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Twyla Tharp  on top of ladderThe Creative Habit – Twyla Tharp

I saw this Jezebel snip about how the choreographer genius Twyla Tharp
“gets up at 5 a.m. six days a week to edit her upcoming book Collaborative Habit, then rehearses dancers for her musical Come Fly With Me for seven hours. “Structure is required for creativity,” says Tharp.”

Her older book, The Creative Habit, is by all accounts a madly inspirational and get-thee-to-it-thou-sluggard motivational polemic & how-to, cleverly riffing on the idea that creative cut-through arrives via just chilling t.f out & maybe getting a bit wasted along the way. Yes I totally get that the notes scribbled on bar coasters/back of one’s childen’s school newsletters amidst a Dionysian moment do not often pass creative scrutiny the next day.

But 5am? SIX days a week? As the base?

I was thinking along the lines of TT as a super-industrious Virgo.Β  A Capricorn? Note pics of her ludicrously flexible et al at age nearly 70. Caps will do that. They and Leo love to be photographed in their 4th century this lifetime or whatever is going on, just casually tucking an ankle behind their blowdried hair.

My own experience of the Saturn through Virgo Transit has led to untold time and money measurements – they become normal under such stars. You count hours – am i working so hard as i think or is it just that I am dreadfully disorganised or overly deadline conscious? You calculate. You start to keep tabs on yourself and it feels like heaven. Warning: Do NOT try this sort of thing if you are not having a major Saturn transit.

You gain an eerie Saturnine glee from such accountability. So I can see how an actual Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) or Virgo would arrive at the 5am each morning start-time for many a practical reason. You need more time? MAKE IT. This is how Earth Signs think.

But she’s a Crab!!! And I have never known a single Crab-Person yet who would not engage in many a complicated negotation to score extra early am sleep…My god, many of them become wealthy (they are the canniest sign of all, remember, most likely to be your next-door millionaire) just because they so value security and the ability to snooze peacefully in, shell intact, savings in place.

But i had a quick peek at Twyla Tharp’s Astro-Databank chart & she may be Cancerian and with her Moon in Sensual Libra et al (also a sleeping-in indicator) BUT she has one major astro-signifier that totally backs up this idea of creative discipline and in fact, makes it absolutely obvious that she would seek a career out of something mega-exacting, controlled AND creative..but with a tradition.

Astro-Fiends can check out her chart here & say what it is: It is ONE particular major aspect that totally stands out and matches her books + image.

Twyla Tharp astrology

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56 thoughts on “Astro-Fiends, Creativity & Discipline

  1. I can be eerily productive between 5am and midday. I also have times where night owl habits bear fruit…but honestly 5am is a better fit.

    I think things are coming together for me at the moment because I’ve been conciously trying to apply a structure to my creative efforts. It gets shit done.

  2. I’m guessing, Mystic, you’re talking about her Midheaven in Leo? A career in the arts would definitely fit in with this placement, so long as there was space to do her own thing and be her own boss.

    The getting up at 5am and working her butt off sounded v. Cap to me, but I see she doesn’t have any Cap in her chart. Would Mars in Pisces also indicate a preference for working in an artistic field?

  3. Mars in the fifth and pluto in Leo near the midheaven, maybe? Does Saturn in Taurus suggest someone who likes to slog? I’m only guessing using the limited knowledge of Astrology that I have

    • yep
      Mars in the 5th right on the cusp of Aries 0 degrees…a go-get-em attitude
      towards creativity ?
      Pluto in Leo extrovert ?
      Scorpio rising- Self-empowerment ?

  4. I love it when you set homework, Mystic.

    I’m gunning for the Saturn Uranus conjunction. Structured creativity. Saturn also traditional and helped by Taurus.

    Mars in the 5th is creatively motivated, but for discipline look to Saturn.

    • The butterfly pattern is cool. A bunch of trines and sextiles. Interesting what you say about the 1,2,3 and graceful flow. How apt for a dancer.

      Also the chart is predominantly above the horizon, so she puts it all out there. It’s very social/public.

      Hey, and fancy being called an iconoclast!

  5. maybe the saturn/jupiter/uranus conjunction would compel you to be a slave to the power of your creative genius…. although 5am is a little early.

    I’m considering doing the challenge this november – you write 50,000 words of a novel in november. A creative challenge – but hopefully with saturn in my 5th it will be easy πŸ™‚ Has anyone else done it??

    • i’d never heard of such a thing….now buzzing with interest and desperate need to write….sounds fabulous for discipline and fluid creativity….
      stuff the correction/editing process until the end….if at all…love it!

  6. Could it be her Virgo ascendent? The title vibes very Virgoan. “The Creative Habit” – sounds more like an obsessive compulsive Virgoan disorder. When i think of the word creativity i think of joy and inspiration not HABIT!

    “Learn it and use it for life” sounds like Virgoan practicality.

    • SR I flit without some underlying structure. I have a lot of in the moment fun, but end up feeling as though I achieve very little cohesive anything.

      5am for me is more of a body clock thing…maybe it is for her too.

      • Totally agree LL.When I don’t play too late here on this blog after work, prone to get up at 5:00, which I adore. This woman totally inspires me to strive for that on a more regular basis if I’m ever gonna get the goals achieved that I’m working toward. A psychic once told me I’m mentally lazy. Gee, it’s all in there, just getting it out sometimes is the hardest and sticking to a plan of action.

    • LL, i have Cap rising to thank for too much structure in my life. I wish i could have more “in the moment fun”. I got my chart done by Mystic many years ago and she advised me to let my hair down a little sometimes. Hehe.

      Yeah, i agree with the body clock thing. Some peeps are early risers. Definitely not me though. πŸ™‚

      Twyla is clearly a Scorp rising. ’twas late at night and the symbols look very similar. No gold star for me!

      • I’ve adjusted my attitude a lot in the last couple of years, and now see my planets in virgo as mighty handy as they help prevent me from constantly seeing something pretty. shiny, and or curiously addictively research friendly out of the corner of my eye as I flip my hair…I mean I still do this and could easily fall into a taurean rising overload of textural bliss too…sort of like a thread count carb coma…but the virgo stuff keeps me on track.

        I think it’s good to have a bit of both in life…structure and hair down behaviour…or else we’d all be batshit crazy 24/7

  7. I’m going with Saturn conjunct Uranus, discounting Jupiter since it’s a little out of the arc. I’m also going off the clues that it’s needing tradition – must be something to do with Saturn since Cap doesn’t figure in her chart. : )
    The conjunction is also forming a strong sextile to Mars, which is sitting at the last degrees of Pisces, almost in its home space of Aries – I’m guessing this is amplifying and channeling the creative tension signfied by the conjunction.

    But I am only guessing… I seriously have no clue, lol.

    • yeh jupiter is a bit out of arc- although I once heard about the domino effect – where if you have a couple of planets close together, for the last one in the chain, there is like a knock on effect where the energy of the others propels forward to hit the last planet and can be quite intense as it carries the energy of all the others before it – like those hanging silver ball desk pendulum toys that swing back and forwards.

      • You are probably right, I wish I knew a little more about conjunctions. I did a little reading just then, and there’s a few different viewpoints out on the net. However, Saturan, Uranus and Jupiter are slow moving planets so a lot of people born in that time period would feature this aspect. The sextile to Mars so close to Aries would be unique.

  8. Possibly Saturn in Taurus—a grounded, slow,determined, methodical process of creating beauty (Venus)

  9. She does have that T-Square all in cardinal signs. “Heaven Knows What” states that many U.S. presidents have Mars in hard aspect to Moon for ambition.

    But since Mystic is talking about creativity, control, excitment, I’m going to go with TT’s Mars sextile Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter.

    Will be fun to find out! And this woman does seem a wonderful inspiration. Thanks for pointing her Mystic. I just might get her book. I want her chart!

    • Hadn’t clicked on the link to see her chart up close. Jupiter out of orb for the sextile w/Mars but ten degrees of Uranus so still conj. Uranus. Jup along for the ride πŸ˜‰

      She’s also born on 1st of July. They say those born on the 1st are natural born leaders. I should know, April 1st.

      But can be fools also…lol

      • And agree with Anon above about Mars @ an Aries point (hers 29 Pisces but technically 0 degrees of a Cardinal). Can indicate a connection with the public.

  10. Ohmigod I think I’ve got chart envy!! You can see from the weighting of the chart that she’s loaded up in the 5th, 11th and 9th so she’s like … super creative, functions best as a leader in a group (all the cardinal/Leo on the MC) and has some kinda creative hotline to god! But for the longevity, staying power, success through slog stuff I’d go the Saturn Uranus conjunction.

  11. Saturn in Taurus square Midheaven!! Tell-tale sign of working (slogging) for success.
    I have Venus in Taurus conjunct my Mideheaven (trining Neptune in Capricorn) and it means I literally cannot consider doing a career which doesn’t involve the arts & my love of beauty/ ethereal idealism… as long as I’m grounded. As to the Saturn – Uranus conjunction, I have that too, so I hope that’s got something to do with it but doubt it, since I am scatter-brained Gemini who finds it very difficult to tutor her muse…

  12. Am sticking to Mars sextile Uranus (creativity), sextile Saturn (discipline).

    Mars @ Aries point close enough to actually be in Aries and I knew someone with 28 Pisces Asc but totally Aries energy wise. TT does dance. That’s her tradition….(I think, heck of course I’m not TOTALLY sURE!)

    Speaking of creativity, I’ve done nothing all day but play on line and listen to The Cult. Was going to go the swimming pool but didn’t make it. Everyone entitled to a day of screw off, no?

    • p.s., speaking of Mars and Uranus and The Cult for example, singer has Mars in Aries trine Uranus. Reading the posts at Youtube, someone said the way he moves is very unique/original.

      We’ll see, eh?

      • And Jiminy Christmas, with a name like Twyla Tharp, she just gotta be related to Delia Antwerp Ayers! lol

  13. I must say, I find her (Twyla’s) message quite inspirational.
    The fact is, you can be blessed with all the artistic/ creative talent in the world but without the discipline and drive to work hard at it, reaching your goals becomes just that much harder.

    I’ve started sticking to a routine with my own writing and have found it really helpful.

    Don’t know about getting up at 5am, though. Taurus/ Gemini Ascendent. Ha ha!

    • Yes, a challenge indeed darkhorse80 as mentioned on the Atlantis thread that the female energy lives things more than thinks about them.

      Creativity has it’s own discipline as in the flowers that grow but don’t know why, they just do (Seth)

      Oh, such a vast topic makes my head hurt. To explain the mystery takes the mystery out of it but some need to be hit over the head with it to remember that there is one and be inspired to seek it out. Those like Twyla are important because the world holds so many distractions. NEAT that someone can explain how they DO creativity in three d. Surely helps those of us that want to articulate and express our own. My NN in the 5th though and so do live in the “ethers” quite a bit.

  14. i am thinking that mars approaching aries point in the 5th would totally do it, it would make it a pleasure to be getting up at 5 am and working for 12 hours at what she loves – fulfilling a destiny infact. also the t-square of mars moon sun through the cardinals would make for a kind of never-ending fount of energy to initiate action. and then the scorpio ascendent and leo midheaven would not tolerate failure and also bring endurance to the task. great chart, fantastic artist.

  15. Mystic, i’m loving this astro homework! It’s great to read everyone’s interpretations. More please!!

    • Yes please!

      Interesting too to look at the chart of a person of mature age to see how they’ve used their chart/how it’s manifested.

  16. My guess:
    – Saturn (authority, work, rules) with Uranus (innovation, energy) in Taurus (dedication, slog, results), making a trine with
    – Neptune in Virgo (organised & practical creativity? creative service?)

    This would be enhanced/aided by Mercury (retro) & Venus in Cancer, which says to me that she thinks & communicates (in a unique and attractive way?) about helping people. Also, Jupiter in Gemini generates lots of ideas & communication.

    All those trines betw Saturn & Neptune, Mercury & Ascendant, Uranus & Moon, must bring an easy flow to her gifts in structured & helpful creativity?

    That’s my clunky amateur attempt.
    Looking forward to reading your take on it Mystic!

    Btw, re the sleeping in thing, I am also a Cancerian with Merc in Cancer & Scorp rising and I NEVER sleep in. Always wake with the birds at dawn and gladly get up early. A “sleep in” to me would be 8am! I love an early night tho and usually in bed by 9 if I can. I find the hours before midnight suit me best for deep refreshing sleep.

    • LOL nat about the sleep thing.

      Had a Cancerian Mgr once and it was the ONLY job (as Asst. mgr) I showed up to late most of the time.

      Just wasn’t happy. She always commenting on how I didn’t listen (Hell, I’m an Aries, I listen to what I want to listen to….lol..NOT! Not when it comes to work as one must be humble and do their duty (Cap. Moon).

      But she always talkin’ about “sweetpea over there on her pink cloud”.

      Hell, a girl needs SOMETHIN’ to get through the day. Mine was a pink cloud…Can I help it if Neptune in 5th trine Pisces MC?


      I actually liked her (Cancer Mgr.) very much and my youngest a Cancer (and Scorp rising like you! But Merc in Leo). Daughter often had her head screwed on better than I did.

      • You go girl…. πŸ™‚ her Moon in Sagg. What’s your’s? If you dont mind me asking. Your Merc in Leo or Midheaven? …just to clarify….

  17. This is so the thing I ‘have’ to deal with right now – developing habits to structure my creative efforts. Pluto just into 6th, saturn going into gem solar 5th but still loitering in 2nd based on ascendant, jupiter squaring my natal jupiter/part of fortune/mid heaven/venus/north node and more importantly, a phd that needs my love and attention.
    Thanks mystic, your timing is ever so impeccable. Off to add that book to my reading list, and channel some virgoan organisation ideas whilst cleaning out my drawers.
    No way in hell I’m getting up at 5am though.

    • Love that idea of Saturn loitering shell.

      Heck, I’d arrest him on the grounds of gawking at pretty young things for that matter…To corrupt with his sensibilites that they should not be doing “pretty young things” to begin with.

      Stick in the mud.

      • Scene, neighbourhood swing set, old man Saturn sits on the park bench facing the play ground with a slight scowl on his face whilst he watches the people on the swings.
        Hmmph he grumbles. ‘Playing, what are you doing here playing? Shouldn’t you be working, making proper use of your time and talents? Not faffing away here on the swings, what will that achieve?’.
        ‘Hey grandpa’, yells a young woman in a space suit with a striking resemblance to the old man himself, ‘don’t be mad, we’re just having a little break. A bit of play helps the inspiration, we’ll get back to work soon and feel much better for being out here in the sun. And swinging is fun, you should try it grandpa!’
        The old man gives saturn girl a thin smile and a wave, whilst grumbling to himself, ‘swings, fun, bah. I’d like to shove those swings up someone’s ur-an-us…’

  18. Seems to me her Mars trine Pluto needs to re-new and re-invent, with a hint of the compulsive, and being absolutely passionate, with venus conjunct pluto, lending to the obsessive…and therefore the self disciplined need to achieve; as in the early bird catches the worm.

  19. Wow. This is pretty inspiring for me – I’m a crab and I do like to get up early…however I also love early afternoon naps! And her ability to develop a procedure that enhances her ability to be creative appeals to me in a really strong way – I’m forging a more creative life for myself, however structure is incredibly important and I love methodical application to tasks.

    Great lesson, thank you for sharing this Mystic! I have Sagg rising and Midheaven in Leo, and intend to work forever (should I be lucky enough to be healthy and of sound mind!) so there are some strong parallels for me to learn from.

  20. There’s the cradle and a T square in the chart, cradle peeps usually have this thing where they make creative escapism a sort of profession πŸ˜‰

    “The Cradle configuration has two Wedge figures in it, providing two different ways to potentially escape from the stress β€” or transform it into creativity. However, with so much opportunity to avoid problems, the temptation to take the easy way out is very strong. As a result, someone born with a Cradle configuration in their natal chart may find it very difficult to resolve and heal the conflicts in their life represented by the opposition. By not fully facing this challenge, part of the maturation process is missed and the person may remain under-developed in some ways. Hence the name: Cradle.

    The more the person can learn to face and resolve the conflict of the opposition, the more they will be able to use the talents and natural abilities in the Cradle in ways that are healthy, constructive and healing. On the other hand, the avoidance of problems can generate some pretty impressive creative ability, in the broadest sense of the word – not just artistic but any innovative, original or imaginative approach to the obstacles and challenges of life.”

    • Aha, so the cradle is that butterfly looking thingie that weathergirl commented on? The multi trine sextile thing?

      You learn something new every day.

      • Yeah its a four planet connecti0on with three sextiles and two trines and an opposition.

        The butterfly is another config methinks.

  21. Wow I love all these comments!
    You guys are so astro-erudite.

    I was thinking that her philosophy and book etc are brilliantly embodied by the Saturn-Uranus. In Taurus! Saturn-Uranus is relatively rare as in Saturn swings around to actually conjoin Uranus every 30 years or so but yes, a few peeps within her time phase would have similar…Just like peeps born in the mid-60s and now have the opposition going on…

    But to have those two working together would be an extraordinary gift and each would benefit the other. So she grounds herself via all this Saturnine structure and self-discipline so she can be wildly original in work…And that is trines Neptune/North Node is cool…Neptune-Node can piss it all away as your right direction can feel so nebulous but not with Saturn involved lol.

    The Sun-Moon square helps too of COURSE. Those types are never complacent…Ever…

    • Cool! Well in that case I should maximise my Saturn-Uranus conjunction in Saggitarius in the 5th. Funnily enough, the idea of getting up at sunrise to meditate (preferably outside, on the beach, in the right climate) has always appealed to me.

      Structure would probably help me get rid of a LOT of internal tension. but at the same time too many commitments stress me out.

  22. As an ex dancer, Twyla Tharp was a herione of mine. Saw her dance group at Festival of Arts once
    in 80’s, her dancers wearing Calvin Klien before is name was on everyones boobs thighs & derrieres.
    The show was brilliant of course.

    Don’t know the mathmatics of the chart, but her work was mathmatically perfect with synchronised

    • Groove Pegs! You been there done that on so many things girl. Glad you had a nice time at the ocean also….*sigh*

      Will have to settle for the pool here and my exercise noodle/scuba combo/mask/flippers/snorkle thingies…

      007 jumps in for high intrigue…..And glug….It’s only 8ft. deep tops… πŸ™

  23. being schooled in dance, AND having danced in living rooms across town of late – TT will always be mon heroine ! ! ! ! ! !

    ‘riffing on the idea that creative cut-through arrives via just chilling t.f out & maybe getting a bit wasted along the way………’ ? Uhuhuhuhuh ! ! ! ! ! !

    Mystic – you remain, so UTTERLY, bang on point xox πŸ˜‰ xox

  24. Figured the Saturn Uranus but threw in the sextile to them from Mars because of Mars (Aries) traditionally ruling the 1st house (the body) and she’s a dancer.

    Her philosophy and book are based on her creative expression as a dancer.

    • Okay, came back to say that not having read her book, cannot know what her philosophy is in it’s entirety. Just going by what seems obvious to me as far as initiative.

      So many goodies to pick from …