Astro-Gaga: What Signs Are These Peeps & What Are They Doing?

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tennis in hotel roomI am thinking that he is a Saggo and she is a Leo whose getting set to go way over the top with Mars in Leo. He was meant to be coaching her to tennis perfection to totally impress some guy only she’s said ‘let’s just stay in the room and work on some core principles or something’ because she really does not want to muss her hair or get out of the stunningly fantastic gown she’s just scored…La Leo likes to feel that she can absorb a lot of tennis technique via amorphic resonance with the tennis on the television. And the Sagittarius tennis coach is about to go completely ape…

Image: Arthur Elgort -US Vogue


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30 thoughts on “Astro-Gaga: What Signs Are These Peeps & What Are They Doing?

  1. She is the Virgo wife of a (naturally) well to do Capricorn about enjoy a matress work out with her exotic Sorpio Tennis Trainer….. while, fully awarethat, the Capricorn watches in excitement at the image of his perfect lady wife being utterly stripped bare and perverted into something else entirely … (cos Virgo and Cap like that kinda thing)

  2. they’re obviously re enacting a scene from the Star Trek episode,
    “Amok Time” and they’re both gemini’s no doubt…

  3. I dunno. Do you think they are even in the same room? The photo may be of them both in inidvidual, very similar rooms.

    I reckon she is either a libran or a pisces looking at herself in the mirror practising what to say to someone rather important she will be seeing very soon. The tennis balls are something that just happened to be there for exercise purposes and have been abanondoned because crunch time is near.

    I agree he (?) is a sagg just loafing back in bed idly bouncing the balls off the wall nearby. He looks pretty damned contented actually.

  4. I doubt if he would have his shoes on the bed if a Pisces, feet and bed being equally precious.

    IMO it’s Gael Monfils on the bed (with the US Open towel etc there with him) watching the tournament on the telly. Balls all over the floor. She must be his glamour ‘hitting partner’ lol.

    If he IS Monfils he’s Virgo (1st September) – she would be a Leo wouldn’t she? Check out the hair! and the in-command pose! and she’s making him suffer an apricot-coloured hotel room just to match her hair (very Leo-bossy!).

  5. Total Saggo! but i think she might be a Leo Taurean Rising – explains the BIG BED AND PUFFY PILLOWS LOL!
    He’s dominating the relationship though i think – as the TV is clearly on A saggo channel –
    and she is contesting his reins! and winning!

  6. did someone just photoshop that tennis ball in there? I totally did not see it before… So she is tossing him something. Right. A giant Lindore Ball? His missing cohone? A lemon for his tea?

      • Me neither…that changes everything…

        He still looks hopefull though as she tosses the ball that he seeks to catch, while she, Leo Actress, espouses her practice lines….

        “Let them eat Cake!”

  7. Ha,ha starstrokes.

    I was going to say that he, Sagg, Aries rising, is coaching her on her acceptance speech should she win the celebrity doubles match she’s going to be participating in.

    Problem is, he is showing her how to do a “Power to the People” fist of recognition for the crowd, and she, Leo Actress, keeps lapsing into “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina”.

    Still, he looks hopeful.

    Dress rehersal as she’s planning a wardrobe change should her team win.

  8. She is a Leo and he is a Pisces. They thus have really good sex together but she is trying to think of a way to tell him that she actually really, really doesn’t give a shit about tennis. I like that quiff she is sporting but wonder how it would look front on.

  9. She has unwittingly activated a voodoo love spell through feng-shuing her hair & this guy has arrived at her suite, hypnotised, from a nearby tennis tournament to fulfil her every desire. Only thing is, she was in the bathroom getting ready for a REAL date & wants the voodoolover gone! She is trying to dehypnotise him by snapping her fingers but he is so under her spell all he can do is mimmick a snap back.

  10. Clearly she is La Leo with Venus in Aries and he is a mistake. She thought he was a good idea at first, you know, it was a challenge to try and pull the tennis pro. And she was initially dazzled by his Saggo daring, but didn’t realize he had a Taurus moon. So now she can’t get him out of bed. He’s there with the breakfast the maid has brought and watching the Serena Williams’ hissy match getting oh too comfortable.

    She’s trying to lure him out of the bed to make way for an A-list film actor she’s about to sink her claws into and the tennis pro is giving her a serve.

  11. She has just returned from a do and found this guy in bed with her husband (who quickly ran to the bathroom). They are comparing notes. Her libra, him scorp/sag

  12. Must be the Virgo Moon, as I thought she vibes Virgo and is holding up a pube as evidence of some misdemeanour she ascribes to him. He, a feckless sporty Saggo or a casual (ie. scruffy) Piscean, tries to diffuse the situation by imitating her. But even as he is doing it, he knows he has lost. Game, Set & Match.

    • I think she is Virgo also, she is clearly with some t tt Arian bossy moon that is goading her to goad him into something perfectly sensible. He looks like he might be an Aquarian having a ‘moment’ and trying to regain control of himself ad the situation by acceding to her wishes. Lovely couple. I think you know the same people I am thinking of because you are the closest so far to what I see!! Sorry Mystic, I am Leo and don’t vibe with this situation at all.

  13. Amorphic resonance, I’m Leo & I like it! Knew a master yoga teacher, who had studied 12 years on an ashram in India etc declare that there was almost as much benefit to the mind/body watching yoga, as there was doing it….

  14. They are Libra / Sag I reckon, but they are in a fiery stand off. She is a match-fixing ‘got-your-number’ Libran bookie who paid him big bucks to lose the game. He so Saggo, he either forgot about the deal or got too competitive and couldn’t help but sweep the score board. She’s saying “give me my money back Mr.” He saying: “I care about thiiiiisss much.”

  15. Maybe they were out on the court working on her back hand when she tried the old ‘I can just hurdle the net cause it looks like fun’ when all of a sudden she gets tangled up in the net. Not wanting to embarrass herself or her new hot tennis instructor she quickly jumps up & wraps it all around her (seems she lost her clothes in the hurdle) producing a one off dress that would make Vera Wang blush. They quickly run up to her room & continue on with her lesson.

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