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Bret Michaels meditating in street

This, ladies & gentleman, is Bret Michaels, lead singer of Poison and no, I am not linking to the band’s website because it keeps crashing my browser. And this picture was taken just the other day. Yes, he is a Piscean.

Note the Piscean Male’s fabulous ability to stay cool in any surroundings, stick to his spiritual regime (which could be anything from meditation to getting totally wasted most nights or both) no matter what the surroundings and transcend/subvert any dominant paradigm without even trying.

The Piscean Male not only tends to look youthful for his age, he IS youthful for his age. Age – nor maturity, nor taxes, nor irate ex-lovers, shall not weary him. As for the infinite variety, absolutely. I often think they prefer their partners to be taken by other peeps so that they can score the pleasurable combo of intensity, poetry, gratitude and zilch chance of having to be in an actual relationship that would cut into their ZZ;  Zen-Zone.

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35 thoughts on “The Piscean Male

  1. I love Bret Michaels ever since I was little & with air guitar playing to the tunes of ‘Every Rose Has It’s Thorn’. I saw him recently on he’s new show & the memories of him came flooding back….
    I am Pisces rising & can understand the ZZ a little although in a busy kind of way.Lol

  2. His show rock of love was hilarious – seeing him in action. though i can think of a few piscean women to whom that snapshot equally applies (myself included).

    • that show is sooo funny, he is full on emo, pass ag, bitch… , but I like him ? He’s harmless.

  3. Piscean Men scare me… As a Virgo i find their Zen state a cop out. They are very romantic in a i-am-romantic-but-i-am-above-that kind of way. Not a man to try an pin down for a relationship. They never know what they want. But that’s just my crazy experience…

    “Zen-Zone?”… This zone strikes me of a place to escape REALITY! Not just a place of peace… Although i must state, i am envious of people with the ability to find themselves in an instant zen disposition.

    • Pisces ex-boyfriend was dreamy when I first met him. Actually, it turned out to be sheer LAZINESS.

  4. oh god i know a pisces man just like this! love him to bits, but uses the zen excuse for everything from not caring about peoples feelings, to not keeping any presents/cards given to him (its all about keeping his life ‘simple’, ‘uncluttered’). i would find him infuriating to be in a relationship with, and yet, the women persist. i often too think the zen thing is such a cop out, like ‘i transcend normal human interaction/emotion. i am.’
    he is funny though.

  5. Why must everyone have a fundamental desire to seek a one to one intimate relationship in order to be considered mature or a grown up? I agree that making all the noises of wanting a relationship but secretly just wanting some horizontal boogie with no commitment and couching it all in some kind of pseudo spiritual baloney is a total cop out – and a pain in the arse to deal with. But then so are people who insist that a commited relationship is the only “right” expression of wanting intmacy with another, when really all they are seeking is someone to look after them and stop them from feeling their own emptiness.

    Fuq I must have prematurely tapped into the Saturn in Libra energy cause honestly I’m at the point where I really doubt a marriage type scenario is ever going to suit my need for freedom and independance. The thought of someone clinging onto me (or me onto them) for security makes me want to vomit.

    Oh and I love Piscean men – actually I generally have connected well with all the Pisceans that have wandered into my life. If you take them on their own terms and don’t try to push them around or organise them into little boxes that are more for your security and convenience than for their well being, you will have a life long friend. They are very loyal, very empathetic and very kind – even the one’s off their faces on neptuanian substances. And the blokes usually have some semblance of an emotional IQ which I find incredibly refreshing.

    • Right on Prowlncat! You took the words right out of my mouth.

      How to explain such an MO to a crowd of relatives at an obligatory suburban family bbq, when asked ‘so do you have a boyfriend yet?’ Any answer other than ‘no, but I just can’t wait to find someone, ANYONE and settle down in the outer outer suburbs to bbq and renovate forever more!’ seems to be met with confused silence. Apparently women are not meant to WANT to be single or have non-committal, fun sex with whomever they please. Especially those nearing 30!

      Oh dear, I think I’m feeling Saturn already, too. It coincides with my own Saturn return. I think it’s going to be big and I think I’m going to have to move interstate to avoid exploding at family bbqs. Good plan.

      I don’t think I know any Piscean men at the moment, but I think I’d really like to.

      • libra lou, didnt we move past some of that with the whole sex and the city generation vibe? of was it a very superficial thing… perhaps. most ladies i know- even the ones with kiddies and a good fella- are pretty anti the renovating in the burbs concept.
        my divorce barely raised an eyebrow in my extended fam!

        • Oh, yes, many of us have moved with the times, Saggigal. I was just having a whinge about my particular extended family. And they’re really not all that bad. They do tend to love me unconditionally. I’m just a bit of an oddity amongst a very ‘burby bunch and although I manage to avoid going to these gatherings very often, a certain amount of anxiety always bubbles up. Prowlncat’s comment triggered a little rant. I am over it now, thanks.

          I feel like all this Saturn stuff might set me off on a period of really individuating re: relationship stuff in a way that I haven’t really known how to do previously.

      • libra Lou, Prowln and others, you should read a book i just finished and it’s GREAT!!!! i found it really enlightening. it’s called “Womens Infidelity” but don’t let the title fool you. It’s fascinating, written by a non-psych-professional person, some great insights into the social expectations society puts on women . I mean i bet most blog readers here would be right across this sort of thing, and i def have my own ideas, but this book really added to my insight. V empowering/ interesting / eye opening in some regards.

        • Sounds interesting. Who is the author?

          I recently read ‘The Ethical Slut’ about polyamory and was a bit disappointed. It seemed to assume those interested in that sort of lifestyle would be living amongst a wide network of others in the same situation and the majority of the book was geared towards people in relationships, rather than single people. Great if you are in a couple wanting to explore that lifestyle, I guess.

          • Michelle Langley, (note – no personal connection with author etc!)
            a lot of it focuses on married heterosexual relationships, but don’t let that bother you, im not married and dont plan to be any time soon, but regardless it really shed some light on human behaviour, for me at least!

    • ….you ‘complete’ me should really be you ‘complement’ me…

      met a couple who have been together for 20 years. they live next door to each other. have never felt the need to move into one house. or get officially married. have teenage kids…and they seem perfectly content……it fascinates me…

      agree with the pisceas EQ…its like they’re tuned into something higher. have a soft spot for the pisceas men….as long as you dont try and box them in they’ll be there for you. and they are kind…inclusive i should say….they dont treat you like an attachment….

      • “its like they’re tuned into something higher”

        Know what you mean aquaphobe…..Like the pot smoke wafting out the window right into the ethers….Not that I objected, really.

        “dont try and box them in”…..Yeah, yeah,yeah but after four or more years one really MUST learn to make a decision…And don’t expect me to be there for you if you were not there for me…

        Anyway, I need to go to bed…To tired to rag….lol

        One coworker a Pisces and she’s a doll…But she’s a girl and this is about boys, or something like that…

        • I hear ya! But they are great in-the-moment guys but stability unless you want a boho love affair is harder to get from the piscean man… Maybe?

          • yeah, decision making would be included in boxing hahaha. I think the rule comes back to having zero expectations…i guess i make the call based on the few i’ve known. Flighty yes…fickle too…and more into fling than forever…but soooo nice to be around….sigh…

  6. some of my best friends are Pisceans and yes this fits the bill!
    Does this count for rising Pisces also??!?!?!?!
    Thanks Mystic

  7. Brett M. seems sweet but was never into Poison. “Every rose has it’s thorn”…redundant, soz but MTV or whoev played it forev….time to change the channel…

    Just tonight, saw Brett M. on a VH1 flashback show and said he wrote the song out of his heartbreak over a cheating stripper girlfriend. The song ~is~ sweet but going to keep my thoughts to myself about his show except to say, he seems like a good guy but some of those women leave alot to be desired, class wise.

    Bon Jovi total babe…Like singing to him in the car…Last Thanksgiving many attending broke out into “Johnny used to work on the docks”….First to chime in was son in law, Pisces, Leo Moon-Saturn in 1st. Also in Piscean style, he can be quiet but hilariously deadly…

  8. Nice pair of old worn in shoes hes wearing, very atypical. Had to laugh at the dont try and box one in comments, its almost impossible we sense an attempt aeons away 🙂

  9. Hi MM – was never a big Poison fan, but loved your comments. As a P-man myself, this past week I was agog at pics of my 25th high school reunion in BrisVegas last Saturday. Being in wrong hemisphere, I could not attend, but from the looks of the snaps I received it seems I’m aging rather well in comparison with a lot of my former classmates! Maybe the vodka diet I’ve been on for the past 15 years IS working. LOL. Have a good weekend… Mx

  10. You will never ‘get’ the Piscean and take it from one, Piscean men are generally pussies. Softer than me! But the commit thing, definitely we’ll do because y’ all out there will want to wrap us up and perceive we need taking care of – True! However, as the sign that understands everybody, it’s a hard task not to take you on and give you what you need and is it fair to restrict that to one person? We’re not out slutty, we just have a predeliction to love the one we’re with and know that in the greater scheme of things don’t want to miss out on all the experiences we’re handed. Love is all we really understand. We’re here to show you younger souls how it works. And given that photo, I’d be a sucker to sit on the road just the same. Kisses pending!

  11. For what it’s worth, I had a Pisces boyfriend years ago who was the most focused, committed, practical, hard-working, monogamous guy I’ve ever dated. Also stubborn as hell & sarcastic, with an unexpected spiritual-mystical side. (Is that haute Pisces, or just someone with a lot more going on than his sun sign? Sounds awfully earth sign focused to me.)

    • sounds like he may have had taurus or cap moon or in the asc … but if monogamous and loyal probably more the moon

    • My Pisces with Leo Moon and Mars was anything but lazy. Smoked pot because it DID relax him.

      Was monogamous too think because of his “fixedness” of Leo and Aqua Venus/Merc.

      Was not too good though at working on”stuff” and when urged to do so, fled off with another. OUr problems were really quite complicated
      and bigger than both of us in a way.

      He wanted to get married when we met but I wasn’t ready. Over a decade, he came back twice. I know him deeply on a soul level (Moon conj. his SN and Venus). We’ll catch up later after we get done with other work this life. He was a toxic idiot in many ways, but yes, has a good heart.

      Anyways, back to my latest crush music …..The Cult lol…

  12. Reality shows are kinda my guilty pleasure. I use to watch rock of love. Thinking Bret is a man whore. lol But I do like Poison, and Bret is really (as he likes to say) is “smokin hot”. Still to old for me though. I also like to watch his new show life as I know it.

    I have Pisces in Venus. I do have a hard time knowing what I want, espeasially when I am single. I may like someone right away but I still feel a need to feel the person out(most of the time). I have been very loyal, and giving when I actully am in a relationship, get taken for granted sometimes. When I know its not working & has to end I will still drag it out, I want to be 100 percent sure I wont regret it.

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  14. I agree. Pisces males are very sweet and charming, very loving. They have their weaknesses like every other sign. Was in relationship/engagement with one, didn’t work out. All the best. -Aqua