The Full Moon…in Aries

Art Full Moon Raven Woman
Kim Richardson

Sunday is a Full Moon in action-Aries so it’s opposing the Sun in Libra, always a fun one for Aries style Respect issues to erupt. And it being in the signs of Venus (Libra) and Mars (Aries) opposing makes it sexy but hell on crap couples. Mercury is aligned with Saturn and Uranus with Juno – it’s like the Alphabet Vs The Goddess a la below! Or Elmer-Fudd consciousness v.s. Bugs Bunny Harebrained Trickster energy. Could be loads of fun polarised flirting and debate, so long as you haven’t got issues stewing beneath your serenity smirk.

Juno is the Queen of Heaven, Uranus is like Prometheus. Mercury is back on Saturn for the third time in a row, due to that retrograde. Messages you didn’t quite grok over the last few weeks are re-sent. Someone, you may realize, ain’t going to budge from whom he/she is. Be practical and energy conserving + observant of details (Mercury Saturn) to get more quickly to the Uranian-Juno blessings. And remember: couples in trouble find this a hard Moon. Hi-Qi peeps out for a good time may enjoy the heightened sexual tensions.

I LOVE the pic above. Raven mythology is sensational. Shall do an extended rave re it one day. O.m.g. the word ‘rave’ come from the olde English ‘raven’ – meaning to dream and wander. Ravens are SO magic.

Image: Kim Richardson

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I had a wild full moon. Actually it’s still going. My best friend planned her wedding for the Sunday of. She is Aries as am I. Same year. I played double duty as Maid of Honour and florist (which is what I do) My overworking housemate who is Libra, went into crazy tantrum rages against the people who woke her up at 2:00 and retaliated by slamming every possible cupboard at 6:00 am. I’m so sorry, I try so hard, but I really have a hard time with Libras. My Mom and my sis are both, and I don’t get… Read more »

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

hey – glad to see am not the only one rolling full moon antics!! 😉

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

……….tehehehe YAY to “Hi-Qi peeps out for a good time may enjoy the heightened sexual tensions…”!!! one hell of an adventure. another chapter for my book, fact stranger than fiction & all…….young Cap in tow. SO much fun!!


Also, they are the smartest birds. They have a sophisticated language and have started to form flocks, or ‘murders’ in the case of crows, in urban areas cos they tell each other where the food is. They are also the only animal that eats cane toads- they have worked out if they flips the toads on their backs and scoop their guts out, they won’t be poisoned.
Stop the toad! Train the crows!


Yeah, I like them too. I did a mini-collection about death in 2005 and I put lots of raven and crow prints on the clothes because skulls have just been done to ‘death’, heehee.
Just about every culture has beliefs that those birds are otherworldly, so must be something to it, no?


Back to the looming full moon … has anyone else had a strange night tonight? Have been at the pub, with men honing in and showing interest only to disappear into the night. And was forewarned that ex lover was there only to arrive and miss him by minutes.


Are ravens the same as crows? I love them and seem to connect with them often. Once went on bush walk & saw about 30 of them all having a kind of meeting on the ground, just chattering amongst themselves. They ignored us completely. Tres weird, but very cool.

sagg kat

I would Lurve you do to a rave on ravens


Well this probably means my decision to go to the gym instead of arranging a visit with my daughters on Sunday is probably wise. The eldest one lately has been talking moi for granted recently a little too often…beat a retreat a little while back as I could feel a much more extreme reaction just bubbling waiting to erupt after no thanks were forthcoming after driving her 100km home…and a couple of other trifles… I could feel myself want to just snap out a, ‘ I know you’ve been raised to have better manners because I was the one instilling… Read more »


omg no you didn’t just quote that dylan song omg I’ve been sending it
out to a few special people along with love notes just last week
and I’m aries
ono u didint

omg check it out

like perfect song , you tell me?

I can handle it, I can handle it…
no I can’t,.. Crash!


BD writes the best soulful love songs EVA.


‘My Love is like a Raven at my Window with a Broken Wing’
Robert Dylan.

Kalil Gribrahn wrote a pocket book series called ‘Broken Wings’.
Fab philosophy.
There is a Raven Meditation CD by Stuart Wilde, trancie music with words,
ipod worthy & effective for zoning. High energy stuff.


Hmmmm – I hope I am Hi-Qi. But as I am planning to either a) hang out withthe parentals, or b) hangout with a girlfriend… so the heightened sexual tension may get lost….
I may just commit to grokking any lessons i’ve missed and which have been resent.
Or somehow find internet connection and keep plotting my holiday.


My thought exactly Mystic before I even read your blurb (and a quite heafty blurb it was ;)….”I love that pic”… And I love ravens. I used to collect feathers on my walks and many magical and synchro things happened around those times.

Anyway, with the granddaughter’s 8th b-day this Sunday it’s her day to shine, but my Aries sun might go ape shit seenin’ how it’s Aries full moon time and all. I’ll probably drink too much wine and/or wrestle her to the floor on who is going to blow out her candles…he,he

I’ll try to control myself… 🙂


makes me feel warm inside knowing you’re a grandmother sweetpea – from what I’ve learned about you reading your words I suspect the libran birthday girl might be open to sharing the candle moment with you.


Ha,ha,,,,No, can’t actually imagine doing that to her…Won’t horn in on my baby doll’s special moment. I mean grannie, get a grip! I actually let her blow out my stuff 🙂

Just have to astro gush for a sec though…

I was in the room when she was born and her Ascendant is the same exact as mine…I mean right down to the degree. How common is that? And Her Sun is conjunct my Libra North Node.

A match made in heaven I suspect….goosebumps and chills…(I haven’t told my daughter yet that she’s really MINE and not hers… 😉 )


When is your birthday whatever? Did I miss it around here?


no sweetie I think you may have even sent birthday wishes – but so long ago and it’s all go round here you know, always someones birthday. I like the rastafarian thing where the first of the month is the day the birthday party for anyone born in that month is thrown. Is the sun of another conjunct the north node about shining light on the persons karmic lesson? I get mixed up with the sth and nth. Or does she get to learn from your example? Or do you learn from her? I can feel a google coming on.… Read more »


o and LOL re the child being “yours” and not your daughters – eeek you’re vibing like the arian mother in law.


Ha,ha. Actually, being an Aries and my girls already grown, I’m far to self absorbed to have a child around 24/7. Your M.I.L is an Aries? Do hope she is not a “helicopter” (hovering) type but even with Aries I do know they exist. My ex’s Aries girlfriend was surprised me and my girls don’t talk everyday. Crickey, that’s just much too much. And with two daughters with Sagg Moons, they would not abide the horning in…I try to treat them in the ways I would have preferred my Mom treated me (like not dumping my problems on my kids,… Read more »


HEY re your ? on the other post about my tendances towards popular opinion it got me to thinking about how I don’t normally voice my feelings usually I’d just take it in and think O look an upward trend of a certain belief. I have just discovered something crazy that I can’t believe I didn’t notice before – that saturn/uranus weirding which has been on my MC / IC are ALSO both trine my natal Neptune and transiting pluto is square chiron. So what I have deduced from that personal news flash is my neptune is more about finding… Read more »


Very kind of you whatever,

DO understand as Pluto in third on the IC. Usually must probe the crap outta stuff. Sorta like a scope-oc-tomy of the Ur-anus..

Okay, that was crude but it’s Friday and I’ve had a couple glasses of wine, he,he.

But great when we can put a finger on this stuff. The things I know well, I know well, and sometimes keep to myself, but have REALLY learned to speak up over the years when something matters to me.

You go girl with your explorations. It’s what we live for, yah?

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

whatevs wasnt yr bday grand final wknd???

I get lost here……..somethimes…..


RIGHT that’s the day I launch my surprise tantric ambush on “the one”. AND the day I will NOT defend the villain – it’ll end in tears won’t it and I can’t guarantee they won’t be mine.


yep…the summary of all the above astro wisdom for me (aries rising…) is keep things *very* cool. thankfully am going out kayaking all day tomorrow so that should use up any excess gripey energy that might emerge, and conveniently keep me away from my phone/computer/most people!
i think this is this first thing thats really focussed on the aries part of my chart since the July eclipse squared my ascendant, sparking a whole new ‘me’ to present to the world. will be interesting to see what the ‘culmination’ of that is this weekend!

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