Kate Bosworth – Classically Cap? Cap Men – Classically Stingy?

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“I’m all about target shopping.   I know what I need and, and I go and find it. I’m a Capricorn so I’m a fast shopper. I’m not someone who says ‘let’s spend the entire day shopping’. For me, it isn’t a leisure pursuit.”  Kate Bosworth

True or False?  I think Capricorns are usually GOOD shoppers – they don’t tend to dither around, wasting time and buying naff crap in emo fits of freak-outs or feeling over-whelmed. But they can be weird.

I had a Capricorn boyfriend once who would NEVER shop. It was like he had a shopping disorder. He was skin-flinty to the point of insanity. I have never known a cheaper man. If there was a deemed necessity to go out and buy something such as food for eating (i am not talking about organic quinoa blinis with caviar folks) he would scrounge around the kitchen, just in case there was an option of making something edible with vegemite, 12 pasta spirals he could blow the dust off and the limp zucchini. He earned loads of $$$, just could not bear to spend it – except on guitar stuff (he was a muso) and pornography. It didn’t last long, this thing. AND i am not saying he typical of Capricorn men AT ALL.

But, o.m.g. this is all coming back, I know of ANOTHER Capricorn male and we were not lovers but he wound up as my house guest for weeks on end, cheerily consuming my food etc. Finally I nervously suggested he contribute something to the proceedings (I was less assertive then, it was before Pluto had helpfully trined my Mercury in Aries) and first he sulked, then he bitched it up a bit and then he begrudgingly presented me with a travel pack of laundry sachets. So six little teensy sample size things of laundry powder. This from a guy who was bunging through two loads a day. Odd, no?

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71 thoughts on “Kate Bosworth – Classically Cap? Cap Men – Classically Stingy?

  1. Have Cap male x-friend who only buys black T-shirts and shorts …. all other forms of clothing unnecessary.

    Have Venus in Cap male lover. Too early to say whether he is stingy when it comes to ‘gadgets’ and ‘costumes’ 🙂

  2. I am a Cap sun and I am lmbo at this thread. “surviving on a single piece of gum the entire day to ‘make weight’ with exemplary Cappo focus” ahahahahah. I am one of the few women I know who doesn’t particularly care for shopping, unless it’s food shopping. I relate to Kate – know what you want, get in, get out. I don’t understand the concept of “window shopping.” What the hell is the fun of looking at stuff you are not going to buy? And yet people think I have no problem spending money. Sure I spend money when I shop. But it may have been the one time I went that year. :-} Being out of work, I am experiencing the new sensation of missing shopping. I *can’t* shop right now, and it’s been over a year since I’ve bought new clothes or shoes. Right about now is the time I would go. :-{

  3. This post reminds me of my ex. Capricorn, musician and freeloader. He prefered to spend all his money on instruments and partying and leave it to me to buy all the dull neccesities such as food.

  4. Married a Cap 25 years ago because he was wealthy and generous with me and my 3 kids. He’s dead now but if there are bargains in heaven he’ll find them; would spend on everyone but self.

  5. Lost a very close Cap woman friend a few years ago because of her tightness.
    Use to call her the Money Queen but she did achieve her goals…a fine large house
    in the best suburb, but alas, no mates to share it with. Sad.
    Given a choice, i’ll go for many friends & little money, better value.

    • Work with a double Sun-Moon Cap.

      Aqua Sun, Gem Moon, Aries Mars office mgr. told me yesterday she can’t stand her.

      Thinks she’s self serving but I don’t have that kind of interaction with her. She’s offered me a massage many times but of course it would be a trade 😉

  6. i have a question. my dad (for a variety of very sad reasons) had a lot of trouble in his life and consquently never had any money so i grew up with a man who would resented giving (to me) and so guess what i have the same trouble with money in that i often find myself saying i havent got any money ! (like my dad would say to me) and guess what i have problems budgeting, spending saving the works. i also sometimes resent giving esp for work things. what a suprise hey and i often hear myself sometimes sounding like my dad when i talk about money. this sounds like a blame but its not meant to be its more about wanting to shift this consciousness. has anyone got any ideas on how to do this especially lovingly ? i never have any money (literally) and yet i never seem to go without so some part of my chart does look after me.

    • Bubble–maybe look to Venus for help with that one…feel loved and valuable no matter what the outer circumstances. Also , maybe Jupiter.

  7. I have a Cap sister, yes this is her ways. Our youngest brother is Aries but I feel he’s pretty much like Cappy haven’t done his chart. My eldest son has Capricorn in…oh I don’t know got a headache brewing, but he’s more anal about spending it on anyone. Tight arses the lot of them! I’ve never known anyone to be able to SAVE money whilst being temporarily on the dole. These siblings would even rent the most disgusting depressing hovels to save said money. Shudder!

    Shopping. I loathe it most of the time be it for food, clothes, tents, whatever, dislike it & very quick about it. Research what I want on the net and purchase it there if I can. My idea of a good weekend is not hanging around Harvey Norman, then languishing in a too busy cafe. I’m with Ms Bosworth on that one. Aqua sun.

  8. p.s. my eros in cap. it’s funny that i can’t stand these stingy shrewd qualities in my conscious mind but occasionally find them extremely sexually alluring. I did once have a boyf who was an economist, wore hot suits, cufflinks, grew his own vegetables and distilled his own booze etc. We were so opposite it wasn’t funny. He wasn’t cap tho (he was tres weird ass for a sag, tho would never give me his birth deets), and have never smooched one.

  9. i have one close friend who is totally cappy and she is stingy as all hell. She’s bloody rich cos of it tho. It is actually the one thing that drives me MAD about her, I love her lots but can’t stand a scrooge.

    But the other side of course is that she is ALWAYS shit together, amazingly practical and to be honest, there are elements to her thrift that I do very much admire eg She is the vege co-op queen, has been in the co-op for like 30 years (her mum was in the group that started it) and gets a massive box of veges every week for super cheap. Most people I know in vege co-ops never finish the box and half of it ends up in compost. Ms Cap – no way. No wasting, will challenge herself to cook a million recipes just to use every last bit of wilted mizuna, preserve the lemons and give away the spare apples (that I would happily put in compost cos I am so fussy about apples). As a result she is a fantastic and flexible cook who can always whip up something from nothing. A bugger to go out with tho… That’s the answer perhaps folks, Caps are people who should host & be visited. Don’t host them or go out with them, that’s where the stinge gets annoying!

  10. Capricorn men are soooooper stingy. Actually, all the earth sign men are cheap but caps win because they ALWAYS win at anything they do. One cap man friend was buying bags of ice for a party with his 2 housemates and one of them forgot his wallet. Cappy made him go back and get his wallet so that they could all contribute equally at the P.O.S. for the 4 bags of ice they eventually bought. Another one had outer-suburb grog specials mailed to him so he could get the cheapest bulk-booze. When I pointed out that he was spending extra on fuel, he explained the cheapest service stations were in the same suburbs as the grog shops and he had coupons for those as well.????
    Conversely, my mum is a cap and she loves to shop. Maybe it’s just a man thing?

  11. Funny cuz the Cap men I’ve known have been over-the-top decadent, usually when it came to food, booze, and drugs. But can think of some ways they were stingy too: this one I briefly dated lived in the same apartment with like 6 roommates in a shitty neighborhood forEVER because he was the master tenant and paid cheap rent. He also became a career pick-up artist (SERIOUSLY) and would never buy me a drink (considered it placating to women, lol) but would splurge all the time on these extravagant dinners. He eventually left his dead-end job, where he nonetheless climbed up to manager) to pursue the pick-up thing full-time, released a DVD set and book which made him TONS of money, then blew all the money. Claims he spent 30K on DINNER in one year and bought lots of other ridiculous, extravagant stuff like high-end appliances and Armani tuxes.
    Unfortunately, he was terrible in bed. But Cap to a T in all other ways.

  12. My S.O. has a Cap Moon and fits many of the above descriptions. He doesn’t get eating well and healthy, for him if its cheaper its obviously better because then you save money right? DUH?!

    Travelling with him can be taxing as we ‘splurge’ on plane tickets and then when we get there for our 4 day vacay (he has to work of course), he squibbles on a bottle of wine and this and that and at the end of it I would have rather just stayed at home and gone to the store to get a bottle of nice wine by myself and then drink it at home. Sigh.

    He hasn’t bought new clothes in about 10 years.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love this man to bits and I have to say, that after being with me for a while, he has loosened up a lot.

    I have been training him to try and enjoy his money a bit more. 🙂

  13. One of my Uncles is a low Capp…classic drunkard…lives in a bar from 9am until dinnertime…..staggers home to his dutiful wifey-po,…. who has dinner waiting for him, along with fresh laundry, and a spotlessly clean home… She also works TWO jobs to support his lazy-ass and their three small children…..disgusting.

  14. On the other hand, they are supposed to be hot in bed, so perhaps best to skip the dinner and take them straight back to your boudoir? Luring them with the promise of free drink perhaps. Never mind the shabby clothes, they won’t be needing those.
    But I’m a Scorpio, so my priorities are perhaps a little warped. One of the current pretty things that I’m pursuing is a Capricorn boy, who dresses very snappily (although has a very small wardrobe, so there’s probably something in that) and buys me drinks, so who knows … However, my chances of luring him to my velvet-draped candle-filled boudoir are slim I’m afraid …

      • Honestly? He’s considerably younger, very beautiful (not just me saying this) and a bit of a player. As well as a typical Capricorn hard worker, career oriented, focused, very much a good person for me to learn from even if it just stays as friends – I have that Scorpio tendency to get sidetracked by hedonism and overwhelmed by sex & to prioritise sex over work. I don’t know how anyone else avoids doing this, but they seem to be able to talk to a person without drifting off into a reverie of what the person might look like naked … there I go again dammit.

        • Hehehe…Tati, when my Scorp Asc is quite strong at any time I tend to drift off into imagining what someone might look like naked…in sexual situations 😆 Other times it’s just the Virgo curiousity of wanting to see what they look like naked, purely for observational purposes, sorta like checking out a bug! Like, oh, you have a birth mark in that shape over there…interesting, that sort.
          Honestly, after reading what you wrote, I didn’t think your chances were slim. It’s just boudoir activities, yes? And him being a Cap my hunch said he woudn’t be fazed that he’s younger. And good friends can have sex as long as both are clear about it methinks.

          • Hmmm, I like your argument.

            However, boudoir activities are never “just” sex for a Scorpio I think … we think sex is too important ‘n’ mystical ‘n’ stuff.

    • My once upon a time Cappy guy was a Kung Fu Master and I was nuts about him. He gave me a wonderful large green dragon candle that I still have here today (got it out when I had the ghost last month along with my pix of Buddah for protection…I call the Dragon my “big guns”).

      Cappy was the messenger (on a spiritual level), even if he did eat hot dogs in the movie theatre, fall asleep and snore and, be a near cheater….Or flirt extrodinaire.

      We had a lunch time love affair for the most part but more importantly, he was the catalyst for change that was part of my transtion from being married to being not married. Heaven sent that man.

      His sun conj. my Moon. Who cared if he was cheap? I’d never know because our relationship was not about that. The sex was great and he was a dear friend and spiritual guide. Even though eventual heartache as he was non commital, that was just the point. He was part of my growth as to “living on the edge” as he called it.

      Six years older than me. Wonder what he’s up to now a days….

      • I read somewhere that a lover who`s sun or moon conj your sun or moon is a karmic connection…don`t know if it`s true or what.

        • That might explain my longing to be with a Saggo colleague 19 yrs my junior. Even had a dream of him speaking a language I couldn’t understand. It felt like a past life dream. He dreamed of me too.
          My moon is in Sagg.

          • Wow Scorpalish,

            So you can compare notes with him like that? Cool.

            On a humorous note, reminds me of the 17 yr younger “two night stand” …as opposed to a “one night stand” 🙂 that I had with a guy who didn’t speak any english…

            Your dream sounds very intriguing.

          • yeah we were friends – we worked together for about 4 years. I use to dream about him a lot and only told him about the innocent dreams and one day he said “i had a dream about you… but you don’t wanna know what it was about” He clearly DID want me to know otherwise he wouldn’t have mentioned it and it was obvious that it was a sexual dream. Lots of sexual tension that never went anywhere because we worked in the same department. A lot of people noticed the chemistry. I left the company 2 years ago and we’re friends on Facebook but that’s about it. End of story. He still pops up in my dreams but i’m over the whole younger man thing.

            I do recall your “two night stand” with the guy who didn’t speak any English. Who needs words! 😉

      • Yeah guys, actually, with the ex Pisces I’ve often mentioned here, the person he did run off with for awhile had her Moon conj. his Sun in 12th. Can’t really blame the pull, you know? She was a Gemini and he told me that the first thing she said when they met was “you and I are going to get married and have a baby”. Said he was scared. They did have the child but no marriage. Guess when his folks came from Iran, she was mean to them. I’d already met his dad years before and called him “Ba-Ba”. He was very kind.

        She Aries Mars though and him Leo Mars/Mn. Guess at one point he called her a bitch because she was being quite nasty after the son was born. She slapped him across the face.

        Ugly drama….Yikes. So of course other elements play in but have this astro book about marriage. The astrologer contends that huge marriage indicators are Sun-Moon conjunction or opposition and well, heck, my ex Cancer husband’s Sun opp. my Moon! We were always just very comfortable with the whole marriage thing from the start. He purposed to me over the phone one month after we met while he was visiting Iran. They tried to rope him into the arranged marriage thing but he prevailed. Speaking of whom, am actually typing on a portion of my book today and taking a break right now along with hopefully getting to the pool as need that balance (and besides my arse hurts lol…) but he was a husband of mine in Lemuria (sounds nuts I know but true…).

        Never the less, a person’s Sun-Moon midpoint as well is a huge point as far as soul feelin’ type stuff. Of course the Sun and Moon have to do with the animus/anima and the fulfilling of those natures.

        The Pisces and me did not have the Sun Moon thing in hard aspect (My Aries Sun was trine his Leo Moon/Mars and my Uranus), but we did have the nodal connection…My Moon conj. his Venus-SN in my 8th. That was a hugie and made it extremely hard to let go on both ends overall but was necessary to transform lots of unconscious/past life stuff.

        Glad it’s behind me now and wow, never thought I’d get to a place where I can write about it all. Was always an emotional basket case but Gem rising as I am kept notes..he,he 😉

      • As a solar Cap, I find that I really loathe wasting. Everything from my paper grocery bags, to the twisty ties that close the bread bag, to the Gladware my lunch meat comes in are re-used. Yogurt containers, gift wrap, old band t-shirts (these get cut up into cleaning rags), etc. are used again and again. I can go on forever. I am also quite handy with coupons. NEVER EVER WASTE. 🙂
        I also have this thing where I won’t spend more than $7 on a shirt.
        Thankfully, Target’s clearance racks and Goodwill have treated me well.

    • “However, my chances of luring him to my velvet-draped candle-filled boudoir are slim I’m afraid …”

      Oh no, Tati, I wouldn’t believe that at all. I agree with UPV.

      A Cappy (as Moon myself) would love a velvet draped candle filled boudoir but you just don’t always find it apparent on the outside. Esp. men though love that as they love a sanctuary in the women in their lives. Just depends on if one wants to be a sanctuary and what is the exchange or price?

      • Aww you guys 🙂
        I’m not sure I’m safe and calm enough to count as a sanctuary – there’s part of me that will always be the dominant, slightly scary Scorpio – not sure I know how to be nurturing – of myself or anyone else.
        I suspect that to me, the price is too high – the idea of giving up my independence & autonomy is anathema to me.

  15. But OF COURSE. I do recall going on ONE SINGLE SOLITARY date with a Cappo Male where we had sushi, which wasn’t at all out of hand but when the server came round to ask if we wanted anything more, he actually looked frightened. Even the way he prised out his ATM card showed severe economy of motion, his fingers begrudgingly letting go of the plastic.

    And for as much as he would get on a health jag by ahem, yes running for miles wearing a plastic suit to encourage weight loss, surviving on a single piece of gum the entire day to “make weight” with exemplary Cappo focus – he otherwise survived on cheap burgers, tacos and the roach coach. And yet as Salacious pointed out certainly enjoyed the spoils when others would foot the bill.

    Ditto my Grifter Capp sister. AND Ditto the Philandering Cappo Ex of my Secret Scorp GF who actually put her on a measly allowance whilst expecting her to do everything like she was the designated House Slave for his comfort.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good bargain and a swollen bank account like only a Cancer could, but I see no point in being miserly. I could die tomorrow for one, and unless I was going on an ego-salving spend bender, doesn’t it all even out anyway?

  16. True, I know a stingy bastard of a Cap male. Rich as Croesus but dresses like a hobo, ruthless in business and specializes in getting people to do stuff for no pay.

    He got some woofers to work on his property, clearing lantana and planting fruit trees, no shops for miles, no catering, no shower or toilet and housed them in an empty shipping container (byo sleeping bag). Then wondered why they didn’t want to stay. And I thought slavery had been abolished.

    When these facts are pointed out to him by certain a feisty uncooperative Virgo, he laughs demonically. HE HAS NO SHAME (Thank God not all Caps are like that.)

  17. Having a double Cap mother, I can attest that they’re good with budgeting, which was handy after my parents’ divorce and everything was up in the air.
    She could be frugal, but I wouldn’t describe her as stingy at all. She was generous and encouraged me to do the same. (We share Piscean Moon, could that be it? We have a psychic connection, with dreams where we are in touch with each other) Not to the point where we then had nothing to ourselves, but definitely no stinginess. She likes well-made things, so they last, which makes sense.
    I don’t know of any other Caps, or at least I don’t know if their signs are Caps, hehehe…

  18. two particular caps in my life, a close auntie, and a best friend. Both have made an absolute motza, from hard, shrewd, honest life activity, that gives back ten fold to the community. One an orthopaedic surgeon, the other a business person. Love them dearly, they both have a great sense of humor, and know when, and when not to, use it. Masters. Good people. The money/sex axis is a problem, both still haven’t worked that one out.

    • Davidl my Cap story also involves issues with the money/sex axis. He was a strange mix of stingy & extravagant. Stingy towards himself, extravagance was all in the aid of getting laid.

      He literally lived through his sexual partners – and was happy to admit it.

      • One of the caps mentioned above, has always favored sexual partners that are turned on by his position and money. Its like he appreciates the importance they place on his money and position ? Those that don’t, and appreciate his other qualities , don’t get any respect. ?

        • With mine I think he wanted a relationship, that had a clear transactional element – sex exchanged for money, money & money exchanged for status etc. Didn’t exactly disprespect people whio didn’t operate that way, just couldn’t comprehend them.

  19. My Cap mom was a queen of coupon clipping and bulk shopping! My only complaint was that she was more into quantity than quality.

  20. Hmm, I’m a Cap and, maybe it’s the moon in Leo, but my god do I like spending!! I figure that I work hard to make the comfortable $$s I do so I should spend it just as hard. (multitudes of netbank transfers take care of all those all importnat details on payday, leaving me with only the spending budget touchable anyway)

    Hate going shopping though, but only because I can’t stand the meandering hordes of zombies shambling about like it’s the first time they’ve seen stores. I mean can’t they at least organise what they were going there for prior to arriving and thinking, “Oh..ummmm…well it looks like the amll, but…. oh.. hmm, “etc.

    Finally, what’s wrong with making a tuna mornay for the week’s dinner from a $3 tin of tuna, 75c tin of tomatoes, 80c bag of pasta, $1 sachet of cheese-sauce an onion? Five meals for $5.55, bring that sh!t on!!

    • Yes, yes, if there’s one thing more horrific than shopping-malls, it is mall-shoppers. I put on my Saturn-in-first-house scary face and weave through the throngs like I’m delivering a transplant organ and STAT. The shopping then becomes a targeted stealth operation. Although, I think I almost made a shopping assistant cry once when she asked ‘can I help’ and I said ‘I’d rather you didn’t’.

      • delivering a transplant organ… Exactly! Totally with your strategy Lexicorn but there is no Cap in my chart… oh, hang on, IC in Cap… so I already know how to do some Cappiness right? I have a range of pleasant yet effective techniques to deflect shop assistants the millisecond they approach me.

        When we moved to a small regional town, my focussed, city type walking to slice through the masses just didn’t work. I used to totally overshoot the end of the street (its not that long!) and people used to look at me like ‘where’s the fire?’. However, by applying city focus in a small town one can get all one’s business done in 45 minutes or less including registering the car!

      • LOL & OMG, I do the exact same thing in malls! Hate them! Love the new town center thing – fresh air between shops, and a break from the vacant eyes of consumers who actually enjoy the process. And all that canned air & fluorescent lighting. Ugh.

    • I know what you mean! I am a Cap, Leo moon, Sag rising. The Cap in me NEVER buys anything full price (unless it’s something extremely useful and fulfilling ie. my $600 nikon camera or saving up several grand for a trip). It is extremely rare that I do, and if it does happen, I weigh out the pros and cons like mad. Plus, the quality must be pretty damn good which is rare in today’s world… I also quite dislike buying new clothing. Almost 3/4 of my wardrobe is from second-hand stores. Regardless, I stay true to my personality AND style…I do like staying up to date with fashions and whatnot. Although I wouldn’t say I’m understated in what I wear. I like loud colors and strange combinations. I am also quite gaudy about my accessories. Must be my Leo moon…

  21. You so right. We is tight.
    Even if I had cash to throw around (I work in the arts, so I don’t) I couldn’t bear spending too large on clothes (as much as I dig the fashions and all). It seems so incredulous and wrong. Sag-rising ex once spent $700 on a shirt! A SHIRT. I ranted for hours, the starving-kiddies-in-africa made an appearance. (yes, I do have a sponsor child, which I prioritise over accessories).
    Actually kinda pride myself on having never paid over $120 for a single item of clothing, and they were shoes.
    Leo friend spent $180 on gourmet meal on the weekend, and left hungry. I wish I could do such things, but would find myself in the kitchen asking the Chef who the hell he thinks he is, etc etc etc.

    • It IS satisfying to get a bargin isn’t it Lexicorn? I mean thats just damn smart, you know? As long as it’s not low quality and ends up a waste of money though.

      Have a pair of cowboy boots that were about as much as you spent on your shoes.

      I mean really, you can’t take this crap with you. People spend their whole lives aquiring stuff and have to leave it behind when they die!

    • Lexicorn – love it! I can relate. More than $30 for a pair of shoes is a lot to me. Sigh. Yet I never shop at the ultra cheap shoe shops, b/c if you spend much less than that, they don’t last. Name-brand warehouse stores are my thing. Made for Cappies, lol. Sometimes I envy those folks who have had the joy of throwing crazy amounts of bucks at jeans, shoes, cars, or experiences like the gourmet meal, but I couldn’t do it either.

  22. Cappy Moon and do like to check out my coupons before going to the super market and like having a list of what I need in hand. DO like being organized in that way.

    Don’t go to malls, despise shopping really except when I need a particular thing/item.

    Can’t say I’m cheap though as when I got some winnings gave both my girls a thousand dollars and at a time when I got back surgery settlement money bought my daughter a lap top and took her and her friend to Hawaii. Often picked up the bill at restaurants and when with my girls asked if there was anything they wanted.

    Had tons of fun shopping back then when could swipe the debit card with nary a care.

    I’m actually quite disasterous at savings (and this for Cap Moon in 8th) but the universe always gifts me something just about the time I’m ready to go over the edge. Maybe thats where the Aries part comes in. Realized it’s true “fools rush in where angels dare to tread”. Just not happy without a little edge..How freaking boring…

    • Love a bargain too, but can never bring myself to use a coupon in case people see me use it and think I couldn’t already afford the stuff… Again, that’s probably the Leo Moon hahaha

      • Think that’s a good point Nate as far as what motivates astro sign wise.

        Cappy Moon in me is like “yeah, I saved me a couple freakin’ bucks!”

        I screwed the system right back!


        • Oh, so it must be my Leo moon!? I loathe coupons, would never use one. I feel their energy is just bad juju somehow. I have worked in many service jobs over the years, and I have somehow come to equate coupon use to a certain personality type.. time and time again it is demanding rude people wanting a further discount on top of the coupon discount.. really it is just embarrassing.
          On the other hand, I am a saver to the max.. I think carefully about my spending. I try and plan lunches to take to work, (doesn’t always happen) I hate shopping most of the time. I buy only what is totally needed. Coupons are usually a minimal discount on a service or product that is actually a luxury.. so I sort of think.. what is the point on saving $5 on whatever, when you are spending over the top on shoes? Kind of like having a skinny latte with a slice of mud cake.

          • Well, am certainly never demading when I use a coupon and with todays technology, all the check out person has to do is scan the thing. More likely a case of the employee not wanting to be bothered with all due respect.

            A lady was just shown on tv yesterday a.m. who feeds her family on pennies, literally pennies a month as she does the coupon thing very creatively. I say more power to her. Smart chick. When I was a homemaker for seven years, I ran my house like a well oiled machine and did my coupons and felt satisfaction that my husband’s hard earned money was put to good use. After all, our house pmt. back in the early 80’s was $1,100 and one must do what one must do w/kids, a home etc.

            My Mom a Leo Moon and grew I up embarrassed that she threw such pretense around for all and sundry to hear how much my Dad made, etc.

  23. Err, as a Cap (sun, merc, venus, vesta) I’m not really sure if the shopping stuff is ENTIRELY true (for a girl, anyways…)

    I do like to meander and fondle stuff in stores. I admire the spangly dangly stuff I’ll never buy but just sigh over it. I’m definitely a “never pay retail” girl. I NEVER buy anything full price, even if it’s the mostest perfect thing ever in the history of time. I just wait for it to go on sale, be reduced, have a % off day in the shop.

    If I do buy at full price in a fit of emo/ lust/ boredom, I tend to just get sick to the stomach when I look at it later on. Still. Even after years, I just think – Gawd, I paid FULL PRICE for that.

    But the relationship sharing stuff is spot on. The old quote about Caps in love goes something like this:
    Cap – “Honey, what’s yours is mine. And what’s mine is… yeah, just mine.”

    I’m totally like that. It’s a free for all when someone else is spending, but when it’s me – sale items only, stretching resources to the outer limits, expecting $$ to be offered as contribution, trying to be as frugal as poss.

    It did backfire, however. I had to cater for some ridiculous work “birthday” morning tea (where everyone gets another worker’s b’day to cater for. Fuq that’s annoying. What’s wrong with a card??) I bought pizzas from the supermarket just before closing – they were a great bargain and I was assured they were still fresh, just “reduced to clear.”

    The next day, I served them up, everyone devoured them heartily – but I noticed the smell of a bit of meat on the edge of one slice just wasn’t quite right. (I’m veggo so all meat smells wrong… BUT…) I was SURE everyone would be poisoned. I was in a cold sweat all day – but nothing happened! Everyone was fine. But that cut it too close for me. Potential food poisoning all for the sake of saving a few bucks. Nuh-uh. Not again. I learnt my lesson.

    I guess unlike others, I just don’t like spending and depleteing my bank accounts. I like the numbers to keep going up, getting closer and closer to the next big milestone. Why ruin that by actually spending?? Anyone else’s cash, I’m SO there but my own? Too painful. I actually get the shakes when I have big expenses to outlay.

  24. Mystic yes, yes, yeeees. I too had a Cap guy who earned big dollars and I mean mega dollars and I earned 1/4 his pay. Yet he moved in with me so he could get $880 a WEEK rent for his place for 10 months (visiting Scandanavians) and then he happily ate, washed did whateva, had fab sex, bossed me around and told me how to spend, run my house etc etc and narry a celery stick did I see. Not even a bottle of milk and a loaf of bread, though he was tres organic etc. I of course am a health freak too, so I footed the bill. Finally I grew the balls(? not sure if women can say this but you get my drift?) and said adieu. After he left he wanted to take me out to fab places and still continue to have fab sex. That was the one fab past time we enjoyed together but alas it was not enough for me to stay as his stingyness drove me batty to the max.

  25. overseas trips and property = Good Things. food and clothing are boring consumables that turn into scraps and poo. = Not Profitable / enjoyable in long term.
    (holiday = good in long term because = new experiences, nice memories and conversation fodder for when hotties are around.)

    • I agree, makes perfect sense to spend on hols and props.. Property is an investment darling, and i bet the holiday involved networking and new job opps. ‘Tis the Capricious way.

      • I believe life should be enjoyed in the moment, why wait for snippets of time to enjoy it on designated holidays and trips. Why not try to do both?!?
        Mars is in Leo, come one and live it

  26. My bestie is a capman & I Lol reading this!
    Lives like a poor man… Tick! Hardly goes clothes shopping…. Tick! If he does goes clothes shopping it is for like a second… Tick! Eats peasant food (he calls it a diet…pfft!!)… Tick! Earns a squillion bucks….Tick!

    He splurged this year on overseas trips & property….. which is very odd? Did he lose his mind??

    • Hmm Baristagem, the only time my one splurged was when a mate of his fell off the perch leaving squillions to family he detested. So emthinks he thought he had better spend some! Yes, he went overseas but stayed in a youth hostel, though he could have splurged!

    • Lol, financial lingo tis the language of Capricorns 🙂 In fact, I think they INVENTED it.

      So, to tanslate Cappy brain –

      Clothes and food = loose value/ cannot make gains ie “Pfft, Liabilities”
      OS trips and property = gain knowledge/networking/exotic lovers/rent/increase investment portfolio ie “A$$ET$!”

      Ever talked stocks with a Cap? Even if they don’t know a thing about Wall st etc it’s still incredible how natural it is for them…it’s almost as if their brains are hard-wired to the stock markets…BTW I LOVE a good Cap, they’re a fab bunch 🙂

    • For the Aussies this year so far- the cost of overseas trips are down an average of 5.6% compared to 2.3% domestically. Property prices are down too…a better time to buy, as eventually the prices will increase:-)) Fiscal fitness!!!

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