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Britt Eckland with Bhudda figures

“I’m a perfect Libra. I have all the best traits of that sign – balance, harmony, diplomacy, a love of beautiful things, creativity. I have never been physically attracted to a Gemini.”

Britt Eckland in The Observer

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85 thoughts on “I Am The Perfect Libra

  1. …. I have never been honest with anyone in my life…
    … I enjoy manipulating people with my good looks….
    … I am extremely lazy…. I enjoy orgies…..

  2. i pretend to like men when im really into women….. i can look you straight in the face with my big blue beautiful eyes and tell you i love you but i wouldnt piss on you if you were on fire….

      • I know a libran woman like that…. she is low libra. Like Basement level low libra….

    • Damons more than a dozen of my best gfrnds are Librans, & there’s zilch crap behaviours among em. quite the opposite. like all signs, there’s the good, the bad & the horrid spread across the board. speaking of boards – trust the god/dess of waves continues to smile in your direction!! πŸ˜‰

      • Yes true … trust and faith…. Things sure are slow and a bit hazy at the mo tho . Libran women REALLY appeal to me BIG TIME , love their attitude, looks, outlook on life etc.. great in bed etc…. oops.

  3. I miss out on heaps by not getting it on with Geminis. I can’t be a real Libra at all because I’m not into Geminis. And because I have no sense of tact.

  4. I’m a perfect Pisces. I have all the best traits of that sign – vagueness, compassion, dissembling, spaciness, a love of beautiful men, any men, creativity. I have never been physically attracted to a Libra.

  5. the Ex Ex Gem Surfing Barrister & I had MANY good years together & we’re still friends. hwas on hand to rectify recent traffic misdemeanor…..

    BTW didnt Britt spend years getting beaten up by Peter Sellers?
    or am I remembering her 80’s biography incorrectly??

    • RLP we know you’re a gorgeous haute Libby Fleur so don’t take the mirth personal like mate … afterall it is the month of Libra and so far we’ve had a crack at Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo. Although one wonders if anyone’s got the cahones to take the mikey out of Scorp’s who are up next month!

      • can’t wait for the Scorp one! mwahaha πŸ˜†

        and guess what prowlncat? That low libran spawn of the devil i work with has finally resigned!! She was kind of forced to – talk about a completely unbalanced and unhinged Libran… miserable in her job, made everyone else miserable, practically had the whole office contemplating resigning just so they could get away from her and she couldn’t make a decision to resign. Unbelievable!! Boy is she going to have a tough Saturn transit.

        I am thrilled to bits by her resignation. Karma’s working. *happy dance* πŸ˜€

        • cool bananas scorpy – tho we knew that was gonna sort itself whilst you patiently did your Scorpy/Cap Asc thang. And yes sounds like there will be a hitting of ground zero for that particular Libran.

        • SR well in the end, once everyone was dragged along her path of procrastination, now everyone has a chance to be happy….this change gives her an opportunity for self growth, and you can all breathe again. Yay…

        • Hooray robots! Great news. “…this too shall pass…” its true.
          Hope you are enjoying your work more now.

          • the darkest hour is just before dawn. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s my future! Mars in my career zone for 8-9 months! More freedom, more creative expression. Yay!

            LL, yes this IS an opportunity for self growth for the awful woman but i’m not sure she’s getting the message. 10 people have made complaints about her – TEN!!!! and she thinks they’re all deluded. Just found out she wants to come back here and freelance. WTF! The coast is not clear just yet.
            I will vibe Saturn Girl and stay calm.

          • I always think if more than a couple of people say I’ve got a tail, then I better be checking my ass. This chick is in DENIAL! Big time.

          • it always amazes me how one person can have such a huge negative impact on the group….and it always resolves with them choosing to leave…because no-one wants to have to make them to leave, in case they go postal…

      • hey prowlers Zip personal reaction here sweet pea!!

        BTW the ONLY Low Lib (Femme) I know just spent bday week ingesting much “stuff” (food / booze / other), & then loud n proud trotted off to known fashionista health spa….. Ok each to their own….. but she aint the SJP……

        everyone gets a fair run in these parts, xox

  6. I don’t know if it’s appropriate to use this site to post blogs unrelated to a specific posting. Needless to say, I am happy to be led by you, Mystic. But I have been thinking about Mystic’s post re Moon in Cancer and last night I had an amorous dream about an ex (broke up with him 20 years ago!) who in lived reality was arrogant and emotionally abusive. The break up was horrible and the lack of support I received from “friends” made me re-evaluate everything. It was a dark, lonely night of the soul that lasted for many years. I wasn’t into astrology then but I think the event coincided with Pluto transiting (conj) my natal Neptune.

    But why on earth would I have a positive, lustful dream with someone who was so horrible in real life? Is it about lack of resolution? A quality that he possesses that I need to tap into within myself?

    I ask without presumption of a reply and apologies, Mystic, if I have inappropriately taken advantage of your site in posing this query.

    Welcome back by the way. It was lovely to recieve your daily scope this morning!

    • males dream about having sex with their exes, even the real bitches.. the sex can be great when the relationship is absolutely toxic. Class it as a nightmare and make a simple statement of conclusion….the sex was great sometimes, buuut, Im totally never going back to that shite again, its over.

      • Thanks David, that insight is very helpful. Thank you for taking the trouble to reply. Yes, the great sex/toxicity parallel is sadly true on occasions.

      • Dude , i had 2 of those dreams last night . Am im fuqd for life now , like am i going to be thinking of her for the rest of my days??? Im saying its over OVER but you know if she rang me next week id be there in 2 seconds. Weak ? Disturbed? Obsessed? Bewitched? also do you think women dream of sex with their ex’s ? Im waking up at 3.30 – 4am most days having full on conversations as in telepathic? with my ex . Im tired of it ! Ive been to see my spiritual advisor/psychic re all this and im on the program but its testing me !!!

        • damons – you need to start a purging ritual…and go cold turkey. delete all numbers…destroy all reminders. change the sheets, open the blinds…clean clean clean….get thee a sage smudge stick….and get all the negative out of anywhere she’s been.
          because in your mind you’re still believing that you can fix it.

          unless you want to fix it?

          • Yeah ive done all of the above … the one place she has been that i dont usually EVER let anyone into is my head! just when i seem to be getting there the thoughts just roll in like a thick fog??? or like these fricken dust storms were having at the mo… and really i didnt do any thing shes the one who did the 180 overnight??? Typical libra ive been told ? Only one woman has ever had me in such a state before and she was a libra also it took me three years to get over her!! oh im thinking of hypnosis maybe that will help????

          • so Mystic is right that Aqua boys are suckers for the treat ’em mean keep ’em keen approach eh Damons? Sounds like obsession to me – which, in my humble opinion is not love. Obsession happens for me when I perceive that someone has something that I want, but do not personally possess. It’s all an illusion created by an immature ego state that you kind of grow out of because it’s so fuqing not fun after awhile. I’m not trying to imply that you are immature here, just attempting to describe how the path of emotional development has worked out for me. Usually love is there right in front of your face but it gets overlooked by the ego’s need to pursue the unattainable. Look at what’s in front of you, learn to appreciate it, enjoy the moment and realise that it is not better anywhere else than where you are right here would be my advice. πŸ™‚

    • I might add something if it’s not too late. Sex symbolizes union and harmony. Sex with a dickhead ex may symbolize that you’ve internally integrated what you needed to learn from that whole episode. It may also be an acknowledgment that he or the relationship wasn’t all bad but had some redeeming qualities. Ambivalence is underrated sometimes.

      If the dream was good/felt good, I’d say it’s getting you to look at the positives that came out of your experience with him. (The truth about the state of your friendships, growth, strengthening of your identity etc)

  7. Er… I meant “receive”..”i” before “e’, except after “c”…..

  8. rewriting Britt’s (obviously edited by other media) schpeel above – in my own strive for balance & harmony, tis more balancing snowboarding, heels on cobble stones, or a schedule that’s currently running in one of 2 extremes ; & harmony, in-tune with the early summer ramp-up of in-house entertainment, relates to the soundtrack of life.
    OK yep re loving beautiful things – who doesn’t?
    what’s with the non Gem attraction thing tho?

    her ‘True Britt’ documented much of what famous beauties endure. Apparently Peter Seller saw her pic & deemed marriage on that basis. Years of booze abuse later, they split.

    David l – what’s yr Rod Stewart point – wasn’t she a mere blip on his radar or am I missing something?? am no fan, just curious…..

    Libran moment of the night ::
    irked by latent waft of cig odour in mon mane,
    put lavender room mist spray to good use,
    & FAB results to report!!
    *inhales hair aroma*….. contemplates myriad of products per star sign……. what do Caps & Aquas crave??

    • do caps just want to be left alone?

      i know so many aquas but i hesitate to presume what the y crave πŸ™‚

      • UP – but what be their ideal product? i.e dogged by someone elses cig smoke in my clean shining mane FINALLY put lavender spray to good (new) use. what products are inherently Cap / Aqua??

        • Ah RLP i see. ok. well i dont know if its a product, but all the aquas i know would fight to the death for independence – particularly psychological independence.

          cappy product: a challenging, funny, informative book is my guess.

        • I am Cap and my man is Aqua. The first gift I ever bought him was a bottle of Lush HAPPY HIPPY shower gel… I know, I know, the fumes etc of the actual store but this is the only product I have from there and we both LOVE it! It is grapefruity citrus zingy smelling. So I would have to agree with the Sunlight Soap too but I have banned soap as it is too painful to clean off the bath.. only shower gels and liquids = no scum and easy cleaning.

          As the Happy Hippy is a treat because I have to get it online/mailorder as the nearest smelly shop is 12 hours away, the appearance of a bottle of the stuff in our shower sends HIM into shivers of glee and statements of “oh I love this stuff! come here and let me wash you in it too!

        • LOVE sunlight soap & Happy Hippy gel!!

          UP so burning an essence called Independence that be ONLY recommended for Caps non? could also be a shampoo range…..

  9. I’m a perfect Cancer. I have all the best traits of that sign – intuitive, creative, gourmet chef and brilliant blow jobs.

    ooh I’m in a naughty mood today.

  10. I am the Perfect Gemini.

    Witty, charming, multi-faceted great writer, intellectual powerhouse, and with none of those “low Gem” qualities Mystic always loves to slap on us: amoral, two-faced, etc.

    In fact, I’ve had plenty of chances to cheat, or cheat with friends’ boyfriends (eek!) and always put them in their place.

    So put that in your pipe and smoke it!

    • I am the amoral, cheating version of a gemini. Gievn it up now, but geeze it was fun. Have no idea if I’m witty as noone around me speaks enough english to laugh at my jokes.

  11. ….. & maybe for all those reason I have never been physically attracted to Librans… I don’t believe in perfection. lol

  12. Okay – her name is spelt both ways.

    Here is the challenge.

    You have to say: I am an XXX. I have all the best traits of that sign: X, X, X, X and X (five traits) I have never been physically attracted to an X. Other sign.

    It will be an interesting astrological lesson. Unless of course you are lying. I know some of you have already done it, above. Lol. I don’t know WHY she felt it important to say she had never been physically attracted to a Gemini. I am the opposite with them. Maybe it was a reference to one in particular?

  13. I am a Gemini. I have all the best traits of that sign: Fresh, fast, fun, busy & flexible. I have never been physically attracted to a Libran.

  14. I am Capricorn and have all the best traits associated: intelligence, loyalty, humour, integrity, bills all paid. Have never been attracted to a noisy Leo.

  15. I am a Sagittarius. I have all the best traits associated with that sign: optimism, adventuring spirit, lack of pretension, honesty and humour. I have never been physically attracted to an Aries.

  16. I am a Cancer. I have all the best traits associated with that sign- nurturing, sensual, protective and a great mother (not a great cook, tsk tsk). I have never been physcially attracted to an Aries.

  17. Now i get it.
    I am a Saggittaire:
    Freedom & generosity a requirement & a lot of other tests (unconscious of course),
    to be my friend.
    Cannot abide mediocrity because of my expansive nature, Jupiter.
    Being within walls is alien to me, but Capricornian Saturn keeps me striving, & often at odds
    with my Sun = money to buy freedom, money for ‘gambling & ambling’ my way thro my path.

    If i was a horse i would need blinkers & restless in my stall waiting for take off.
    Knitting always remind me of Madame de Farge in the ‘Tale of two Cities’, knitting
    her way thro the French Revolution.
    Both my Mars & Venus in earth signs would account for my chosen profession.
    So today, i jump into the public arena and…gulp…advertise & put myself out there.

    Mystic, hope you enjoyed Melba a lot!
    ‘Succulent success dribbling down the chin of ambition’…………..lines spoken by writer friend.
    And ‘boredom is up market depression’ by another. Love them both. I love all writers here & everwhere.

    My funk has lasted 7 weeks. That’s huge for a Sagg. If i was a Bull, i would be pawing the ground.
    Have now to pay a $350 traffic fine for being early over a level light flashing barriered
    tram crossing by 2 seconds.
    When a Saggo’s luck runs out, it is a serious business:-).
    Jupiter Jupiter where for art thou?
    A Libran just called to ask if i would take him & his cat to the Vet. How
    could i refuse that voice AND an cat that needs a Doctor.
    My alter ego is ‘Nannie Frannie’ for the animal kingdom.

    Is this on thread?
    Ceres into Scorpio today as well? That would be like Mother & Father shakin’ & wakin’ us up?
    Emotions from Scorp in the Matrix. What was that beautiful Italian movie from eons ago ‘Brother Sun, Sister Moon’. A well known director?

  18. i am an aquarian. i have all the best traits associated with that sign:
    unorthodoxy, freedom, intellectual independence, progressivism and perversity.
    i have never been attracted to a cancerian.

  19. hehehe.
    i too am an aquarian. (this is like an AA meeting)
    i have all the best traits associated with that sign.
    i am eccentric, unique, zany, dedicated to helping others, progressive,eclectic, accepting.
    i have never been physically attracted to a Virgo.
    wait…keanu in Speed…drool.
    make that I have never been attracted to another Aquarian.

  20. I am a Scorpio. I have all the best traits associated with that sign:
    Passionate, sensitive, brave, just, insightful.
    I have never been attracted to a non-human.
    What can I say? I’m a Scorpio……..

  21. OK, try again:

    I am the Perfect Gemini. I have all the best traits associated with that sign.

    Witty, charming, multi-faceted, great writer, intellectual powerhouse. I have never been physically attracted to a boring Taurus.

  22. I am a Scorpio.

    I have all the best traits associated with sign including Lusty, Intuitive, Comfortable with dark things in life and people, a newly coined interest in the Occult, and a deep affinity with the Ocean.

    I have never been physically attracted to a Sagg. (I think. But my mum is one and I love her dearly!)

  23. prowln, you are probably correct . Im immature in some ways and a babe in the woods when it comes to love. Limited experience in that realm. Had countless ego driven flings and now at this stage of life (37) im looking for my perception of love . Nothing or no one is staring me in the face right now i dont really get out much and when i do its to a foriegn land usually inhabited by natives or im isolated …. Im constantly approached by women 10 – 20 years older than me as the coastal town i live in is one huge retirement village and im over it!!! Girls that i like dont like me and the ones that like me i cant stand the thought of them .. its all fuqd up. Thanks for the insight tho and im obsessed and about to go see a shrink.

  24. I am a gemini. I am clever, literate, sparkly, growing younger by the day, interested in everything, and slightly amoral. I don’t consider the last trait to be negative. I have never been attracted to a boring ugly stupid person or a clingy nostalgic Cancerian (male, that is, I adore the females), or a male scorpio, who are incredibly unlike their female counterparts in that they are staid, predictable, reliable and have terrible taste in movies.

    Mystic – have you noted the incredible difference between males and females of the same signs?

  25. Damons, a Psych can do nought, only time & taking control of you thoughts.
    This is real experience talking here.
    Part of it is what you can’t have you want, simple really.
    Ask yourself ‘why would i love someone who doesn’t love me?’ That doesn’t honour you?

    • True pegasus , they say the kind of thing im or maybe all of us are looking for as in TRUE LOVE is very rarely attainable in a lifetime so maybe im being unrealistic about it all and really should be focusing on some sort of a career at this stage of life i guess. Children i can take it or leave it, same goes for money and material possessions . Happiness , well i dont need anyone to be happy ,im already happy , well i was… Love is a freakin minefield im starting to believe. Maybe ill just stay a batchelor….?

      • Damons, sounds to me that in your efforts to sort through this intense time that you’ve had (that has not lived up to your expectations), that you are bringing in too many rules, and therefore causing yourself anxiety. It is quite normal for our dreams & thoughts to allow anything and everything to pop up. Its all part of the sifting process. You don’t have to take it all literally. Our minds generate random thoughts all day long – we don’t engage with every single thought we have do we? Learn to peacefully observe your thoughts & feelings and let them go.

        My advice to you right now:
        * See this time as learning something about yourself. Yes this Libran person may have triggered some things in you, but the challenge now is not to sit around crying into your beer, but to really look at YOUR behaviour and learn some thing useful about the different parts of YOURSELF.

        * Do find a good shrink/psychologist/counsellor and ask them to help you separate the issues. Especially ask them about ego & projection and for some techniques that can help you observe your thoughts and feelings and not engage with/be swamped by them. Acceptance & Commitment Therapy has many good simple techniques for this.

        * Buy a copy of ‘Intimacy & Solitude’ by Stephanie Dowrick ASAP!!! This will help you separate your stuff from that of your partners. Also find ‘Manhood’ by Steve Biddulph. I think I may have recommended this to you before?

        * For now, love, approve & take care of your self & stop looking for love and affirmation from elsewhere.

        Hope this helps x

        • Great advice there Nat.

          Damons i second that suggestion re buying β€˜Intimacy & Solitude’ by Stephanie Dowrick ASAP!!! It’s a FAB book!

          I agree with Pegs advice too. I use to chase the unattainable. It might be okay in one’s 20’s or even 30’s but once you hit 40, well it just gets really tiring, life becomes more precious and why waste it pining for someone.

        • fuqin awesome advice nat – I might actually do some of that myself!!! Well I’m already doing it … but a little more can’t hurt. Thanx πŸ™‚

          • you gave some pretty good advice to Damo further up the post prowlncat. You’re definitely doing it all right but hey, Saturn always appreciate more work and your comment had that getting real vibe about it. I’m loving being a Saturn Girl right now.

  26. I’m a Libran. I am a lover of peace, justice, beauty, poetry and LOVE! I have never been physically attracted to a Capricorn (but managed to lose my virginity with one.)

  27. That was really good advice Nat.
    Dreams are by nature random and your emotions way of processing gunk.
    I hearby vow to let go of all the dreams and thoughts I have that don’t seem to make sense, and let it be part of the random process.

    I am the perfect Aries….. I have all the best traits of that sign, I am action first, Ridiculously fun, passionately physical, sunshine on a rainy day and best friend of dog and children. I have never been physically attracted to a Scorpio.

  28. I am Capricorn, I am determined, I smoulder with sensuality, I use my serious intellect to gain success, I would do anything to help anyone, I am loyal to all who befriend me, oh and I can make people laugh til they pee.
    I have never been attracted to a Leo.

  29. Processing all of the above advice thankyou …. no dreams last night , no random thoughts, well fleeting ones but just observing and letting go… changed my view of the whole situation to how greatful i am and luck to have spent some magical special moments with her , have the experience, honestly i can swear that we were the only people on the planet having that experience one day especially. Cant really share it with you i dont know if you guys would believe me if i told you anyway…. SURREAL but real ….. thanks again ill probably stay away from this blog for a while now and come back in a couple of weeks . Love to all… ALOHA

  30. I am the perfect Leo.

    I have all the best traits of that sign: Kindness, glamour, modesty, artistic flair and good manners.

    I have never been physically attracted to anyone with bad hair or teeth.

  31. being the perfect Libran – I wrestle to make up my mind, but when it’s made am unstoppable…..am original (& somewhat unpredictable, but that’s half the fun!!), excellent in crisis / at throwing parties, purveyor of beauty, & seeker of justice in all situations!!

    have NEVER been attracted to anyone lacking intrinsic style, irrespective of sign.

  32. i am perfect leo, i have all the best traits of that sign…great hair, affectionate, creative, generous, a talent for organising. i have never been attracted to britt ekland!