Saggo Moonalicious

Artemis black and white drawingAnd here whizzes the Moon into Saggo…!ย  It’s so rad! And Venus is trining the ruler of Saggo, Jupiter. They are going to be insufferable. But if you need to seduce one – or get him/her onside for a scheme, even – go find one. They are the Yes-People du jour. Plus the Moon in Saggo is trined by Mars. It’s a big Fire-signed few days of hotness, daring and radical candour.

Though i’d beware of telling Leos they look ‘tired’ because they’ll think you mean ‘gaunt’ or ‘well’ because they will interpet it as ‘fat’. Don’t tell Leos a THING so long as Mars is in their sign. Just nod in awe-struck admiration and give them all your money without them having to actually ask for it. Sagg Moon is also restless, outdoorsy & prone to mouthing off a bit. Okay, a lot. Schedule in physical activity/outdoor something or prep to go noisily bats.

Image: Artemis by Laura Laine

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27 thoughts on “Saggo Moonalicious

    i know it sounds completely unplausable BUT wouldnt it be cool if we knew the birthdate of the “Roman/Greek Gods/Goddess'”?
    I would totally put Artemis and Dyonisis as Saggo’s!

    No gonna even hint anything to my Leo Best Friend – gee just want i would need!

  2. I started the day with a homebaked muffin & a shot of organic iron & vit B tonic, went for a walk (with a spring in my step, as opposed to dragging my weary bones along), & did strength training afterwards. Gotta love a bit of fire!

  3. walk along beach with dog for coffee catchup with bestie jetting back to SF today! then we swim, chase dog, run into MANY old mates, take pix – sticky with salt & relishing early throngs of summer. heaven on a stick really.

    coming out of water, gfnd found a lady bug in my hair.
    my good luck omen.
    ladybug stayed on my hand until we walked off the beach.

    what is it about ladybugs & good omens?

      • god Mystic can you get any HOTTER??
        love yer work, how did I miss that link??

        BTW Ladybug graphic being commissioned as we speak for side of truck xox

      • OK Ladybird on me outta the surf this morn.

        Whales breaching off the cliff beyond the surf this arvo!!
        Mother & calf, playing, beautiful beyond words.

        Lucky omens abound!!

        • Aw, I sure do miss the ocean. Need to get down to San Diego one day from here. Never driven to the ocean from where I live now in the desert.

          But Agree Rock a bill,

          As saw a Hummingbird a couple of times and butterfly too….Praying Mantis by my front door and car….Gee, think I need to pray more? ๐Ÿ™‚

          No, know that is not literal…

          Had the most interesting dream also of a sting ray. Love looking up totems.

  4. I have Leo Sun and Sagg Moon and all I have to show for it is a headache (dehydration) and a urinary tract infection. Too much fire around for me! I am keeping my head down – in a feisty, flashy manner of course…

    • Wait, that sounded wrong, I mean all I have to show for things during this transit…. errghhhh.

  5. Moon currently opposing my Natal moon at 0 degrees Gemini and squaring natal Jupiter at 0 degrees Virgo, I have got a nasty headache and sore throat. Not a good birthday so far really.

    I’m also keeping head down and dodging what looks like being a fiery, feisty board meeting this afternoon.

  6. my natal mars in leo is lurrrrving this new fiery vibe SOOOO MUCH, and the Sagg moon is like some sweet outdoorsy up myself icing on the cake. i even did a meditation and sun salutations outside this morning under the morning sun, felt filled up with such life. its like everything is flowing so much easier now.
    now i just need a plane ticket (to anywhere, im not picky) and party to go to (with groovy like minded peeps, preferably on a beach somewhere – im serious!) and things would be super cool!!

    yayyyy! xxx

  7. I”m wearing my lucky ladybug T today- red with black spots- Mars conjunct natal Mars today, gotta be happy about that…

  8. have had several pleasant run-ins with ladybirds lately – i am ignoring the fact that it is probbly the season for it, and simply taking this as a good omen as well.

    • yeah – but landing on you when you’re coming out of the surf??? & I have LOTS of hair so how my gfnd found it is equally amazing. little tike stayed on hand for longhaul off beach – taking off when we hit the grass!!

      star strokes – am wearing mutliple red cherries!!
      and I have holgram of ladybugs on the Mega Mac in front of me.

      geez have been productive today. YAY.
      blitzed the banks, filed EVERYTHING (not 1 hidden pile), shot off multiple quotes & pitches, even lured Irish Aqua flake to buy me ritzy lunch soon & still have time for another sprint to beach pre frocking up for swank ‘do’ (damn, but at champers’ll be top notch). big name bald fashion designer famed for sunnies on head launching rugs.

      • random pro surfer in swank crowd whinged loudly to me that said bald fashion designer famed for sunnies on his chrome dome forgot to thank in speches THE ACTUAL DESIGNER of the rugs we were there to toast. AKA pro surfer’s gfrnd. tres attractive girl, but we prev had giggled (a lot) re her. chic, tho OVER-frocked in a VERY special get up, but twasnt a school formal.
        no doubt c/ chrome dome, sunnies ahoy designer had decked her. damn & I was yet to connect the dots; pointed her out to Pro Surfer, unbeknownst to me at time was his gfrnd…. & I said ‘wow, all that’s missing is the Xmas lights’. whoops.

  9. Did the outdoor Saggie thing today….Swam…And made sure to do the backstroke as so good for stretching the back. Five hours straight massage today and back felt great.

    Noticed the Fire stuff trine going on too Mystic. Bout damn time. Saggie Moon over Saggie Jupiter in sixth. Very health involved today as walked on the tread mill too….Adore being outside lately as well (esp. since below triple digit degrees….finally!)

    “Little Tike” Rock a billy?…lol

  10. Got a lift into the CBD with the sagg pair…Sagg daughter’s sagg bf went off to study…I’d just advised him that he would find it easier to remember things if he could emotionally connect a fact to something meaningful to him…he’s doing physcology prep studies…so of course I burbled on about neuron paths…lmao at myself.

    Anyways have Sagg daughter shout me a double shot latte and she had the barista complimenting her on her how she was wearing her hair today…

    Showing the difference between a Leo and a Sagg with hair matters… she commented ‘wasn’t that a fairly cheesey comment?’ I said ‘Um no actually your hair does look particularly good today, I think he was being sincere, but it’s not easy to give a compliment without sounding cheesey, at least he gave it a try and does recognise good hair.’

    I also found a pair of shoes that will look good with a dress for a friends art showing thingo next month. Messed around in the CBD after discovering I can have what I want in this coming year financially if I just FOCUS….so then flitted about a bit and so was still there for an early lunch with Sagg daughter…where she told me that the toro ex bf was needing to be pulled back into line to what it meant to be friends post breakup….apparently he has been having issues with Sagg daughter posing nude for another Aries artist friend…anyway she’s dealing adequately with it…

  11. Is it REALLY a moon in Saggy day today or is someone just pulling my leg ’cause I have been grumpy and …. *shock horror* insecure! Urgh how revolting. All my clients are shitting me as well which is highly unusual …

    but then again it could be the ol’ hormones acting up and my no sugar diet is shitting me because all I want is a Macca’s McAngus big arsed hunk of meat followed by fatty chips and a block of Cadbury’s Snack chocolate and not my freakin lean thingo or my green salad boring arsed thingo.

    definitely hormones.

  12. Got them grumpy hormones here too prowln. Tried to have small salad for lunch and lo-fat get up for dinner – steamed veges on which I plonked a big piece of butter AND grated cheese! Followed by small bowl of yoghurt & fruit… with way too much maple syrup. Baha. Some days we need a reward.

        • *eats ALL Ferrero Rocher chocolates in goody bag* at traffic lights driving home from function!!

          p.s NOT hungry, merely sugar deprived!!

  13. My fave Dutch word is ladybird – lieveheersbeestje, which translated means our lord’s little creature. They are awesome gardening buddys too.

    This moon is fab, been involved in some proper twisted debates through work, yet grinning and running around like a loony regardless ๐Ÿ™‚

    That picture of Artemis is lovely, her skirt looks like a Datura flower.

    • thanks s.o.p – will have my ditch friends improve my pronounciation – nice definition!!