Dear Libra…The Thin And Rich Transit

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Over in the Daily Scopes, I have been attempting to reassure Librans about the impending arrival of Saturn in their sign for the first time since 1980 or whatever it is. I am not even bothering to invoke the glorious boundary-setting powers of Saturn Girl.Β  No. Mars is in Leo and all so i’m going straight for saying that Saturn is The Thin And Rich Transit.

And I am not even lying just to make Librans feel better! Even though that is what they do to everyone else. It is actually the truth. And Saturn, btw, will be in Libra on Thurs in London, America et al and very early AM on Friday in Australia. I expect that it will actually awaken me.

Anyway, Saturn – by very dint of the amazing focus it helps to create & the discipline et al, IS so the Thin and Rich transit. And please, I am not extolling anorexia nor an inequitable capitalist system blah de blah. Simply that Saturn kills your appetite and it makes you SO mega-insanely security and status conscious that you will work your arse off to avoid even a nano-second of insecurity or being looked down upon, whatever.

It’s not just the ramped up work ethic – you don’t want to buy naff crap. It’s like your inner-retail-discriminator goes into hyper-drive.

Not only that – there are some intense work jags such as studying for an exam/writing a book that invariably involve large amounts of ‘reward carbs’ and endless hours sitting on your bum. Infuriating. But with the strong Saturn vibe and Pluto in Capricorn to back it up, there will be self-control exerted at all levels. Yes Libra, you too can waft around looking disdainful at the very thought of chocolate because you actually ate some celery before you came out and besides, you are on a schedule that works to maximise your health, beauty and focus.

You may be bitched up to haute hell & wow will all those peeps who mistook your fluffy charms for weakness get one freak of a fright when you unleash the new boundaries (borders is more like it, with armed guards, the lot) but you will look fantastic and the bills will be paid on time. Read or re-read Capricorn For A Day to get a glimpse into your new life.Β  Go hard or goΒ  home. Time and Money are on your side.

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25 thoughts on “Dear Libra…The Thin And Rich Transit

    • I hope it’s good for Libra rising. I’ve had 2 yrs. of Saturn opposing my sun and I don’t think I can take any more!

  1. Yay! Love this post.

    Since Saturn will be going over my sun, venus, mercury and pluto AND my progressed moon is in gemini, I aim to be thin, moneyed and hyper-productive creatively.

    And may I just confirm as an uber-Libra, my boundaries at the moment are very strong. I cannot handle time-wasters, psychos, non-deep friends, cheap coats with cheap plastic buttons, junk food, family dramas that run on for years without anyone getting conscious, psychic vampires, control freak colleagues etc etc

    My mother is complaining that I have become too strict, but I say bring it on, it’s time to rebalance. Let’s all take a little REALITY CHECK.

    Before this peeps used to run amuck all over me because I wanted peace and niceness and beauty and oh so much for them to be happy. I still want these things which is why I am more strict in the way I get them. I just can’t not have them anymore.

    Yes all of this is because I have just finished my Saturn Return in Virgo in the 7th house, and now Saturn will vacay over my 8th house nest, but I am feeling the run-up strongly.

    Viva Saturn πŸ™‚

  2. Ha! The pic above is too much… My gorgeous ex libra her “FRIEND” wispering secrets to each other … and me on the moto in the background setting the scene as clueless/accessory/handbag/ play-thing/ entertainment , on tour lapping up the attention from onlookers… aka movie starlet.

    • aah lovestruck damons……i feel for you. If you look away from your ex (in your heart) you will most likely spy someone new and even more beautiful – but make sure you have had some good thinking time for yourself – so you can see how your last r ship has changed you for the better. just watch out that when you do become interested in someone else, the ex gf doesnt come reeling back to claim (and re-trash) your newly healed psyche.

      • im onto it U.P ….. yeah definately changed for the better, its all clear to me now thank god today the penny dropped ( thank God )

  3. oooo yeah baby – bring it on ! ! !

    * list life-lessons-learned since late 07- tick
    * rejig attitude / game-plan / image – tick
    * initiate beauty / fitness / health-freak regimes – tick
    * spend wisely, set budgets – tick (MORE art / object de beauty surely be wise, non?)
    * not only action the admins, but correct their homework – tick (bonus points – ie less tax pays for said object de beauty)
    * don’t be afraid to ask for assistance mving forward – tick
    * allow excitement to set in re brand new vistas dawning – tick ! !

    did I miss anything?

    better get back to brand-new-world building……….xox πŸ˜‰ xox

  4. “new boundaries (borders is more like it, with armed guards, the lot) ”

    this does appeal to me greatly and is easier to understand than simply ‘boundaries’ …will use… thank u

    i DO like the stalag border idea, naturally without the POW elements – more like ‘take no prisoners’ . fud for thought

  5. Thin and rich is true. Still have luxe derriere post Saturn over all my Virgo, but my duds are looser. And I put away the wads of money I was too busy to spend.

  6. Well, the image above could be a little deceptive.. cause the’re thin, rich and beautiful… what are we are talking here, thin and rich ? other images do come to mind

  7. I’m feeling very non-Libran right now….

    Life lessons since 2007 – still seem to be repeating them…as well as those from 1997 and 1987 and….:-(
    Rejig attitude/game plan/image – does spending $1000 on new clothes and fire engine red shoes and handbag count?
    Initiate beauty fitness regime – uhmm….not yet. Keep telling myself that I SHOULD…but haven’t. Maybe desperately not wanting to grow out of new clothes will help.
    Spend wisely – guess it depends how long shiny fire engine red stays in fashion.

    Have been feeling the status/money conscious thing though. And I wish I could either make it happen with my long term non requited crush or just totally get over him. But that’s been going on for a LONG time.

    • MusicalLibran – what Mystic means is :

      * become Saturn Girl (refer her MANY genius links)

      * list lessons since 07 (succinctly /Virgo-esque) in these last few Saturn in Virgo, & APPLY!

      * make game plan e.g financial – “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” – if health : set program (w carrots & sticks) as rewards /or deprive self for making /not making yoga 6 or however many times per month) e.g 6+ Yoga = new shoes / less = no shoes…..

      * spending wisely – is yes to investment dressing / no to waste. you be the judge of yr own look……I was justifying ridiculously X-y artwork now dominating entrance hall (like I need more art….) – but that spend spurred me to make a motza pronto!! which created uber-efficiencies……& thus far landing results!! the upward spiral….

      * balance goals over all life sectors – i.e is NOW the time to commence beauty / health etc regime? – invest in your face or hair as well as Gym or Yoga etcs? & schedule renovations / book holiday – all with realistic how to’s & whens…….

      ‘praps by channelling such energies with ferocious yet joyess dedication – you’ll soon be “who”? re the one whom may be distracting you from you!
      imagine. look hot, feel fab, be on top of biz / $ & then if someone’s lucky enough to catch you – check you’re schedule LOL

      you get the drift – best of luck – gotta get back to it!!

    • rpl that’s a fantastic bullet point checklist : )

      ML a suggestion, something rather freeing happens when you make the switch from prefacing possible actions with should…for me that taints the action with guilt…which slows me down…lately if I find myself doing that I switch a should to a COULD and boom it’s all back to me actively making a choice…and no taint of guilt…because I’m responsible for my choice…really freeing.

  8. Ok can someone remind me that in three months time, when I look like a shorter, Greeker version of Beyonce and have saved loads of cash that I would’ve otherwise spent on my haute cuisine diet …. that I won’t be so SHAT OFF with the fuqing Grass Diet and will be thanking Saturn and Mars rather than yelling at them to go stick carrots up their combined … oh geez I’m ranting at planets again ….

    • hehe prowln. YOU CAN DO IT.
      one day at a time.
      hard work pays off.
      baby steps.
      every 3 weeks look back and see the progress you’ve made.
      Imagine how good you’ll feel at the end when you’ve kept your promise to yourself.

      also, find ways to spoil yourself still. You’re aries right? do cool aries stuff.

      Tell as many people (if that’s your thing) so you can garner support.

      Also round up your personal cheer squad / PR so they can tell you how great you’re looking as you progress through the Grass Diet and associated spin classes / boot camps / 100 sit-ups a night / whatever.

      does that help? hope i didn’t miss the point of your post πŸ™‚

        • thanks UP!! that’s just what I needed … one day at a time. yes. just focus on now. yes. baby steps. yes. spoil self with massages and new clothes that show off fab new figure. yes yes yes! No I’m not Aries but I might pretend I am for a week *sticks on ram horns and don’t fuq with me face*

    • prowln you just gave me a good giggle , thanks. And BTW the “grass ” diet is cool for slimming down but you have to really get into it and get over the “munchie ” stage . Also dear stay away from the hydro and stick to bush only. Enjoy.

  9. Isn`t kind of paradoxical that Saturn, the planet of heaviness, will make us thin during this transit ? Anyway, that would be fabu !

  10. Just wondering how Saturn in Libra affects those of us who have natal Saturn in Libra? I know there’s the whole Saturn Return thing, which I’m actually looking forward to, strangely, but wondering what it means on a personal level. Any ideas?

  11. “Sigh” As a Sag, I don’t know if I can count on the the “thin and rich” effect at all ( Pluto in Libra???). I am thinking with Jupiter direct, instead of thin and rich it is more like fat and spending like a crazy woman!