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“Dear Mystic,

On Friday (NYC time) my boyfriend and I suddenly and very calmly broke up. Both of us had felt this really awful uneasy feeling the day before…like something was somehow wrong. He is pretty much my astro opposite (a virgo sun with pretty much everything else in libra) and were basically, as cheeseball as it sounds, the perfect pair. We are still best friends and we still feel 100% the same way we did before we broke up, which is a bit odd.

So anyway, the first 24 hours or so after the split I was MISERABLE..on the couch of despair! I couldn’t do anything to make myself feel better…I literally cried myself into a migrane!

Then suddenly, as Mars started moving into Leo, I just SNAPPED out of it and literally said to a friend “I am NOT the type of girl who should be sitting at home being sad”. I went straight to a hockey game, which is funny because prior to this relationship I was notorious for dating pro athletes…esp Hockey players…

I should also point out that prior to this relationship is was ALSO known for cheating, but this time I had never even THOUGHT about straying from my partner.

So anyway, since mars has been in Leo I have been off the wall BOY CRAZY…not relationship-crazy, but that ‘on the prowl’, hunter-esque, hook up for sport kind of boy crazy. Like intensely so.

Oddly though, I’m still 100% in actual love with my now ex…so it seems like this break-up was actually perfectly timed, because otherwise I would be very very inclined to cheat, which would destroy the trust and friendship (though confusing) that we still have.

Oh and my hair is FABULOUS! People keep complimenting it, but I haven’t done anything different to it at all.

Very Best,
Fire Sign Rising Pisces

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71 thoughts on “Mars In Leo Musings Just In

  1. RLP you are seriously hilarious, wicked thinking girl – I love it! prowlncat, I know you are in that basket too! I can just imagine the mayhem and hilarity that would erupt if I posted his number to you guys! : > heh hehe

    Prowlncat, no you are not hardassed, just practical and I do agree he needs to learn from consequences and that is exactly what he’s doing.

    FF you are so spot on, as I did feel connected to the Scorp tormentor as he was such a tormented soul. I wanted to bring sunshine into his life. At the same time there was a certain connection there as we are both oddballs. So yep, here comes visual creative service to others, service to others always brings me great joy. I just have to ignore ignore goodlooking Neptunian types!!

    Thanks guys, hugs xxx : >

  2. SS your Scorp stuff is in your 12th house – Nept/Merc/Venus – it’s your unconscious – things that direct our choices and desires! Planets here according to Kim Falconer “serve or suffer” Your (powerful) Nept/Merc/Venus conjunction is so illustrative of your Neptunian Scorp lover – he probably swayed your thoughts (Merc), you found some kind of beauty in his addiction – breakdown of boundaries/merging/uniting with the ineffable and together with Neptune here where he is most at home – the Venus/Merc tendencies are amplified. Could it be that your Scorp satisfied an inner loneliness via a feeling that the two of you were divinely connected? You need to seek to serve others creatively (ignoring good looking self seeking addicts). Visualise creative service SS to others – it will bring you so much satisfaction. xx

  3. Ok FF “(12th house scorp stuff on your part to his scorp self)” does not make sense to me. I know I have Scorp Rising as well as Mercury, Venus and Neptune in Scorp; so i do realise I have Scorp traits as well. These are the more unconventional, shit stirrer type traits. Have never been interested in Neptunian substances though. Was given $1000 of cocaine and due to my reaction my Scorp Tormentor flushed it down the loo. His mate was – “Not happy Jan!!”

  4. prowlncat you are just a baby and yet so experienced and savvy! I think I had a deprived teen and 20’s stage.

    RLP I just love your term “spill your guts centrale” and yet as LL says there are crative thoughts/advice/maverick humour and just great cameraderie. Yeah I sent FF my deets and I too thought yikes she might find I am a closet nut case or something but then thought ah trust her, what the heck : >

    Oh my goodness The Scorp has just sent me a sms with a video of his penis and my name on it, saying it is all mine, all set ton rock music!! What is wrong with this creature!?? He just does not get it!! Yep no secrets here!!

    • OMG! *shocked* that is so eeeeuwww! what a vile creature. Just try and ignore it if you can. It doesn’t warrant a response.

    • SS – do not think you a closet nut case πŸ™‚ Soz for not getting back to you sooner, life gets in the way. I did email you with first thoughts though – you are so much stronger than ye think. And I’m with you on the looks thing – has taken me to my 40s to disconnect and see how much i am influenced by hot looks – not good – but better now i know and for ye too. xx

      • Can you believe it I have got 6 sms’s with different messages on his penis! Then he went on to describe what parts of me he loved the most!!! : o Scorpalicious I personally believe that lady Scorps are totally different as my Scorp Gal Pals are not icky to their lovers etc. Methinks this is a male Scorp thing that FF no doubt would agree with too!
        FF that’s cool and thanks but hey to be honest I know I am a wee bit nutty or eccentric as my rels and pals say! I add colour to their lives with my Sagg ways : >. I guess I feel I let myself down as I never used to be influenced by hot looks – in fact I ran the other way – until I met my Scorp. I like guys who are manly men who know the diff between a spanner and a wrench! To have hot looks as well thrown in and being well read/spoken/ fun etc….I was gooooooone and stupidly ignored the warning bells. Ah well.
        As nat and David suggested yonks ago I will have to change my number one I get the docs signed as in the last nearly 3 hours I have had 13 sms’s so far and now he says he would like to look up my dress! What a wanker/jerk/ moron/arsehole (LL is that 1 word or two?)twerp/cockroach/maggot/poo head/low life/scum of the earth…hmm run out of words. Any more??

        • SS you are seriously hot compared to him (can I say I’ve seen the picture??) Delete every single message from him – you are blinded (12th house scorp stuff on your part to his scorp self). Stop STOP communiquing with this loser. NOW! OK! Forget the past hot sex or whatever it was, you are better without him!!! (and way better looking than him.)

        • Salacious = report him to police as harrassment / stalking immediately.
          have your mobile company block his number.
          what a creep.

          failing that, give ME his number, & I’ll sort thes sick prick out.better still post the number HERE & let all of us loose.
          problem solved!!

          BTW – ‘ spill thine guts centrale ‘ be one of those things that just rolls off the keyboard asa one bolts out the door LOL x

    • SS I have my moments of complete dumbassness … as the peeps here can attest!!

      And may I comment regarding this scorp creature of yours? He sounds really emotional immature, needy and insecure which is rather common amongst those with addiction problems – they use their addiction to avoid the kind of personal development that everyone else kinda has to deal with to stay relatively sane and connected to the planet. I hope I’m not out of line in saying that since I read somewhere back a few threads that he’s into neptunian substances? In which case you’re not doing him or yourself any favours by continuing contact with him on any level – he will use it as a means to prop himeself up regardless of your intentions. He needs to fall flat on his arse to experience the consequences of his own stupid behaviour and immaturity.

      Sorry if that sounds hardassed but I’m channeling Saturn Gurrrl who has her Riot Boots on today. πŸ˜‰

  5. Thank you all for your lovely guidance and support. I will try to move on and work on my own level of self esteem. Hugs, love, peace.

  6. wow bluelibra i am in a similar boat this week…intense connection then boom! he disapeers from my computer for a week. no reason that i can see, just gone. ive been rattling off the ‘busy’, ‘needs space’, ‘needs time’, ‘im a loser and hes only just realised it’ mental imaginings ever since…until today i just decided to let it be. if still nothing in another week i may write and say, just as you did, basically ‘huh??’ in a very charming way. an aside- this has not just been a computer liaison, have physically been together, but he in another country. but i have the oddest sense that this is just part of our story and will all work out. hope thats not just delusion.

    my very amatuer tarot attempts at understanding it keep coming up with the Ace of Hearts so i feel nourished by that…

  7. I think that’s a lovely letter and if he’s too gutless or jaded to answer it then who cares about him anyways!

  8. Well, my dear astro-friends/fiends – here is the last message I emailed: I shall change the name of said Ambo boy to Ambo to save potential embarassment (on my part anyway) said Aqua ambo boy through the internet dating site I was one:

    Hey A- where are you?! I’m going crackers – everytime I sign on to see if you are here I keep getting hit on and I don’t really want to concentrate on anyone but you at the moment (god, hope that doesn’t sound too crazy but I thought we were getting on really really well). Babe call me or email me or come visit me up here or SOMETHING

    or just send me an sms telling me your not interested – a pigeon, note wrapped in a brick – ok, I’m getting a tad carried away here… shall calm down.. anyway .. you get what I mean. tc

    Hey A- by this point I assuming that all has changed… Best wishes.

    Hey A- what happened? Last I heard from you was that you really liked my voice and that you were looking forward to meeting me – then nothing. Did I say or do something wrong? I understand if you changed your mind – afterall I do have two kids – etc and maybe we got all a bit too excited a bit too quickly – but we were having fun weren’t we? I thought maybe your computer might’ve broken down and that you’d lost my number but my male friends reckon that’s too much of a coincidence. I did also ask at the RAH if anyone knew you – I’m not stalking – just wanted feedback as to where or how it all went pear shaped. If you ever do get back on this site I’m leaving you on my list because I’d really like to hear from you again – even if its just for you to say you just got back from your honeymoon.

    For the record – you were the nicest person I’d met on here and I was really enjoying our fun. I sincerely wish you all the best: including banjo playing. x

    Seriously – that is what I wrote. My very happily married friend rang earlier today to wish me a happy birthday and explain that I wil NEVER find someone until I do a homeopathic completion camp – which I can afford about as much as a ferrari…. Anyway, cheers.

    • ok, today the tarot card i drew from the deck was of the hanging man…
      which basically means…do nothing to achieve something.

      Now….You put yourself out there…and very sweetly….now its up to him to de-flake and answer.

      unfortunately the aqua mentality is probably the originator of ‘walkabout’ and sudden impulses to cut all ties/destroy all links to human kind. we wonder off just suddenly when we cant process stuff…it wont have anything to do with anyone else…just a navel gazing sudden social phobia….its selfish and often unkind…the smart ones come back and make amends…the others never know just how much they’ve missed out on.

      • the hanged man means to surrender – surrender the ego and lose all expectation. By getting ego out of the way we allow spirit to show the path.

        • but in practical terms it also refers to the limbo period where things lie fallow … it’s about patience and allowing the new vibe to unfold as a natural process

          • My goddess you’re good with tarot prowlin! Have been just introduced to sabian symbols by william of all people and just loving it – the layers. Still waiting for my gifted tarot pack πŸ™‚

            And I so agree with the hanged man for bluelibra – patience… etc.. wot u said.

            Anyway prowlin, now that i’ve got Uber, LL, rockstar, william amongst others here please share your birth deets so I can get clearer picture and maybe share any learner insights along the way.

          • FF oh my goodness but then you will know all my secrets!!! A Fuq It I tell everyone my secrets anyway hehehe … 7th July 1971, 3am Athens

            But ya can’t have my address or credit card number!!! πŸ˜‰

          • Ha Prowlin, that’s just what I thought when I read the line up of FF’s ‘I have your birth deets peeps’… argh secrets unleashed my scorp moon quaked for a

            Helps knowing that FF comes from a good creative place. I’ve been interested seeing the connections and inclinations she’s seen in other people’s charts. Also thanks for even wanting to do this FF.

          • like peep hold back secrets here LOL – this place by ‘spill thine guts centrale’ !!!! πŸ˜‰

          • oh I do agree rlp, yes it is spill your guts centrale here…yet, rational thought re:secrets and scorp moon twinges…not always in agreement….*my lizard brain jumps up and down looking for understanding*

            I get the feeling that your average scorp has secrets held close (might even be what bread they prefer) as a default setting.

            Scorpbot? Am I overdramatising?

            Cos as a Leo sun that I think is my primary default setting…overdramtising

            I do like my scorpy moon btw, nice to have some light and shade.

          • LL, you are right on. My VERY private Scorp rising (& Cancer Sun) freaked big style at the collation and public airing of my birth deets at a time not of my choosing!!! But having said that, FF you have offered me really useful insights about some aspects of my chart that I have never understood (espec the North Node). And this is internet, so no such thing as ‘privacy’ if we are being honest about ourselves in what we write here.

            Privacy is a funny thing. It is so mood-modulated for me. My Aries Moon is very happy to call it like it is, bluntly if necessary, but only when Cancer Sun & Scorp Rising are at peace with the blabbing πŸ™‚ Funny this convo came up on a Scorp Moon huh?

          • Thankyou people! Love to do astro and as people are so open here makes for better learning! You can trust me darlinks – i’m a Leo? Maybe not so reassuring, what about Gem Venus/Canc NN/Vertex/Mars conj trine Saturn in Fish on my Asc??

      • aquaphobe – have only just been aware of you recently – you seem clued in, have no criticism of you darlink! Very astute tarot for bluelibra btw.

          • been reading them since age 15 aquaphobe so have had loads of time to develop an affinity with them. If you want to do a search on Mystic’s back catalogue of tarot threads, a couple of months ago I got all inspired and posted this gargantuan missive on how to strengthen connection with the tarot for peeps less familiar. Check it out … might give you some ideas. πŸ™‚

    • Hey bluelibra

      I feel for you, I know how madenning it is but I find Aqua guys do play these games, hence avoid them like the plague. I am not into games. You are a sweetie and deservce better.

  9. I don’t mind the story, sounds a bit like she is upset despite it all, not sure I understand actually… However, as a Leo, I looooove the hair in the pic that Mystic chose!!

  10. I was up till 4am this morning doing stuff in a few hours that I haven’t been able to do in the last 6 weeks, exhilarating, back at school, yaaaaaaayyyyyy.
    (oh and worrying about how I may have pissed off OGMMM)

  11. If you are dating an Aquarius man go and check out the Uranus-Venus club…Seriously, when I was seeing the Uranian, he would talk in terms of me trying to make him my “lapdog” when i simply asked that he arrive within an hour of his e.t.a and not materialise at my doorstep odd hours of the day or night, sans warning.
    And the other Aquarius texted/called ten times a day – super-keen – but as I always say, the easiest way to get rid of an Aqua guy is to return his call. V.good for honing your independence skills as there is no other way to do it.

    • Irish Aqua flake won awards for TXTg under influence. was rather funny. I’d read the 12 am “I’m sitting where we met a year ago & wondering what happpened”, laughing response to self “um, nothing?” – then next day in biz hours email reply to his crackberry “happy to catch up whenever, have a good day…..” of course he never followed through. emailing him for catch up is now an mutual ongoing joke. yes – call them, chase them & Aqua be gone for sure!!

  12. Oh….look what the new moon brought in! A slightly emotionally bruised and confused Aqua ex reappeared saying he’s back for good after blowing off dinner (on our anniversary) and disappearing without contact for four days. Verrrry interesting.

    Also interesting are the reactions of various peeps around – some are horrified that I wouldn’t tell him to rack off on principle, while others (incl Cappy mother) are super pragmatic; and others again think there’s nothing bizarre about starting over. It’s a funny old world.

    BL, again, on the subject of Aqua men, I mentioned that (Ex) Mr CBA texted me a few weeks ago from Samoa saying he thought he’d “Made a mistake” and would call me on his return. He described this as “crawling back to me on his hands and knees.” It’s just a very different perspective…

      • nothing like the green green grass of home. hmmm
        Now UP, which fence are you suggesting he went over ? to the other side ?
        who was he batting for ? bleeeze egsplane. or was it a last fling before settling down ? hmm

        • Well, I don’t know if he had a fling – he says no and I’m inclined to belive him. Methinks more a responsibility freakout. Anyway, fling, schming. We were officially broken up and I had a few flings of my own (inlcuding the cut-and-run Aqua and the Cancerian quasi-boyfriend – who’d always have a glass of champers waiting for me when I arrrived at whatever bar/restaurant/theatre we were meeting at and always smelled delicious. Pity that was as far as it went – I am so dying to set him up with someone fabulous. Mystic is so right about the weird but wonderful Cancer-Aqua pairing. My Kataka bestie has an Aqua man wrapped right around her little finger.

          • Cancer is the right kind of weird for Aqua. I reckon I’d fare well with an Aqua man who had a water moon and a Leo mars – leo mars rocks my little crabby socks.

  13. i can definitely feel the lack of emo now. not completely sure if what i got up to on the weekend was the “right” thing to do, astrologically speaking, but i was just so sick of being “restrained” and “holding back” because i always do exactly that (for whatever reasons at the time)…! we want what we want , non?

  14. BL – statistics on those online dating sites say that a huge number of guys are indeed just “fishing” and already have wives/girlfriends (and some presumably have both…). Quite selfish behaviour, though I feel I can’t throw stones as I am looking around (in real life, not online) to size up what’s out there so that I can convince myself it’s time to unhook from an exhausted relationship.

    Mars in Leo makes me wanna colour my hair red.

    • Wow! I am sitting here catching up on all the comments etc, with fire engine red dye in my hair waiting for it to process. Haven’t been red in ages, have been missing it for a while. I bought the dye over a month ago.. but just this morning felt the urge to actually use it.

      • Oh snap, upbeat scorp! I bought a few parcels of henna a few weeks back “just in case” i wanted to go from blonde to orange like i was for most of my early 20’s. now i’m thinking of processing it with everything i can to amp up the red tones in the henna to have my teenage coca cola red hair again (that’d be heps o’ lemon juice and some tea tree oil in the mix for starters)

        I was going to say take a pic for your avatar – but it just hit me, a scorp with fire engine red hair is intensity incarnate. my computer might catch fire!

        • Haha indigofish! Well, it didn’t turn out as red as I hoped, but the kind of red I wanted involves bleaching the fuq out of it first.. not something I’m that keen on these days. Early twenties, no worries. So while I wouldn’t make your computer catch fire, I definitely do feel a bit more vampish and scorp like. My leo moon is always up for fab new hair too, but I haven’t been paying much attention to it of late.

          • just in time for halloween then (and i guess your birthday soon too?)

            but yes that level of bleaching does tend to make a fair portion of your hair fall l out… am scared now cos my hair has been bleached blonde a few months ago – wondering what the henna will do to it. eek!

  15. you sound just like my Leo sister.. thank you! Yeah – its like that Rolling Stones song.. ‘You can’t always get what you want…’ πŸ™‚ I’m very happy to have two beautiful children, I live in a lovely area with a house that seems to float above the trees. About forty million male friends – none of them lovers – but hey – its early and hope springs eternal! :))

    • Oh I’m not saying that you can’t get what you want….just that for right now have fun…(also implicit in your comments is gratitude for what you have ie children, surroundings et al)…it’s just right now FUN, find it, revel in it, let it trip through your brain the most ridiculous thing you can think of, and then muse on whether, maybe you actually could DO IT.

      Let’s say before doing some v Leo thing, I have this loop through my head, ‘What’s the worst that could happen?’ and then boom into another adventure.

      Hope is good, action currently seems a much better

    • Happy Birthday Bluelibra! Hope you have a gorgeous day and take some time out to do something you really love. FF’s right – Aquarian ambo may very well be off saving the world (or at least, that’s what he might think he’s doing) and as we know, Aquas are not very good at focusing on two things at once, especially when onbe of those things is their grand vision for humanity. And in the meantime, you have all this delicious free time to do things that *you* want to do. The love astro *is* building, and you never know when something might just spring into being. Wishing you cake, laughter and (of course) bubbles! xx

  16. Happy Birthday bluelibra…

    Maybe the choccie endorphins and spa goodness will kick in and you’ll just launch into someplace you’ve never been before?

    Have fun right now, regardless. Yes that’s me being a bossy Leo…RIGHT NOW have FUN…the more ridiculous the better.

  17. PS – My gemini ex – who is still a lovely friend – reckons the ambo aquarian got sprung by his girlfriend/wife and that my theory that his computer broke down and he’s lost my phone number is pure denial… Said Gemini also bought me a whole body day spa gift voucher.. worth billions because he says I never treat myself enough. What else will the day bring Mystic cause its 7.45am here and counting πŸ™‚

  18. Seriously! I mean, why can’t I do that sort of thing! I’m still on the bloody couch! Its my birthday today and just received from my babes some: choccies (good quality ones), a book voucher (love books) and …. a chopping block .. ‘That was Dad’s idea’ (my ex) said one of my cherubs. I met this really fantastic guy online – spent two weeks chatting talking, he’s an ambulance guy so we were getting on like I’VE NEVER GOT ON WITH ANYONE SO WELL IN MY LIFE. We swapped email addresses, he rang one week ago – said he can’t wait to meet me and… I haven’t heard from him since. And I can’t find him unless I go to every ambulance station in the state to track him down. Aquarian male. He was PERFECT! And he’s dissappeared! wtf!

    • Happy Birthday bluelibra. Have a fabulous day.

      The thing about Aquas is they do that. They are on a different timezone (planet?). Do not call/chase him under any circumstances. The astro is good for romance and it’s building. Just be patient but in the meantime keep your options open. Never be too available to the Aqua man, they love a little aloofness. One Aqua that used to chase me called me elusive (they get off on it).

    • Happy Birthday Blue Libra !!

      frustrating as it may be, perhaps Ambo dude’s dropped off the radar as someone new’s about to arive??

      enjoy your day & may the coming year bring all your hearts desires


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