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Opal tear dropThe birthstone for Libra is, arguably, the Opal. Why is it arguable? Because nobody actually agrees on the birthstones but, for the sake of today, let’s go with Opal. The Ancient Romans linked it with Cupid/Eros – so that is appropriate for this Venus-Ruled Sign and it had the reputation of warding off both bolts of stray lightening AND grey hairs. Brilliant.Β  The word Opal comes from the Sanskrit Upala…meaning ‘precious stone.’

MagnoliaThe Libran flower is the Magnolia, symbolic of femininity, nobility and perseverance…Their symbol is the Scales – signifying the Libran obsession for perfect balance, aplomb and fairness. It’s also evocative of the Ancient Egyptian idea of the afterlife where the heart/soul is weighed against the feather of Maat, the Goddess of Justice to gauge the truth within.

Libra constellationThe Constellation is the Scales, obviously & some say it is actually the Scales of Astraea – the Star Maiden aka our Virgo…and that another part of the Constallation is the Scorpion’s Claws…Under this theory, Libra’s perpetual balancing act is actually between the exactitude of Virgo and the passions of Scorp.

Luca Veneri Ego Bathtub

I do not know if the Italian designer Luca Veneri is a Libran or not but her Ego Bathtub (yes, it is called that) is Mega-Libran…made from “organic acrylic” & featuring a waterfall for the ultimate in relaxation and hygiene (Note: The word Hygiene is from Hygeia – the Ancient Greek Goddess of Health) It is about $7000.

Catherine Denueve vintage perfume advertisement

Gwyneth Paltrow really ought to rename her GOOP newsletter Libran Lifestyle Tips and I think Catherine Denueve is the Ultimate Libran. She always vibes so languid & elegant yet is – this is classic Libran – devoted to a quietly bourgeois yet libertine lifestyle. Remember, this lot love their comforts but they ARE the free love champs of the Zodiac.

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68 thoughts on “Libra-Ology

  1. is it just me who sees the irony in many of us being soooo frazzled and out of whack in the month of libra – which is all about balance and beauty?
    i’m reassessing my libra understanding. maybe i’m just jealous of the whole balance thing….and opals are like looking into a mini universe…ahhhhh

    • I don’t know aquaphobe about the balance thing. I have a Libran patient and she has fallen down three times and so her hands and feet need extra work. She has only recently filed 07’s taxes, she tells me her place is a mess. She loves to travel though and can glam up quite well as we’ve done a couple of things together.

      She is hysterical and just recently farted during one of our massage sessions (okay, it ~can~ happen but not often in my career so But OMg she cracks me up and we DID get a good laugh out of the fart epsiode. She was in Mexico City a good part of the summer hoping her love would come back with her as he’s been telling her forever to hold on. That’s finally over now. Gosh, this seems the season of break ups! Just had a patient who was the live in girlfriend of one of my other patients tell me today, that she moved out and then cried/fell apart(she’s a Virgo). Imagine how discreet I have to be when he comes in! Talk about balance…my NN is in Libra…

      Have always thought Catherine D. gorge.

      My granddaughter, 8, and a Libran, wants to move to N.Y. and be a fashion designer when she grows up. She has a t-shirt “I love fashion”, need I say more? And on Oscar night dressed in one of many “gowns” that she and her Mom put together. My avatar is with the “one shoulder ensamble”.

      She has Aqua Midheaven with Uranus conj., Gemini rising and Taurus Moon. Should be interesting!

      My brother, a Libran, looks like Erroyl Flynn (sp?). Yes, dark hair and green eyes to boot and gorge but can be extremely jealous, road ragey and unbalanced!

      This post is long and I need to get to bed…

      • Just realized that between the “mess, travel and farts”, she must have some Saggo in there somewhere πŸ™‚

      • hmmm…so is it a case of seeking balance in the world around them in order to get self balanced? or to at least appear balanced to the world even when their house is burning down?
        i could be over thinking this to try and make sense of it.

        dressing for oscars is so cute… πŸ˜‰

    • ” ….The bathtub is sleek and glossy, finished in HI-MACS (Natural Acrylic Stone made from 75% natural mineral), and stain resistant…..”

      tho beautiful, tis the waterfall tap that’s gone right to the top of mon ‘wish list’ !!

  2. im a pisces and i love that bath what a fantastic idea i have to have baths daily i love them and the waterfall would be fantastic, i agree with above saying its the year of breakups it seems this year everyone is breaking up or they seem formal and lack faith another thing this year its like everyone is hung up on someone from the past whom they cant seem to really move on from, i also have a friend who is a libra and her house isnt exactly clean lol but she is so warm and loving like a mother x

  3. “heart/soul is weighed against the feather of Maat, the Goddess of Justice to gauge the truth within.”

    Interesting tid-bits Mystic.

    Also, with Libra NN, pallas and Juno conj., fairness and justice very important to me esp. in relationships.

  4. A letter I wrote to Gwynny around the advent of internet / video – picture phones….Libran to Libran…….

    Dear Gwynny – unreal to see you the other night babe – really though, could’ve been sliding doors & it never happened huh?

    You are just soooooo cool.
    I totally love how we can rap about anything from bad Oscar frocks & even worse acceptance speeches to how it musta sucked getting dumped by the World’s Sexiest Man for a Friend!

    Actually up until now I never really understood you , like when you said to the media that English guys weren’t sexy & then you did a Madonna & came over all Pommy at a local boy. Tell me – promise I wont say a thing to anyone – is Chris the BEST you’ve ever had? Gotta be something to make up for the lack of……….. hmmmmmm, well you know – appeal?

    Like I told you The Heckler & I were s’posed to be at the snow & I told him not to flake or I’d miss out on Coldplay tix. Well of course he flaked, & as you know, zip promotors tix as the crew making the MTV video needed space for the dolly & camera & them & all their shit so Jemma & me lucked out.

    Actually The Heckler tried to make it up – said his mate Wazza was the camera dude & that getting tix for Jemma should be no probs. Yeah nice work huh?
    Then he got a better idea.
    Said I should give hook up my new video phone with Gracey & set up at home with a 6 pack & enjoy as really the only song we like is “Clocks” right?
    was the only option until, true to form, Jemma’s rock ‘n roll pedigree shone thru – comp tix ON the day from the big man himself!!
    Like you Gwynny, Jemma totally rocks.

    I’ve been dying to ask if your boyfriend smashed that photographer in Byron Bay ‘cos he was busted for being such a crap surfer? My friend Xena told the Foo Fighters what crap surfers they were & she didn’t get hit. Taylor Hawkins said ‘Jesus Xena first you tell us we sucked after Jane’s Addiction, & now you say we suck in the surf?”
    Like all good girls she was obliged to tell the truth – said they had absolutely no idea!
    So Gwynny, Chris must be a total (surf) kook huh?

    Hope you like the shots I took of Chris at the Horden – will try & get closer next time, promise. ON stage perhaps?

    call you next week – love ya babe

    xox Betty Love xox

    p.s do ya still have Brad’s number?
    is not in my new mobile & am thinking maybe he has video phone too………?

  5. I’m loving all this Libran stuff. I think I’ve got Libra envy. And I’m an Aries. At the moment, though, I wish I were a Libra. I want free love and a chilled vibe! And that bath!

    I have Libra in my 8th House, I think, looking at my astro chart here. Does anyone have a really quick idea of what that might mean? If you’re in the mood?

  6. Luca is a mans name. saturn in the last degrees of virgo, could not help myself!
    … love your posts though …smooth, smooth, smooth the ruffled fe-tha…. ha! libra

  7. I love the fact that my birthstone, opal, is bad luck for others to wear if they aren’t October born. I’ve also heard that Vulcan makes them from the eyes of children. LOL!

  8. LOL@Libran publicist, bravo!

    So, do Librans generally view Gwynny as a good Libra rep or an embarrassment because of the daft, snooty things she says in interviews?

    • Aeris – surveyed Lib crew & all agree her head’s so far up ‘er clacker is embarrassing!! she maybe style icon, hell, so’s Posh. but comes across as a pile of GOOP!!

      that piece was part of series of celeb jokes circa 2002ish.
      no Paltrow/Martin kids then, hence absence of ‘Holy Moses’ & ‘She’ll be Apples’ quips…………

  9. Goop looks really boring and bland, almost a Cap vibe to it. No I think a Cap’s newsletter would be more sophisticated and chic actually.
    Does Gwynie actually write that stuff?

  10. always thought Lib stone be Blue Saphire – but quick google search shows it as September stone……

    Love Magnolias. Beauty personified.
    There’s something regal about the petal construction.
    Recently became obsessed with gardening shows on propagating Magnolias ….. discovered some varieties can be cultivated pots.

    • rockstar, have a look here for interesting stuff on birthstones. Scroll down for table “Culture of Times” on Traditional (Polish origin), Modern (standardised by US jewellers in 1912), Mystical (Tibetan) and Ayurevedic (ancient India) gemstones. Apparently it was a Jewish dude who first made the connection of 12 gemstones to the 12 zodiac signs as in Exodus and Revelations.

  11. What beautiful objects! And yes, rockstar libran publicist, the magnolia is exquisite. Opals get such bad “press”. I think the problem is the ubiquitous use of kitsch jewellry settings – mass produced for the Australian tourist industry. I think once decent jewellry artists get their hands on them, then opals take on a whole new resonance.

  12. Oh and I’ve heard from a British actor who worked with Deneuve that she is SO considerate of her colleagues on the film set. A real team player, apparently, with faultless manners. A diva with empathy!

  13. Opals & me are a no go zone, lost lots of money trading with them.
    Smuggling gemstones in the 70’s was abreeze between countries, & did
    manage to swap one black stone for a huge piece of Lapis Lazuli in Kashmir:-)
    It was one way of paying travel expenses! Swapped the rest for carpets in Malaysia,
    & topaz in India. Solid opal at the time was tres desirable O/S, but just after my purchasing
    them for London, peeps there were swapping Rolls Royces for Mini’s coz oil embargo’s from
    Poor Paltrow, she sure does get razzed……

    Magnolia’s along with Gardenia’s are just pure beauty, Chanel 5 is a fave & so the
    Deneuve, due to my Libran Moon i ‘spose.

    • Pegs Garenia’s be my FAVE EVER!! – Jo Malone Gardenia et mon scent du jour / an / dΓ©cennie….. heaven. Magnolia’s magnificence a hot 2nd.

      Gwynny puts herself out there & cops it accordingly.
      BTW what does GOOP stand for?

      • i’m so glad you said the thing about Gwynneth having her head in her back parts. I alwasy thought so, but everyone else seems to love her. RLP where do you buy your perfume? I want to try some new scents. I love vanilla if you have a tip with that base note. If you buy off internet, where did you smell your favourites?

        Hows everything on the employment front?

        • Sky Scorps – rarely change scent, & despite Libs sposedly being ‘Scentalicious’, have rather scant nasal skills….!!
          once a decade or so something shakes me to the core. Usually worn by another, then self trialed….. have been all about Jo Malone since the advent of the naughties…..
          biz sitch on the pick up, not clicking heels yet , but have come inside from the ledge on the 25th floor LOL xox

        • Scropy Sky – there’s too MANY ways I cld run with “a tip with that base note..” LOL …xox

          tried ‘Jitterbug Perfume’ ALA Tom Robbins ? ? ? xox

          • Thanks darlin. An info packed response wrapped up in such amusing prose as always. Glad to hear that your biz is on the up and up. You must be amazingly good at what you do. how could you not be?!

            And thanks for the jitterbug perfume tip. I really am after a new scent so I will check it out.

          • OMG that book’s a must read, takes a bit to get into but once you’re in yr hooked!!

            take a stroll thru David Jones – collect scent on cards. if one really hits home then trial it on yr skin. and also familairse yr self with Jo Malone – if yr not after the usual suspects!!

      • who knows and who cares what GOOP stands for. It sounds bloody awful… like poop. Or like the sound of someone just about to throw up at the mere mention of her name.

      • i thank u for the gwyneth dismissive…i cant stand her…and she skews my perception of librans…i think its the way she talks…i am now going to try to filter her out as a libran representative of any value….

        those candles are heaven……

        now so picturing that bath…early evening…looking out over ocean….malone candle….favourite tunes gently playing in background…..blissssssssssss

      • September’s Vanity Fair takes a bloody funny plug at poor old Gwyneth and GOOP.

        eg. ‘Next week, we learn to peel a banana with a world-expert fruit psychologist.’

          • “…..-And then the phone rings and it’s your supercool friend Madonna Ciccone begging you to step into that favorite old cut-price Balenciaga knee-length dress with your buckle belt and outrageous tartan boots and come with her to the opening of this great new restaurant up on East 54th Street…..”


            “.-Meanwhile, you are desperately trying to get your butt in great shape while nourishing your inner aspect by learning how to fold napkins in a way that will make them more ecologically sustainable..”

        • -Next week, we learn to ride a bicycle with a world-expert bicycle nutritionist………..

        • ‘What is it about books that make them so truly great to read? I think it’s the way the words are printed on every page, the right way up and in just the right order.’

          • “-This means you can start reading on the first page and then continue reading through the middle pages all the way to the last page……”

          • Crikey, so Gwenyth that dense? Freakin’ scary. Or you razzin’ Ubs as I’d thought Rock a billy’s letter to her to be real!

            But honestly, don’t care if Chris Martin not the bee’s knee’s in some cases. Just listening to Coldplay tonight and he is creative. Good songs to me…

  14. Love being a Libra – put in my own spa bath – grew up in Coober Pedy – the Opal Mining town – so opals don’t enthrall me as much as others, and think Gwens Goop or whatever is totally naff… however, I am a scent freak – only it has to be natural or nothing at all – and if a man doesn’t smell right to me (ie, smokes, has bad breath or Lynx deoderant (YUCK) on) then there is NO WAY he is coming near me.

    Would like LOVE to descend upon me sometime soon .. in deference and celebration of my planet and the goddess Venus. Shall do an unfire fighter thing and light a pink candle…. rose scented of course.

  15. Actually Mystic – you’ve just inspired me to plant a magnolia in my garden – have been trying to think of a reason (beyond the fact that I LOVE them) to plant one – and you’ve given me very good justification, so thank you! πŸ™‚

    • Grew up in Coober Pedy?! You must have some stories to tell…… I’m not being funny about that. Every time I pass through (a couple of times a year) I always wonder what it would be like to live there. Same for Tennant Creek & Camooweal.

  16. do a lot of meditation and stuff, interesting. pretty good at it (sometimes)

    Think I got word from Venus yesterday.

    What is the word?

    The word is “Yes”

    -(that’s it, whole message is, “She says Yes.”

    (migod wasn’t thay yoko ono’s art piece that first attratcted john lennon?

    (really freaking that moon bomb was on lennon’s birthday…

    no really, actually got phone call from yoko ono right before…

    by accident she was calling plumber I work with…

    but real freaky about that moon bombing…seriously

    ( okay I’ll go away now….)

    • Saw Yoko and her son, Sean, on The View recently. She did a song and he played piano. Her song was really quite touching. You could tell her heart is still broken over John. She’d always appeared to me a bit odd but she’s actually quite warm.

      The Moon thing was rather disconcerting Wills. Follow some sites/forums that were very upset about it.

      Since you went away, hope you get this post. πŸ˜‰

      • Does anyone else want to set up some sort of existential blog-link to william’s mind? He is the most random thing. I love it… william on twitter I would sign up for (just typed sing… hah)

        • hell yeah… he’s so out there. Love it!! I wonder if his chart has a very strong Uranian vibe?

  17. I am getting a piece of jewellery made for my bday. I know its good to go shopping for perfume in moon in Libra, I assume Libra rules jewllery as well. Does anybody know?

    • Leo rules gold & also adornment, which I think covers jewellery. Cancer is silver. Libra moon for a refined aesthetic I don’t think you’d have a problem with buying something gorge…

      • thanks guys. I want a piece of gold jelllewery so that’s perfect. It’s so wonderful to be connected to all you wise, knowledgable women!!

  18. I love my recently 6 year-old Libran kid more than life itself. She is hilariously quick-witted, has a wonderful twist with words which pleases my Gemini mind no end, she is endlessly calm and patient, very artistic, she can always see the funny side, she’s very sweet with her friends of which she has a lot, and of course she is ravishingly beautiful. I’ve learnt though to always tell her in advance about anything to allow her time to adjust, to never ask her to make quick decision especially when other people need to know the results, and to make sure she is always included in any decisions which affect either of us. Otherwise, as she says, ‘I get sad and everything goes wrong for me’ πŸ™

  19. Magnolia’s my favourite flower so I’m glad it’s the flower for Libra. We had two magnolia’s in our front garden in the UK, one deciduous and it had lovely white flowers with pink tips, and then another evergreen with glossy green leaves and huge white, lemon-scented flowers. I had a magnolia tree in our northern NSW home and it just loved frosts and really cold weather, blossomed like crazy. Could rave on about magnolias forever. And as my Libran birthday falls at end of September, I’m happy to adopt sapphires as blues & purples are my favourite colours.

  20. Well, i’m going to cull myself & head to the beach for four days.
    Day after day of grey skies & no sun in the city, so hoping further
    north will be more inspiring. At least the dogs will be fun, champagne
    flows freely , Aquaman makes delish bread & Cowgirl’s a brilliant chef.

    Have a happy weekend everyone, wishing you masses of magnolia’s.

  21. Oh, yes,there is a double size tub at ‘the Shack’, so a sea & epsom salts bath to up the positivity.
    Thanx for reminding me, Mystic!
    In return for minding the dogs, whilst my friends fish, the reward is King George
    Whiting for dins fresh from the ‘front yard’.
    These combinations should lift ma funk. A blue pegasus is a sad thing
    to behold, totally the wrong colour:-)

    The Fish & Champagne Cure coming up.

    • aww peg hope that 4 days at the shack, salt air, dogs and champagne does the trick. pegasus-es should be golden white and maybe pink-ish, although blue is pretty too πŸ™‚

  22. I am officially a scorp, but I have a big fat stellum in Libra and I must say personally that I think “My father was the love of my life” Gwyneth Paltry is very Libran and I hate her guts.
    She is smug and conceited and nowhere near as talented/artistic/stylish as she believes. But I get GOOP sent to my email because I like reading it and crying with laughter because she is so disconnected from the realm of the living. Plebs, I think she’d call us.

    • geez louise I’m stuffed!!
      stuffed as in totally bezausted from scrubbing the castle from bottom to top…..

      & wouldnt it be loverly to kick back with the remote, a roast & a red – up early tomoz for the home run finish??
      forget it!!
      Libby besties have ‘do’ at uber cool local bar / club.
      is so uber cool in fact have avoided it to date. but ’tis bestie, so must front……

      off now to pull off a famous move :
      ‘from grot to hot’ in a nano second!!

      & home for Richard Lowenstein’s guest programming RAGE
      xox πŸ˜‰ xox