Self-Actualizing Three: Spontaneity & Simplicity

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Male Model in underpants with hose“Self Actualizing Trait Number 3:ย  The behaviour of self-actualizing people is marked by spontaneity and simplicity, by an absence of artificiality or straining for effect. This does not imply consistently unconventional behavior. It is the persons inner life (thoughts, impulses, etc) that is unconventional, natural and spontaneous. Their unconventionality is not intended to impress others and may even be suippressed in order not to distress others, so that they may even abide by ceremonies and rituals. However the Self-Actualizer refuses to be hampered or inhibited by social convention when it seems to interfere with an act that he or she considers to be important or basic…”

Image: Lucas Gil by Didio

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62 thoughts on “Self-Actualizing Three: Spontaneity & Simplicity

  1. Jesus Mystic… what are you trying to do to me… this is too much for a girl to handle while sitting at her computer in her office in the middle of the day!!

  2. How do I self actualise him in my life?

    Phroar – Scorpy hormones doing a happy dance here.

    • hahahaha look at three scorps (moi as well) drooling over mr Brazil. he is indeed my/our type

      • HAHA… was just googling Mr Brazil. Not gonna get much work done today ๐Ÿ™‚

        • i met a tradesman/builder who looked like that, from the neck down (and pleasant enough from the neck up). must remember to break or renovate something soon

          • from the neck down?…. he worked in his undies? ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

            I’d be busy breaking stuff too. Hahaha

          • If i could generalise a little, all tradesmen / builders look like that from the neck down (up to about age 32) then they usually get a beer gut). Unfortunately I often (not always) find that the contents of the head eventually detracts from the packaging.

  3. don’t really care what team he bats for…. it’s a lovely image to lift this drab dark moon energy. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • โ€œSelf Actualizing Trait Number 3:

      The behaviour of self-actualizing people is marked by spontaneity and simplicity, by an absence of artificiality or straining for effect.”

      This is why when he done hosin’ down the horse, he’s going to “spontaneously” hop on for a trot in nothing but his Speedo although bareback, slight straining might be involved.

      “Their unconventionality is not intended to impress others and may even be suppressed in order not to distress others”

      I beg to differ dressed like that and there are many here on this blog already who are somewhat “distressed” ๐Ÿ˜‰

      “However the Self-Actualizer refuses to be hampered or inhibited by social convention when it seems to interfere with an act that he or she considers to be important or basicโ€ฆโ€

      Your post is funny TA and not presupposing his thoughts, but, he actualizin’ that he in his swim suit and lookin’ good for the horse and whispering sweet nothins. Can’t tell me he did not ACTUALLY know that!

      “not sure if it’s actualized”…he,he. He checkin’ there TA and nope, not actualized yet! (apologies… ๐Ÿ™‚ )

      I just don’t fit the topic with the pix Mystic. It’s probably me, but maybe he and the horse should have been in meditation mode? But then the horse would be doing hoof mudras and it’s difficult for Brazil boy to decipher hoof signing.

      But I getcha, you’re talking about more than that anyhow and besides, I needed a good chuckle today and this thread was it!


      • Okay yes, get the pix and topic hook up now…My post still stands though as far as what he actualizin with that horse and those swimmin’ drawers…

    • Have to laugh I didn’t even SEE the horse till Sweetpea mentioned hosing down the horse, and then for a moment I thought it was a euphism.

  4. *hoses down the lasses*

    I read the image reference as “Lucas Gil by Dildo” hehehe … the imagery is a bit suss tho don’t youse (winks at FF) all reckon? He’s looking rather intimate with that horse … perhaps I still have images from the accidental “girl and dog” google search fiasco of a few weeks back still poisoning my brain!!

    • HAHAHA…. oh prowlncat, you’re cracking me up (โ€œLucas Gil by Dildoโ€). I’m going to get busted at work!! Of course the image looks suss, but like i said before – don’t really care ๐Ÿ˜†

  5. Look, he is a hot Brazilian male model. Of COURSE he ends up on gay sites or whatever. I mean, really. And he is just washing down the horse, thinking self-actualizing style thoughts. Does anyone read the copy? It is about spontaneity being more inward or whatever.
    I would not be at ALL surprised to hear more of him – as in Angelina Jolie or Madonna appointing him to advise them on nutrition.
    YOu realise there are about 14 more self actualizing traits I have yet to post?

  6. Yes, the picture is droolworthy, but the self-actualizer description fits me to a tee! I consider myself to be unconventional but can blend into most environments…corporate, hoity-toity, etc. But generally, I don’t give a toss what others think as far as how I am and how I live my life. I follow my own path.

  7. those self actualising traits are perfect for jupiter direct. i am sitting in the sun reading law of attraction stuff and feeling the very positive viiiibe and the whole spontaneous authentic thing is feeling so ‘right now’…

    no dark moon energy here! just feeling free and expansive and like my life is opening up like a flower…

    * cue new agey rainbow thoughts here…* ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. thanks for posting Mystic – being illiterate on pyschology / personality related type topics, the things we learn!!
    in this case about myself……..

    bucking trends – the bit of gristle above rouses NOTHING here.
    but good for you lot if he be your eyey candy.
    dont think I’ve ever been near a Gym Junkie…….or looked at one…

    Prowlers – LMAO – also read pic by ‘Dildo’ lol xox

    • rlp I think I was um distracted mostly by the fact he is gently ripped, not all scary looking tendons popping ickiness like a lot of men I would consider a gym junkie…

      • LL – being devoted surfer chick…. ie more familiar with naturally ripped guys not requiring gym….. tis only personal preference.

        my locale be innundated by all varieties of pumped-up-buff types – losely termed as ‘gym junkie’, &, to me, all look the same….. there’s something totally HOT about a surfer’s natural washboard 24 pack – no doubt the same hotness another finds in a hairless, perfectly trained / gym sculpted one eh ?? ๐Ÿ˜‰ xox

        • I have to agree to being corrupted by growing up at the beach too. That natural v of a well developed surfer back is pretty hard to beat.

          • yeah, the hairless bit is a little creepy…and the giant neck muscles….

            ok, so now i’m drooling over the undie dude AND picturing surfer backs. mmmmmmm

          • LLL that ‘natural V’ also be known as ‘The Wedge’ – gimme a paddle-grown bicept & washboard 24 pack any day……!!

          • Aquaphobe – come & sit on my front fence – the view’s worth it LOL xox

        • RLP we need to hook you up with Damons … apparently he’s a cute surfer!! And an Aquarian. Just don’t dump him or we’ll never hear the end of it. That goes for you too Damons. :mrgreen:

          • prowlers, yr crackin me up, AGAIN!!

            YOU be THE wicked-shit-stirrer-from-the-west hahaha

            lemme know when you’ve stopped laughing & will post the next installment in ‘the adventure of my life’ chapter 13 ‘NOW’ ๐Ÿ˜‰ xox

          • Im keen as . But dont dump me …. sorry for boring all with my sadness / misery re dumping. Actually its only the second time ive been dumped before and the first time was by the same girl 17 years ago! 3rd time lucky…? Hmmmmm… well see. Ha ,doubt it. So RLP where you from…? Btw i aint as buff as the dude in the pic. No beer gut tho, definately not

          • Damons you’re not at all boring and you know I’m only teasing right? RLP knows me better – the wicked shit stirrer from the west – rofl, how apt. Ready when you are with chapter 13 babe!

          • fuq damons – hot surfer dude with hotbod – no dramas, no one’s dumping you here ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Prowlers YR SUCH a shit-stirrer am presently trangressing both time-zone & the breadth of the nation to simultaneously ‘witch-slap’ you & buy you a beer!!

            Chapt 13 be work in progress – try a band called ‘Goons of Doom’ playing at Avalon RSL here (or sat night on the Goldie if yr still up that way DamonS) – just supported Pennywise in Cal – loose as a goose surf goon rock – stand by prowlers…. summer warm up’s on point. being careful not to peak too early!!

            Damons – am few beaches north of DavidL – Mystic has outed my locale many times – thx Mystalicious!!

    • and btw you will NEVER see me in a pair of sluggos not in public anyway. Nude … sure , but sluggos ? NEVER!

      • I wear them, have for a long time, they pass at maroubra ? I have noticed though the boardies going below the knee ? that to me looks so uncomfortable, style rules ?

        • I prefer your Warwick Capper G string davi. Although it’s like having the full moon all month.

  9. first of all, this IS interesting, i’m one of those people who is fascinated by self-y ‘realising dreams’ type tips.
    Altho Has anyone checked out the Maslow site link tho? it’s like, listen losers, what I am describing here is THE PERFECT PERSON so suck it up you aren’t a self-actualiser’s bootlace. KEEP TRYING.
    And, after remembering to BE / DO all those things (there are shiteloads) it is a bit hard to be spontaneous? ( Maybe i’m a bit cynical today ๐Ÿ™‚ sorry darlinks i will be better soon) I mean it’s all very…. idealised…maybe practice… Something to work towards? agh

    • I like them. They’re fairly precise descriptions of good emotional health and a barometer for where you’re at. Yes, something to aim for and quite embracing of human imperfections.

  10. I dunno about being self-actualising… but I am wirting alot of friggin key section crits to try and find me another job (even though Mystic said something about not until Nov). I just keep on seeing all these fantastic ops that have to be leapt upon.
    Kinda refined scattergun approach as all these jobs are completely different… some are taking the scenic route to the top of the hill… but I see no problem with that.

  11. Seems an odd image to choose for a little blurb on the subject of self actualising. Any excuse will do eh? I do like the rave. Did someone widely known and important say that? And will it soon be common knowledge? But the photo. Egads. I just can’t get passed the fact that this personage can be nothing other and (ain’t it obvious?) than a monumental wanker. Even the horse thinks so too. I can tell. What is he doing?

  12. Maslow. Thank you. I very much like Maslow. He wrote a rather dense book called The Farther Reaches of Human Nature wherein he made the rather novel suggestion that we actually look to the best and brightest in society for guidance in matters of great importance. An idea that is yet to gain any traction.

  13. that’s what you’re calling it these days?

    Maslow yes, (omg just shoot me in the head)

    keep thinking a lot of these classics are getting dated and are just
    university assignments for some weirded out freaked out professors who
    think they just discovered the universe or something but I could be wrong…