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The Goddess Fortuna

Today is the Ancient Roman worship day of Fortuna Redux – goddess of successful journeys and safe returns!

Fortuna is from whom we get the term Lady Luck & the Pars Fortunae (Part Of Fortune) in your chart is where you are traditionally fortunate! There is an article here & you can bung it easily into your chart using Astrodienst’s Extended Chart Options.Β  It’s an Arabic Part& thus from a different school of astro – there are dozens of these so-called Arabic Parts; The Part of Fascination, the Part Of Treachery, The Part Of Karma etc. Deeply interesting but maddening to the person setting out to learn about astrology, which is why i so rarely go on about them.

BUT, for a good time (if you are an aspiring Astro-Fiend) have a look at your Part of Fortune & the House that it is in + any major and tight-orb aspects that it makes.Β  To also Do: Compare it with Jupiter – the official “benefic” of the planetary pow-pow, along with our lady Venus. A Part Of Fortune hitting on Jupiter and/or Venus would be officially brill. Think also of transits involving this lot as being when you ponce out to try on some new biz.

And yes, I am back and i had a successful journey thank you so much!

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33 thoughts on “D.I.Y. Astro – Fortuna Redux

  1. Hmmm, mine is in the first house in Pisces about six degrees away from my Moon. Square Mars in the fourth house (Gemini) and Neptune in the tenth house (Sag). I’ll be thinking about this the rest of the day….

  2. Welcome Back Mystic!! You were sensational on 9am!!

    I love Fortuna & found that it is sitting in 1st house Aries at 3 degrees. The most fascinating comparison is to Jupiter where it is in the 6th house Virgo at the same degree.Uranus is hovering above my asc in transit & P.Fort Squares my MC!

  3. I love POF too as it’s conj. my Sun, South node, Medusa in 11th trine Uranus in 3rd and wide trine to Jupiter, 6th ties in.

    It’s ruled by Mars and Mars on Asc.

    Kim Falconer told me a time ago to follow the NN in Libra as that’s where treasure manifests, hopefully as I do Mars on Ac in Gemini (writing… Can be terribly undisciplined however…).

    Welcome back Mystic!

  4. Welcome back Mystic – hope you enjoyed your time-off/getaway and are feeling revived and refreshed. I’m looking forward to the return of normal programming!

  5. I have Fortune conjunct my Mars in Cancer, oooooh! Yay Fortune. Does this mean that I’m at my most Fortunate when being nurturing, slightly passive-aggressive, & creative?? πŸ™‚

  6. Well I’m excited. My PoF is conjunct my jupiter, and midheaven, in taurus, in my nerd/ninth house.
    It is also sextile my moon and in opposition to my north node, which is vaguely in orb conjunct my uranus. I’m assuming this opposition not a bad thing? A matter of harnessing energy of one and directing it to the other?
    A nice discovery on a morning when I was aiming to try and gear my brain back up to high level thinking. Though its currently square transiting moon and jupiter. Its going to be a slow gearing up process anyway.

  7. POF in the second house (leo) near uranus and what is the triangle mean ? its triangling ? my MC.

    • Does earning power and possessions (2nd house) come in easily, surprising or different/innovative (Uranus) ways Davidl? POF with Uranus possibly indicating this as well as trine to the MC. Since you are talking about a triangle, I imagine there is a grand trine (another trine besides to your MC?) Trines are easy aspects which means we don’t have to work too hard for it but can also mean we can be too laid back about stuff.

      Also, your POF is ruled by the Sun so see what house the Sun is in and what aspects it makes as gives further details.

      I actually have your chart so when I get a chance (dinner time here Sunday), I will take a look at that “triangling” business πŸ™‚

    • I actually took a peek at your chart now and there is not a grand trine (three trines making aspects to each other) but the symbol of your POF to your MC is a trine (triangle).

      Hope that is not too confusing and no, no wine today. πŸ™‚

      • thanks sweetpea you sweetiepie x I take it that its a good aspect, money has always come thru stange innovative ways.

    • Hiho davidl, a trine- an easy flowing energetic, a blessing that has a certain “use it or lose it” clause attached

      • thank you too SS x although the POF in the 8th with the cosmic orgasms below sounds like an excellent position

  8. Does that mean that he could get lucky with some grand scheming of work?? A bit out there leo style??

    My Part is in 8th house conjunct neptune in saggi!! And my jupiter also in 8th conjunct neptune in saggi!! double the fun!! or delusions?? ahahhahaah

    • I think davidl’s Point of Fortune conj. his Uranus could mean that the people who fall asleep at house, could wake up and ZHA-ZAM! Uranus surprise!!

      They have no money but davidl has plenty

      (hardy har har πŸ™‚ )

      • thats the problem with timber floors, the ‘sleepers’ drop there change down the side of the couch and it slips thru to the hard floor..waking them temporarily, and making it difficult to slide under and collect. Im also getting better at the loose notes in people pockets . I have a ‘do you mind if I just vacuum up while your lying there ?” routine thats extremely profitable.

  9. Part of fortune in Virgo in 1st house, trine my Jupiter in Aries in 9th house.
    Which house receives the benefit of good fortune?

    • A very good astrologer/participant on a forum I used to frequent (she’s Aussie too… πŸ˜‰ ), used to say that it’s important to look to the strength of the ruler of the PoF and how it’s aspected in one’s chart.

      She believed that if the ruler of the PoF was strong, one would have more activation of the PoF. Makes sense to me.

  10. My PoF is one degree away from my Venus, in Gem and the 8th House.
    I am apparently lucky in communications and relationships (oh how I fall about laughing right now… I never really express myself properly and my love life has been a series of far apart trainwrecks for the last decade).
    It opposes Nept, Squares Saturn, Trines Pluto and something something * Mercury…

    My brain explodes… I dunno what that last bit means…

  11. Mystic – so great to have you back and shining your light through the ether!

    POF is very intriguing – could it be that a “negative” aspect to jupiter would mean bad luck? … my POF is in Taurus (1st house), trining Venus and MC, nice, non?
    But it is also opposed Jupiter in Scorp (7th)… malefic not benefic is what I read about this somewhere….

    anyone a clue on this?

    whatever – have a beautiful day folks, I envy you down under for the starting spring as over here the winter slowly creeps under my skin….

  12. I don’t think Jupiter is ever bad and even if it were opposed Saturn it would just slow it down a bit…I reckon you figure out your POF and WORK IT along with your Jupiter bits

  13. my P.O.F is unaspected in my 2nd house…so perhaps not so very exciting? (though ive never been one to stress about money or where the next pay check will come from, so maybe its just a benign influence in that way).

  14. I have Pof in Sag right next to Jupiter in Scorp and Neptune also in Sag and they are all in the 7th House. WTF does that mean??

    • Pof in Sag:
      Cultivate openness, honesty, directness, and an understanding of natural law.You are not afraid to take risks and try your luck because you know whatever comes, it will be an adventure and you’ll learn something from the experience. It is quite possible that your greatest fortune is found in places far from your home.

      • talk about Merc Retro!! – how old is that comment and why did i click on it? I gotta get outta the house!

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