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Farewell Saturn in Virgo but of course, we will see Saturn back there again in 2010. Hence the importance of having done one’s Saturn Thru Virgo review…If  you are a devout Saturn tracker – and frankly, you ought to be if you have anything significant in the later degrees of a Mutable sign (Gemini, Pisces, Virgo, Saggo) – then Saturn retrogrades back into Virgo in April 2010 and covers the same territory as it between early October 2009 and now. Then it finishes up in Virgo for 30 years in July 2010.

So April-July 2010 is when the undone/unacknowledged tasks of October come back to, um, see you. I was going to use the word haunt and a really spooked up metaphor but i decided against it. Perhaps see it more as a revision test. But this is why it’s a good idea to absolutely grok all of October’s Saturn issues. They will seem to ease radically but don’t slide back into pre-Saturn-in-Virgo complacency.

Image: Richard Wilkinson

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38 thoughts on “Au Revoir Saturn In Virgo

  1. Mars in Leo – according to Mystic’s Mars Confidential – Libby morphs to “Atilla the socialite”……& after MONTHS (2 yrs?) of near dormant social life, spring saw gentle ramp up (got me in training), but NOW am SO exhausted from FAB back-to-back LATE nights & jam-packed days …… & FUN diary’s filling to capacity so have applied 1st come 1st accepted policy…..

    was so busy forgot to check out major story on something I did in newspaper thingo….until texts mssgs rolled in.

    so on-fire with famed regime of ‘one foot in the mosh-pit, the other in the posh-pit’ (c), with applied Saturn Girl filters ! ! !
    & now Saturn in Libby.
    Oh boy oh boy I’ve waited for this tide to turn!

    viva le upward spiral!!
    xox 😉 xox

  2. Got 26 deg Gem rising so keeping Saturn in mind. Saturn too strong in my chart (sq. Sun and Merc) to truly cuss it in a meaningful way…lol

    Meanwhile, when looking at that pix Mystic, all I feel is a strange kind of pity.

    Very depressing…..Like so obsessed cannot help oneself with whatever it is one is obsessed with. I’ve had my share but just thankful it’s not a innate characteristic of mine but rather a lesson and something to overcome.

    • I find that picture a bit sad too Sweetpea but couldn’t work out why until I read your take on the obsessiveness about it. I should have twigged given the title of the post.

      Does Saturn squaring your Sun & Mercury ask you (reward you?) for taking things more slowly? I’m guessing this is not an easy aspect for an Aries (or are you a Gemini?). I am trying to better understand Saturn aspects but just confusing myself this week. With this and lots more, ha ha.

      • I would say nat that the things that have been most meaningful have come the hard way requiring patience and perserverence but that there have been rewards.

        And yes, think Saturn sq. Aries Sun and Merc does damper things down a bit but also think that’s probably been a good thing esp. for an Aries! Sun-Merc trine Uranus and Jupiter make up for some of that.

        I really wouldn’t change my Saturn aspects as they build character you know and being a character is often fun! 🙂

  3. Saturn has been in Libra for a few minutes now……so…I had a facial,… chanted “OM” while having facial,… gave my dog a facial,… forgave all my enemies (thousands of them) and balanced my checkbook. Now what ?

  4. mystic is this coming ‘revision test’ an opportunity to make up lost marks (ie things not quite mastered) during Saturn in Virgo? or is it more reaping what we sowed – or failed to sow – over early october? i ask cos i didn’t quite manage to get the hang of all those things i have been working on (eg housework routines, developing better habits with care of clothes, planning realistic schedules and sticking to them).

  5. Amusing Virgo-client-neighbour-friend-sometimes crush dude Annecdote No 2# … so Saturn in Virgo has been bugging me endlessly with convos (somewhat like Mystic’s inner dialogue in the Saturn Vision thread) about my licence plates. As in they are interstate plates. And not of the State that I currently reside. So I’ve been getting … “you know that’s a $2000 fine if you get picked up” and “nevermind the fine it’s IRRESPONSIBLE to be driving with interstate rego, what about the 3rd party insurance, what happens if you have an accident. Yeah I know you think you are bullet proof and a perfect driver but there are MANIACS out on the road .. anything could happen. Did I mention it was IRRESPONSIBLE???” … blah blah blah blah and it’s been going on for about 3 years.

    SO, I finally got them transferred over, went through all the paperwork fandango, got new plates and rego yadda yadda. Low and behold new plate hole attachment thingos are too small. Don’t align with car screw hole thingos. Existing screws way too big.

    Bloody Nora!

    No worries says my Sag moon/Aqua mars/Gem Asc … she’ll be right. Just attach it with fuse wire. Yeah so it’s not aligned. Yeah so it might blow off in a strong gust of wind. Nah mate no problems. It’ll do.

    Virgo-client-neighbour-friend-sometimes crush dude wanders past and I show him my handiwork feeling somewhat clever about myself. Virgo looks perturbed. “They’re not centred.” … “You’ve got them attached with Fuse Wire (tone of voice that suggests I might have murdered small furry animals) ” … “Do you know that’s quite dangerous???” … “It just won’t do.” …. “Leave it with me.”

    I am waved away to leave him to his Secret Virgo Business. And when I come back new plates are neatly screwed in place, perfectly centred in the licence plate box. Quite probably perfectly aligned with each other both front and back. Virgo looking very pleased with himself and kind enough not to bring to my attention all the cobwebs that have infested the grill due to the bazillion spiders that have taken up residence in there.

    I mean … how can you not love a Virgo after that??? It’s just impossible. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s too cute. *sigh*

    • oh prowln you have made my day with that story!

      Yes, bless the Virgo who is actually motivated to HELP FIX/DO SOMETHING FOR SOMEONE. A massive pox on the sort that just fuquing whinge and pick and whinge and pick. Don’t they know that is counter productive?

      btw, another kind of wire would have been stronger – fuse wire is very soft and not reliable for that job. But drilling a new hole, screws are the right tool for the job.

      • nat, you been hookin’ up with Barista over on the Leo/Elton/Mars/Olympic Vault on a Red Piano thread? 🙂

        Brilliant Prowlin!

        At a time, put my own plates on myself and put a headlight in when I had a VW and got under the car and changed the thermostat in the radiator..Had to drain it first. Imagine that! I did…because I could not afford the $125 back then to have it done.

        Ex hubby a Virgo Moon and had many virtuitous traits. Married sixteen years and never picked his clothes up off the floor or put his shoes away ONCE. He did that himself. And ironed his own shirts when need be (the ironing thing, eh, Uber?) NOW, find out Ian Astbury of The Cult a Virgo Moon.

        Yes, like you say, could be a marriage thing.. 🙂

        And yeah, often run my car through the car wash but don’t vaccuum the inside or dust the dash until much later.

        Who said Aries aren’t deceiving.

    • He would have used the tape measure too, and possibly a spirit level. After polishing all parts with a lint free cloth. I think I have the hots for him.

    • Prowincat, that story reminds me of my dad. Virgo that takes 3 days to wash his car….wheels off the whole shabang. The only time I clean mine is when I know my dad will see it. And he always always comments on how clean it is! bless

    • *sighs* I know he’s just like … perfect or something. Ok maybe not perfect. Nice. Vaguely normal. Weird traits that I have not come across before in the male of our species. I might have to marry him. Or at least never move out. *sighs again*

      • ohmigod I’ve got sag moon at 26 in the 7th Uber. I have no idea what that means but it sounds cool to be aligned with the Super Cosmic Galactic Centre.

      • Glad to know there is a scientific reason for your genius Uber. I fall just short with a 25 degree Sag IC, but happy to come from the edge of the centre of the universe, as it were…

      • did you hear that Matty? We are mysterious, original, creative and unique and the centre of cosmic consciousness. Awesome. Let’s manifest some stuff.

      • Thank you for this info Cosmic Uber. That GC placement would explain the awesome-type power manifest in you!

        Maybe my Ceres placement explains why I find growing crops to be a spiritual & meaningful pursuit? I’m just clutching at straws here (pardon the pun) – I really haven’t got a clue. Maybe should take Mystic’s lead and Monitor Ceres.

        • SHUCKS!

          The Ceres/agriculture/spirit connection makes sense. After all ‘as above so below’ etc.

          Ceres is interesting. She’s conjunct my natal Sun Merc in Virgo and trines my moon nnode and Lilith. Themes for me are uber precious digestion (downside), health and fertility work (upside). She’s very interesting and like all the goddesses complex and ambiguous. While she’s the ultimate nurturer she’s also an archetype for the mother that has difficulty letting go of her offspring.

          • Very interesting. A trine of Ceres with Moon, North Node & Lillith sounds like a powerful feminine combo!

            I was just reading up a bit on Ceres as the ‘Universal Nurturer’, nourishing & sustaining through the expression of unconditional love, working productively to care for others & self. (I love the word productive!).

            Ceres Sign placement suggests how you nurture yourself & others, how you experience acceptance & rejection, and how you bond or release dependency. All fits! Thank you for the insight UV.

  6. Thanks for the info Mystic I love your inner convo with saturn in the post below!
    Um… oh dear can I ask, if one has just done with one’s.. er.. challenging 1st saturn return in Virgo.. does that mean one has to DO IT AGAIN in April??? aargh

    • Go to and punch in your data, then look in the free scopes — daily scopes or short report forecast and it should give you the dates for your Saturn return period (Saturn conjunct Saturn).

        • uh oh… did you think it was already done Baristagem, but it still has some time to go? (how very Saturn!) I reckon you’ll blitz it because you have already been working, preparing and addressing stuff, haven’t you? It might even be ‘nice’ (or should that be empowering!) to do a Saturn return with such awareness.

          • Thanks nat, I hope so! I definitely have been working hard over the last few years sorting through stuff …. facing my fears, although I did feel I hadn’t quite captured it so to speak.
            I just hope I blitz it too. 😉
            Saturn resides in my 6th house Virgo with Mars & Jupiter.

  7. wheee! haven’t done the Saturn in my sign too hard (familiar territory perhaps?) but have irksome tasks in hand, health and dental checks done, detox in play (how are those detox headaches? ouch!) and tax appointment booked for Monday. Feeling goooooood.

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