisations and sudden encounters…

My point – if you have Mother issues of any variety – an outer planet transit to your Moon will reliably stir them up. Way up. Ditto emotions about your own mothering or lack there-of.  You can figure this out by finding the degree of your Moon. Then Neptune and Uranus are both at 23 degrees of their signs right  now so if your Moon is 23 to 29 degrees it is being affected by those two. If it’s Zero to five degrees of anything, especially a Cardinal sign such as Aries, Libra, Capricorn or Cancer – it’s being zapped by Saturn and Pluto.

Thoughts? The Moon is about to be in Pisces – feel free to vent, emote, go Freudian or ask silly questions please.

Image: Lord Frederick Leighton

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45 thoughts on “Your Mother, Yourself and Transits To The Moon

  1. woah – i don’t look into the moon in my chart a whole lot – but there’s a lot going on there! Squaring Pluto and Venus, trine Jupiter, and sextile the sun and mercury. good grief…

    but a spot of luck and the chart says it’s at 22 deg (of cap, and in the 12th house). i could really do without mother-grief/childlessness issues atm. been rough enough lately. and there’s work to be done.

  2. moon in cap (v close to the end of cap), so there will be a big old moon-pluto conjunction coming up in a few years. this is also all in my 7th house. I will be near my mid 40’s by the time pluto nears end of Cap so i have been sort of wondering about the mother implications actually.

    In fact very recently my mother and I have had some important discussions about each other (with each other). Including things that she rarely discusses with ease (i.e. her personal feelings), and also the recent loss of her own mother. It felt odd, actually, after 30 years of not being that personal, but at the same time i think it was important for her too. maybe a milestone for both of us and a bit of a pluto in my 7th vibe praps

  3. I have moon in Libra, too! I suppose you’ll be my Astro Role Model for now, Mystic. =) This Friday my school is having an R-Day, a big party day of group activities and magic, for Hallowe’en and I’m going to be doing astrology and tarot readings as well as dream analysis for my fellow students. Super psyched for it! Sorry for the digression.
    My mother and I are very close, currently we’re both trying to quit smoking. I’m doing well with it, but she’s been smoking for 32 years so only time shall tell. BUT, while we’re venting, can I take a moment to whinge about THE CRAZY SCHOOL ESSAY DEADLINES I AM DEALING WITH RIGHT NOW? I got EXTREMELY ill for a month and had awful reactions to medications so I am SO far behind in one particular class. Everyone is okay with it, but I have revisions AND two or three essays to write now and ohhh my gosh I think I’m going to EXPLODE from the pressure! Credit deadline is this friday! Ahhhh! Curse you, Saturn! Get out of my sun and give me a break, please =(.

    • you’ll be OK – pack in a few solid hours after skool on the homework , lose a lunchtime or two (your mates should understand) and then you can rock up on monday ..pressure OFF…good luck

  4. Oh Gawd, I don’t know what’s transitting what but I FEEL like angry-bitched-up-violent planet everything is sitting square on my shoulders, urging me to kill! kill! cry-a-bit, then kill! kill! some more. I’m not PMS-ing but I did go in for minor surgery on my throat (boring, nothing glamourous) last Fri so maybe I’m being overwhelmed by post-general anaesthetic blues?

    Or maybe because the surgeon sent his invoice today and I discover it’s all non-claimable from Medicare as he’s considered it “cosmetic” rather than “medical” and thus has not included an item number. So those $$ thousands are completely out-of-pocket pour moi and, as a Cap, I’m ropable about non-sensical charges that I can’t get at least a hint of discount/ rebate on – regardless if it’s medical, retail, supermarket, etc… It don’t make sense and I’m just not in the fuqing mood to be reasonable!!! I hate paying full price!

    This vibe is worse than anything I’ve been through all year. Even the recent horrid stuff hasn’t affected me. Normally I’m such a peaceful little Cap Sun/ Merc/ Venus with Libby-Fleur rising, Mars in Sagg and 28′ Cancer moon.

    I’m obviously missing something. Or I’ve killed all logic in my latest fit of rage/ flood of tears/ tearing up of anything in reach. And I have no appetite – not even for wine and dark choc which is usually an “anytime” snack for me :((

  5. I have Saturn square moon… & having Saturn in my 6th Virgo for the last 2 yrs has been mostly about things to do with my mother.
    I have been dealing with issues that came from when my mum walked out on my dad, bro & I when I was 2yrs. I did not have a great deal of contact with her after that. Only sporadic visits & then she passed away suddenly when I was 10yrs. I never really got to know her. I idolized her & felt that we did have a connection & I loved her to bits regardless…. SO major abandonment issues here. I don’t have any hard feelings for her, only trying to understand what it must have been like for her. Thanks to Saturn I have spent the last few years working away at these issues & it’s helped soooo much!
    Gem Sun/Pisces Rising/ Gem Moon

    • Gee Baristagem, I’m really sorry to hear about your Mum. That must have been very hard for you to deal with. Sounds like you are coming to a mature and good understanding of her and the circumstances. Good on you.

      Our parents are just ordinary people after all. Sometimes we invest them with too much stuff (our own projections, idealisations, neediness etc.). There was a lovely series of conversations on Radio National where Stephanie Dowrick talked with Geraldine Doogue about coming to a point where we can see our parents (and ourselves) as complex & imperfect human beings and moving beyond the narrow adolescent view of things as ‘not being good enough’ or how we wanted them to be. I still catch myself slipping back into that awful aggrieved and self-focused adolescent view sometimes – seeing things only through the lenses of dissatisfaction.

      The conversations explored the concept of perfection and how it plays out in our relationships with our self, our partners, our parents and the world at large. Letting go of the demand for perfection, especially in relation to our parents, allows a quantum leap forward in our growth, maturity and compassion. And it frees us to get on with our lives.

      Mystic, I am again astounded at your timeliness. Have been wrestling with issues about myself and my mother all week! And it is to do with how I let myself down in not respecting (or enforcing) my own boundaries during her recent visit. Saturn issues again! Thank you for this insight. I hope your own freak out has given way to some useful insights x

      • Saturn Girl does work miracles….
        Thanks Nat! I agree with you, our parents are just ordinary people after all.

  6. I like a good moon in pisces, makes my moon is pisces want to celebrate with a wee vino. Particularly when it’s sailing free from any silly messing about by slow moving planets, unlike my sun, venus, mercury, mars, saturn, uranus, chiron, eros, ceres, vesta …
    Lucky I can’t really imagine what all of that would mean. Is it wine-o’clock yet?

  7. All this motherhood stuff is all I can think about, it’s making me nutso! I’m trying to come to tems with the fact that I’m going to BE one in 6 months! Thoughts flashing through my brain – do I want to be a Mum like my Mum? What can I do / not do so I don’t fuq it up? Will I be a frumpy, no life, no friends social parriah? etc etc.

    • Try not to listen to female birth warriors, and just follow your own instincts as you did pre-preggers state…and yes being preggers does fix a lot of things larger in your mind re:how I want to raise a child differently from my mother, and or the rest of society. Normal.

      If at all possible if you’ve never had the chance to maybe before birth look at stress strategies…I say this more as parenting brings so many rapid changes to you on a daily basis…and it can be really rewarding…but in retrospect I would love to have learnt to ways to deal with anxiety before becoming a parent…it still for the most part worked out ok…just a lot of on the job training.

      • oooh thank you, this looks great and so cheap when you buy it used! I saw another goody called Alternadad, should be great for Saggo dude.

    • sweet sanity, you’ll be awesome! I know kids/adults who’ve survived and thrived with way worse parents than you could ever be.

      LL is right. Relax and trust your instincts. You’ll get a lot of advice and most of it will be contradictory. If in doubt choose one or two mothers you admire and take advice from them. You’ll be sweet. xx I’m so excited for you.

      • aawww thank you so much you guys, getting all weepy again….i a good way! You have been a well of inspiration… I can do this Mum thing!

  8. So does the 22’15 bump this over into the safety zone ? 29°22’15 I truly have no clue when it comes to things that are not words.

  9. Dear Sweet Sanity,
    I could blab on with mum wisdom…
    Avoid pharmaceutical vaccinations/ immunisations for your bub & go for the safe, non-toxic alternative in homoepathic vaccination (called homoeoprophylaxis). It is brilliant.

  10. my mum has her natal moon in a tight conjunction with pluto/saturn/mars in leo… and she is full on! Although better now as she gets older.

    When I first saw her chart I finally understood why my sister and I both had a 12th house moon. Helped me to understand her somehow.

  11. Hi everyone. I would appreciate some astrological feedback.
    My mum died suddenly on the 4th of October. It was a complete shock, and i feel like my entire life has changed. Not to be too frighteningly blunt, she chose to go herself.
    Once i stopped crying long enough to read a piece of paper, i wrote down the planets movements that day and could not find anything. My moon is in Virgo at 7 degrees and nothing was there that day so it’s not that. But my fourth house is at zero Libra (also my north node, also my pluto). Is it that?
    Or, maybe it’s Aquarius. I have Mars in Aquarius at 21 degrees in the 8th, and mum was an Aquarius, i think Chiron and Neptune have been hanging around there for awhile…?
    But i thought since Jupiter was in Aquarius this would be a better year for her? In fact, i told her so?
    Any thoughts on this would be so appreciated. And any astrological advice on coping with grief would be good, too.
    Thanks everyone.

    • Hey, Pisces, that’s very fresh grief. I’m sorry to read of your loss and to lose your mother is huge! To lose her to suicide is doubly so.

      Before I get into astro, I recommend you look to friends and family for support for yourself. Grief for the loss of your mother is difficult enough, but I also think the impact of suicide is another type of grief entirely. My family has a history of suicide and I strongly suggest some specialized support for this. I’m not sure where you are but there are special suicide bereavement groups that can help. Otherwise, at least choose some friends etc who are truly capable of support and spend time with them. Let us know how you go.

      As far as the astro, it’s hard to say. I’m sure it shows in some way in your chart but may be part of a transit of any of the slow moving planets, from Saturn to Pluto. This is a complex issue and probably best left to a seasoned astrologer, however, the astro can be very favourable, but if a person is seriously ailing, like your poor Mum undoubtedly was, she won’t be able to use the influence well. Just as someone in good psychological health can turn challenging transits into triumphs/growth.

      I recommend getting a consult with Mystic, or if she is busy she’ll refer you to someone.

      Robert Wilkinson at Aquarius Papers has written about astro, karma and destiny a lot — in a grounded, compassionate way. His site is worth checking out. He talks a lot about free will in using astro transits ‘or the lack of application of that free will’.

      I hope you find the solace you need.

      • Dear Pisces, so sorry to hear about the death of your Mother and her sadness. I totally support Uber Virgo’s sound advice re finding a specialised grief counsellor, they are worth their weight in gold. You can discuss things with a good counsellor that you might not be able to broach with family & friends who are also grieving. Your Mother’s death might trigger some personal issues for you – now or much, much later – that others are not experiencing. There are some lovely people out there who are familiar with the wide range of issues and reactions that grief can bring so it really helps to tap into some of that expertise.

        Re possible Astro signifiers: Death and deep transformations fit into Pluto/Scorpio territory and Time/limits is Saturn’s area… but I think that some special attention & professional skill are needed to help you look at your chart & your Mother’s chart. I wish I could help you but I just don’t have the astro skills. Uber is right, even the best transit might not be handled well if someone is struggling with other over-riding problems. I have several friends who have taken their own lives and I personally think we can never really know how or what they were thinking and feeling at that moment. Rightly or wrongly, something deeply motivates them to leave this life.

        Grief is very changeable. It will likely come in waves for you. However it comes up just know that it is all OK and it is your mind & body releasing and processing what it needs to. As much as possible just allow your feelings to come up and out. No need to suppress them or really engage with them or over-analyse them. Just let them come up and out. If you are really struggling, try to name what is coming up or write it out – this helps you to observe. Find ways to support your grief that don’t harm yourself or others (something physical is very important – swimming, floating, running, dancing or even just gentle stretching). As much as you can, take good simple care of yourself, each hour, each day until some light comes back in. And it will come back in.

        Best wishes to you x

      • Pisces, there’s a downloadable booklet on this site and I might post another site or two below this.

    • hey Pisces, so sorry to read of your loss. Reading your post has made me all teary. I can’t even to begin to imagine what it would be like. Found out recently from my dad that my mum, who has type 2 diabetes isn’t handling it very well and has passed out on several occasions and he’s had to call the ambulance to revive her. I’m worried i will lose her very soon.

      So my heart goes out to you. Sorry i can’t offer any astro insights, i’m just a novice but i’m sure peeps here with a better understanding of transits will come to the rescue.

      Take care of yourself.

      • Thanks SR. I think it’s always too soon when it’s your mum, no matter how she goes. I’m sorry i made you cry.

        • oh please don’t apologise, sorry to even bring up my mum when it was meant to be all about yours. It was only to express that my heart goes out to you.

          And if you need to see a good psychic let me know.

          I actually bought a book today – “Life Among the Dead” by the medium Lisa Williams. It’s a biography. Can’t wait to get stuck into it on my holiday. Kind of a weird think to read on the beach in far North QLD but hey, i can’t get enough info on what it’s like to be medium.

      • SR, oh hon, I’m sorry to hear your Mum has been quite ill. Its such a difficult thing to watch our once strong and ever powerful parents age.

        All I can say is I’m sure knowing this will make the times you spend with her more precious, hopefully she will get better. Sending your mum my healing vibes and thoughts!

    • oh pisces honey i am so sorry for the loss of your mum. I have had friends whose parents have taken their lives when my friends were in their 20s. such an awful shock and so so many feelings and questions welling up every day.

      I can’t add more wisdom to the v sound advice from the others here except to support their suggestions that you seek out as much support as you can, and give yourself as much time and space as you need.

      much love n hugs xxxx

    • Pisces, i’ve found Australian Bush flower essences to be very powerful and effective.

      There’s heaps of wonderful info on this site:

      Let us know how you go.

    • Pisces sweetheart, my truest most tender condolences – I lost my mother last year and it is always a shock to have someone so alive, so real, and so meaningful to your life suddenly wither away like a thought blown by the wind. I echo all the excellent advise Uber, Nat, Scorpalicious and everyone else has written here.

      Unlike you, I did not lose my mother to suicide. But I experienced an attempt with my brother who, I caught in time and managed to cut down from the rope he used. Neither experiences are easy to deal with and my heart goes out to you.

      I only have this to say… I know right now there is alternating grief, and numbness. Like Nat said, it will come in waves. I am sure through time you may get the astro perspective you seek and it may help you. I know much of this is prompted by a deep questioning within that wonders, what could I do? Could I have seen it? Could I have been there?

      These are questions you cannot and are not meant to answer – because for each of us, life is a dance with the Universe. We may never know what reasons are behind an act that has caused much loss and grief, but for me, much of my grief was a combination of getting on with my life (because that’s what my mum would have done) and moments of sharp remembrance. My mum was a cornerstone in my soul, she had very much by her own, made mine. Not only had she brought me here physically, but she fed me emotionally as much as she could.

      I think in my experience, I would find myself thinking, I should have called, been there etc. but I also know that my Mum would have wanted me to BE. Be whatever I was doing, whoever I was. And right now, while that grief is working its way through you like a slow river, you only need to be. It has only been 10 months since I lost her, and to this day, I have periods of being stunned as if part of me will always be off somewhere looking at a distance, peering and hoping she’ll be there again. Or worse, moments of unabating jagged crying.

      I couldn’t rush it if I wanted to, and I know this is a deeply personal process that is very unique to each of us. In my grief, I also found an honoring – times when push came to shove and I remembered distinctly the strength she had passed on to me, and therefore, the other pains that life demands we go through I have been able to face more squarely with her spirit.

      During the funeral, I had said a few words that recalled her as a person, as an individual above and beyond her role as wife, as mother, as aunt, as sister. Not many listened, so engrossed were they in their own grief – but I could not fault them. Know that your relationship with her continues in this silence and that one day, slowly..the sadness will be more and more mixed with smiles of remembering her essence, and remembering that through you, she continues to live in this world.

      My best ever wishes to you, if you ever need to talk let me know.

      • FA, i keep thinking i can see her when i walk around the park. It’s still a shock when i realise i will never see her at the park again. And then the crying starts again. How do we live through this kind of thing?
        And then i want to rush the packing up of her flat (which she hated) but it brought me such comfort to sit in her chair around all her things yesterday – especially food, in her cupboards – my god it’s like she’s still here. Even handcream, on her dressing table. How can things be so comforting? I could even pretend she was still coming home. I pulled out her dressing gown and one of her hankies was still in the pocket.

        • Pisces, forgive the delay.. time zones et al.. but I absolutely know what you mean. Its like staring at scenery and thinking there’s a cut out shape of your Mum missing from it, it feels as if reality has been up-ended and whatever sick joke this is should end soon…you wait and think, ok, now?

          There are no words no matter how comforting that will take that surrealism away, it is crisp like a winter’s day, almost sharp in its brightness. Of course, you found comfort in her things while wanting to finish the business of concluding her space.

          One part of you wants to see a conclusion, sort of a proof to say, there, its all put away and this is how it is now. And yet another part says, no not yet, not now.

          My Mum was married to my Dad for 60 years, and the smell of their bedroom was a mix of the two of them. In her passing, not only did I lose my mother, I saw clearly how broken hearted my Dad was for losing his partner and his wife. It is watching that traditional phrase uttered on the sainted day of unions, “till death do you part”…well there it was, Death had arrived and so did their parting.

          I spent time in her bed, smelling the sheets that held so much of her, the glasses on the table, the overturned book, the pins she had impatiently removed from her hair when she decided it was time to sleep…when she was cremated, there was a debate amongst my siblings as to where the urn would be kept.

          My family are Catholic as was Mum, though Dad is a Taoist through and through.. I think because I carry more of his spirituality, as the debate raged as to what the priest said was appropriate, I found the strength in looking across to my father to say to everyone, unequivocally, “NO, Mum stays here with Dad where she’s always been until he’s ready, if the Priest has a problem, he can speak to me and I will deal with him.”

          What was funny was even this argument was like having her spirit and her passion live among us… so I guess what I’m saying is, do not question your feelings, or your grief. For now, welcome it as an unexpected guest, it has things to say to you and things to help you in this letting go. It is organic and contains your as well as your Mum’s life is a song, and you can only but listen to it.

          My mother died in another country which I then had to leave after 10 days, on my return home to an empty flat it seemed to yawn at me.. before leaving my sisters had run around recreating her recipes, cooking madly, but I had to leave to be greeted by something that held nothing of her. I thought I had lost out, but the more I remember the somewhat blurred events of the days after her death, my arguing with the priest, standing up for what my Dad couldn’t ask for, my fieriness and insistence that things go as what she would have wanted, I realized, no matter where I was she would always be in me.

          I am my Mum’s daughter after all, and the best even quiet honor is to live that each day. If you need to speak more privately about this, if there is anything I can do to help, let me know – you can reach me at

          one day at a time dear one..

  12. My nomination for best Moon Uranus film is Pedro Almodovar’s ‘All About My Mother’ complete with pregnant nuns and transvestite fathers and a beautiful heart wrenching story. Check it out!!!

  13. Pisces so sorry for you. Try MM’s advice on dream writing to see what comes up and lots of TLC and homeopathics to get you thru the ups and downs on this journey.

    • I bought some star of bethlehem but i wish i’d had it 3 weeks ago. It’s for shock i think.

      • Pisces, if you are in Australia, a homeopath should be able to give you some ‘Nat Mur’ that is also for intense grief and loss.

  14. I’m with your club, Mystic. My Libran moon is at 24 degrees in the fourth house. It was my Libran mother’s birthday last week. My Father was also a Libran and my daughter is a Libran.

    What the hell does all this Libran stuff, especially with my moon in the fourth house, mean!!!!!!!????? I think my own parents were fairly ordinary as far as raising children was concerned and I have made it my mission to ensure my own kids are nurtured and provided with opportunities to explore the world and expand their horizons without the paralysing fear my parents tried to instil in me. What is a Ram to do? What is my lesson?

    Sorry, just ranting a bit there. Bloody parental issues – is anyone immune?

  15. Libra moon, middle degrees. My mother died when saturn was squaring my moon last go ’round. A lot of people close to me died back then.

    Now comes the conjunction. Not only cardinal moon, but early cardinal sun, late cardinal mercury, early cardinal aries. Perhaps saturn on my moon means something moving in for good? I take complete charge of my life?

  16. I just finished the dreaded Pluto conjunct moon transit. My terrible relationship with my mother got way better (I’ll credit lots of previous inner work), but then this summer she had a false cancer diagnosis that only now has proven to be nothing.

  17. Oh dear Gaaawd , Mother issues ! Pluto is currently squaring my Natal Moon and Saturn is approaching opposition to Natal Moon….what the F…! Yes, and I have Queen Victoria incarnated for a mother ( Taurus )….she demands that I be her lowly and put-upon loyal subject…..Ha, never gonna happen .

  18. I’ve got my moon 23 degree’s in dear old Saggo!
    and pluto is transiting conjunct right over my moon!!!!!
    what does that mean mystic – learning experiences with my mother??

    btw – has anyone noticed the once 3 planetary pileup in dear old aqua has become 4 – with dear old Lunar moon joining the mix??


  19. As Ashely Brilliant asks ‘Is it harder to be the parent of a chid or the child of a parent.?’