They Say That, In Dreams…

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Renovated Room

They say that, in dreams, any  house you dream of is YOU; your pscyhe. So a room in ruins like the one above is not such a good sign. But gorgeous mansions, light and space are a sign of psychic health. I love those dreams where you open a secret door in a house and there is a whole beautiful other land in there. The attic is the higher mind, your aspirations & all. The basement is your subconscious mind.


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38 thoughts on “They Say That, In Dreams…

  1. You will have to google dictionary of dreams.
    Figure what lawns mean to you?
    The grass is greener there?
    Windows are what?…Looking thro’ to outside vis a vis inside.
    Looking at things inside out?
    were you dreaming on the front lawn of your house. Cold at night for that!
    Searching for a certain freedom not avail at mo?

    I just hand cut & mowed my little piece of outside lawn. First time i used a mower.
    Smelt wonderful.
    That’s all the lawn i know about, Honey, so just go have different dream tonite:-)

  2. Can anyone tell me what a dream on the front lawn of your house is? And looking out all of the windows at the lawn before getting out there on it.

  3. The houses I usually dream of are grand places, with classic furniture etc. but empty, dark and dusty and often in the far room (sometimes upper level, sometimes on the same level) of the house there’s a forbidding energy and I won’t go near it. I often dream of my childhood home which was this huge multi- story mansion built in the 1800s that my family lived in when I was young, my parents were married and well off. Ended up going BACK there after my parents divorced and my father went bankrupt. My father knew the guy who was running it as a bording house for Asian students. We literally slept in what was the old servants quarters, I was in my early teens with my family, no mother (divorced), no money and a hell of a lot of teen angst (what is it they say about the power of teen girls and poltergeists?) Lots of ghosts… maybe I should get some hypnotherapy!

  4. O so the dreams are all go at the moment and it’s weird they’re all in a certain colour palette. The latest one was long skinny kind of stretched beings gliding around the place they felt like men but kind of assexual at the same time… maybe the robes I associate with men – they seemed middle eastern I remember thinking they were wise it was like I was in the middle of their gliding pattern but they took no notice of me or didn’t see I was there – elongated beings wearing pale blue robes all gliding around as if in a radiating pattern with each other – like spirograph but with people they all had something in their hands some of what it was was small and fit in the hand I couldn’t see those items it was like there was nothing there if you copped a good look but if you looked out of the corner of your eye you could see it was really something then there were some with a long staff and when my eyes went to see what was at the end of the staff it was like there was an explosion of bright white light like the scintillation of a diamond only really big on the end of the staff. A lovely peaceful vibe to it.

  5. I’ve had some cracking house dreams in the past 6 months or so, well two.

    One was in my current flat – in short, two men broke in and kidnapped me, and poured petrol around my flat and set it alight. I decided that rather go off with the men I’d much prefer to hang out and watch my flat burn – for the aesthetic pleasure of watching the petrol catch alight and the flames spread – so i let them carry off my body and stayed here to watch. I can still picture it, and remember thinking in my dream that it was completely reasonable that i could split myself like that because I’m a gemini.
    So watched it burn for a bit, then figured I should do something so went outside and yelled for help and for someone to get the police. Then the men came back and i rushed down the stairs and tackled the one who had me over his shoulder and rescued myself. The dream ended with me being worried about my stereo/cds and cat, and i came back in to see that although stuff had fallen over everywhere, it was actually only the entrance area that was damaged – cat and music all good.
    It wasn’t a stressful dream at all – a lot of it was filled with that joyous wonder of watching things and appreciating them (the fire spreading, the amazing 3 point turn in our tight carpark the kidnappers did when they first came in, which is what attracted my attention). And it all ended well. In fact it still makes me smile thinking about it now.

    My much more recent house dream, a friend/crush was showing me his new flat, I was surprised a bit because it wasn’t really his style, it was that kind of crappy but interesting type of place, he is way more fastitidious. I really liked it. I asked if I could look about and he said yes, so I went wandering. It was much bigger than it looked, and had two kitchens, which I thought was weird then then went, oh would be good for this and that, and I was wandering in rooms and stuff and an old man beckoned me into some places, which turned out to be hidden corridors and things, I had someone else with me, not sure who, a younger girl. I was enjoying the secret corridor stuff for a bit, until i think i realised that perhaps they were secret corridors, and thinking it was someone else’s house, decided to go back.

    The person showing me the flat turned up in a dream a weekish later, we were both really ill but flirting/connecting. Sweetpea I think it was you who suggested him as animus, which makes more sense in the context, it was so my kind of house. I’m kind of guessing that old man was him in another form, showing me bits I wouldn’t have found otherwise?
    My old dream book say halls are about how you meet people, and allow them into your life, and that kitchens are about creativity and nurture.
    Not sure I’ve grasped all the significance from them yet though.

  6. I had a beautiful pastel limoges china / sofia coppolaesque dream of my grandmothers kitchen a few nights ago, it was warm and safe and everything was calm and peaceful and I was icing a perfectly formed cake with pastel icing. I realised yesterday that my grandmother taught me many things – the old school stuff like baking and gardening etc. but this dream seems more of a symbol/portent of the point I’m at in life now rather than a literal dream. I was trying to find the answer to the what do I do with my work/career question and which choice should I make – although I will tie up the loose ends of things I have already put some energy into in terms of searching/applying I think the choice is to go with the things that were on my mind when I first woke – my own projects. It felt good to feel my grandmother’s energy around me again. Her kitchen was the place where nothing bad ever happened. The true heart of my family was there for me.

  7. When i was living in a beautiful mansion in real life with my now ex husband before i realise he was a brothelcreeper etc i would always dream i was in a dark,smelly little hovel. With cramped rooms and terrible smells coming from the basement. I expect that was what was really happening and my dreams were trying to warn me!!!
    And so spooky but beautiful with the attic stories. My reiki lady says attic is higher self so it is like where you connect with heaven…

  8. The power of suggestion: Last night was first time i dreamt of crumbley but highly
    occupied & very messy house, piled with dirty dishes…everything that usually annoys me.
    Taking showers & every towel was wet, unable to dry myself.
    The good part was many dogs & a love interest.

  9. I LOVE these dreams – finding a room that you never knew existed & working out what you are going to do with it. Wow am just remembering the dream I used to have all the time when I was a kid, just after dad died. I went thru the manhole into the roof & there were stairs going up & dad was there, with a golden labrador beside him, living in the roof all this time. I found all this childhoold memorabilia I had totally forgotten about (that had never actually existed but did in my dream). Of course, I DID actually go up into the roof to investigate & found nada 🙁

    • Lex I had a similar dream where my dad showed me inside the roof. He also showed me the time it was 12am & that’s the time when he died. I was only little when he passed away.

        • I’ve heard that the ceiling and roof represents your head. For example, a friend of mine had recurring dreams that there were spiders on his ceiling. Ceiling = head; spiders = physical discomfort. So i asked if he’s been having headaches, migranes. He had.

          I’m pretty sure the roof/ceiling/head concept is Jungian.

        • At the time I felt he was showing me that he went up through the ceiling & the time was interesting as I didn’t know it was exact midnight when he passed, but after asking my brother he confirmed it. Yes a little spooky.

      • The roof probably signifies he is in a “higher” realm so to speak. Not as dense as 3-D. As Mystic stated the “attic” as represents the higher mind.

        Also, he could be showing the way as when the soul leaves the body at “death”, we leave through the crown of the head. This is often why the eyes roll back. Also, when a baby is born, the skull plates are not closed yet (the “soft spot” remains for quite some time), so the Soul can literally abort the lifetime if so chooses….

        • interesting about the “soft spot”. Is that why some babies die so young? I’ve never understood souls leaving this lifetime so early. Did they suddenly realise “oh no, wrong body, wrong life” ? It’s a bit cruel on the parents. Or maybe the parents needed to experience loss?

          • When the skull plates have closed the Soul has decided to stay in body and do it’s work. Thats not to say one cannot die in childhood after that of course, but that it’s easier for it to leave as the crown of the head is not fully developed yet nor are the properties of the intellect, intuition, etc.

            The physical body was described to me as being like a car that the Soul drives and so perhaps a particular “body” is not going to be advantageous to the Soul’s purpose. Perhaps that is one reason for the abort. I’m sure there are others but that was the only one actually explained to me.

            Think children dying very young do teach their parents alot in the way of what is real and unreal, what is purpose…Why?

            Oft times sets them on a course of self questioning and discovery they might not have had otherwise. The child is their teacher.

    • “I DID actually go up into the roof to investigate & found nada 🙁 ”

      That is very sweet Lexi…xo

      And to find childhood memorabilia could perhaps be a reminder to keep in touch with the inner child that can be forgotten at times…most of the time I might say.

      I had an experience once where I heard my cries when I was born. It reminded me that we are all so utterly human in a vulnerable way and each life precious.

        • It could also mean repressed thoughts & I think that could suit my dream as when my dad died I couldn’t think of him as just being gone, completely as I was so heartbroken. So by him showing me inside the ceiling I felt that was his spirit.

  10. So I am having issues with my actual house and there being a possiblity that I will have to pay for an empty room for 3 months (long and boring story). I had a dream last night that my oldest friend (we met when I was 4) moved in with me for the 3 months. She is think about leaving her partner (Fish Man control freak). I called her up in the morning and offered the room as a stop gap with no pressure.
    She was thinking about moving in with one of her band mates… so it may work out, it may not.
    About a week ago I had a dream that I keep on being dragged down a gap where the head of my mattress doesn’t quite meet the wall.
    It was terrifying.

      • I have no idea, UV…
        … I am actually going through this massive change and declutter process. I have actually removed people from my life for the first time ever (interesting experience) and I am generally pretty upbeat and positive.
        I have to say the real/constant positive attitude started after this dream. Maybe final subconcious processing??

    • “being dragged down a gap where the head of my mattress doesn’t quite meet the wall”… read up on the evil eye. In my culture the evil eye manifests by people complimenting you, yet they are jealous of you.

      • i have no time for the evil eye thang. It’s one ‘superstition’ that annoys me. Compliments CAN be given without stemming from jealousy, how sad that there has to be a negative take on something so positive.

        • god it had never even occurred to me a compliment wouldn’t be well meant except if its obviously dripping with sarcasm – o I feel so naieve lol – do I backtrack and reassess ? I swear I DID look hot in that dress – is that malocchio you speak of? soz if that spelling is wrong but is that what you’re talking about? Or is it a secret? Do you wear a charm of a pair of scissors around your neck?

          • aahhh the dreaded mal occhio!! I met a maltese woman recently who had a ring with an eye on it & it was from her mother to protect her from evil eye. I asked her what her family’s belief were & it was the same as what Leigh referred to above re: compliments. She would go home to her mum & they would do the oil/water in a bowl to determine if she had the evil eye put on her. I found it rather sad that you could take it so far. All these innocent people complimenting her & being so unaware of the injury given!

      • Interesting.
        Anytime I have issues with people, it seems to stem from jealousy. I think my last relationship borke because my partner was jealous of me.
        I have no idea why. Their seems to be this misconception that my life is a breeze and that everything comes to me without trying.
        If it looks effortless it just means that people are working really, really, really hard.

        I just don’t get it.

        • The jealousy could be projection. When someone can’t face their own unhappiness or dissatisfaction with self they project it on to someone else. They make them the object of their hostility rather than face their internal conflicts. It’s often done to people who are quite well adjusted and successful — that raises the ire of the disgruntled.

  11. Wow!

    I had a dream the other night that I walked through these gigantic doors of a mansion, it was beautiful inside & I see my mum standing in the foyer smiling at me…. It felt wonderful!

  12. Wow, Pegasus, I wish I had dreams like that.

    I’ often physically haunted in large buildings – though last night I had a villa-by-the-lake-with-view-and-park dream. 🙂

  13. i often dream of my childhood home. luckily have been having alot of therapy on childhood issues, so particularly apt!

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