Chinatown movie posterYick. I was so ignorant of the Roman Polanski thing that i always assumed he’d been tried and acquitted or something.  Anyway, his being bought to justice is interesting astrologically – it coincided with Saturn being exactly on his Venus-Jupiter in the 12th house. If you are looking at this sort of thing, Saturn in the 12th House IS the transit of ‘karma’ and potentially, incarceration. IF you’ve been bad – i am not saying Saturn thru the 12th or on Venus/Jupiter automatically means you get nabbed. But, interesting, no?  And it’s been about a Saturn cycle since the original incident.


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79 thoughts on “Astro-Polanski

  1. Saturn finally caught up with him!

    Interesting that it is on the Saturn 12th Venus/Jupiter It reminded me of the representation of the Lady Justice sculpture in the courts. The Lady Justice attributes to many goddesses such as Fortuna & Tyche. She once wore a roman blindfold to represent Fortuna- Fate. She wears a mural crown (Tyche-Luck) & also holds a double edge sword for Reason & Justice (Nemesis) . The scales are obviously to measure support or against the case.
    Was Fortuna’s father Jupiter??

  2. I have Saturn in the 12th in Gemini – no wonder I don’t get away with jack shit!

  3. Yick is the word…don’t care if he IS a brilliant director… and Chinatown a good choice – who could forget the scene between Dunaway and Nicholson, ‘She’s my sister…daughter…sister etc’ while he slaps her – absolutely chilling….SO Polanski.
    In fact it made me think of him when you (MM) posted the pic of Nastassia Kinski the other day, and I was thinking hey, there’s no way i want THAT under my pillow, snake or no snake, Polanski can only be one step away!

  4. also, reminds me of article i read this morning in london times – Tate Gallery has removed an old nude pic of Brooke Shields. Seems it’s a painting based on a photograph shot for a girlie mag (yep, a real one owned by playboy or penthouse or something) WHEN SHE WAS 10 YEARS OLD!!!! Where was Mama? oh, over there, signing the contracts….

  5. apparently his crime was committed at the house of Jack Nicholson, the guy needs to face up to it, stop running, he deserves to be punished for a despicable act.
    I found it funny how the swiss came out all embarrassed and sorry. Typical. After being the bankers for the nazis and basically hiding billions of dollars stolen from holocaust victims, they only last year owned up and handed some of it back. Can a whole nation be apologists for criminals ? while still maintaining some type of image as peace loving bystanders ? scum.

    • France is the nation that has given him sanctuary for decades. What’s with the French anyway?

    • As mentioned at (yes, way too much) length below – I don’t think anyone should ever be judged solely on the worst act they ever committed. I think we are all more than a single moment in time. I try not to jump to conclusions – I’ve seen awful things happen when people don’t stop and think and I just can’t be that way. So finally more facts emerge, the whole RP story has never been told. The fact RP agreed to pay his victim to settle the case 15 years later and has never done so leads me to believe that the man is a HEARTLESS FUQER. I was wrong to give benefit of the doubt in this case and suppose he had felt remorse. It’s not one errant act, it’s a series of them which indicates he doesn’t think there was anything wrong with what he did. I still think it’s good he managed to channel his macarbe vibe in a positive way through film. And thank god I don’t have his astro. Hollywood has a history of this kind of stuff – fatty arbuckle being the one that comes to mind.

      • “We are more than a single moment in time”

        Well put whatever. That’s quoteable material there…

        But if the freak/fuqazoid never did pay her and has a psychopathic pattern then that is just well, fuqued…

        And now, so is he…

  6. Big Stink in the news about this over here too. People callin’ in radio shows and poll taking going on….

    77% think he should be nailed to the cross, meanwhile, Tinsel Towners (Hollyweird) coming to his defense.

    They say he paid off the girl years ago and she’s apparently saying bringing this whole thing up just brings back bad memories for her.

    One astro site commented that Polanski and Sharon Tate were into LSD and witchcraft and conjured the devil himself (Manson). Some unsavory ties the whole lot of them…

    When Saturn was transiting my 12th house, was a very alone, introverted time as was recovering from back surgery after back surgery. When it finally crossed my Ascendant seemed like the sun came out again as received a settlement and was able to travel and pay off bills, shop, etc.


  7. hey aren’t we burning enough witches in this wonderful culture of ours?
    put down the torches for just 5 minutes, take a few deep breaths..

    there, better now? Everything’s going to be okay. The church lady is doing
    her dance, see? All is groovy…

    • I agree, no more witch burning…lets focus on those that abuse children, steal their lives and hide their work. The first to burn would be all those catholic priests and marist brother school teachers who abused children for years with no fear of retribution. Burn them in the street or just have them removed to some waste city set aside for the purpose where they can abuse each other.

      • Davidl and William, I took a big breath and it didn’t seem to change my mind. Any 44 year old man who is quite happy to ply a 13 year old girl with quaaludes and ETOH, perform oral sex on her and then sodomise her (amongst other things) should have to face his punishment. He may be a fantastic talented director, but he has lived for years without punishment for what he did to this child. It doesn’t matter that he is world famous. He broke the law, he admitted it and he has evaded paying the price for his crime because he left the court’s jurisdiction just before he was due to be sentenced. None of it is pretty but trying to forget about it and move on just doesn’t work. Ask any victim of abuse, I can tell you that they never forget.

        • I have to agree with Jennifer.
          As an 40+ yr old man and apparently an_ADULT_ he should have known better, regardless of his ‘urges’ at the time. By that age one should have been through enough of this life biz to be able to perform the simple task of connect the dots between ones actions and the consequences. That fact that he fled the consequences like a coward AND moved on to a 15 yr old, does not help my view of him at all.
          And besides, I don’t for a moment doubt that there are hundreds, even THOUSANDS of paedophiles (sp?) out there who have many and varied amazing talents, not just of the film making kind, they could be incredible writers, scientists, philosophers, whatever, but that doesn’t make predatory behaviour over children OK.
          I say let the trail run it’s course.

        • Polanski is a child molester. He should have gone to jail for a long long time. Everyone is talking about Polanski, pro or con. This poor 13 year old girl has been living with this for 30+ years. She is a victim of this perv, a victim of the court system, a victim of ignorant people who call her a slut, and she continues to be a victim. If he had gone to jail decades ago she might have had the chance to put this behind her and live her life. But because this guy decided to flee the country, she has had to deal with this her entire life. Her life is forever linked with his because of what he did and what he continues to do.

  8. THANKS Mystic – the astro of this fascinates me. And yes that swiss thing david – amazing cultural insights to be had from this kind of deeply divisive topic. Of course an accusation of a crime like that needs to be resolved although I do have my reservations about crimes after this length of time being followed through on when the “victim” – I invert that because she no longer sees herself as a victim – has resolved it in their head and moved on and forgiven the accused. Following through after such a long time seems totally saturnine.

    All that aside there is a wealth of amazing cinema that may never have been had this thing not run its course in the way it did – and he is a human living out the energies of his astro just like the rest of us whatever his choices were, right or wrong. The man had hardly had an ordinary time of it prior to that moment. There were bound to be some skew whiff choices as a result. I’m sure also that he has spent his life going over it in his head – the choice a young person makes is seldom the same choice the same person would make 40 years later.

    I’m not naturally inclined to be judge and jury in these public figure / media situations – it’s for the justice system to work it out and wasn’t it a crooked judge who let him go in the first place? I always think in these situations unless you were there at the time how will you ever know exactly what did happen and unless you WERE there what kind of energy is derived from picking at the bones of the long rotting carcass of someone else’s road kill? If he’d done it to me it’d be a different story but he didn’t and although the facts are interesting to me in terms of joining the dots to make a complete picture I see no reason personally to make a meal of it. I am also painfully aware on a daily basis that I am not in the majority having that outlook.

    What I HAVE found interesting over the last few days since this Polanski scenario blew up again is, where is the uproar over Mckenzie Phillips being molested by her father, injected with his drugs and then sexually violated by Mick Jagger when she was 12 or whatever age it was? What have we heard about that since it was announced? Not a peep. Or is that just Micks lucky astro at work there? Thicker layer of teflon?

    • I know most females drool over Mick..He’s always struck me as being a total ego driven dickhead. The vibe I get from him is creepy. The fact that he has been accused of drugging and abusing a 12 year old in the 60’s doesn’t surprise me actually.

      There are no time limits on these type of crimes, technically and rationally, the fact that people prefer to forget and get over it doesn’t repair the tear in the fabric of society and justice. In fact by continuing to persue the criminals, it acts as a deterrent to others. Justice will prevail, it must, or we are just evil stoopid monkeys going nowhere.

      • funny – see below – you and I are actually arguing for the same thing but from different angles. Did you know your north and my south nodes are conjunct and vice versa? It makes sense.

  9. I think the astro is speaking for itself as how Mystic and other astrologers are pointing out Saturn in his 12th and other signatures.

    Something is not done yet.

  10. The actual transcript is quite vile. He was 43, not exactly a teenage boy fumbling around. He planned it. He drugged her. She said no. She said she wanted to go home. She was scared, feeling sick and upset. He sodomised her. She was 13.

    • Is the transcript on the net somewhere Mystic? And I always thought he was younger than that – but 42 – definately a saturnine thing. I know it sounds like I’m defending the man – it’s more that I’m not there waiting by the pyre with a box of matches.

    • If that was my daughter he would be castrated and possibly dead by now, seriously..

      • Yea I get that david and I get why – I’m not certain how I would react if someone did something like that within my personal realms – I can’t guarantee I would/wouldn’t turn vigilante because I’ve never been unlucky enough to be in that situation. I’m very measured about how I react to the news in these situations because it’s easy to be carried away by the wave and embittered in the end if you let yourself feel as though these things DID happen to someone you love and know personally. Full immersion in the news of the day is not a healthy approach for some of us – I find the news deeply distressing and weep unconsolably if I watch it more than a few times a week. My rational approach is a defense mechanism not a cold will of steel as you’ve commented in the past.

        What I do know is reactions such as the one you say you would (understandably) experience should it happen to your daughter are exactly the reason we have a justice system – unfortunately in this case its the justice system failed the victim. Is now an appropriate time for me to mention I wanted to be a criminal lawyer when I was growing up? The justice system needs to be allowed to complete its process – we have to have faith in the system that is the warp of our society – otherwise all is lost.

        • letting yourself feel as though these things DID happen to someone you love and know personally….

          it’s called EMPATHY!

          So Libran to be “very measured”. It just sounds so cold.

          • i’m not having a go at you either. I think that quality makes Librans good lawyers perhaps. I can’t be measured about anything.

          • No offense taken SR – sounding cold and actually being it are two different things and I often think the pack reactions that are prevalent in many cultures are kinda cold myself – no time for critical thought just get in there and have it out. I feel empathy for the people around me and were this situation to happen again right now I would feel empathy for the child it happened to but the woman she grew into has already moved on and says she wishes the matter to be closed herself. I’ve now read the transcript – although it seems to be incomplete – and what happened to the child was awful – but the transcript does bring up some questions for me – like where was her mother and why was she allowing her pubescent child who was already sexually active (not that it alters the act committed against her without consent) and had also had prior experiences with narcotics spend time alone with an adult who was a known drug user – film types are stereotypically not the most trustworthy around the opposite sex and if they lived in hollywood she would’ve known that. Also what about the woman in the other room – wtf was she doing? I’m interested to see how this all pans out. Also interesting one of the manson women died of a brain tumour a few days ago – the chickens of that era are coming home to roost.

          • I have had someone close to me experience sexual abuse…our mother even as an adult chose to see it as an affair. She could not quite work out that a child is by nature of being a child unable to equal power….and was not agreeable to the ensuing years of abuse. He only got 12 months in jail. He did get his back broken in there though…and on some levels it made it easier on my sister, and anyone that loved her that he lived with a pain he could understand on a day to day basis for the rest of his misbegotten life.

        • I don’t think things are necessarily always a “pack” mentality but a ~majority~.

          • Perhaps whatever this has more to do with your feelings of past experiences here on the blog. And I mean that kindly.

          • Oh I know you do sweetpea – the pack is something I’ve never been able to get my head around and this blog has actually allowed me to see how it works (when they went for David was when I started to understand) which has been good for me. Seeing it written down is easier to “get” than seeing it in reality which totally freaks me out.

            Disclaimer: This para is not about roman polanski and its not specifically about the people here it’s about the generic majority in all things in response to sweetpeas comment. It’s the way the vigor of the majority can actually carry things further than sometimes they should realistically go due to the sheer weight of numbers that I always feel deeply uncomfortable about. As if they are driven by something deeply primal or reptilian. And the fact the majority seldom allows the minority to be heard which means there is little opportunity for them to reassess whether their responses or even their opinions may not be appropriate with regard to the perceived wrong.

    • I just heard Gov. Schwartzenager say that he thinks we need to look at his case and see if he was treated fairly or treated differently. It amazes me how the focus is on him and his troubles, not the victim and what he did to her. It’s true that she was unsupervised, in a place where she probably shouldn’t have been, with some old dude she didn’t know. That’s what made her easy prey. She is not responsible for what he chose to do to her.

      • BTW, he already pleaded guilty (to a lesser charge), so the issue is not whether he did it or not. He admitted to doing it. Now, the only issue is what his punishment will be. He may also be getting new charges for skipping bond. So he may get jail time for the initial crime plus added jail time for fleeing. I hope the judge loads his wagon.

        • i think he pleaded guilty to the whole shebang – looking at the trial transcript on the smoking gun website which i read last night.

  11. I heart chinatown!

    an amazing scene with hiding out in the stormwater system.
    very relevant to today’s drought.

  12. The Smoking Gun is the website. It says it above.
    Was Mick Jagger accused of drugging etc the 12 year old? I thought she was of age when that happened but he said something really sleazy about having fancied her since then. Sleazy but not illegal. Unlike RP. I LOVE Art and am willing to forgive major talents their foibles – piscasso was called the sacred monster, talented people can be drug addicts, abominable in relationships, polyamorous, pricks, but what polanski did was outside of the perameters we luvvie leos give to artistes we adore. WAY OUTSIDE>

    • RIGHT thanks TLS I’m going to hunt it down and cop the facts. I’m not suggesting the man be forgiven the crime because he’s talented – I am acknowledging that he is not without merit as an artist – I don’t believe any person should be examined without taking it all in – good & bad.

    • Mick Jagger had a tryst with Mackenzie Phillips when she was of age, but was quoted by her as saying he’d fancied her since she was 10.

      If you want more facts about the Polanski case search or salondotcom. Polanski pled guilty and fled before sentencing because he realized he wasn’t going to be given the lenient sentence he’d negotiated for pleading guilty. There’s no question of his guilt.

      • I’ve never questioned that he was guilty of the crime. It’s all the other questions/issues it brings up that I’ve been banging on about. I’m over it tho – look forward to seeing what other facts emerge once he’s extradited tho.

  13. Well if Hitler had stood trial at Nuremberg would it have been relevant how good the films he made with Leni Riethnstal – can’t spell – were?? He had a big creative influence on those. Would it have been like ‘well, your honour blah blah blah his ART?’ And he was a vegetarian.
    NOT saying Polanski was like hitler but the thought of that poor little girl makes me feel ill. i found it hard enough being in compromising situations with powerful older men when i was in my early 20s. Thirteen is a child. And no offence but when you are 13 you think guys in their 20s are crepuscular crypt keepers, let alone runty little then-40-ish year old drink spiking shits like polanski.

    • I understand your position and I’ve been a 13 year old girl too but I’m not sure drawing comparisons with hitler are going to help me understand roman polanski’s astro or the facts of the case he will be tried for – I am interested in reading that transcript tho. Thanks for the hook up.

  14. What shits me is the Hollywood glitterati jumping to defend this child rapist and calling for him to be exonerated. These include a gobsmacking list of high profile directors et al Scorsese, Tilda Swinton, David Lynch and ironically, Woody Allen.

    What is encouraging though is the mass international outrage at the suggestion of leniency.

    • David Lynch – that’s interesting – he has a really crazy astro chart and had he not channelled it into a creative field may have ended up not being such a successful/socially acceptable person.

  15. Saturn the “old man”

    james hillman writes of the ‘senex’ complex somewhere…

    the sexuality of the old (senex) preying on the young, ( old goat)

    part of the ‘senex’ complex…

    Polanski made rosemarys baby and manson murders said to signify
    the ‘end of the 60’s) – a little bit of saturn/uranus opposition there too?

    Paradigm of rape also plutonic a little bit? drugs- neptune- ish?

    It’s interesting. I remember Loreena Bobbit came into media stream around time of venus rising earlier this year and that really seemed fascinating… probably something going on here yeah…
    maybe venutian again?

    • agree with the plutonic angle william – taking the young into the darkness and neptune yes the fog. What is the pluto that entire generation have I can’t remember what it is it shaped the boomers & their era plutonically. but the astro we’re having now some of it hasn’t happened since the 60’s so a lot of this is interesting from an astrological perspective. It’s also fascinating the charts of the film peeps – whenever I read about their charts it seems film may have been the most healthy outlet for a lot of them.

  16. I was raped as a child. On a very real level you never ‘move on’.

    I am glad most people posting here appreciate that being a some-time God of Art does not excuse a person from criminal charges.

    I am glad most people here don’t think if something was ‘a long time ago’ (like eg the Holocaust) then we should all ‘move on’.

    I am sick at the thought of all the men I know who were raped as children who have hung themselves. They were in their forties when they died, having spent their lives trying to minimize, forgive and ‘move on’.

    You would not believe the life I lived after telling myself as a child to ‘move on’.

    Apologists for child sexual abusers – those are usually called mothers aren’t they?

    I can’t engage in a rational debate on this matter clearly. I just want to say how I am feeling after reading the alledgedly ‘rational’ stuff whatever posted minimising the crime, as she likes a creep who makes films.

    I think Polanski should pay the victim the costs he agreed to pay and then skipped paying.

    I hope he gets jail time in the states. Then he can, when he leaves jail and all those trifling experiences of being intimidated, overpowered, raped, etc, ‘move on’.

    • Im not sure sometimes if child rape is worse in a way than child murder. Both acts steal the life of the victim. Im sorry nightfairy if any of the comments above minimised the pain that you must feel when you are confronted by these stories. Of course you cant just move on and forgive, its a part of you forever. I hope that there are males in your life that love, care, and respect you…..true love conquers all x

      • that’s very true david – i think a literal death may be better than the actual living hell the survivor has to live with – whether that hell surfaces daily or sporadically – eventually you get tired and think “I’m fuqed, can’t do it anymore” – not good when you’ve had children.

    • Hi virgo nightfairy. I’m sorry you were raped as a child – sounds glib but I do mean it sincerely – I think it’s amazingly powerful that you were able to express how you felt after reading what I wrote and I appreciate you doing it. I understand your experience makes it hard to see how I could possibly arrive at my opinion – it was never as an apologist but obviously this is an emotional subject – especially for someone it’s happened to. Not that it matters or changes how you feel but but I did come to the conclusion after reading more about the case that he was obviously not in any way feeling remorse and clearly stated that some of my opinions had been misplaced. I do stand by my belief that none of us is defined by a single action or reaction. I genuinely hope you are able to find some place of peace at some point in this life to do with your own experience.

    • Hi virgo nightfairy. I’m sorry you were raped as a child – sounds glib but I do mean it sincerely – I think it’s amazingly powerful that you were able to express how you felt after reading what I wrote and I appreciate you doing it, not that it was “for” me. There was no intention to minimise anyone’s pain on my part and it’s unfortunate it has been taken that way if that is what happened. I understand your experience makes it hard to see how I could possibly arrive at my opinion – it was never as an apologist but obviously this is an emotional subject – especially for someone it’s happened to. I too experienced strange and unusual things as a child and processing things rationally and seeing all sides is partly a side effect of those experiences. I sometimes wonder if it’s some kind of stockholm syndrome.

      Not that it matters or changes how you feel but but I did come to the conclusion after reading more about the case that he was obviously not in any way feeling remorse and clearly stated that some of my opinions had been misplaced. I do however stand by my belief that none of us is defined by a single action or reaction. I genuinely hope you are able to find some place of peace at some point in this life to do with your own experience.

    • Virgo Nightfairy, I just read this thread and am touched by your honesty & clarity. You are so right, every one of us is responsible for everything that we do. If we start making excuses & exceptions for conscious acts of atrocity, inhumanity & cruelty, then we are in a world of trouble. I really appreciate you being so open about what happened to you. You sound like one bloody strong nightfairy! I hope there have been many more good souls in your life than bad. Strength & love to you x

  17. weird that disappeared so I refreshed and did it again god knows wtf is up with that. Goodnight ladies – and gent.

  18. “I understand your experience makes it hard to see how I could possibly arrive at my opinion”

    My experience has not made me stupid.

    “it was never as an apologist”

    Yes it was. Every one of your posts was a different angle on why everyone should just wise up and drop all the nonsense.

    Yes you did clearly state that some of your opinions were misplaced – eg Roman’s age (he was young! we all make mistakes! oh, woops he was middle-aged). I don’t care if a rapist is 24 or 45. Here’s a tip – it’s not appropriate to take your dick out around a child. Even once.

    He lied to, seduced, and drugged that 13 year old. It wasn’t a youthful mistake, it was systematic, determined, and if not premeditated plotted with intent as he went along about attaining his purpose, which was fucking a child.

    It is good that the law doesn’t hold your view that ‘none of us is defined by a single action or reaction.’ We’d all be allowed one murder.

    “I sometimes wonder if it’s some kind of stockholm syndrome.”
    I would suggest with the rabid degree of denial, minimization, repression, projection and clinical rationalizing displayed in your approach to this that there is something of psychopathological nature going on with you actually.

    I am not stupid or incapable of rational thought. You are an apologist for an arty pedophile. And by the way, if you need to say ‘that may sound glib’ – then guess what, it does.

    If you think I am angry, you are right. It is not a constant state so don’t feel ‘sorry’ for me. You need help, in my rational opinion.

    Consider this feedback. There is no value for me in arguing this with you .
    It seems to me, whatever, that you have apologized, that we still disagree on some things, and that that is the end of it.

    • Happy to agree to disagree and for that to be the end of it re the polanski factor but you have openly attacked me in a public forum and made sweeping erroneous accusations about me personally as well as jumping to the errant conclusion that i think you’re stupid. Yesterday I thought you were brave and empowered for being able to tell me what you thought of my opinion and share your experience because you wanted me to know I’d overstepped the mark in terms of your own experience – that takes balls. I thought it was powerful and I felt moved by it.

      For me the end of it is letting you know that your personal attack makes me feel sad because it shows you are in a place where you’re not able to separate the incidents in the lives of complete strangers from your own experience and your anger at whoever it was who betrayed your trust as a child. Were they brought to justice?

      You suggest I need help – seeing as we’re sharing – I’ve had it. I had parents who got some for me as a teenager and I’ve continued the process as an adult whenever I’ve reached a point where I can see I may not be coping with things other people seem to have no trouble with. That’s usually my trigger to think to myself O you might have to work out what that’s about, it’s holding you back from experiencing life fully. I want to experience my life in it’s entireity and not be held forever in the cage other people created for me because they were so messed up in their heads themselves. That’s not my stuff to carry around, it’s for them and their consciences to grapple with. The judicial system failed me as a child too. It was not equipped to cope with the gravity of what happened. It was also so obviously patriarchal because they took me from my mother and put me in a foster home because they assumed she was not fit to care for me as a single parent because she had “let” the initial event happen. Not only did I have a traumatic experience but then they wouldn’t let me be with my mother either. They took me away from the one person who genuinely cared and wanted me home safe and sound – eventually justice prevailed and she got me back 6 weeks later.

      For me the process of seeing what formed the nature and psyche of the people involved in the things that happened to me when I was a child was helpful because seeing them as complete human beings and not just a single act or moment in time helped me to see that it wasn’t my fault and it wasn’t about me at all which is the natural conclusion children come to. Children just want to get along and for me I felt like it was all my fault and if I was just a good girl and said please and thank you for the rest of my life then maybe it would all go away. Being able to see how their lives had come together and have compassion for what made THEM the way they were helped me to heal and that is why I see things the way I do now. The fact that I’m clairaudient and clairvoyant and empath made it harder for me as a child and it wasn’t until I met some amazing people as an adult who trained me to use those abilities without taking on the pain of others that the counselling and that combined enabled me to reach a point where I was able to dissassociate myself enough from others to feel my own stuff without etheric interference and static.

      Your accusations of denial etc are the polar opposite of where I come from – I am able to feel compassion for all those involved not just the victim. I’m not saying it’s right for everyone or even that its right but I am saying it’s how it is for me and it works.

      I do genuinely hope the way this is working/not working for you changes for the better so you can find some some shelter from the storm of emotions associated with it. Consider that compassion, although I suspect it will be misinterpreted.

    • Virgo Nightfairy I want you to know I have not written a single word that was meant to hurt you, although I can see how they may have been taken that way. I meant what I said sincerely – I do hope you’re able to find some peace with regard to your experiences. I shared mine only so you could see why I have come to the point of seeing things the way I do. I spent a lot of time indoors reading as a child as a result of what happened to me – my mother felt she needed to protect me and know where I was at all times. As a result I didn’t have the same opportunity to learn the words and gestures that convey emotion in the same way most other people do. But I do feel – deeply.

      One of the reasons I questioned RPs extradition is Samantha Geimer – no one ever mentions her by name – says she got over it long ago. If the victim of a crime says something like that we have to believe them even if we could see if we were in that position we wouldn’t have the same stance. I didn’t mean he shouldn’t be imprisoned because his crime didn’t deserve punishment. The reason I brought up his age was because I knew of his history and initially thought the crime had occurred immediately after his wife was slaughtered with his child inside her. Even though a crime like rape is not excusable I am aware people who have had a traumatic experience do make mistakes and falter sometimes because they are in shock – sometimes for the rest of their lives. As soon as I discovered his age I reassessed – there had definitely been enough time for him to get over it and he’s rich enough to afford therapy – yet not rich enough to pay damages it seems – the other point at which I reassessed.

      I hope you are able to see none of what I’ve said or believed has been about legitimising rape. I stated that clearly in another thread – the same thread that someone else claimed Samantha Geimer had underage consentual intercourse with him in strangely enough. If you can’t then there’s not really anything I can do but I am truly sorry if your feelings have been hurt as a result of what I’ve said or the way I’ve said it.

  19. Im sorry whatever but I do have to agree with the above..there is def something going on with you re: empathy/sympathy or something… reminds me of the Michael Jackson thread where his alleged indiscretion was cause for you to have no sympathy or empathy to his death, when in fact he has never been charged with any offence and his accusors have all turned out to be money grabbers? Is this a libra fleur thing or is this part of the schitzo type thing you were experimenting with via multiple personality blogging ?

    • That’s the same cold libra who tried to reason with the people who attacked you while you weren’t around on this blog by the way – she didn’t think that was fair and was repelled by the way some people jumped in there and joined the attack. Your memory seems a little selective.

      And as for the multiple personality, it wasn’t simultaneous multiples David. I realised there were aspects of what made up my persona that were a facade put in place to keep others happy. I wasn’t happy and sometimes loathed myself because of it – have you ever loathed yourself? You should try it some time – it’s cathartic, it helps you change and grow. I consciously allowed each of the three dominant behaviours (as opposed to personalities) to have a voice for a while. Then with the help of homeopathy and hypnotherapy worked out which ones were the authentic me and which were learned behaviour patterns stemming from defense machanisms seeded in childhood. I worked through the emotions that triggered the defenses in the first place so as an adult I was able to discard the learned behaviours. I did this because I am no longer a child and they are not of any use to me any more – they were holding me back and preventing me from growing and becoming the human being I have the potential to and want to be. It’s got nothing to do with being “schitzo” that’s an illness.

      I know it may have seemed so much nicer just to be OB and tralala go along singing in a pollyanna voice but that was working to my detriment and the peaceful nature was more of a control mechanism than genuine peace – I feel way more at peace with myself now. What I was did was obviously unorthodox – Uranus conjunct sun – go figure. Everyone’s persona is made up of different little facets that were created as a reaction to something in their formative years that’s no longer relevant to them as adults. The thing was I actually saw some of them for what they were and worked through them. This blog was an invaluable tool for me – being able to see them written down and observe them – I quickly realised it and deliberately chose to use it in that way.

      I have some whopping life changing astro at the moment so I decided to harness the energy and use it to rid myself of the parts of me that weren’t necessary or appropriate any more. It wasn’t about making virtual friends for life – it was about learning about myself so I could make some genuine friends in my day to day life not the kind of energy sucking losers OB would attract.

      So it makes you suspicious of me – so be it. I know what I did isn’t what everyone would choose and that means it isn’t the most popular of manouvres but that in a nutshell is what it was, nothing more nothing less. It wasn’t about hurting or playing games with anyone. I am a bit over explaining it tho – the reason it keeps coming up is because you obviously haven’t come to terms with it – will we be able to work it out once and for all so we can move on? I enjoy the banter with you and if you want to understand and have more questions then cool. There’s some big astro going on at the moment david – for everyone – with your south and my north node conjunct and vice versa we could use it to consciously learn from each other if we chose to. But otherwise I’m sure most people are sick of hearing about it ad infinitum – I know I am.

    • Davidl I have to thank you – your words have helped me to see something I hadn’t ever been able to see before you said them. It’s not a problem with empathy/sympathy that I have it’s a problem with having the vocabulary to express them – especially in writing which lacks tone and gesture. I’ve had all kinds of tests done the EQ IQ etc and they show totally healthy emotional intelligence. That’s the thing with that science angle though – it’s not real world and in the moment. I need to learn to adapt my language so it’s not confronting to others. Especially in the written form. And I don’t think this is the right place for me to learn to do that because I can see I will only end up inadvertently hurting people’s feelings in the process. Thanks.

  20. God no – it’s awful he was murdered – my stance was from the perspective of people who are addicted to drugs dying of drug overdoses living by the sword they die on and the fact that the cult of personality raises total strangers to the status of deity in many people’s worlds (that’s not a dig at you btw). It’s repulsive what the supposed medical professionals did for personal gain. I’m with you all the way on that Davidl. Just because I take the position of observer in relation to things that don’t directly impact on my life on a personal level doesn’t mean I’m cold Libra.

    Nor does the fact I don’t always agree with the “majority” make me lunatic fringe – the majority’s always louder than the minority but we live in a democracy so I guess we all need to be able to voice our opinions at some point. Something I always view quizzically in these emotive posts – for some reason Hitler and the holocaust is always brought up as an example of the worst thing that ever happened to humanity – I’m not diminishing the horror of his actions but there’s other stuff that’s happened since – systematic extermination of races and tribes (what happened to your grandmother is an example) Rwanda, Cambodia, East Timor… the list is long. But Hitler is always used as the omnipotent queen to win the game in these discussions. The piece to silence all pieces. Wasn’t Germany a democracy that held elections to bring him to power? The majority voted for him and then allowed him to commit heinous crimes. This is one of the reasons I see the value in the minority being able to have a voice.

    Speaking of prior posts why is it that you refer to what was the basis of the initial stories relating to Michael Jackson’s death as his “alleged indiscretion” ie he was addicted to drugs and overdosed. Yet when the ex playboy bunny is arrested for allegedly trafficking drugs you immediately made jokes about the likelihood of her being innocent. I realise it wasn’t his indiscretion that killed him but does the fact you had a bond with MJ because his music has formed part of your life make him any more worthy of the luxury of innocent until proven guilty? Cold Libra thinks she deserves a fair trial.

    • sorry whatever, you did take my comments a little more seriously than they were intended. It wasn’t criticism it was more a question ? Now the playboy thing is interesting as my comment was ‘modified’ by myst because I acted as if she was guilty when it was actually just alledged. The rest of my comment was , umm, tongue in cheek ?

  21. having been well touched up by senior clergy member @ 7yrs old – my comment is – whilst one may get over it / let go of the sitch (as I did long ago), the experience dogs one through life….for me, affecting male relationships from that day forth.

    mother (whom I love dearly) wouldn’t / couldn’t accept the event to be true until I was in my early 30’s. my call – how can a 7 year old invent that shit???? now she can say the *C* word re that man, & accept my abhorrent stance on Catholicism.

    no one can be excused. no one.
    nor should anyone receive trial by media / internet!!

    over & out!!

    • P>S
      ‘nor should anyone receive trial by media / internet!!’ refers RP’s sitch.
      neither he, the clergy, or the rich & famous etcs be treated differently than the little people.

    • I remember being about 13, a neighborhood college guy (his Mom and my Mom would often have coffee and chat and I played with is sister, three years older..)

      But this thread brings back memories of where he yanked out his DICK for me to see. Sure my eyes were as big as saucers but actually recall just looking away as DID NOT KNOW WHAT TO THINK!! I’d never had sex. What the hell was sex? Wasn’t even a word that I’d known. I never told my Mom. Just knew it felt YICKY!! Like, here is a dick, want some? WTF?…

      Another time, I was watching t.v. with my Dad. Some American soldiers had been in a hut like home with a Vietnamese girl. I hadn’t known she had been raped. I was just 11 or 12 maybe. Asked Dad “what happened?”

      He said “what do you think happened?”

      Hell, I DIDN’T KNOW!! I didn’t know anything about that stuff.

      Just venting, but this stuff pisses me off…I didn’t think like a man back then. I was just a young lady who looked like a young woman, and believe me, the men made sure to let me know they were looking at me. But THAT POWER, had no idea what it meant or how to use it. Without my Mom sending my brother to look after me, God knows what might have happened as I’d already been pinched on the boob by one passer by and told my brother and then my Mom called the cops. And, had to hide from a car of unruly guys. I mean hide in the bushes!! This is what it is like for a younge girl/woman with a set of tits and rounded ass…She’s prey!!

      On a lighter note, sounds like you’ve all been having fun with Mystic’s t.v. appearance and lounge readings. Neat.

      xo from Cali.

    • Rock a billy Babe,

      CANNOT imagine being seven years old and going through that. My granddaughter just turned 8. It’s too painful to even contemplate the scars it would leave on her psyche and soul. I cannot even think about it except for a fleeting thought lest I go crazy…

      ‘Fraid as an Aries, like Davidl I could not just let that be.

      I would have to KILL. And I would…

      Have any names and addresses?

      I know alot of Iranians… 😉 Well, okay, ex husband and ex bro in law not that brutish or violent but they might be able to be persuaded?


      • SP – yeah there was a strong sense of being ‘sold out’ by not being believed for a while – but really – that experience, whilst not at all my fault, is part of who I am. that old prick’s a sad sick man. I’m happy & at peace.

        so should that priest dude come to justice – I’d be like the Polanski chick – & leave it be. it’s so long ago. all the crap the ‘victim’ endures to nail a conviction….. the perpetrators get whats coming to ’em one way or another.

        • “perpetrators get whats coming to ‘em one way or another.”

          Yeah, guess Polanski’s Saturn is proof of that.

          Just can’t abide the thought of my granddaughter ever being harmed. I’m okay now, but she’s still so innocent.

          • SP – should mine’ve been a more severe experience, dealing with it most definitely would’ve been different!!

            Mystic’s original point re the Saturn Cycle in the Polanski case be most relevant. xox