Scientists Say Saggos Are Most Likely To Be Famous & Young!

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Young Christina Aguilera with Britney SpearsYoung Sagittarians Run Free – Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera

Okay, so it’s not scientists but “researchers on Cartoon Network” who have helpfully run the numbers and decided that Sagittarians are most likely to become famous when young or be child stars. In the Daily Mail article reporting this finding, it says nearly one in five child stars have been (love how that evokes the term ‘has been’, sob) or are Sagittarians.

Anecdotally, i have seriously always noticed Leos and Librans more in that regard – they throng the modelling ranks. And then you have the Olsen Twins…Gemini. Mind you, not children anymore nor even that young. They are probably about to write a best selling book on Hot Menopause or something. How old AM I? Saturn, please, don’t dawdle.

Also, the Cartoon Network “scienticians” have Scarlett Johansson as a Sagg and I don’t think she is. I think she is a Scorpio.

So, hands up who thinks Saggo is the sign most likely to be famous when mega-young?

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22 thoughts on “Scientists Say Saggos Are Most Likely To Be Famous & Young!

  1. LOL, I am also a sag (first Decan) I was quite popular when I was in middle school for my academic achievements. I am in college continuing my education but I have become quite popular in school. But, not famous Yet! I like to think big and dream too, my mom is also a sag like me that’s the only thing I have in common with her. I am what a sag should be: honest, enthusiastic, optimistic, bubbly, out going, and I love the outdoors and I get excited when I see horses. After all my sign has to do with horses.
    Proud to be a Sagittarius Girl!

  2. Im a sag, so I am bias. I think what this really means, is that the network just pulled the data on the top ranking stars they employ, and that number leaned toward Sag.

    As long as I can remember, I have always thought big. As a kid if I had parents that wanted it at all, I would pursued a career in that business. I think its the optimism that comes with so many Sags that gets them out there. You cant deny Jupiters power to expand what they want to manifest. And then of course the twinkle in their eyes to do something new.

    I always thought it was so interesting that Brittney and Christina got famous at the same time relatively and are both Sags. I wonder what was going on with Jupiter that time of year.


  3. I found my Sagg daughter quite shy at times as a young person…although she would run to the camera if someone she knew was behind it. In year 7 she decided to run for school captain and floored people with a speech that had people going where was this kid? She didn’t make school captain but it was the start of her putting herself out there more.

  4. Hmmmm…

    Shirley Temple = Taurus
    Judy Garland – Gemini
    Gary Coleman – Aquarius
    Haley Joel Osment – Aries
    Macauley Culkin – Virgo
    Dakota Fanning – Pisces
    Jodie Foster – Scorpio
    Brooke Shields – Gemini
    Billie “Buckwheat” Thomas – Pisces
    Kristen Dunst = Taurus
    Drew Barrymore – Pisces
    Mayim Bialik – Sagg
    Neil Patrick Harris – Gemini
    soleil moon frye – Leo
    Lindsay Lohan – Cancer

    Really all over the place, but seem to be a lot of Pisceans in there!

    • I’m glad you did that because I was going to.

      Pisces girlfriend has a little Sag girl that she’s errrr…’coaching’. It’s sad really this child does a lot of posing, obsess over her clothing & self, bursts into song & dance & is always directing attention to her little performances. Though cute it’s kinda scary.

  5. My friend’s five year old is an Uber Sagg, five planets, and the ultimate show off. I visited when she was three, and she was disappointed she’d have to halt a full dress fairy performance for a bath. When she got out she returned to the living room and announced in her super loud Saggo voice (think Matt Minerva crossed with chipmunk) ‘I’m here!’

    Early this year, she waited until her parents were out of the room, whipped her clothes off and performed a rather startling dance for Auntie Uber. Later she asked my advice on choosing a stage name. She settled on ‘Eliza’.

    Her parents are ultra calm Taurus and Pisces.

  6. I’m not sure if a poll of 100 celebrities is conclusive evidence, but, yeah, I think as a Fire sign many Saggos have outgoing, ambitious natures when young and this helps them to get noticed.

    I think Jen Scorpio’s comment was more accurate, though. It seems that some parents want their kids to be stars more than the actual child does. Wasn’t Britney Spear’s mum critisized when Britney first started becoming famous for pushing her into the spotlight and all that?

    It’s no wonder so many of these kids end up going off the rails when they hit their 20’s, having missed out on a childhood and trying to cope with adult pressures.

    Also, this article forgot to mention perhaps the most famous child star of all- Elizabeth Taylor, a Piscean.

  7. I am not really sure if Saggo’s rule child stars although you can’t deny the list of stars!
    If they did a broader study it might show some clusters in other signs too. The Olsen Gemini twins are squillionaires from being childhood stars, i think they technically stopped working in t.v when they were 16.. too old for it. Don’t forget the new squillionaire.. miley cyrus who wrote her autobiography at 16!! I think the earlier years are written in crayon… Actually I shouldn’t say that, she is a very successful young person & good on her! (mumbles….go away already saturn..c’mon)

  8. A lot of Saggi’s I know have been ‘child stars’ within their personal sphere. An ex- was so feted and beloved as a rather beautiful child who displayed many adult characteristics in a charming manner that he never got over it. His narcissicism became really ugly as he got older…

    Another friend was an exceptional athlete who was praised to the rafters and just fell at the time she should have been going pro as she couldn’t handle the stress as she got older – she also wanted to travel of course and her way, not with minders.

    As a fire sign with Moon Sagg I kind of feel like I peaked by high school! I was a work-a-holic of sorts as a child. Going to after school activities every day including weekends and practicing in the mornings two three hours a day on my own, writing long stories and poems in my spare time, I looked like I was going to fast-track it to the big time according to my parents. Instead I went travelling for seven years. Imagine their horror!!!

    (And Scarlett is so totally Scorp, she is the blonde inverse of a girl I know, and that girl was a total Scorp, elegantly brutal. They have the same face, figure and magnetic Lolita quality).

    • I just read the end of the article in the Daily Mail

      ‘Sagittarians often don’t understand the word “impossible” until they reach their late 20s and when they finally do it can hit them very hard.

      ‘In later life they can be almost as sober as they were giddy when they younger.’

      Er, yeah, that fits!!!

      • oh my god- thats my life FireTrine! i often used to think my life peaked at high school. couldnt see much to like about ‘grown up’ life, because you see your friends less often, cant travel on a whim, and need to be ‘serious’ about things. (thats my inner 18 year old talking). but lifes been looking up lately, and i can see, finally, a way to make adulthood cool for me. but yee gads its taken ages to get past the sober realities of childhood -gone.

        • Potential gone kaput is something I would like to change… I totally relate to trying to be serious, it’s super hard for me. How about it Mystic, can us Saggo types find wisdom in later life? I am counting on using my experiences and philosophy to make for a more subdued me that is wildly successful in later life doing things that the irrepressable fire in me made me unsuitable for in my youth! Too much enthusiasm is unnerving to most…

  9. Yep…In my case, with charisma oozing Sag daughter & being a Leo, I’d make an ideal stage mother. However, I am actually fierce mother cat who is gonna let my daughter lead the way if that is the path she chooses…I think she is actually a “behind the camera” kinda girl…

  10. Maybe it has a bit to do with the star sign of the mother as invariably these kids had ‘mother managers’. It would be interesting to see what sign the Mums are.

  11. scarlett born nov 22nd…

    i can see sago’s being kid stars…all full of optimism and willing to take on new challenges…imaginative, enthusiastic….

    • Not mention how much they would LOVE having the complete attention of an entire audience who came just to hear them. What Saggo wouldn’t love that?

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