Astro-Beauty: New Tarot Perfume

Sexy perfume advertisement

So Dolce & Gabbana are doing five new scents & each is based on a Tarot Card – one of the Major Arcana, naturally.

Scorpio Supermod Tyson Ballou  embodies The Magician – Le Bateleur.  Naomi Campbell is L’Imperatice, The Empress. That seems odd as the Empress is the Sensual Aspect of the Feminine Divine and usually has a strong motherhood connotation. Claudia Schiffer is La Lune, The Moon. It’s a card of artistic excess and dark emo faced up to pre-dawn, innuendo and poisoned nostalgia…Surely Claudia too Germanic and Virgo to be the Moon?

Above are Piscean Eva Herzigova & Saggo Footie Guy Fernando Fernandes as – mysteriously – the fateful Wheel Of Fortune: La Roue de la Fortune…gardenia, patchouli, jasmine & tuberose. I reckon these would have been so much more fab if they’d had more esoteric layering involved – an essential oil here, astrologically matched models to represent the tarot cards. I mean how are Eva H and FF redolent of the Wheel Of Fortune? The card means Fate is in play and there is little you can do about the situation but to go with it for the moment.

And anyway, the Moon IS in Leo, but i really like her hair. Still, could they not have bunged in just a BIT of mystical symbolism with the packaging?

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I bought and am in love with La Force.
I’m a Scorpio with a Gemini Rising, so I love the understated, diplomatic strength of that Tarot card.
As for the fragrance, I love that it’s a unisex fragrance, with the contrast of cinnamon and vanilla – both intense and sweet, but diametrically opposed.
They’ve recently launched a few more: La Temperance and Le Fou.
I’ve tried Le Fou, and it’s great, very fresh.

Amy Jewell / Cirklagirl

Well, I guess that we can consider ourselves fortunate that at least they are giving us some recognition and get people thinking that *perhaps* they might want to go and get a tarot reading done now that they have their funky new perfume! lol…


It’s very clever marketing because as a female in her, ahem, sexual prime, I’m all like: ‘wow, look at that guy’s back muscles, washboard chest etc. etc.’ and then with the Wham soundtrack it’s also subtly aimed at the gay male market. And the scents themselves seem quite unisex in packaging etc. I actually like the more ‘zen’ take on the tarot..

Ãœber Virgo

It’d be more clever if they didn’t sterilize the tarot of all its potent archetypes that could have amped up the line’s erotic and mystic allure. It’s just another vacuous photo shoot and they could have used the same pics and called the scents ‘Hot Water’ or ‘Blandabella’ or ‘Bats’ Piss’ and the same peeps would still buy the stuff. It does sweet FA for the tradition of tarot.

(BTW Aries FTL you chocolate fiend, I know you. Ha ha. What does FTL stand for?)


Im getting the “magician” for christmas as one of my presents 😛
i thought the idea was really cool – why the hell not!


This is the coolest thing ever! I love that they are doing it based on Tarot!!!

unpredictable pisces

ok ok so yes to all the above stuff too, but i would TOTALLY sleep with (ok maybe just snog) Eva Herzigova & Saggo Footie Guy Fernando Fernandes , at the same time even, provided I could get the body confidence happening. i mean they are BEAUTIFUL.

Ãœber Virgo

Yes, we know you’re horny UP. The point is you didn’t need D&G’s drab pseudo tarot to get that way. Eau de Aqua trrrradie did it for you, yah?

unpredictable pisces

hee he UV…well perhaps eau de exotico soccer hottie…we don’t get many of that type around my town (plenty of tradies tho)…i forget that these types might look pretty but maybe aren’t that, hm, nutritious

Ãœber Virgo

Boring, uninspired hogwash.

You’d think they’d consult someone who knew wtf they were doing. FFS!


His tatoo looks like the chick has a beard!

Ãœber Virgo



What about Bruce Lee as The Magician? I know he’s dead and all, but i think he’d do really well. I don’t think that death should matter when looking for tarot representatives. And I’m sure Bruce would’ve liked it.


hmmm, interesting choice seabird, surprising one though ?


hey totally off the subject was hopping somebody could answer my question for me im a pisces with venus and mars in aries i know that much but have been told that my north node is in cancer is that relevent as i also read cancer horoscopes which seems to have relevence with whatever is going on but i have been told that i have gemini rising, so the question is does the north node have any relevence at all or should i be reading my rising sun which is gemini if any one could answer that would be appriciated… Read more »


Hey Loza, it’s supposed to be your sun sign and rising sign, so Pisces and Gemini are your regular reading material 🙂


Agree with all of the above. When first saw the promo it was like ‘not another one’!
Quantity over quality, squeezing every last drop of publicity & product from their


Woah! Tack central! Think of all those beautiful and ancient versions of Tarot cards and this is the best they could do? Why couldn’t they get Vivienne Westwood or someone to be the Empress (yes, I know, branding conflict issues.) Isabella Rosselini La Lune etc. Oh, sorry, they’re old and they have personalities. Much better to get young pretty vacuous people on whom you can graft any old thing. Claudia Schiffer is such a non-person.

Taurean Love Expert

Vivienne Westwood as Empress would be bang on!


With you Nat and MM. Tacky tacky marketing with too much money and way too little research.
Too much mysticism would scare off the customers. Hot bods don’t. Most advertsing is based on sex, fear and gulit that its finito.

Totally vacuous and cruel in a way. Don’t get me started I work in marketing but thankfully I am a one man band.


Totally agree Myst … that’s what happens when marketing analysts and bean counters attempt to get creative. The tat is ugly, the packaging tres yawnful – I mean HELLO pastel … for tarot archetypes?? I don’t think so. The vibe is cold and the only thing worth looking at for more than 2 seconds is the guy’s butt.


do you think they have a ‘modesty pad / strap ‘ or something between them ? don’t know how long I could stand there without ‘standing there’ if you know what I mean. His butt is better Prowin cause she aint got one. Maybe she needs some glut prosthesis or something. I think the tat is supposed to be jesus but just looks like a bearded lady ?


Yep, a bearded lady with no nose. Real tuff. Is this what passes for Sexiness and Mysticism these days? Sheesh, lame as. For a supposedly sexy advert it is so cold and so boring. No need for the modesty strap here david, they look like they’re just about asleep!

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

Nat I laughed too at the chick with the beard – FUGLY tat!! I’m sorry- but he’s gay right? am not sure which part or desire brand marketing is at play here……if any!!


lol david … have to agree with nat. She’s probably good bad breath from not eating and he’s probably gay anyway. heh 😉

year of the fox

That is so creepy. I went into a local beauty shop and tried on the tarot perfumes for the first time today before even reading this. I have to say L’Imperatice is my fave. There is something really cheery & full of confidence in the smell. I can’t place it. La Lune is just missing something short of wonderful in the middle note. The others just kinda smell like a stinky headache mess to me.


I agree Myst…without the substance of esoterica, its all just a bit gimmicky. Shame that; the whole thing could have been so much more sexy & fun.
Have to say that is one ugly tattoo & its a very cold looking ad…even if they are both hotties.

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