The Dark Moon In Virgo Healing Genius

Dark Moon In VirgoThe Dark Moon in Virgo (that is, a Moon in Virgo right before a New Moon) is particularly suitable for editing and curating vitamins, herbs + remedies.

As you know, any Dark Moon is melancholic and reflective – you are supposed to rest up in prep for the next phase.

It’s the dying days of an old cycle. You rejuvenate, sort, finish off tasks and unclutter. It is mainly the case with Moon in Virgo!  How apt! How amazing! Stop mooning over whatever-it-is and tidy your underwear drawer, do the spreadsheeting you have been putting off, exercise, pixter your fangs and clear out the inbox.

But most of all, a Dark Moon in Virgo supports reorganizing your vitamins, herbs and other remedies. It is one of the best zones of your lunar year to edit and curate these factors.

If you are in, say, a herbal tea rut – why not reassess your needs? Turf anything ancient or irrelevant. Schedule a consult with a naturopath or nutritionist if you’re unsure or want to reinvigorate your self-care. At this stage of the lunar cycle, all these sorts of activities feel fun and desirable.

And would a salad kill you??? More likely quite the opposite.


Image: Miles Aldridge

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salad might not kill but why take that chance? seems reckless…

unpredictable pisces

ahahahaha Mystic i love that choice of pic.
and i love the tone of your post – made me giggle. I can see hands on hips and a resigned eye-roll as you lecture (with love of course) your humble but uncontrollable readers xoxoxoxox


It will be nice to finally sort the love stuff, it’s been high tensile for waaaaaaay too long.

Bullish Cassie

Just moved hundreds of photos and files off my p.c. and into an online hosting service, a chore I’ve been avoiding for…uh, years?

It feels good.

sweet sanity

I found out about 2 weeks ago that I’m pregnant (saggo dude and I quietly shitting ourselves but have decided to keep it) and this dark moon and that loopy Katka moon “came at me like a breeze block of pain”, to quote Howard Moon.

So I was wandering, could it be, that being up the duff magnifies the moon’s powers on a lady?

Looks like your prediction at the startof 09, that aquarians might put on a bit of beef this year was spot on once again dearest Mystic.


Congrats…. And my answer to your query – I’ve yet to meet a woman who doesn’t disapear into the energy of being pregnant – esp if they are aware of the cycles of the moon etc….
Looking forward to hearing how the next few months go, and to hearing about how the astro affects you!


congratulations sweet sanity! what gorgeous news!
stay well and enjoy the ride x

Leonine Librarian

Congratulations SS…

scorpalicious robot

Congratulations SS. 🙂

Ãœber Virgo

How fab sweet sanity! Apart from your physiology making some of the most awesome transformations imaginable, your dream life will go through the roof. I imagine it’s heavily influenced by the moon, but soon you’ll be able to tell us. Best wishes!


Congratulations. You have been blessed.

fluid feline

Congrats SS! Where’s your moon btw?


You guys are the greatest!! Getting all teary and heart swelly now, damn hormones!
FF, my moon in Gemini, baby due 22 May *gulp*

fluid feline

So possibly a Gem babe for Aqua/Sag parents – Mum with Gem moon – lovely. Getting sentimental now – loved being preggers (after the first trimester – vomitious the first 13 weeks, then bliss). Also heightened sex drive espesh with my son. Couldn’t get enough! Musta been all the testosterone. Hint SS – if you want him/her to come on time or before have lots of sex close to end of term 😉

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

or as my astrologer says ‘ rest ye in the dark moon phase’ – nighty night sweet peeps xox 😉 xox

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

Mystalicious YOU know its tres cool rocking the all-night-admin-purge…… completion be SO satisfying non? turn up the sound track (even if head phones required!!) xox


i think i might do that tonight… feeling some serious urges to purge


Im relating databases at this godly hour, feel I could do a couple more hours….oh well, its a living.. or as my mother would say “this,… a living ?

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

davidl am filing iTunes …..whilst prepping for tomoz – Le Bas – yep this be our living at the mo. Spreadsheets & database sorts are alright tho? doesnt the outcome overide any tedium?


ha! I did exactly the same last night – actually DID clean skirting boards, floor boards & many other things… Then hopped up at 5 this morning and kept going gleefully chucking out old items in the laundry and planning on cleaning shelves etc! I did not need to look up the Moon’s sign as I just felt it going into Virgo and went with the cleaning vibe (espec as also Dark Moon). Late into work but I feel so good about it!

fluid feline

Ok, her toes are curled so i’m fantasising she’s just been to the farmers markets to arrive home to her on-off-on again lover who has just given her the best of his and she’s recovering in the softtop post multiple orgasms. Check the oiled waxed legs – she’s ready and waiting – for more. Now all she has to worry about is the lunch she’s got organised but her brain has yet to reconnect – all she wants is more “EAT ME”!!

Ãœber Virgo

feline! You’re really coming out of your shell, you minx! Good to see. I’ve noticed this dark moon in Virgo has a very earthy, sexy vibe.

fluid feline

is that what it is – I’ve got it on the brain – I’m feeling dangerous atm!


hmmm, so my virgo-libra cusp housemate spent 20 minutes trying to VACUUM FLIES out of the air, because he doesn’t believe in flyspray, tonight….

He also cleaned the whole house, but seriously, wtf???


I too tried to vacuum flies once. Totally frustrating to an Aries. They don’t stay still. lol

sweet sanity

ha ha.. that is hilarious!!!!!!!!

Champagne Bearing Aquarian

Congrats Bluelibra!

Am *finally* back. Woo! Now off to declutter some more.


I am soooo ready for this long Saturn in Virgo thing to be done with as well……enough with the Virgo vibe, already !


Oh – and I did have salad and a lovely piece of lamb that my daughter cooked for me in celebration. Thanks for the advice Mystic. 🙂


Tried to get up about six times today – in the end found myself in bed with a migraine – totally unable to do ANYTHING – am very tired and psychologically worn out from Mondays Brigade elections where – Mystic – I’d really like you to know this – I was elected Lieutenant. The first in the history of my brigade. I’m VERY HAPPY but oh so tired too. Finally, all that work paid off – and that Pisces firey stood by me on the night – we will remain friends and that is all I can ask for. I… Read more »


Thank you Mystic. The history of myself and Pisces – is just that – history. We sat next to each other, he supported me through the election, we had our photo taken next to each other in front of the fire truck and he made a farewell speech that had everyone nearly in tears – which is very difficult for fireys I can tell you. And now, it is time to move on. The Other guy – a Gemini – also remains a good friend – but not partner – I keep changing my mind, he kept changing full stop… Read more »


Congratulations! I hope you feel better soon, migraines are awful.

fluid feline

Fabulous BlueLibra – please keep us informed!

scorpalicious robot

Congratulations bluelibra. That’s awesome news!!

year of the fox

Great news! congrats!

Ãœber Virgo

I salute you Lady Lieutenant! Yay!


Congratulations Lieutenant Bluelibra. Top work!


It feels good going with the dark Moon flow. Rested body and mind makes for decluttering of both so much easier. Went & purchased pool admission tickets today to start laps next week after work trip and am excited.


(Motivation / Melancholy)*Crap Food = bring on Friday night before my boss realises my lack of GAFF


feels like endings and a begginning of somehting i don’t know what. Ok OK i’ll go clean the toileta and stop mooning over the moody Tortured Crab.

An end to waiting by the phone, an end to making excuses for him, an end to accepting less than I deserve. and an end to this ending- a dead end!!!

I told a gf today I want true love and I meant it! I surprised myself.


“And would a SALAD kill you???”

Uh, possibly Mysitc going by that pix 🙂


Can see why you said it is a time of endings…

year of the fox

With all those news articles about the healthiest foods containing the most E.coli or whatever germs you’d swear food was out to get you SP! 😀 Of course, i don’t take it all too serious like that. Plus, i wash my food even if it says triple washed on the bag. All it takes is one Tyler Durden moment.

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